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Blogger outreach is more PR than social media


Back in 2006 I developed a strategy of blogger outreach that allowed my to reach out to more than just 25 top-tier bloggers by hand over time but to 2,500-5,000 bloggers. While I agree that the top-25-50 bloggers do deserve deep, long-term, and personal engagement, spending that sort of time, over time, on “everyone else” would take all the time in the universe.

Can you digg it?

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As part of my goal to get "down" with the social networks, I thought I would sign up for the service Digg and even submit a few of my blog posts. If you're not sure what Digg is all about, go check it out. To back up how much this works, check out the webstats on my blog after I submitted a few stories to Digg (see image). Technorati tags: digg , web statisticsChad H.

How PR and Social Media Can Work Together


The social media release is used for blogger outreach. bloggers are overwhelmed with pitches and unlikely to write about the company’s press release, the company uses the press release as a hook and offers to write a (informational, non-promotional) guest post on the topic. These links send more traffic to the blog (which the blogger likes) and spread the company’s fame.

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Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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My real challenge was getting my staff to warm to the concept of being a blogger. That was the voice of many of my bloggers at one time or another. In the beginning (for us), and when I start up a new blogger (this morning), this question comes up very early in the discussion. Bloggers are concerned that they can not handle the volume of work required. Wrong. and Italy.

After Google Reader’s demise, does RSS matter to your business?

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” Let’s hear from both sides: “I actually don’t think RSS works,” said blogger, entrepreneur and angel investor Andrew Chen, who pointed out in a recent post on his own website that RSS feeds aren’t interactive, and that readers who subscribe to content via email marketing (think newsletters) are far more responsive. Or should RSS stick around for the time being? RSS is passive.”

Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


Effectively connect with bloggers and other key online influencers in your industry? Social Media Press Releases and Blogger Outreach. The 5 Cs of Blogger Relations by prTini. ** 5 Stars. Noting (very accurately I might add) that “The top bloggers receive hundreds of pitches a day. Even bloggers with less traffic to their site are still being pitched on a regular basis. Digg this! Social media marketing, online PR and SEO are three tactics that are all powerful on their own, but have far more impact when used in a coordinated, synergistic manner.

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Focus on your blog, don't promote the social media services

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read " Sweep the Sleaze " for a great opinion piece on the subject) It's understandable, you want to get as much dissemination of your content as possible, and you're hoping that one person's "like" will inspire their friends to visit your page and share it, that a "pin" will get re-shared, that a "digg" will get voted to the top. We also looked at the social sharing buttons that come with Blogger and decided we didn't need to add any (ok, we added Pinterest, but that was as a demo ). A few weeks ago we posted an article entitled " Forget Facebook; keep your fans to yourself! ".

Build some social media marketing backbone you big wuss


All you do is make it as easy as possible but sharing your content not only on your own site and blog but also across Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even reddit, digg, Newsvine, YouTube and anywhere else. In a social world, trapped customers scream loudly enough for everyone to hear. Social media is people and not a pit full of vipers. Or your village.

Blogger’s Block Strikes Blog Squad…Blogger Bites Back

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And I call myself The Blog Squad…I’ve even got a great little package you can have called Time Saving Tips for Smart Bloggers , audio, transcript, PDF handouts. Much easier to show than tell, and you can clearly see my four favorite resources for breaking bloggers’ block. Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! How to Become a Daily Blogger. Am I stuck?

A place where bloggers are royalty (video)

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During my recent trip to France I had a chance to catch up with {grow} community regular and video blogger extraordinaire Michelle Chmielewski , who is now working in Paris. This short video documents our first face-to-face meeting, highlights an international “blogger party,&# and also addresses the very interesting blogging culture in France. Digg this! Tweet This!

Working at Home: Desperate House Bloggers

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! Some days I feel scattered, like maybe I’ve got a bad case of Attention Deficit Disorder. Or, maybe my brain isn’t aging well. Here’s what happened yesterday and how it all worked out. It’s not that I forget things, although that happens too, but it’s more like I remember too much, all at once, and start doing one thing, realize I haven’t finished the other thing, etc. If you work at home, and on the computer, you probably have days like these. The door bell kept ringing. About 5 p.m. All true. Tweet This!

No More Geek-Speak: SEO for Smart Bloggers

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! How can you learn basic search marketing for blogging in 5 minutes or less? Scribe SEO Copywriting is a practical tool you install and use for each blog or web pages you want to publish. Once installed, you can get a report BEFORE you publish, which tells you how optimized your content is for search engines. Trust me, I’m no geek. Tweet This!

How NOT to Do Social Media - Three Disastrous Social Media C**k Ups

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The recent sale of former social media darling Digg for $500,000 (it was valued at $175m four years ago) is a timely reminder that in the world of social media , nothing is forever. Ryanair bullies a blogger. It is Ryanair policy not to waste time and energy corresponding with idiot bloggers and Ryanair can confirm that it won't be happening again. If so, click send. jason!

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Search Engine Results: 3 Tips for Savvy Bloggers

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! No More Geek-Speak: SEO for Smart Bloggers. I don’t know why it took me so long to learn this SEO stuff, but I DO know that I wouldn’t post one more blog post without using Scribe SEO Tool. Thank you thank you, Brian Clark of Copyblogger. You’ve saved me from oblivion. At first I thought, an SEO tool? – well, that must be for programmers and geeky types. Why would I mess with that, I’ve got too much information packed into my brain and the thought of learning SEO secrets made my head swim. 5, 2010 at 5 p.m.


Social media bloggers who hit it out of the park

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Once in a while you read a blog post and think, now that was great … this blogger REALLY hit it out of the park! I hope I’ve at least introduced you to a few new bloggers who weren’t on your radar screen before. Digg this! I thought I’d share a few of the most outstanding posts I’ve read over the past few months. Digging into the Digital Divide.

Connect Your Blog to Facebook Automatically

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! Are your blog posts fed automatically into Facebook? The other day I was horrified to learn that a dear client was manually posting his blog articles to Facebook. Yikes! No wonder blogging seems tiresome and time-consuming. I took my pencil and rapped him on the knuckles, gave him a virtual scowl and promised to write a post about how to do this.

SEO for Mommy Bloggers


At last week's Blogging for Business conference , Shannon Johnson of the What About Mom blog mentioned that someone should write a post about search engine optimization (SEO) for mommy bloggers. I figured for sure such a post much already exist, but when a Google search on "SEO for mommy bloggers" came up empty, I decided to fill the void. So where should you start? then that's okay.


Neuromarketing and How Content Marketing Works

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Let me know if you have questions… Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! What are 3 ways to frustrated your reader’s brains? Last week, I presented a speech at the 5th International Customer Media Congress in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Besides sharing what neuromarketing is teaching us about the brain and marketing, there are tips here for most web-based content publications. I hope you enjoy it and learn something. Subscribe to the comments for this post? Share this on Share this on Facebook. Share this on FriendFeed. Email this via Gmail. Post on Google Buzz.

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Don’t They Know Who You Are? Why Reputation Management is Crucial


Create accounts on social bookmarking sites like Wikio , Mixx , Digg and/or StumbleUpon. Hire a social media-savvy PR person to help you get interviewed by prominent bloggers and writers in your industry. Digg this! The emergence of social media changed all that of course, so now that person can vent online to, essentially, the entire world. This Time, It’s Personal.

My social media marketing posts from 2011


In today’s decontextualized world of walls, feeds, RSS , e-mail, diggs, reddits, Stumbles, tweets, and retweets, you need to attract your potential reader based only on the appeal of your title and nothing else, especially if you’re new to blogging and don’t happen to be Seth Godin. Simply put, blogger outreach is scary. It is a case of the abuser blaming the victim, the blogger.

How to Get Coverage in Blogs – Really


Relevant blogs can drive targeted direct traffic from the blogger’s social media sphere of influence. And coverage from independent bloggers enhances a company’s reputation and credibility. Numerous bloggers have written about how to pitch blogs, such as B.L. Such posts often take the form of “do’s&# and “don’ts&# for successful blogger outreach. These posts also frequently include guidance on practices to avoid when pitching bloggers. Follow your targeted bloggers on Twitter. Digg this! Post this on Diigo.

Blogger Outreach for PR - Worst Practices


Despite the fact that several smart PR bloggers, including Cece Lee , Laura Moncur and Elge Premeau have written about what works in blogger outreach for PR, there are still a lot of agencies and PR people who just don't get it. Their efforts at appealing to bloggers are awkward at best, counterproductive at worst. If a blogger responds to an email you send, ignore it.

17 Realistic Ways to Get More Website Traffic


6) Submit your content to StumbleUpon , Reddit , Digg , Technorati and elsewhere. Blog comments are also a great way to demonstrate your expertise and to build relationships with bloggers and site editors. Traffic is to digital marketing like gasoline is to an engine. It’s what makes it go. Trouble is, traffic can be hard to get. Get the search engine optimization right. Back to you.

Content Checklist: Don’t Publish Without It

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! I love checklists because I’m always forgetting things. Once I published a post without a title. Yesterday I almost forgot to hyperlink anything in a post. Fortunately, before I publish I run an analysis for how a post will score with the search engines using Scribe , a great tool. Yeah, I know that’s ridiculous. Readable. Understandable.

How to Make Content More Engaging: 10 Tips

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! The Content Marketing Institute hit a home-run with their question to content experts, “ How do you make content more engaging? &# This is an important post to read for anyone blogging and posting content to connect with readers. Ten experts responded, including moi , and their answers are illuminating. Show the human side of your business.

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What Google and Facebook Hide From You

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! Do you ever wonder what Google , Facebook , and other sites record about your online viewing habits? They know more about you than you realize. And they don’t ask you, they simply assume way too much. For example, although I live and work from Mexico, I do almost all my business and shopping in the US, in English. That doesn’t interest me.

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When Business Blogging Works Too Well…

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In case you haven’t noticed, I used to be an almost daily blogger here, then it went down to 5 days a week, 4 days, and now 2 or 3 blog posts a week. Outsource, I say, get some guest bloggers to fill in. My solution is to start hunting for qualified guest bloggers who can write with passion about online marketing with content. Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! Blogging for your business works like this: You blog about the problems you solve for your clients. You get found on the Web by the people who need your services. They email or call and hire you.

Search isn’t about search anymore, it’s about social


Bloggers : while they may no longer be the only kings of the kingdom, bloggers have a lot of bang for the buck because not only do they have a lot of SEO mojo associated with their blogs, they tend to be shameless self-promoters and minor deities themselves. Search will never be the same as it was as recently as a few years ago. Instead of only producing one very expensive. Do it!

Business Blog: 4 Reasons to NOT Write Your Own

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You are not a professional blogger. Does hiring a “ghost blogger” always make sense? Are there good and bad ghost bloggers out there? Whether or not you hire a corporate or attorney ghost-blogger, remember these key business principles and apply them to your online marketing efforts: Stay in your area of strength. Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! Of course.

How to Get Bloggers to Write About You


Yet many PR people stumble badly when reaching out to bloggers, with blog outreach efforts a mix of good, bad and ugly. As previously noted here and elsewhere, making pitches both personal and relevant is the first step to getting a blogger to write about you. What really motivates bloggers to write about whatever it is they write about? It's bad for bloggers.

15 Expert Guides to WordPress: Tips, Techniques, Plugins and More


Berrie Pelser (again) lists more than three dozen top security and SEO plugins for WordPress along with brief descriptions of each, including Digg Digg [[link] (“Add a floating bar with share buttons to your blog. Powered by legions of fans and armies of developers, WordPress has evolved from a humble blogging platform to a flexible, robust and ubiquitous CMS. Knutson.

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Feed Your Blog Automatically to LinkedIn & Twitter

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If you are using any other platform such as, Typepad or Blogger, then you will need to see if you can find instructions for this since I don’t know how to do it. Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! How do you get your blog posts to feed into your LinkedIn profile and Twitter automatically? I asked social media expert AnnaLaura Brown to write a guest post. Twitter.

8 Blog SEO Tips for Top Search Results

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! Related posts: Search Engine Results: 3 Tips for Savvy Bloggers. No More Geek-Speak: SEO for Smart Bloggers. What are the most important SEO tips for your blog to get good search results? It may be easier than you think to start getting onto the first page for keyword searches. Most of what I’ve learned about search engine optimization techniques I learned from Scribe SEO Content Optimizer. This honey of a software tool tells me how well a post is going to be understood by those search robots. Write at least 300 words.

Marketing Edge

Marketing Edge

It’s making it’s way up the Digg charts. So back to this social media advice and see what happens in this PR case study, let’s trace my steps 1) I posted on the orginal bloggers blog 2) I posted on Digg 3) I posted here 4) I’ll post on your blog right after this post So 4 positive comments and beautiful Enchanted mojo for the price of one dumb post. Mike Keliher Says: November 26th, 2007 at 1:10 pm The thing that adds a wrinkle here for me is the 330 (and climbing) Diggs the original, accusing blog post has. What should I do? The problem?

Why You Should Be Happy Before You Blog

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! Three Keys to Blogging When you Are Happy. A guest post by Erica Nelson. You know how your smile is written all over your face? Your emotions are imbedded in your words and how you write. What I’m asking is that you pause before you write for your audience. Get a picture of the person reading your blog, in your mind’s eye. Who is your audience?

Content Rules: Secrets of Writing Compelling Content

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Blog this on Blogger. Digg this! Marketing nowadays requires writing and publishing great content in multiple ways. That’s why there’s a tsunami of information online about content marketing. What exactly is going to interest your ideal readers and clients? Many experts echo: tell stories. All good films and good fiction are about a compelling, conflict-driven story.

77 Blogging Stats to Improve Your Blogging Strategy


92% of bloggers who posted multiple times on a daily basis were successful in acquiring a customer via their blog. This figure is as low as 66% for those blogging on a monthly basis and 43% for bloggers who created a post less often than once in a month. 94% of bloggers choose Social Media Marketing as their promotion tactic. 8% of bloggers work on their writing all the time.