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Exciting new tools for B2B prospecting


Early examples of this exciting new trend in prospecting were Jigsaw, a business-card swapping tool that allowed sales people to trade contacts, and ZoomInfo, which scrapes corporate websites for information about business people and merges the information into a vast pool of data for analysis and lead generation campaigns.  Are they growing?  Near an airport?  Unionized? 

Gamification of the Sales Process

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In may ways companies with B2B sales people have already added game mechanics into the process on a small scale. Game On for B2B Sales. Prospecting Sales 2.0 Social Media Tips Social Selling achievement B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0 What is Gamification? One of the trending topics in business is gamification. 65% of Xbox gamers are male. Gamification for Sales.

Have No Fear: Why Sales Teams SHOULD Be On Social Media

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Prospecting Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence Social CRM Social Media Tips Social Selling B2B b2b sales crm 2.0 facebook Inbound Marketing jigsaw linkedin Microsoft Dynamics netsuite oracle oracle crm on demand Sales Sales Data sales productivity Salesforce social intelligence social media social selling twitter Web 2.0Social media has become a defacto marketing tool for any organization, but it’s incredible how scared sales managers and teams still are of letting their sales reps join the sales 2.0 party. customer 2.0

Are Your Sales People Spending Too Much Time with Customers?

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Prospecting Sales 2.0 Sales Data Sales Intelligence B2B b2b sales customer 2.0 insideview jigsaw linkedin sales productivity sales prospecting sales techniques sales tips Social CRMA new report by the Sales Executive Council (SEC) outlines that sales people are not spending enough time with customers and spending more time engaged in administrative work. Access to potential customers across the board is reported to have dropped 26%. Time spent getting ready for presentations and post-sales activities has increased 15%. Why is [.].

Social Selling Rules of Engagement

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Prospecting Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence Social Selling B2B b2b sales customer 2.0 jigsaw linkedin Microsoft Dynamics netsuite oracle crm on demand Sales Sales Data sales productivity Social CRM social intelligence social mediaNobody will tell you that being in sales an easy gig. Only the top performers get recognized and the people who under-perform are typically passed over for promotions or asked to leave. There are actions every sales person can take that will increase their chances at success and outside of “Sales 101″ they should be [.].

B2B Email List Guide: Buy, Rent or Build Your List

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Buying a B2B List. Potential providers: (formerly Jigsaw), NetProspex , D&B. For more information on purchasing lists, see Buying B2B Email Marketing Data: Challenges and Recommendations. Renting a B2B List. Building a B2B List. So should you rent, buy or build an email list? How much do the different options cost and when are they most appropriate?

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The Problem with Big Data

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All of a sudden sales people are getting alerted to sales opportunities, they get fed information that they can pass onto their prospects and customers about trends and issues facing their competitors and how the prospect can benefit more from the service they offer. Sales Data Sales Intelligence B2B b2b sales CRM Enterprise 2.0 It all comes back to the phone book.

Buying B2B Email Marketing Lists: Challenges and Recommendations

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The business sees a huge repository of customer and prospect data it believes is valuable for email marketing. In their report, DemandGen also includes a number of recommendations to improve B2B email list purchases: Work with multiple data or list sources. However, list purchases are a reality in B2B sales and marketing and an area marketers need to understand before wading in.

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How will the Salesforce/Jigsaw acquisition change the B2B industry?

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But the deal opens new opportunities. In our own survey, we found that on average, only ½ of prospect records were accurate.   Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at Marketo wrote  &# Jigsaw’s a founding member of the  Marketing Cloud , an alliance of cloud-based marketing services that make internal marketing functions more efficient and external marketing programs more effective. Jigsaw is best known for the ability share contacts, but its long term strategic value is its ability to enrich and cleanse data online.  The data quality problem. over 4.5%

Inside Sales Experts Converge in San Francisco with the AA-ISP

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Sales Intelligence Umberto Milletti aa-isp B2B b2b sales crm 2.0 field sales inside sales jigsaw lead generation linkedin Microsoft Dynamics netsuite Sales Sales Data sales leader sales productivity sales prospecting social intelligenceIf you are an Inside Sales professional or a sales leader, you should already know about the AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2011. Conferences Sales 2.0

Save Your Company from Sales Data Overload.

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Reps need a 360 degree view into their prospects that incorporates recent business events, social conversations and social relationships. Sales reps need to be able to make sense out of this ubiquitous and sometimes conflicting mountain of data and turn it into actionable insights to engage the prospect. Social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn (as well as the entire blogosophere) are target-rich environments to find new opportunities and leads, and engage with prospects in a powerful and effectively intelligent new way. So what is holding companies back? Sales 2.0

Is Sales Training a Component of Sales Enablement?

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Prospecting Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0 Inbound Marketing insideview jigsaw linkedin marketing Sales Sales Data sales productivity salesview social selling Web 2.0This post originally appeared on the Group, where InsideView regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology for sales organizations. Companies of all sizes that focus on their sales teams have to put effort in building them into superstars. If the sales people are going to be unleashed into the world to follow [.]. customer 2.0 Enterprise 2.0

Getting in the door with the perfect lead

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CRM Social CRM jigsaw selling power crm 2.0 netsuite linkedin B2B sales productivity Sales Data customer 2.0 social selling sales prospecting sales techniques Tags: Prospecting Sales Sales 2.0 This post originally appeared on the Group, where InsideView regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology for sales organizations. Lets face it, sometimes the hardest thing to do is “get in the door&# with a new lead. There have been hundreds of books written about it, countless podcasts and even entire sales [.].

A Primer on Website Visitor ID and Smart Form Technology for Lead Generation


There’s a technology available that identifies company and prospect visitors to your websites, landing pages, and forms.  Taking it to the next level, tools and platforms exist that cross-reference the IP visitor with company ID if known, and in the case of a web form, prospect ID.  Additional intelligence is available via integrations with Hoovers and Jigsaw

B2B Lead Generation Blog: On building targeted lists for B2B Lead Generation Programs

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B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book. Call for speakers: MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit 5 dials to tune in your lead generation process Recent Comments Copyright This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Critical Success Factor #9 Effectiveness 8 Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation 2.0

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The End Game: How to Create Opportunities Early In Inside Sales

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Instead of leaving messages for your prospects, do everything you can to try to get them live on the phone. If you take the time to make sure your emails are personal yet professional, concise yet informative, you will benefit from sending out a mass email campaign to hundreds of prospects. But not only is sales a month-to-month game; it''s also quarterly and yearly. Be resourceful!

9 Marketing Words That Have Lost Their Meaning

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The following 9 terms are so overused or misused in B2B marketing that they have lost nearly all meaning. Awareness Awareness is easy to define, but B2B marketers that are more focused on direct marketing results use the term far to liberally. Your Turn What other terms are overused by B2B marketers and have lost their meaning. Clarity is critical. 2. Your product name?

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Hit Your Number Faster with Sales Intelligence

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With the announcement that Jigsaw and D&B are being combined to create , our customers are echoing our response that this is just further validation that data is a commodity and without a layer of intelligence to help sales, marketing and support identify the right people to contact, you may as just use last years Yellow Pages. Sales Intelligence Social CRM B2B b2b sales crm 2.0

InsideView More Than Doubles Revenue in Record-Breaking Year

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Social CRM Technology B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0 facebook Inbound Marketing insideview jigsaw linkedin marketing Microsoft Dynamics netsuite News oracle oracle crm on demand Sales Sales Intelligence sales productivity sales prospecting sCRM social intelligence social media social selling twitter Web 2.0InsideView today announced that it finished 2010 on a record-breaking note, growing revenue more than 135 percent. In March 2010, InsideView also closed a Series B Round of funding for $11.5 million. Sales [.]. Notifications Sales 2.0 customer 2.0

Comparing B2B Online Data Sources - New Research

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At last year's MarketingProfs B2B Forum , I met Ruth Stevens , consultant, author, columnist, educator and B2B guru. As discussed in this comparative analysis of B2B data providers , the Internet has spawned new competitors like Jigsaw and Zoominfo and enabled self-service list procurement and instant download. The ten providers included: Demandbase , idExec , Jigsaw , Lead411 , NetProspex , OneSource , SalesGenie , Selectory , Zapdata and ZoomInfo. Tags: B2B lists sales leads Run a test by providing a file to a number of vendors for data append.

What Tools and Management Systems Work Best for B2B Lead Generation


content management system (CMS) is one tool no B2B marketer can go without.  When deciding on a CMS you need to think of what your B2B goals are.  As of May 10 th , Salesforce has acquired Jigsaw , which “gives individuals and companies access to business contact information for 21 million business professionals and profiles of 3 million companies in part of Cloud 2.

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A Sale on Every Call

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As I perused my TweetDeck this morning, I noticed Garth Moulton’s ( the world’s biggest rolodex Jigsaw’s VP of Community and co-founder) blog entry from yesterday, “ Cold Calling is not even on the Endangered List.”  Great blog entry where Garth concludes with the following: “So the truly efficient organization (I’m talking B2B here) has to have at least a couple people (researching first!)

Email Lists: Should You Rent or Buy?

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It’s clear that you need to include more proactive outreach to the type of prospects most likely to have a need for your new solution, even if they don’t know such a solution exists. You decide that you want to email those prospects with an offer to download a white paper about the business problem your product solves. That was then. Let’s consider your options: List Rental.

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It’s Time to Fire Your Sales Team!

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Prospecting Sales Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence Social CRM B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0 facebook Inbound Marketing jigsaw linkedin Microsoft Dynamics netsuite News oracle oracle crm on demand Salesforce social selling twitter Web 2.0If you are in a leadership position for a sales team you should pay attention. Are you overseeing a team of sales dinosaurs? You should fire all of them and hire people that are tuned into sales 2.0. know that sounds like a bold statement but I’m saying this with your company’s best interests [.]. Dreamforce Enterprise 2.0

Big Data is Buzzing, But Small Data Packs a Punch [Q&A]

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Traditionally, customer data wasn’t centralized and each organization had a different view into their customers and prospects. But as both sales and marketing organizations recognize a clear need to understand their prospects at a deeper, more analytical level, these teams are starting to employ a holistic data strategy. Yelp, Jigsaw). But it is now. It’s wider at the top.

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Top 32 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics of Social Media Forecast

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Best of B2B Marketing. Great stuff this month in the world of B2B Marketing.  HP, P&G) to the channel… The Difference Between B2B Leads and Personas - Marketing Interactions , April 17, 2010 B2B marketers have relied on lead definitions to define their marketing programs for years. Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation 2.0 - B2B Lead Generation Blog , April 29, 2010 The single biggest issue for B2B marketers is effective lead generation. My 5 favorite B2B marketing numbers. Sales Prospecting: Who’s Helping Your Sales Team?

Inbound Marketing, The Über List for Outbound Marketers

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Companies like Jigsaw , Onesource and Netprospex provide the candy; the more contacts we have and the better targeted the greater our success. The outbound marketers got the prospects to engage. Tags: hubspot onesource netprospex b2b marketing outbound marketing demand gen b2b sales lead gen inbound marketing inside sales jigsaw sales2.0 It's like candy to a kid.

Our Home Page Work-Over at Find New Customers

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also invite you to check out our world-class blog,  Fearless Competitor , as well as our weekly B2B marketing show,  Mad Marketing TV. Find New Customers is a global marketing company that helps companies like yours dramatically improve fiscal results (revenues) by greatly improving your ability to engage and earn the trust of prospective customers. We write one of the most popular b2b marketing blogs in the world. Inside the Mind of the B2B Buyer found only 6% of deals came through cold calls – so it’s not an effective form of prospecting.

ActiveConversion Review - SMB Lead Management


It integrates with Jigsaw to show company details like revenue, and available contacts for a specific company: contacts can be bought for $1 each directly at Jigsaw. An anonymous prospect record. ActiveConversion supports both one-time emails to a segment of the database, as well as drip emails that are triggered after a prospect registers. Lead Scoring. Form builder.

B2B Sales Leads from Data Services - Smashmouth Review

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When we're selling our outbound marketing demand gen solutions, we get asked all the time, where can I find inexpensive b2b sales leads ? Although, see Jigsaw, below. Jigsaw - is a leading provider of business information and data services that uniquely leverages user-generated content contributed by its global business-to-business community of 900,000 members.

Top 100 Qualities of a Great Teleprospecting Rep – #91: Creative Thinking

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Inevitably, no matter how much I studied my client’s product or service offering, some prospect wound up asking me a question that I didn’t know how to answer.  Talk to ten prospects and chances are you’ll have ten different sets of questions from them, because everyone is different.  Skip the next paragraph and move on to the next one if you don’t want this season to be spoiled.

5 Branding Techniques that Do Double Duty

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It also showcases your experts, attracts visitors and nurtures prospects. In fact, the same branding techniques you use to convince prospects that you are their firm of choice can also be used to attract the top talent your firm needs to support growth goals. When done right, a lead generating site will also serve as a powerful recruitment tool. Additional Resources.

Why We Took the Shears to the Home Page of Find New Customers

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That’s what I decided when looking at the home page of the B2B lead generation and global marketing company Find New Customers. also invite you to check out our world-class blog,  Fearless Competitor , as well as our weekly B2B marketing show,  Mad Marketing TV. We write one of the most popular b2b marketing blogs in the world. thorough cleaning was needed. We can help.

Jive Talkin for B2B Marketing & Sales Demand Gen Experts

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My domain expertise is B2B Marketing and Sales, especially Demand Gen. Here are some use case scenarios I see for the b2b executive: Competition - Aggregate feeds from multiple buzz sources. Data - Most data sources (Jigsaw, LinkedIn, etc.) Subscribe to the best in Lead Nurturing, Lead Generation, and B2B Marketing. Follow everything about that opportunity.