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Seven Ways to Humanize B2B Marketing


The problem is those messages themselves often aren’t differentiating, and even when they do, product and service features are generally easy for competitors to copy. Turning customers into stark, raving fans of your brand or product is something that can’t be purchased. It’s about differentiating your product or service in a crowded, competitive market.

The Dark Future of Native Advertising

Digital B2B Marketing

study published by IPG Media Labs (and underwritten by Forbes, whose BrandVoice is one of early Native Publishing programs relevant to B2B marketers) highlights the potential of branded content: Branded content meaningfully outperformed display advertising on every metric assessed, including lifts in awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent. The Allure of Native Publishing.

How Important is Lead Scoring?

Marketing Action

How about after they spend 45 minutes browsing your site and visit your pricing page? It doesn’t matter how many leads you have if they aren’t good leads — aka, leads that have purchase intent and match your target audience. By filtering out bad or cold leads, a scoring system can also shorten the sales cycle (from sales-ready to purchase). Lead Scoring Overview. Right?

The Marketer's Guide to Developing a Strong Corporate and Brand Identity


Or if you prefer, it can be achieved with an in-depth research survey and audit that looks at your brand awareness, usage, attributes, and even purchase intent. The basic intent is to paint a clear picture of what your brand stands for and how you want it perceived by your customers. Chances are, if someone mentions GoPro, you think of a super-sturdy camera for the adventurous.