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3 Reasons Why Your Webinars Suck


Webinars are one of the best, most cost-effective tools a marketer can exercise. Successful webinars are a great way to generate leads; build trust, respect, and brand awareness; and to collaborate with other organizations and thought leaders. But even if you master these steps, your webinar can still be a huge failure. In fact, here are three reasons why your webinars suck.

5 Exceptionally Important Tips for Sales Engineers Creating Pre-Recorded Demo Videos


In fact, if they are talking to you, it might be because you have tucked away some crucial information – such as pricing or a product demo – behind your walled sales garden. It’s time to set free the demo, and let it live within the liberating winds of the cloud. Check out these 5 steps to building a great product demo.  1. Research But they’re also a little shy….

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How to Power Your Sales Funnel With Video Content

It's All About Revenue

Top Of Funnel Video Content. They’re frustrated, but not necessarily enough to sit through a product demo or a long-winded webinar. Mid-funnel prospects want content that helps them evaluate your product’s fit for their organization, and help bring others onboard. He’s passionate about helping companies get the most out of their video marketing investment.

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Be Prepared! 8 Tips for Planning a Successful Webinar


Planning is a critical first step to any marketing campaign, but it’s especially true when it comes to producing great webinars. Creating, promoting, and repurposing webinars is a complicated process with a lot of moving parts. When you’ve got a great idea or a popular speaker on the hook for a webinar, it might be tempting to jump right to the promotion stage. or 11 a.m.

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5 Webinar Mistakes to Avoid

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When done right, webinars can be an effective and engaging marketing strategy that can achieve a range of goals: everything from establishing topic authority to lead generation and customer acquisition. Shelby Britton, senior product marketing manager at Adobe Systems is also a webinar guru and has been running them since 2007. Thinking of conducting your own webinar?

How to Multiply Your Webinar ROI: Repurpose Your Webinar Content

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Author: Beth Toeniskoetter Webinars can be a major investment, in terms of both time and money. After you’ve planned your webinar, most marketers will send out invitations to a targeted list, use a registration form to gather some data about prospects, and then use the attendance data (like duration of stay) as a measure of engagement. Repurpose Your Webinar for High ROI.

Tips To Power Your Sales Funnel With Video Content

It's All About Revenue

Top Of Funnel. They’re frustrated, but not necessarily enough to sit through a product demo or a long-winded webinar. Middle of Funnel. Mid-funnel prospects want content that helps them evaluate your product’s fit for their organization, and help bring others onboard. Buyer Personas. First off, understanding your customer is critical. Late-Stage Content.

Push it Good! Tips to Move Leads Through the Funnel

Modern B2B Marketing

Increases the velocity at which leads flow through the funnel. It is an understatement that lead nurturing is a key driver moving leads through the funnel , but how do you know if your efforts are impactful? Recently at Marketo, we have placed more emphasis on the rate at which leads flow through the funnel and developed ways to accelerate the rate aka shorten the buying cycle.

The Steps You Need to Define the Stages of Your Sales & Marketing Funnel


Often, one of the biggest blockers for sales and marketing alignment is the very different views each team has of the funnel. strategy, sales and marketing must have a unified picture of the funnel and standard definitions of each stage in the process. For example, HubSpot’s SMarketing team uses the following funnel stages: But that's just our funnel. based company.

Webinar Winning: Secrets of a Weatherman

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Fab Capodicasa Do Webinars Work? Webinars have the ability to attract new prospects to your website and help nurture existing prospects down the sales funnel. recent study by ON24 reported that the average webinar captures 433 registrants and 42% of those will attend. Although technically webinars allow you to use your webcam, this is rarely done in practice.

What to Send Email Contacts in Different Stages of the Marketing Funnel


This post will break down the 6 types of subscribers you may already have in your contacts database, following the stages of a typical sales and marketing funnel. Think about your business and your sales and marketing funnel to identify which types you have right now, and whether you're emailing them with the appropriate types of email marketing content. Subscriber. Opportunity.

6 Steps to Fix a Leaky Pipeline

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Lead generation often focuses on one thing above all others – funneling as many leads as possible into the sales pipeline. Opportunity: This is a sales-qualified lead that has taken some sort of action (taken a meeting, watched a demo; the qualifying action will vary by company) that signals that there is momentum toward a sale. 2. But what if your lead pipeline has sprung a leak?

How to Create Content for Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey


Most of the time, before becoming a customer, a person will first go through what's called the sales funnel. Although it's called a "sales" funnel, it's been at the heart of marketing for ages. It's a marketer's job to give them the fuel to move them along the funnel toward a purchase. Middle of the Funnel: Evaluation. Bottom of the Funnel: Purchase. Examples.

7 Webinar Tricks Every Marketer Should Master


Whether its blogging, actively publishing updates on social media sites, crafting ebooks , or conducting webinars -- the more content you have associated with your brand that's findable through your website, the better. But what about webinars? Aside from a hot button topic and some mind-blowing slides, what are the basics for hosting a successful webinar ?

5 Ways to Immediately Boost Account Based Marketing (ABM)

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recently did an interview on with Jim Obermayer founder of Sales Lead Management Association and Funnel Media Group. It’s a live streaming weekly program right here on the Funnel Radio Channel for at work listeners brought to you by the Sales Lead Management Association and many others with your host Jim Obermayer, hey Jim! Jim:   Empathy, huh? Brian:  Yeah. Break].

Sales Enablement Tactics to Improve BOFU Conversion Rates


Once a prospect has reached the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) they’ve done their research and have narrowed down the potential companies they’re looking to buy from to a handful at most. Marketing plays a huge role in converting prospects at every stage of the funnel and is exceptionally beneficial at the bottom. Personalized Product Demos. Personalization. Case Studies.

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Retargeting; An Internet Marketing Tactic to Increase Conversions Rates & Leads


For the most part, a typical landing pages averages between 2-5% conversion;  the submission of an email address in exchange for purchase, quote, demo, trial, webinar, or content.  The web form or conversion funnel may have been too long or complicated, meaning prospects abandon the funnel before completion. Conversion tactic :  Sign up for a free demo. Get it?

A CMO’s Guide to Conversion Metrics with Google Adwords


You can target top and bottom funnel. Top funnel. Ads should communicate the availability of white papers, ebooks, or in-demand webinars. Bottom funnel. Ads should communicate a value proposition with demos, trials, or other offers. Your reports, however, will only show hard conversions such as purchases, or bottom-funnel form submits such as demos and trials.

B2B Demand Generation expert Mac McIntosh – Interviewed by Find New Customers

Fearless Competitor

They fully intend to develop multi-touch lead nurturing campaigns, but are pressured to generate leads now, promote this webinar now, announce this new product now, and never seem to be able to get their nurturing campaigns started. Find New Customers is pleased to present our interview with one of the top experts in B2B demand generation today , Mac McIntosh. Mac McIntosh. Mac McIntosh.

Using Content Creation to Plug Sales Funnel Leaks


Sometimes as a content marketer, you can feel as if you are a plumber that uses content creation to plug sales funnel leaks. Every company will have a different sales funnel, but in general, they can be broken down into three phases: awareness, evaluation, and purchase. If you have not, take a look at these three phases of your sales funnel and identify where you are weakest—where there tends to be leaks. Across the sales funnel, the closer to the finish line, the more brand and product specific your content should get. Get Your Content Plunger Ready. Awareness.

7 Video Marketing Best Practices Worth Fighting For


Align videos to the funnel. You wouldn’t write a whitepaper or e-book targeted at the whole funnel so why would you plan a video aimed to do the same? The truth is that different videos perform differently throughout the funnel. Generally speaking, the lower you are in the funnel the longer your videos can be, but top of funnel videos should be under 90 seconds.

Inside the Mind of the B2B Buyer – New Paths to Purchase

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Great insights presented by Genius and DemandGen Report , in the webinar  Inside the Mind of B2B Buyers: New Paths to Purchase. Reality : Over 9 out of 10 buyers consumed content on their way to purchase — especially white papers, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, and more and more, video clips. BANT) Then walk them through the sales cycle — with a demo, proposal, etc.

Content’s Role in an Account-Based Marketing World


Like Moz and Hubspot our focus was very top of the funnel, with high-level, ungated educational content about our space. Don’t want a demo of Bizible right now? Sign up for a product webinar instead. This approach has helped our outbound team close longer term deals, by keeping them engaged and interested, without having to go through a full product demo. Notice a theme?

Retargeting; A Internet Marketing Tactic to Increase Conversions Rates & Leads


For the most part, a typical landing pages averages between 2-5% conversion;  the submission of an email address in exchange for purchase, quote, demo, trial, webinar, or content.  The web form or conversion funnel may have been too long or complicated, meaning prospects abandon the funnel before completion. Conversion tactic :  Sign up for a free demo. Get it?

Switching Things Up – Why You Should Try Flipping Nurture Campaigns


For example, you might start with a short article before sharing a longer, gated resource before asking recipients to attend a webinar before offering a demo. However, the truth is, everyone will move through the funnel at their own pace. Nurture campaigns don’t always need to get stronger over time. But what would happen if you flipped this model on its head? Well, you can.

The 4 Basic Elements of Inbound Marketing


Creating more in-depth premium content pieces and offers like eBooks, Webinars, Free Demos helps you generate leads when you place them behind a form. When you ask a website visitor to fill out a form in exchange for a free piece of your premium content, you turn that visitor into a lead and obtain valuable data that allows you to guide them down the sales funnel. Takeaways.

Everything You Need to Generate, Score, and Nurture Leads with Video


Here are just a few examples: Gating on-demand webinars before the video starts playing. Adding a pop-out form on a product feature video for a demo request. Tailoring video initiatives to different stages of the funnel. Nurture leads through the funnel using video. We know. It’s called a change in mindset: using video for lead generation.  . Get the Guide. First Name*.

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5 Surefire Ways to Drive B2B Brand Awareness via Content Marketing

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White papers, product demos, datasheets, case studies, analyst reports, testimonials and videos are just a few of the many content assets that should live in the resources center. A few B2B organizations I suggest using as a model: SEOmoz. Top of the Funnel Blog Posts. There’s no denying that content is widely considered  a critical ingredient to a successful B2B marketing recipe.

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Choosing an Advanced, Multi-Touch B2B Marketing Attribution Model


We recently hosted a webinar discussing advanced B2B marketing attribution and Bizible’s newest feature, TouchPoints. In this post, we’ll dig deeper into the different attribution models discussed in the webinar and help you decide which is best for your company. The biggest drawback to U-Shaped is that it leaves out the last touch/opportunity creation (demo request).

5 Ways Video will Transform Digital Marketing in 2016

It's All About Revenue

No longer just a tool for brand awareness, top marketers are now using video throughout the funnel to better engage and educate prospects, enhance lead scoring and nurture streams, and boost overall conversion rates. Live and on-demand webinars. 7. 2015 saw some incredible growth in the use of video content by marketers in both B2C and B2B markets. Let’s Get Personal.

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How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy You Can Be Proud of


Is it moving audiences through the funnel and influencing key decision makers? Explainer videos and educational webinars are pretty commonplace now, since marketers know that video is the best way to educate given its high retention rates. Webinar: How B2B Marketers Use Video to Boost Engagement & Generate Demand. they typically laugh, or cry, and repeat the same answer.

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Everyone Loves A Present: 3 Ways to Integrate Gifting into Your Marketing Strategy

Modern B2B Marketing

For example, thanking our webinar attendees with a Starbucks gift card—“Hey Jane! Join us for the webinar, and coffee is on us”—proved to boost in registration and attendance by an astounding 50%! Gifting is a great way to boost event registrations, evaluations, demos, assessments, and consultations. You can use the moment of gifting to drive more conversions down the funnel.

18 Tips for Planning a Flawless New Product Launch


Once you have this, get to work building the actual forms, site pages, videos, social posts, emails and other tactics that will drive users down your funnel and to your conversion point. (If you're looking for inspiration, check out this list of the best promotional product videos we've ever seen. ). Host a webinar or hangout on air, do a Reddit AMA, or try out a live social chat.

The Best of the Best: 2015 Video Marketing Awards


This product demo video was created as a means to move prospects through the sales pipeline without using Account Executive’s time to give live demos (which often required at least a 30 minute commitment). Davis looked beyond typical, top-of-funnel use cases for video and infused video throughout the entire buying process, including into BenefitMall’s sales efforts as well.

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