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10 Online Marketing Shortcuts To Increase Productivity

B2B Marketing Insider

Whether you’re in marketing , advertising or any industry for that matter, the world we live in does not exactly allow for much patience. Without further ado, here are 10 online marketing shortcuts to increase productivity. It takes less than a minute to add a line to promote your latest product, service, offer, or resource, which means you are marketing to everyone who gets an email from you. You have just 20-35 characters for the subject line, depending upon the device, and even less for the content preview (and you thought Twitter marketing was hard).

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


Although content marking is now a nearly universal practice—with 93% of B2B marketers using content marketing— half of all marketers still rank “producing enough content” as one of their top five challenges. Fortunately, content marketers don’t have to do it all themselves. Create and source user-generated content fast with simultaneous collaboration.

The 14 Best Content Planning and Research Tools


With 93% of B2B marketers now using content marketing to build brand awareness and generate leads, success going forward will require producing higher-quality content —not just more of it. Those decisions will start with your company’s content strategy and collaboration between marketing, PR and sales. Showcase reviews: Online Marketing Institute.

How to Master Local Lead Generation


Marketing products and services to your local community, however, can still be quite a challenging task. Unlike large-scale marketing, you can’t just use generic promotional strategies and expect your local customers to feel a connection to your company right away. Local marketing refers to marketing efforts targeting your nearby community—both offline and online.

What Were The Most Effective B2B Marketing Tactics of 2015?

KoMarketing Associates

Even though many B2B marketers are already looking ahead to 2016, it’s may be worth recognizing the accomplishments of the past year. Because a component of your B2B marketing strategy certainly needs to focus on leveraging the experience gained executing tactics and campaigns that worked well. In an effort to shed light on how marketers tackled challenges and made strides in 2015, we spoke to a group of industry leaders across the B2B marketing space. Here is what they had to say about their most effective B2B marketing tactics over the past year.

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012


Though social media marketing is now used in about 90% of companies, techniques, platforms and best practices continue to evolve. Increase use of video marketing? What will likely be the hot trends in social media over the next couple of years? Marketing Pilgrim ). Internet users and represent the majority of Americans’ time online. V3 Integrated Marketing ).

Stats 142

Key Takeaways from MarketingProfs’ #ContentBootCamp

KoMarketing Associates

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending MarketingProfs’ Content Creation Boot Camp, a pre-conference workshop kicking off the 2014 B2B Marketing Forum. But he did offer up an afternoon of discourse about some of the biggest challenges content marketers face today – and offered tips and suggestions of how to overcome them. This is an age-old question for content marketers.

How to Fight the Infobesity Monster with Quality, Shareable Content

KoMarketing Associates

Consider the following: 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing ( Content Marketing Institute ). 82% of marketers who blog see a positive ROI for their inbound marketing ( HubSpot ). 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago ( Content Marketing Institute ). Variety = the Lifeblood of Content Marketing.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)


Social media marketing has gone well beyond the hype stage and is now mainstream business practice. What social media developments and trends should I be watching? Social media adoption on both the buyer and vendor side is happening with incredible speed; the tools that we’ve developed to track other web marketing activities haven’t kept pace. What to do? But 44.24

12 Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Firm’s Visibility

Hinge Marketing

We’ve officially crossed this year’s halfway mark, and it’s time to check in on the marketing strategy you created at the beginning of 2015. It may be time to adjust your strategy or incorporate additional marketing techniques to drive your firm forward. Online Search and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Media and Blogger Outreach. Email Marketing.

Five ways to help your product market itself online

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

If you sell a web app or a software product that has web elements, it’s time to consider how your product can help market itself. More and more we’re seeing marketing built into products, allowing the code to do some of the advertising work for you. Marketers need to work with development to design the right sharing experiences in order to generate maximum, positive posts.

30 Killer Resources to Learn Content Marketing


Despite the fact that 86% of brands have adopted content marketing practices, 82% of marketers say they’re not receiving training. From idea generation to strategy and more, here are the best of the best: 1. Content Marketing Made Easy. 29 Content Marketing Secrets. A Field Guide to the 4 Types of Content Marketing Metrics. 100 Content Marketing Examples.

10 Metrics Every Marketing Team Should Track

Hinge Marketing

It is the mandate often heard by marketing teams for professional services firms. Many marketing teams are already blazing a path toward visibility for their firm using thought leadership marketing techniques, such as blog posts, books, speaking engagements or social media. Being able to draw meaningful conclusions from metrics depends on your ability to analyze trends.

Best Content Marketing Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2010


That’s the case because, in an increasingly competitive and noisy market, buyers care not so much about what you sell as about what you know , and what you are passionate about. Great content accomplishes at least two of the following objectives: • It helps get you “found&# online. • Content Marketing Strategy and Tactics. by Savvy B2B Marketing. Digg this!

The New Risks in Pay-for-Placement Guest Blogging

Hinge Marketing

SEE ALSO: 5 Tips to Take Your Guest Blogger Outreach to the Next Level. A similar “link buying” trend is happening today. Marketing experts agree that while there is still some gray area, their advice would be to shy away from paying for guest blog placement. It is the leading marketing program for delivering greater visibility, growth, and profits.

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: B2B online marketing continues ascent.

Tom Pisello

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 B2B online marketing continues ascent despite tough economy Rapid 12% annual growth led by Social Media, Lead-Gen Micro-Sites and Online Marketing Services B2B online marketing continues to grow, with research firm AMR predicting an annual compound growth rate of 12% into 2013. Content Marketing and the Forgotten Sales Professi.

Top Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading


For marketers, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that blogs are the second most used tactic for content marketing (behind social media content). Source : B2B Content Marketing – 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report. That’s exactly why we share a list of the top marketing blogs each year. The Best Marketing Blogs of 2015. Heinz Marketing.

7 SEO Tactics Most Marketers Ignore


SEO is in some ways one of the most neglected parts of a content marketing program, or any online marketing program. There are three different studies that support this: The public relations agency HotWire discovered only 21% of marketing decision makers allocate any budget to SEO. Google Trends’ related searches. It’s too bad so few marketers are practicing SEO.

The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Interest in influencer marketing is skyrocketing. After bumping along at a low level for several years, searches for the term increased by a factor of seven over the past 18 months according to Google Trends. 59% of marketers planned to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2016. Pricing: individual tool is free; marketing platform is $999 to $10,000 per month.

Tools 79

Top Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading


For marketers, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that blogs are the second most used tactic for content marketing (behind social media content). Source : B2B Content Marketing – 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report. That’s exactly why we share a list of the top marketing blogs each year. The Best Marketing Blogs of 2015. Heinz Marketing.

78 (of the) Best Social Media Marketing Tips, Guides, Tools and Strategies of 2010 (So Far)


With the amount of helpful content about social media marketing growing faster than Facebook’s user base or Lindsay Lohan’s court appearances, it’s tough to keep up. Social Media Marketing Tips, Tactics and Guides. Todd Heim supplies a helpful guide to best practices for building a following on and generating traffic from social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Mixx and Propeller. Despite the widespread use of the phrase “social media marketing,&# marketing is not the only business use of social media, as John Jantsch reminds us.

Tools 28

Marketing Charts and Trends « The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Marketing Charts and Trends With an impressive collection of charts, HubSpot released The Marketing Data Box. link] 2 days ago Virtual Events win marketers over low costs, but are attendees really paying attention?

Four online business rules that don’t exist any more

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

I had a chance to talk to online entrepreneurs from all over the world and listened to their unique business stories. It reminded me how much the online world had changed the rules of business … which a lot of people still haven’t realized. During my online path, I didn’t have a single client asking about my qualifications or background. The funny thing?

Rules 91

@fearlesscomp congratulates the Nifty 50 Men of Twitter

Fearless Competitor

Cheryl Burgess of BlueFocus360 and Tom Pick of KC Associates (both good friends of the Fearless Competitor , President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers ) recently announced the Nifty 50 men of Twitter on the Blue Focus Marketing Blog. Blogger for Huffington Post and @op_editorial , Marketer, Do-Gooder, Master Surfer! The Nifty50 Men of Twitter.

Why Klout matters. A lot.

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Nothing seems to get rational people in a frenzy as much as Klout and its attempt to measure “influence.&# I have immersed myself in the world of online power and influence over the past six months and feel like at this point I have probably studied this topic more than any person on earth! The ability to create and move content is the absolute key to online influence.

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5 Blunders Made by Blogging Novices

Hinge Marketing

Here are five common mistakes new bloggers face , and my advice on how to best avoid them. Online content based on a thoughtful content strategy can help you reap expertise-based referrals. Your content creation efforts should always be tied into your larger marketing goals. The biggest concern new bloggers have when they first start out is having enough content.

Search Traffic Declining? You’re Not Alone (and What to Do About It)


So in order to maintain and grow website traffic, online marketing practices have to change as well. Companies need to take a broader view of their overall online visibility and embrace a web presence optimization (WPO) approach. Finally, don’t over-rely on paid advertising but do make it part of your online marketing mix. Image credit: Young Digital Lab.

139 Content Marketing Blogs to Watch in 2017 (Broken Down By Category)


And, 70% of B2B marketers plan to create more content in 2017 compared to 2016. With so much noise online these days, finding sources of consistent high quality content can seem like searching for a needle in hay stack. To help make it less overwhelming, our team scoured the web to identify the top content marketing blogs (by category) you should be reading in 2017. Over 2.5

The #Nifty50 Women of Twitter

Fearless Competitor

Jennifer is the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School or Business, and author of The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways To Use Social Media to Drive Social Change. She describes herself as a “small business coach, speaker, corporate trainer, blogger, singer, lover of life, dreams, family and God.” Marketing, author of PR 2.0:

40 Must-Read Blogs For Entrepreneurs

B2B Marketing Insider

Here are the blogs that these entrepreneurs say they read religiously: Entrepreneur: Marc Fowler, President, Bullseye Media , a digital marketing agency specializing in helping dentists attract and retain patients. Matt on Marketing. Why: “Heinz Marketing does a great job of pulling the best ideas from a variety of blogs and putting their own spin on them. Smart Marketer.

26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013 | OMI Blog

delicious b2bmarketing

OMI Blog - Internet Marketing Training Courses & Certification Programs. 26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013. On 01.09.13, In Content Marketing , by Kari Rippetoe. Content marketing is so hot right now. Marketers certainly need to focus less on producing more content and turn their attentions towards producing quality content. Affiliate Marketing.

Tools 62

The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011


The answer may come from the email marketing field. Many of these were other B2B marketers, but others were social media experts, journalists, PR professionals, or just plain fascinating personalities. This list will be posted on Cheryl Burgess’ Blue Focus Marketing Blog. Alicia is a warm and outgoing social media pro and creator of March Marketing Madness. What is it?

Blogging Best Practices: 5 Common Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Hinge Marketing

Here are five common mistakes new bloggers face , and my advice on how to best avoid them. Online content based on a thoughtful content strategy can help you reap expertise-based referrals. Your content creation efforts should always be tied into your larger marketing goals. The biggest concern new bloggers have when they first start out is having enough content.

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of October 20, 2012


News & Notes

12 (of the) Best Content Marketing Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2011


As you’ve no doubt read in many places before, content is one of the core elements of B2B social media marketing success. Content is also crucial for lead nurturing , SEO and other online marketing initiatives. Get the answers to these questions and more here in a dozen of the best content marketing guides of the past year. Content is king.

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


He walks through 10 basic steps for site optimization here, from getting the foundation right and doing keyword research through on-page content, meta tags, and link building (“Focus on link building through content marketing, blog writing, guest blogging, infographics, site directories (CAREFULLY), and other tools that allow you to leave online footprints leading back to your site”).

30 Awesome Blogging Guides, Tips and Resources


The proliferation of themes, tools and plugins have transformed blogs from mere online text collections to powerful interactive, rich-media sites that can attract, engage and educate your potential buyers. Dozens of reasons why corporate blogs still matter in B2B marketing by Content Marketing Experience. Five Tips to Make Company Blogs Worth Reading by Marketing Profs.