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Act-On’s a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ and What That Means to You


So, with that said, we were pretty excited to see Act-On Software named a Leader among lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) platform vendors in the Forrester Research, Inc., report: The Forrester Wave™: Lead-to-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q4 2016. “… What Act-On might miss in depth, it reaches in breadth,” writes author Lori Wizdo, Principal Analyst for Forrester Research in the report. When Act-On was listed in Forrester’s 2014 report, our founder Raghu Raghavan called it an “ amazing milestone ” for the company. WIIFY? So, what’s in it for you?

Say Hello to Personalized Video!


In answer to this, and to provide marketers with the best, innovative ways to drive and strengthen their results, we are proud to announce Personalized Video from Vidyard, an exciting new way to entice, engage, and convert audiences by connecting with each person on an individual level and bringing the viewer right into your story. Say hello to Personalized Video! Stand out.

The LinkedIn Publishing Platform Puts Power in the Hands of the B2B Buyer

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This past month LinkedIn announced they will be opening up the ability for every user to publish their own content on LinkedIn, through individual profiles. According to the LinkedIn blog post , influencer posts have been very successful, averaging more than 31,000 views and receiving more than 250 likes and 80 comments per post. The B2B buyer controls the marketing message.

How to Leverage LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Recruitment

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LinkedIn remains the great stalwart of professional networks, regularly attracting some 81% of today’s B2B marketers (“How B2B Marketers Use Social Now ,” Zachary Reiss-Davis , Forrester Research ). In fact, Forbes reports content sharing on LinkedIn rose by 15% in the third quarter of 2013, at a rate faster than larger content-sharing giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

It’s Time to Kill Off Your Dreary Customer Reference Program

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If they are really thinking it through, they ought to inquire whether you are a blood relative of the person on the phone. They are sending emails to buddies, they are asking about you in LinkedIn groups, they are seeing what the buzz is at industry events. We just aren’t good at it. If you are a B2B company of any size, you have at least one of these programs. Related Posts.

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3 Winning Examples of B2B Blogs Done Right

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But businesses need it for a variety of reasons and look for tips and advice on the subject just like any given person looks for information on topics that are important to them.  Kinaxis first did its homework by hiring Forrester Research to better understand the audience that they were trying to reach in creating their social media strategy.  Blogging Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Blog Business business to business Forrester Research hubspot internet-marketing Kinaxis LinkedIn Marketing and Advertising Twitter YouTubeLouis E. Nothing.  Louis E. Kinaxis.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


Social Media 3Q Update: Who Uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & MySpace? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn continued to add users in the second half of 2010, albeit at a slower pace than in previous quarters. population, and the average visit length is 23 minutes (versus 13 minutes for Twitter and 10 minutes on LinkedIn). Share this on LinkedIn. And much more. Adam T.

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55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010


Dan Neely discusses which social networking sites get the most attention from marketers (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, no surprises there), how marketers can best use social media for branding and business development, and concerns about the use of social media in brand planning. Which Profile Aspects Should Be Emphasized on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? Share this on LinkedIn.

Vidyard Named a Leader for Online Video Platforms for Sales and Marketing by Independent Research Firm


KITCHENER, Ontario – October 31, 2016 – Vidyard , the video platform for business, has been named a leader in Online Video Platforms for Sales and Marketing by independent research firm Forrester Research, Inc. The recognition comes as part of The Forrester Wave™: Online Video Platforms For Sales And Marketing, Q4 2016, which analyzed the most significant providers in the space. Vidyard was the only vendor to receive the highest possible scores in the player features; marketing and lead generation tools; and targeting, personalization and discovery criteria. About Vidyard.

10 Most Popular B2B Lead Blog Posts of 2016

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My methodology was compiling the aggregate social shares across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. 1. Tips On How to Use LinkedIn for Better Lead Generation. They’re approaching LinkedIn like an email blast campaign, and this is not what the network is about – Susan Tatum. Read the Tips on How to Use LinkedIn for Better Lead Generation. 5. Here’s why.

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Why You Should Consider Using Twitter for B2B Leads


Every day there are new B2B opportunities waiting for you on Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social media channels. Forrester , 2013. One percent of the time a person may get upset about being contacted. “I think if the conversation is out there, it definitely warrants follow up,” Brad said. Whether you turn these moments of opportunity into high-quality leads is up to you.

Gamification of the Sales Process

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According to Forrester, gamers span just about every demographic. At a recent event I heard Xactly discuss how their customers base compensation and commissions on a series of behaviors that lean more ‘reward’ to the sales person if they do things such as close a deal early in the month or if they sales can close a deal within a specific time frame. What is Gamification?

Content Is The Key To Social Selling Success

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Forrester research shows 90% of customers start their purchase with a search engine. Provide the type of content to get you found early in the buying process on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Search. 45% of buyers require person-to-person contact in the buying process, reports ITSMA/CFO. And, what are customers looking for with this person-to-person contact?

The Secret To A Better Customer Experience

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This is a very simple form of personalization where we try to show you content that is at least contextually based on the website that sent you to us. The Age of Personalization. Welcome to the age of personalization and what may be the new battleground in marketing. Personalization Comes Of Age. The goals of Personalization these executives look for most?

Is This The Year Of Big Data For Marketing?

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She covers Forrester’s latest marketing report “ Predictions 2014: Marketing Leaders Put Insights To Use. Big Big Data Makes Way For Smart Data Across Social, Mobile, And Media “ According to Rebecca, Forrester predicts that Big Data will have a significant impact on marketing in 2014. predicted that marketing in 2014 will be about culture, data and content.

7 Ways to Create More Interesting Content for Your Blog


Talk to any person serving on the front line and you’ll find that not only do your customers have questions relating to your products – they have lots of them. Here are a few ideas: Check out LinkedIn groups. Which LinkedIn groups does your target audience belong to? Check out this article published on LinkedIn titled “Four business rules I learnt in Kindergarten.”

Should Social Marketing Still Get Your Vote?


believe Michelle Moorehead, Forrester’s Research VP serving CMOs, had it right in her blog post at the end of 2015 when she highlighted that “2016 marks the year that the CMO will take control of the customer experience — or risk facing significant coordination challenges (and potential headaches) with some other fledgling executive who sees the opportunity to own it.” Getting to Yes.

12 Examples of B2B Companies Managing Impactful Twitter Profiles

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Additional research shows us that Twitter outperforms LinkedIn and Facebook 9 to 1 for lead generation. Forrester. Twitter Profile:  @Forrester. Why It’s Notable : Forrester is well-known  as one of the premier sources of pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology through research and analysis. LinkedIn Help. Intel.

Digital Marketing – What Are The Top Goals And Challenges?

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Just ahead of the conference, previewed this research from ExactTarget , conducted by Forrester and uncovered that “meeting the expectations of the always-connected customer” was the biggest challenge. So personalization is relevant across the buyer journey, not just after the sale. The top tools used by digital marketers included. Web analytics.

27 surprising facts about salespeople who are Social Selling


98% of sales reps with 5000+ LinkedIn connections achieve quota (source:  Sales Benchmark Index ). 50%-70% of the buying process happens before salespeople get involved (source:  Forrester ). You are almost 5x more likely to schedule a first meeting if you have a personal LinkedIn connection (source: Sales Benchmark Series). Social selling is not hard selling.

Social Media Audiences Are Great, But Email Audiences Are Better


It’s not a whole lot better on Twitter or LinkedIn. The exact stats vary widely, but here’s what Forrester reported early last year. Even on LinkedIn, where most B2B networking goes down, people just aren’t in the same mindset as they’re in when they’re working through their inbox. Disadvantage #4: Person for person, email beats social media for promoting content.

Master These 10 Content Marketing Skills to Become an All-Star

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Listening. “87 percent of B2B marketers say they struggle to produce content that truly engages their buyers.” – Forrester. Writing. “44 percent of marketing professionals say writing is their most outsourced activity.” – LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community. How you stay organized on a personal level? Let’s take a look: 1. Organization. Data Analysis. Patience.

Why Cross Channel Marketing Needs To Be Visual

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According to 2016 Forrester Wave Report, “Rich media content is the soul of customer experience.” Canadian Blood Services (CBS) offers a multi-channel experience including an extensive website, mobile app, and very active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Imagine you are working on building a cross-channel marketing campaign.

The Challenges in Adoption of Marketing Technology « The Effective.

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The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking The Challenges in Adoption of Marketing Technology A recent webinar hosted by Neolane, “ Crack the Code – Getting C-Suite Buy-In for Your Marketing Tech Purchases &# had a very interesting presentation by Suresh Vital  from Forrester Research. Marketers as Technologists According to Forrester’s research, data driven marketers are divided about technology investments. Improving customer experience across channels was also top of mind.

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How to Perform a Social Media Audit: Measure What Matters


And as far back as 2013, Forrester analyst Zachary Reiss-Davis concluded that “ everybody uses social media for work.”. social media audit is a review and examination of the total social media presence of a person or organization. Social media is long past the novelty stage. That’s almost half the world’s population. There are slightly over 2 billion social accounts. Followers. Views.

The 20 Best Marketing Conferences In 2013

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One of my first orders of business in any new year is to figure out which conferences I will attend as part of my personal development plan. Forrester Forum for Marketing Leadership  April 18-19 in Los Angeles, CA. And follow the conversation on  Twitter ,   LinkedIn ,  Facebook  or  Google+. One of the things that stuck out for me right away is the diversity. Photo Source.

Help! I Need a Marketing Automation Vendor with Social Media Savvy

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Sure. I’ve found the following lists to be helpful: RaabGuide Top SEOs Business Software Forrester , via Marketo The lists above include vendors with varying degrees of focus on Web 2.0 Publish content and landing page URLs through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Integrate the MA information with social directories (LinkedIn, Jigsaw) and content management systems (WordPress, Drupal).

87 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats

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You can find it in the Q2 2011 Forrester Wave™ report.). Segmentation, Targeting & Personalization. Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014 , Jan 2014 ). Forrester Research, Gauging Your Progress and Success , Dec 2013). In-person events (67%). LinkedIn is 2nd (43%) and Twitter is 3rd (35%).

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Why Lead Nurturing is Now Marketing’s Domain

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Forrester Research says that as much as 90 percent of the buyer’s journey may be complete before a prospect reaches out to a salesperson. Here are some numbers that show the value of lead nurturing for marketers: • Forrester Research says that businesses that are effective lead nurturers produce 50 percent more sales-ready leads at a 33 percent lower cost.

B2B Marketers: Is Your Online Brand Working?

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According to analyst Sheryl Pattek of Forrester Research , by the time Business-to-Business (B2B) buyers engage with you online, they are 60% or more done with their buying process. We need to know our customers and how they access information, both business and personal. 2. What does this mean for B2B Marketers? 1. We need to add value and engage with customers. 5.

Are marketers getting lost in the Dark Funnel?

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How did this person hear about us? Forrester Research report from way back in 2007 predicted a transformation of the buyer’s journey was underway and the traditional sales funnel had “outlived its usefulness.” Follow her @KristaLaRiviere and on LinkedIn. By Krista LaRiviere, {grow} Community Member. How informed are they? But how did they arrive there?

Marketers Have Gained Their “Seat at the Table,” Now it’s Time to Prove Why They Deserve it

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They will explore these challenges and leave with insights into how to simplify marketing and deliver personalized customer journeys that result in the creation of ideal customers. by Kevin Akeroyd | Tweet this The onus is on us. The C-Suite expects marketers to be able to measurably contribute to the bottom line and deliver loyal customers who return time and time again.

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Test Your Digital IQ with Mark Schaefer’s Social Media Quiz

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Which of the following platforms was founded first? a) YouTube. b) Facebook. c) Google+. d) LinkedIn. Which social media platform has the highest percentage of users with an income of $75,000 or more? a) LinkedIn. b) Twitter. c) Facebook. d) Pinterest. What company owns Slideshare? a) Berkshire Hathaway. b) Facebook. c) LinkedIn. d) Google. 13. (C) LinkedIn. Italian.

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Winning the Social Media Popularity Contest

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Thursday, December 09, 2010 Winning the Social Media Popularity Contest Alinean Research of Fortune 500 Popularity on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. View my complete profile Links Google News Alinean Corporate Website Personal Website Blog Archive ▼ 2010 (118) ▼ December (5) Social Media Hierarchy of Needs - Best Practices f. How Do You Get Started in Content Marketing?

The Revenue Performance Management Bandwagon

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the whiteboard was filled with ideas, in every color, from every person in that room.  We hosted webinars on RPM with Forrester Research. The bandwagon now includes: analysts firms like Forrester and Gartner, who have begun to speak and write about RPM-related topics; bloggers who are writing about it; and clients who are speaking about it in videos, case studies and webinars. LinkedIn. Revenue Performance Management Eloqua Forrester Gartner It's All About Revenue JMP Securities RPMby Brian Kardon | Tweet this. All part of our commitment to transparency. M. A.

Welcome to Viewtopia: Vidyard Announces Speakers for 2016 Video Marketing Summit


YouTube and Vine star Zach King, Forrester analysts Nick Barber and Laura Ramos, Solarwinds video director René Lego join top voices in video, marketing, content and customer success. YouTube and Vine personality Zach King headlines an impressive speakers list featuring industry analysts, video experts, marketing innovators and other business leaders. Forrester Research analyst Laura Ramos is a leading expert in business-to-business marketing with hands-on senior management experience in corporate, industry and product marketing; demand management; and social media.

Why Lead Nurturing Is Now Marketing’s Domain

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Forrester Research says that as much as 90 percent of the buyer’s journey may be complete before a prospect reaches out to a salesperson. Here are some numbers that show the value of lead nurturing for marketers: • Forrester Research says that businesses that are effective lead nurturers produce 50 percent more sales-ready leads at a 33 percent lower cost.