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The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Several also provide features like competitive benchmarking, follower demographics, key influencer identification, sentiment analysis, campaign impact, and reporting. Embed posts from all the major social networks in a single view, and automatically notify users when their content has been featured. Social media monitoring is vital for virtually every B2B or B2C brand. 58% 16) Nuvi.

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The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools


Now owned by and tightly integrated with Salesforce.com, Pardot should at least be on the consideration list of marketing automation tools for any SMB already using Salesforce. Enables marketers to create campaigns across channels including email, display search, video, and mobile, combined with lead management/nurturing and sales acceleration features. Google Review Count: 93,900.

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Is Salesforce.com a Player in Marketing Automation Software?


Salesforce.com is the cloud computing darling of customer relationship management (CRM) software. So, where does Salesforce.com stand as a marketing automation solution? Up front, Salesforce.com will garner appeal because the marketing app is bundled with the Sales Cloud 2 product. So, when should Salesforce.com make your marketing automation software shortlist?

Review: Six Small Business CMS and Web Marketing Systems


Low-cost, fee-based tools are generally more user-friendly, provide more features, and most importantly come bundled with support. It offers a solid set of features including site search, multiple permission levels for different types of contributors, a form-builder, and  built-in analytics. Considering all of its features , LightCMS is another shortlist-worthy tool for basic website creation, particularly for smaller B2C companies who want an easy-to-manage online store. What’s the best web content management system (CMS) for your small business? CMS Only. LightCMS.

Godzilla vs. King Kong aka Hubspot vs. Salesforce.com

Fearless Competitor

This announcement puts them squarely into battle with one of the toughest firms on Earth, Salesforce.com. contact-form] Filed under: CRM , Hubspot , Salesforce.com. CRM Hubspot Salesforce.com At their recent Inbound Marketing conference, Hubspot announced the release of their first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Salesforce.com Announces Site.com Web Site Management: Will Marketing Automation Features Follow?

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Salesforce.com yesterday announced the launch of Site.com , an enterprise-class Web site management system. The news didn’t seem to get much attention, perhaps because Salesforce.com itself pretty much buried it. But Salesforce.com VP of Product Management Anshu Sharma did post a detailed explanation of the rationale on a Salesforce.com blog. That’s the first Salesforce.com reference I can find to a “digital marketing platform”. That’s probably correct, although it would take longer than adding those features directly. Here’s a piece from 2009.)

Tomorrow People Leaves Salesforce.com in Favour of Workbooks CRM

Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People has selected British Cloud CRM provider Workbooks.com to replace its Salesforce.com CRM system after two years of using the Salesforce Professional Edition. Alistair Norman, Marketing Director at Tomorrow People commented, “Workbooks is not only far more cost-effective than Salesforce.com, it is also more intuitive for our users and much easier for us to customise.

The Pond Just Got More Crowded: Google, Salesforce.com and Sequoia Invest in HubSpot

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Summary: HubSpot announced a $32 million investment yesterday by Sequoia Partners, Google and Salesforce.com. Salesforce.com and Google announced their long-anticipated entry into the marketing automation industry, in the baby-step form of investments in HubSpot. But if Salesforce.com likes what it sees, who knows where that will lead? intended to extend Google’s own business).

eTrigue Puts a New Interface on Mature Marketing Automation Features

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With mature features and a $1,000 per month starting price, the system is worth a look. Now, if all DemandCenter features were easier than the competition, that might change things. That's a richer feature set than most marketing automation systems targeted towards the small and mid-size business. Bear in mind that’s a two-part proposition. The answer is a definite…maybe.

Dreamforce 2011: Salesforce.com Will Leave Marketing Automation Alone. But Revenue Performance Management Might Be Another Story.

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I spent most of this week at Salesforce.com ’s Dreamforce conference. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Salesforce encourage third party developers to build marketing automation systems using Salesforce's Force.com and Heroku platforms and Database.com database, or to see them encourage existing vendors to migrate to the Salesforce.com infrastructure. also still expect that Salesforce will continue to enhance its core Sales application with features that make it better at specific marketing automation functions like complex campaign flows and Web tracking. As a $2.1

Intuit / Salesforce.com Alliance Is No April Fool's Joke

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Am I the only one who missed the April 1 announcement of a strategic alliance between Salesforce.com and Intuit ? Given our industry's endless nattering about whether Salesforce.com will move into marketing automation, this should have attracted more attention (or, at least, enough attention that I would hear about it sooner than I did). In case you too missed the news, it comes down to this: Salesforce.com will be available on Intuit’s App Center and be deployed so that the Intuit and Salesforce.com databases are synchronized. billion for Salesforce.com vs. $16.5

My online influencer research and engagement process


Content Marketing Influencer Marketing Internet Marketing Social Media Marketing 37signals American Broadcasting Company Arthur Ashe Courage Award Author Autopilot basecamp British Summer Time Customer relationship management Facebook Facebook features Google Google Search Highrise linkedin Salesforce.com twitter YouTubeAt least, right now, it’s a one man band. Really big.

11 Features to Bring Salesforce Chatter to Life

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Salesforce.com’s slick demos show how users can seamlessly collaborate through it’s micro-blogging system Chatter. At Behind this seemingly simple tool, there are an exploding number of features. Sales & Marketing Alignment Chatter email Facebook Force.com Force.com Labs HootSuite Lead Scoring sales and marketing sales and marketing alignment Salesforce salesforce.com Seesmic Twitterby Andrew Sinclair | Tweet this. At its core, Chatter is about creating news feeds from people and recording updates. Auto follow people and records. Install Chatter enhancements. Facebook.

Review: An Admin’s Take on Salesforce.com Spring ’14


’ With Spring ’14, salesforce.com has yet again dazzled us with a fantastic new release of salesforce1 mobile, platform, connected and social communities. The salesforce1 mobile app gives our users tremendous insight by adding dashboard, publisher, partner, and custom object features and accessibility to our mobile apps (to name a few). While changing ownership of accounts is still not editable, the “reset password” feature is my new favorite. ’ Click here to view all Spring ’14 new release features and access training materials.


MakesBridge Offers Powerful Features to Small Business Marketers

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Summary: MakesBridge offers a full set of marketing automation features with some special strengths that will appeal especially to small companies. I’ve written quite a bit recently about marketing systems for very small businesses – a category I’ve tentatively labeled “micro-business” and pegged at under $5 million revenue. HubSpot also has many micro-business clients but is not focused on them exclusively and – probably as a result – has a slightly different feature set: more Web traffic generation and no built-in contact management or shopping cart.

Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)

Modern B2B Marketing

salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM), so why do I need marketing automation ”? Features and Capabilities of Marketing Automation versus CRM. Common features of a CRM system. Now, let’s compare that to the common features of marketing automation systems. Features of marketing automation systems. No (except salesforce.com Radian6). Marketing Automation.

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Marketing Made Simple TV now features “marketing qualified sales leads” a.k.a. sales leads

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Salesforce.com. The post Marketing Made Simple TV now features “marketing qualified sales leads” a.k.a. The New and Greatly Improved Marketing Made Simple TV show now delivers marketing qualified leads (sales leads) for you. That’s right. sales leads). These leads are in profile and actively consumed your content, so they are ripe for nurturing and engagement.

Marketing Automation News from Dreamforce: B2B More Integrated, B2C Stays Separate

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I spent the early part of this week at Salesforce.com ’s annual Dreamforce conference. The logical consequence is to make lead scoring and nurture campaigns standard features within the Sales offering and discard Pardot as a separate product. If Salesforce does merge Pardot features into its core Sales product, then marketers who have a more expansive view of B2B marketing automation functions (or who simply want a system of their own) will be forced to buy from someone else. Here are my observations. The big news was for geeks. The good news is the B2C marketing vision.

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Dreamforce 2011: Salesforce.com Talks Platforms #DF11

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this This is the moment most of the people that flock to Dreamforce each year can’t wait for: salesforce.com’s CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff ‘s keynote addresses. Benioff’s keynotes are eagerly anticipated because it’s most often the moment he delivers big news, announces new features, unveils acquisitions…in short, break news.

Laugh and Learn featuring @fearlesscomp – Episode 30 – Nothin’ But The App

Fearless Competitor

The company here, Vertical Response , could have used dry and boring specs for their integration with Salesforce.com. B2B Lead Generation | Laugh and Learn Episode 30. Each week we do a B2B marketing show called Laugh and Learn – sharing a key marketing lesson using wit and humor. We hope you enjoy this week’s show and tune in every Friday for a new episode of Laugh and Learn. In this week’s show, we share another lesson on Personality in B2B marketing. They could have hosted a webinar. To learn about Jeff, please visit “ Who is the Fearless Competitor?

Marketing Automation Beer Goggles: What I Think I Learned at Dreamforce

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I’m writing this on my way home from Dreamforce, the Salesforce.com user conference that has become the primary industry gathering for marketing automation vendors. The theme includes easier connectivity to external data, via standard connectors in general and the Salesforce.com AppExchange in particular. Congratulations and thanks to the Salesforce.com team that made it happen.

Best CRM for Marketing Automation: Salesforce.com, Microsoft or Oracle?


If you look at Marketing Automation systems, the best supported CRM system is Salesforce.com. By the way: tomorrow I’m presenting a webinar with SalesFUSION, a Marketing Automation vendor that focuses heavily on Microsoft Dynamics CRM (but also supports Salesforce.com, of course). But some advanced features make the integration really shine. CRM system market share.

Tomorrow People Leaves Salesforce.com in Favour of Workbooks CRM

Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People has selected British Cloud CRM provider Workbooks.com to replace its Salesforce.com CRM system after two years of using the Salesforce Professional Edition. Alistair Norman, Marketing Director at Tomorrow People commented, “Workbooks is not only far more cost-effective than Salesforce.com, it is also more intuitive for our users and much easier for us to customise.

Metallica Will Be at DreamForce 2011 #DF11 (maybe?)

Sales Intelligence View

This is the first mentions of Salesforce having Metallica as their featured performer at their annual Dreamforce 2011. Metallica known for songs like  The Unforgiven, Master of Puppets, Fade to Black. I was skeptical about the news but the profile is owned by a Salesforce.com sales rep. Sales Data salesforce.com Social CRM social selling twitterConferences B2B CRM crm 2.0

Top tools to keep your contacts in order. in theory


remember that Plaxo had this sort of thing but I don’t know (I just logged in to Plaxo — we’ll see if it’s a zombie or whether there’s any bite left in it’s bark). I’m currently have a Business account but there also seems to be Premium Features — do I have those? I’m always struggling with my contacts.  I think I have too many now.

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SIIA CEO Interview Featuring Umberto Milletti

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Landslide Technologies Microsoft Dynamics netsuite oracle oracle crm on demand sales productivity salesforce.com sCRM social mediaWhat will the software industry look like in 3, 5, even 10 years from now? Cloud computing and social media are the two very significant trends that will shape the future of the software industry for years to come. Core cloud applications (email, CRM, ERP, etc.) will become an “operating system” that nearly all companies [.]. Sales 2.0 Sales Data Sales Intelligence Social CRM Social Selling Technology Umberto Milletti B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0 customer 2.0

Enabling Sales: Change the Point of View


One of the most common questions I hear from sales managers is: “What is one of the best ways my sales reps can manage their day more efficiently by using salesforce.com?” SFDC made this a winning feature with inline editing. Sales Operations inline editing salesforce list views Salesforce.com SFDC ” Pulling reports? Probably not. That’s why there are analysts and dashboards. Report pulling is helpful, but not always on a daily basis and not for the average sales rep. Creating more more more dashboards? Creating automation? Not directly.

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Marketing Features in Salesforce.com Winter 10

Modern B2B Marketing

Once again Salesforce.com has delivered a great set of new features for Marketers in the Winter 10 release.  This is more relevant than ever since marketers may wish to use Salesforce.com to track events like seminars that may have a registration fee.  New Email Features include: You can now choose if Salesforce will notify the sender when a mass email has sent.

LinkedIn-Microsoft Deal Means The Intelligent Cloud Is Here


This customer master will enhance the quality of CRM data and will push more enterprises to potentially leave other SFA solutions like Salesforce.com, Oracle Fusion, and SAP and towards Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Featured B2B Marketing acquisition linkedin microsoftToday, Microsoft announced its intent to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2B — Satya Nadella’s biggest deal ever and maybe the largest technology acquisition in history. Surprisingly, many analysts are calling this a “social” consumer acquisition, rather than an enterprise one.

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13 Famous (and Must-See) Marketers at Dreamforce

Modern B2B Marketing

Lauren Vaccarello, salesforce.com. Director of Online Marketing at salesforce.com. Session: How Salesforce.com Uses Online Marketing to Grow Our Business (FULL). Disclosure: The sessions featuring Copyblogger and Warner Brothers also include Marketo speakers.). B2B Marketing Salesforce.comColin Powell.  And who can forget the Red Hot Chili Peppers?  Why famous?

Alinean Introduces Interactive Content Connectors for CRM / Marketing Automation Integration

The ROI Guy

Captures rich customer intelligence for superior lead nurturing and accelerated sales cycles Alinean introduced Interactive Content Connectors at the Eloqua Experience event, helping integrate Alinean-value sales / marketing tools with CRM / Marketing Automation solutions, including salesforce.com, Eloqua and more. says Jefre Futch, CEO of Alinean, Inc.

Fast and Furious Feature Releases – A Marketo Community Update

Modern B2B Marketing

by Heather Watkins On December 6, 2010, Marketo launched its revamped customer community on the Salesforce.com platform to give our customers the ability to: Get product answers quickly. Suggest features for the Marketo Roadmap. We are moving fast and furiously to continue releasing features to make the community even better. 

How to Organize Your CRM for Inside Sales Success

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The most important one could very well be our CRM, which at AG is Salesforce.com. One of my responsibilities is to do the training sessions about Salesforce.com for new hires at AG. CRMs are flexible and your company could change settings either to add or take away some features. I like to think that I have a few key tools in my prospecting toolbox. Update lead statuses.

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Dreamforce 2013 Party Guide: A Map of the Hottest Parties to Attend!

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Click here  for our #DF13 party guide, featuring 12 events with locations and dates. Social Selling Technology b2b sales Dreamforce insideview salesforce.com Are you attending Dreamforce next week? We’re thrilled to sponsor Dreamforce 2013, the biggest cloud computing event of the year with over 120,000 visitors expected to attend. Our sessions are almost full, so register soon!

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Dreamforce ’12: Tap into Marketo’s Social Marketing Experts

Modern B2B Marketing

Join Jon Miller, VP of Marketing Content and Strategy at Marketo and Chris Roeckl, VP Worldwide Field Marketing at Fluke Networks for a frank, soup-to-nuts discussion on everything about  marketing automation, from the questions you should ask your sales rep when getting ready to buy a marketing automation solution, to the most utilized marketing automation features, and even information about pricing. B2B Marketing Salesforce.com b2b marketingby Jen Howard The countdown continues.  Enjoy! 1. Service Cloud: Self Service – The Ultimate Experience. – 1:30 p.m. 500 list.

Mi6 Quick Tip #5

MI6 Marketing Agency

We’ve been using Nimble for the last six months or so (Sidebar: I’ve used Salesforce.com, Google Contacts and Gist over the last year too). Blog Featured Mi6 Quick TipsBringing social and email messaging together. Trying to keep up with the all the messages you are getting from key contacts? How can you ensure you don’t miss that important message from them? Related Posts.

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Artificial Intelligence Software Is Booming. But Why Now?


SAN FRANCISCO — This is the year artificial intelligence came into its own for mainstream businesses, at least as a marketing feature. On Sunday, Salesforce.com, which sells online software for sales and marketing, announced it would be adding A.I. to its products. Its system, called Einstein, promises to provide insights into what sales leads to follow and what products to. The post Artificial Intelligence Software Is Booming. But Why Now? appeared first on Opentopic. Brands & Marketers