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Why Salespeople Hate Most White Paper Leads

The Point

How is it that a quality white paper on a hot topic can still generate bad leads? It’s got to be the media, right? Wrong. It’s the offer. Even a well-written white paper, by a respected author, on a hot topic of vital interest to your target audience, can still generate leads your salespeople will consider “junk.” Then your offer should have as broad appeal as possible.

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A Business Writer Who Gets SEO is a Marketer’s Best Friend

B2B Marketing Traction

Tweet. Marketers who want to get found online have a dilemma: they need to write for the search engines and for the readers, their prospects. Unfortunately today I see both good writing that clearly won’t work for the search engines, and really bad writing that has keywords and phrases in all the right places but doesn’t speak to the reader.

Edit Your Content: 12 Things NOT to Miss

Writing on the Web

Here’s a checklist for editing your blog content before you publish. For any content that is vitally important, i.e. sales content or articles delivered to clients, I use Barbara Feiner , a professional editor. She not only corrects errors, but evaluates for clarity and flow. But for blog posts and everyday content creation , I put on my editor’s visor, and act like a grumpy newspaper editor with a red pencil. Here’s what I look for: Language. Review for commas, semi-colons , ellipses and em dashes. The important thing is for it to read well, read clearly. Formatting.

21 Things to Know When Pricing a B2B Website

PWB Marketing Blog

Many factors influence the price of a website. At PWB, we like to say the cost of a website is like the cost of a bag of groceries. It depends what you put inside it. Pricing a website – whether B2B or B2C – really comes down to outlining a clear scope of work for the project. Websites can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand. What are the design considerations?

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Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

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5 Secrets to a Successful CoTY Award Binder


It’s that time again, the deadline for CoTY Award Binder Submissions is 1 PM Thursday, September 29, 2011. I just got off the phone with Tim Chase from NARI-MN. Here are Tim’s Secrets to making your project a winner. Tell your story. A good story will stand out and is just as important as the photos. According to Tim, “The idea is to do this part really well.” ” Some companies are not wordsmiths, so they find someone to help them. Choose your words carefully. A clear, compelling story can be told in few words. Choose Photos Carefully. ” 3. script. ” 5.

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Are You ‘Easy Prey’ For Aggressive Buyers?

Buyer Insights

With more sellers chasing fewer customers, do buyers now have the upper hand? Well, according to buyers, the answers is ‘yes’ But, it’s also apparent that some sellers are leaving themselves vulnerable to manipulation from increasingly aggressive buyers. This article shows how to avoid becoming an ‘easy prey’ A Shift in The Balance of Power [.]. Tips for Sellers

B2B Content Marketing: Reaching the people that matter

Earnest about B2B

Yesterday Earnest had the pleasure of a guest speaker spot at B2B Marketing ‘s Content Marketing seminar. Earnest took on the topic of Content Distribution. Below is a copy of the presentation for your delectation… Content distribution: Reaching the people that matter. If you’re not actively engaged online – you could be missing out, big style.

Simple Works Well in SEO


Image by Niels Linneberg via Flickr. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not an easy task. We like to act like it’s easy because that’s what everyone (meaning those who want to do it but don’t know anything about it) wants to hear so we, as an industry, often go right along with the charade and talk like it’s something you can do in your spare time.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

Help Yourself to Help Your Clients


There’s a great scene in the movie Jerry Maguire. In it, Tom Cruise’s sports agent character has finally lost it with his one client (a football player brilliantly played by Cuba Gooding Jr.). Frustrated by Gooding Jr.’s s frosty relationship with the media, Cruise implores, “Help me to help you.” It’s a pivotal moment in the movie for both characters – and it’s one that should be used more in the PR industry. Although it’s true of many industries, public relations is at a pivotal stage in its history. So how can you help yourself to help your clients? News & Notes

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The B2B Marketing Roundup: Week of September 12th - 16th | Marketri


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Interactive Timeline of FTC Guidelines & “Disruptive Technology” Launches

It's All About Revenue

by Joe Chernov | Tweet this Next Wednesday, I will be presenting on a WOMMA webinar alongside the association’s attorney, a key member of the Public Relations Society of America and an assistant director from the FTC. The topic of this webinar is “ The FTC to Update its Guidance for Online Advertising: What Does the Future Hold ?&#. Eloqua has been active in representing the interests of ethical marketers in a wide array of areas, ranging from consumer privacy legislation to social media disclosure. We hope to see you next week at the WOMMA webinar. Share email. Facebook. LinkedIn.

3 Tips to Optimize Your Lead Management System


Not every lead you generate is "ready to buy," and some leads will absolutely never buy your product. In fact, only 25% of new leads could be considered sales-ready, and upwards of 25% are probably never going to buy from your business. These facts create a question that must be answered: What do you do with the other 50 percent? The answer is simple. Manage those leads ! Connect with HubSpot

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

Generate more leads. Better leads. Engage customers, increase upsells, boost revenue and save precious time -- these are the benefits of marketing automation. And content fuels it all.

Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

B2B Lead Blog

Keyword-Level Demographics I’m a big fan of keyword research and analysis and what follows is a fairly lengthy, step-by-step guide from SEOMOZ to assist you capturing a fair bit of pretty remarkable data that you can use to guide your messaging. The baseline idea involves pulling user data from FaceBook

INFOGRAPHIC: Measuring the ROI of Social Media

Client Bridge

From MDG Advertising, here's an infographic about the metrics that indicate whether the resources devoted to social media marketing are being effectively used. View Original Article

6 Ways to Capitalize on Twitter’s Promoted Tweets


ClickZ recently reported that Twitter is rolling out an enhancement to its Promoted Tweets program that will allow brands to reach more Twitter users. Promoted Tweets will soon be distributed into the streams of users across the entire Twitter network. Up until this change, Promoted Tweets had only been displayed to users who are following your Twitter username. Very cool! Connect with HubSpot


Laugh and Learn with Find New Customers | Episode 44 – Second Thoughts

Fearless Competitor

In his weekly B2B marketing show, Jeff Ogden , President of the B2B lead generation company , Find New Customers ([link] shares a key marketing take-away using wit and humor. In this episode, he explains how marketers can tell company stories – if they are well planned. Jeff Ogden ( @fearlesscomp ) is the President of the B2B lead generation consultancy Find New Customers.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

Book Club: Conversations that Win the Complex Sale

Modern B2B Marketing

by Carol Fox We recently reviewed Conversations that Win the Complex Sale , a book aimed at helping sales people rethink their messaging, as part of our B2B Sales and Marketing Book Club. The book stresses that differentiation is crucial in today’s market, and the best way a brand can differentiate itself is through customer engagement. How to engage customers more effectively?

Find New Customers Fan of the Month – Joe Large

Fearless Competitor

B2B Lead Generation | Find New Customers Fan of the Month for September 2011. Each month we recognize a special fan of Find New Customers. This month our fan of the month is none other than Joe Large. And during the month, we recognize our fan every Friday. According to Linkedin, Joe is the Indiana Branch Manager at Atlas Sales and Rentals in Indianapolis, IN. Go Irish!). He also has two daughters.

B2B Webinar Part 2 – Finish 2011 Strong: Six Funnel Focal Points to Maximize Time, Resources and Revenues

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet Your success hinges on what you accomplish in the time you have, and that is never more true than these last few months of the year as we all race to meet projections, quotas and sales goals. At our next B2B Lead Roundtable webinar, I will once again be joined by an outstanding in-the-trenches marketer, Pamela Markey, MECLABS Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy. Every day, Pamela is driving opportunity to MECLABS and is all too familiar with the challenges marketers are facing, especially at year’s end. Missed the first webinar? Watch it here: ).