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Top 10 Demand Generation Resolutions for 2014

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It’s a new year, so what better time to get your demand generation strategy “in shape” for improved performance? Measuring opens and clicks may tell you something about email performance, but it says nothing about the impact that email campaign had on qualified leads, or opportunities, or revenue. Improve campaign measurement. Test more. Make your blog count.

Getting Demand Generation Right: 5 Things You Need to Change

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As marketing and sales work together to discover this information about their buyers and develop a demand generation strategy, they will begin to naturally align and drive better results. 4. Technology is not an answer unto itself, and if technology is being looked at to solve demand generation challenges, then the money spent is being wasted. 5. Times Have Changed.

A Structured Approach to Demand Generation Analytics


Demand generation leaders know it’s not true, though. So what is the key to better demand generation analytics? How can we better tie buying and content/channel interactions to opportunities and closed revenue in a closed-loop fashion — to fuel our  demand process optimization ? We Successful demand generation analytics must bridge the two.

Differences Between Demand Generation and Lead Generation


Demand generation is the process of creating and/or boosting awareness of a particular company or product with the intention of increasing leads. Lead generation is the process of collecting actual leads directly from consumers or client prospects and using those leads to boost revenue.”. As a subset of demand generation, lead generation comes next.

3 Demand Generation Goals to Avoid in 2013

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Launch a lead nurturing program. Don’t get me wrong: lead nurturing is a worthy investment for most companies, but making lead nurturing a goal for the new year is akin to saying you want to do more marketing. Lead nurturing is a means to an end, a program in the service of a goal. Ask yourself: why lead nurturing? Create a social media campaign. And so on.

How Much Of My Demand Generation Budget Should I Be Spending On Lead Nurturing?

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One of the most frequent questions we’re hearing from clients during this planning season pertains to the balance between pure lead generation on the one hand, and lead nurturing on the other. Specifically, the question is: How much of our total demand generation budget should we spend on generating net new leads, and how much should we spend on converting the leads we have?

Boost Demand Generation Using Target Ready Buyer Models

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Without question, changing buyer behaviors are also impacting how we think about Demand Generation or as it has been conventionally called – lead generation.   Contrary to hyped notions of sales going away to wither in the desert – lead generation and the new label of demand generation are more important today than ever.

Demand Generation – It’s Not That Easy


As we go into event season-it’s good to remember that building a Demand Generation Strategy isn’t easy. Is success in today’s ever changing B2B buying environment really just a matter of want to?  Is success on impacting pipeline and generating demand really just a few simple steps away?  Figure 1:  ANNUITAS Demand Process Architecture. Really?

Managing the Talent Shortage and Skills Gap of Demand Generation Marketers


It is expected this shortage will worsen as the demand increases for marketers spurred by global economic recovery. What I see is a real opportunity here – what if you could manage the marketing talent shortage and talent skills gaps while simultaneously providing better service to your customers? No doubt that finding the right, qualified people is a challenging task.

Demand Generation Benchmarks & Trends: Software Marketer Edition


The marketing formula seems simple: Attract audiences, engage prospects, convert leads, and facilitate retention. One of the biggest "wins" you can achieve is the ability to connect your disparate initiatives into a scalable, predictable demand generation engine. Below, we dove into several demand gen benchmarks from one industry in particular: software. Final Thoughts.

The B2B Lead Generation-Demand Generation Book “Hall of Fame”


Below are a variety of books that I consider the cream of the crop in b2b marketing and lead management.  I’ve built my practice utilizing key points made in each book in addition to my own lead generation experiences.  I would look forward to discussion on any books you think should be on my “hall of fame” list.  General B2B Marketing & Lead Generation.

3 Common Mistakes in Demand Generation


Marketers are often eager to get started on the road to Demand Process Transformation℠. Three common mistakes can wreak havoc on demand generation planning, no matter how ready you think you are to move forward. research-based, customer-centric strategy must always drive the development and approach of any Demand Generation program. — Author unknown.

Enterprise Demand Generation: How Are You Doing?


There are some great studies out there focusing on content strategy (specifically) or buyer behavior, but nothing that really shines a light on how large companies run Demand Generation … with an emphasis on large. That’s why ANNUITAS has launched a study aimed at gaining a better understanding of the Demand Generation strategies used by B2B enterprise organizations.

10 Things Your CEO Needs to Know Now about B2B Demand Generation

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10 Things Your CEO Needs to Know Now about B2B Demand Generation. This man badly needs the help of a marketing leader well versed in B2B demand generation, who can  create a program to fill sales funnels with warm leads. Here are 10 things your CEO needs to know about B2B demand generation. B2B demand generation works the same way.

4 Steps for Making Demand Generation More Social

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While B2B companies have jumped on the bandwagon, demand generation marketers often struggle to find its value. It’s one thing to tweet about your company and build a Facebook page, but B2B firms are now looking to tie Social to measurable lead generation.  Social makes it easier than ever for marketers to build the awareness and trust with leads that sparks conversions.

6 Changes You Can Make to Optimize B2B Demand Generation


What can you change today in your business that will help you with demand generation and ROI? Increased lead conversions because you have all the right information in a central hub. In your web forms, ask as many prequalifying questions as possible, so you can use this data to score leads in your marketing automation platform. Response Management

Looking for best-practices BtoB demand generation? Start with fundamentals first!

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Buffer Best-practices BtoB demand generation is built upon a strong foundation. Lots of companies are working to create best-practices BtoB demand generation (aka digital marketing) programs. This undoubtedly happens because they don’t waste valuable sales time on unqualified leads. Agreed Lead Definitions. Goal Setting. Where are we trying to go?

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Should You Hire Your Demand Generation Leader from your Competitor?

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Awards, like Top 50 Influencer in Sales Lead Management. That way you will hire only the best demand generation professionals. The post Should You Hire Your Demand Generation Leader from your Competitor? Self Education Find New Customers Jeff Ogden management-best-practices recruting ” I have to ask a simple question. Why is this important?

DemandCon: Why Storytelling Drives Demand Generation [Video]

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For Ernst, demand generation starts with great storytelling. Demand Generation B2B b2b marketing Content Marketing crm DemandCon Forrester Research Jeff Ernst lead management Lead Nurturing Salesforce stories storytelling TEDby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Jeff Ernst would like you to know that people don’t give a hoot about your product.

A Demand Generation Primer by DemandCon Presenters Lesson 2

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On Monday we ran the first post in this series clearing up the misconceptions between Demand Generation and Lead Generation. Is your organization struggling with Demand Generation strategies? Would you like to a deep dive fast course in how to get better at creating and nuturing the entire sales funnel not just the top Lead Gen portion?

Five Myths of Lead Management


Lead management continues to be a hot topic in the world of B2B marketing as we turn the corner and head into the second half of 2010.  As a leader in lead management process development, our firm has seen a lot of confusion in the market about what constitutes lead management.  There is quite a bit of uncertainty on how companies should approach lead management and what it takes to achieve best practices.  In addition to the confusion, we’ve also witnessed the emergence of many falsehoods about lead management. Lead Routing.

The Importance of Marketing Awards for a B2B Demand Generation Agency

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We recently published  Florida gets its own BtoB demand generation agency – Find New Customers. Two awards that make me most proud include: Top 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management by The Sales Lead Management Association – 3 years in a row. Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers has won many marketing awards. Love comments here.

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How to Create Truly Useful Content Maps in BtoB demand generation

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Content is critical in B2B sales lead generation. Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is an award-winning B2B marketing expert who was twice named Top 50 Influencer in Sales Lead Management, and he’s Certified in Buyer Personas by the Buyer Persona Institute. Author : Buffer, Inc Website : [link] --> The post How to Create Truly Useful Content Maps in BtoB demand generation appeared first on Fearless Competitor. Marketing Self Education buyer personas content marketing Find New Customers sales lead generation Consideration of Options.

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B2B: Your Demand Generation Problems, and What To Do About Them

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Demand generation is a perpetual process, not a series of campaigns, says Carlos Hidalgo, CEO of Annuitas and presenter of the webinar “ Taking a Strategic Approach to Demand Generation.” Carlos begins with an unsparing account of what B2B demand generation lacks, and then turns his attention to solving the problems. Demand process.

How Marketing Automation Supports Demand Generation & Lead Management

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Demand GenerationLauren Carlson of Marketing Automation Software Advice  shared this whiteboard presentation by Carlos Hildago ( @cahildago ) of  The Annuitas Group  and she invited me to share it on this blog and comment about it. She asked that Jeff Ogden, President of  Find New Customers  (and the host of Mad Marketing TV ) share his insights. Could not agree more with you, Carlos.

Harness it in YOUR business – the power of B2B demand generation

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B2B Demand Generation | Many need our free B2B lead generation content. Need to learn B2B lead nurturing? Download our totally free and no registration needed cheat sheet, 7 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing. I was speaking with a good friend at a content marketing company in Boston. We offer them our great free B2B lead generation content.

An Act-On Conversation: Jay Hidalgo and Atri Chatterjee Talk Demand Generation, Part 1

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Recently I had the opportunity to moderate an Act-On Conversation on demand generation. The Conversationalists, Jay Hidalgo and Atri Chatterjee, defined demand generation and talked about how personas, sales and marketing alignment, and content marketing are a trifecta for successful demand generation. What is demand generation? We went there.

Why Chasing Hot Leads is a Bad Idea

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In an ideal world, all B2B sales leads would be pre-qualified and ready to buy. And though recent studies suggest that a large chunk of the sales cycle may already be over by the time many prospects talk to a live salesperson, the reality is that inbound sales leads will always occupy a wide spectrum of sales readiness: tire-kickers, hot leads, and everyone in between.

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5 Power Players You Need On Your Lead Management Team

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Think of the sales lead process as a five-step system: Attract : Content and SEO are the magnets here. Capture : Once a lead makes its way to the website, use forms (and prospecting and analytics tools) to collect email addresses and turn a prospect into a bona fide lead. Educate your lead about your product or service’s features. But there’s good reason for that.

Demand Generation and Lead Management Explained

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Last week Carlos Hidalgo , CEO of the Annuitas Group , shared on the Software Advice blog a nice video explaining two basic concepts that are often used interchangeably by vendors and even analysts in the Marketing Automation space but should in fact be treated as separate concepts: Demand Generation and Lead Management. Demand Generation vs. Lead Management. According to Carlos, Demand Generation has two goals: Filling the funnel. It is the technology behind your demand / lead processes. Nice job, Carlos!

Forrester finds b2b marketers lagging with demand generation

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B2B Demand Generation | Companies are struggling with demand generation today. From BtoB Magazine Marketers Lagging in Demand Generation. “I find it sad how badly most companies are doing in B2B demand generation today. Instead of complaining about the poor economy, if more invested in quality demand generation programs, they’d put up vastly better results.&# B2B marketers are doing a poor job with demand- and lead-generation programs, according to a new study from Forrester Research.

The Difference between Demand Generation and Lead Management by Carlos Hildago

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As a B2B demand generation expert, she valued the expertise of Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers. Generating demand (demand generation) has a primary focus on filling the funnel. It’s about generating prospective customers for the business. But companies need to manage the entire process – from contact to close and beyond.

Measure Your Way to Lead Nurturing Success

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Demand Gen Report just published “ Top B2B Marketers Measure Lead Nurturing Effectiveness to Boost Performance ,” a special report in which they address the whys, whats, and how tos of measuring lead nurturing’s true impact. That, ultimately, is what lead nurturing is designed to do – move leads towards opportunity and close. The results were dramatic.

Lead Management: 7 Steps to the Process that Creates Revenue

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Editor’s note: Jay Hidalgo is – among other things – the Demand Gen Coach. He’s spent over 20 years in the trenches, working hand-in-glove with with enterprise, midmarket, and smaller companies to develop and build buyer research, demand generation, database development, and lead management programs. Lead management is one of those things.