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The Business Blog Editorial Calendar Every Marketer Needs [Free Template]


At this point, we know that consistent, frequent blogging is critical to your business’ online success. In fact, according to the 2012 State of Inbound Marketing , 70% of companies that publish articles 2-3 times per week have acquired a customer through their blog. One of the greatest blogging challenges is not the actual writing. Authors and Due Dates.

The Easiest Way to Implement Inbound Marketing


A high percentage of people still have no clue what inbound marketing actually is. Now don’t get me wrong, traditional outbound marketing can still produce results , but when coupled with a digital or inbound strategy, you can create a pretty badass integrated experience. This has to be one of the hardest steps for people when it comes to implementing inbound marketing.

New to Inbound Marketing? 7 Common Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


First-time inbound marketers: We''re so glad to have you! We know it can be easy for beginners to run into pitfalls and obstacles with their inbound marketing efforts, as it is with any other "first." This is especially true for those of you who''ve been doing traditional marketing your whole life, or if you''re one of the first people on your team to adopt inbound.

The Simple Template for a Thorough Content Style Guide


Content creation is central to your inbound marketing success, but as your volume of written content increases, inconsistencies are also bound to arise. That's why most companies that rely on content as a central part of their marketing strategy develop an editorial style guide. Most businesses adopt either the AP Stylebook , or the Chicago Manual of Style.

How One Company’s Investment in Blogging & SEO Increased Traffic By Over 2,500% in One Year


Setting aside time to brainstorm blog topics, structure posts around relevant keywords, optimize calls-to-action and social sharing buttons, and strategically place relevant internal links can sound daunting to many marketers. This is especially true for those marketers who are just starting to ramp up their business blogging efforts and don't have much bandwidth.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


Here on the HubSpot blog, we’ve written glossary-themed posts that cover some of the core components of inbound marketing. We've covered social media terms , content marketing terms , smarketing terms , email marketing terms , website optimization terms. heck, even marketing acronyms. Want to learn marketing analytics? 18) Content.

23 Types of Lead Gen Content to Put Behind Your Landing Pages


What does being in a "content rut" mean to you? Perhaps the words "content rut" remind of those times you find yourself with writer''s block and can''t think of fresh topic ideas. (We''ve all been there.) Or maybe it makes you think of those days or weeks -- or even (shudder) months when your content seems to be falling kind of flat. How do you convert blog readers into leads?

The ABCs of Content Marketing: A Glossary of Terms


You probably know what content marketing is by now, but do you know all those little nitty gritty terms you need to know to be fluent in content marketing speak? We''ve listed the ABCs of content marketing below to help you map out your content strategy and ensure you''re ticking all of the right boxes to be more successful with your campaigns this year.

How to Get Started with Pinterest, Write Captivating Intros, and More in HubSpot Content This Week


Most of the time when I''m reading about marketing, I like to actually learn something I can take away and implement. While I certainly appreciate pontification about industry trends and inspirational thought leadership pieces at times, the content I truly find valuable is content that helps me do my job better. How to Use Pinterest for Business. Let''s get a''learnin.

Inbound 101: Your One-Stop Shop for a Comprehensive Marketing Curriculum


After months of sunny weather and hopefully a little vacation (come on, you deserve it), getting back to the grind can be difficult, and finding inspiration to create killer marketing campaigns can be a challenge. Below I''ve compiled what I think is an excellent syllabus for anyone to get started or caught up on inbound. Back to Basics: Laying the Groundwork for Inbound.

Not Getting What You Want From Blogging? Ask These 11 Questions


You started blogging for your business. If you’re having a hard time demonstrating a measurable return from your efforts, it's likely that your blogging strategy is lacking direction. Below are some questions designed to help you assess your blogging strategy and ensure that you’re getting the results you deserve. Want to Improve Your Blog Strategy? You did it.

How to Create a Successful Blog Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide


We''ve witnessed a blogging revolution over the past fifteen years, where individuals have become famous on the back of 500-word snippets or rants that resonate with some online audience. M any of the thought leaders of our time became well-known because of their blogs. Adapt it based on your business needs and experience. Why does your blog exist? Blogging Daily

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging


And I''ll bet anyone who starts blogging for the first time can relate. Luckily, you''re not the first person to start blogging. So I thought I''d share some of the things I wish I knew when I first started blogging for HubSpot five years ago. Success isn''t going to happen overnight , and blogging isn''t going to give you quick wins. Is blogging a challenge?

How to Transform Yourself Into an Agile Business Blogger


Many inbound marketers and business bloggers get so caught up in (or weighed down by?) the idea of creating blog content , that after hours or days of looking at a blinking cursor, there's nothing but an outline or a few introductory sentences to show for their work. Well, I guess that's one way to approach business blogging. it's just one blog post!

Which Format Is Right for Your Next Blog Post?


And when it comes to choosing the right format for your next blog post, there''s quite the smorgasbord to choose from. But just because you have a signature format, doesn''t mean it''s necessarily right for the topic you''re blogging about. 13 Popular Blog Post Types & Formats to Choose From. 1) The How-To Post. Examples: What the Future Holds for Business Blogging.

25 Little Email Marketing Experiments That Deliver BIG Results


We're always on your case about all these inbound marketing best practices. We've published some pretty specific content about best practices for tons of stuff -- landing page optimization , blog post structure , marketing analytics -- but we've never really laid down the one definitive guide to crafting the perfect email. Sup with that? perform better? Maybe.

The Time-Crunched Marketer's Guide to Creating Lead-Gen Offers


MarketingSherpa reports that 60% of marketers have fewer than 10 landing pages on their website. The problem is, creating content takes time, which might be why so few marketers are utilizing landing pages to their fullest extent. So what's a time-crunched marketer to do? Blog Bundle. " insert search term " into Google to resurface the content.

How Lack of Marketing Content Can Derail Your Website Redesign Project

Industrial Marketing Today

Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website How Lack of Marketing Content Can Derail Your Website Redesign Project by Achinta Mitra on June 3, 2010 in Content Marketing , Industrial Websites , Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Website Design & Development What comes first – site content or site design? Resources

20 Variables Every Marketer Should Be Testing


We talk a lot about how marketing analytics is key to inbound marketing success. While we believe marketers should constantly be testing their marketing , the first step is identifying the different marketing variables you can test. 20 Variables to Test in Inbound Marketing. 1. Test the sizing of different website and content elements. 6.

Seth Godin's Advice For Creating Remarkable Content


This blog post is based off of David Garland's interview with Seth Godin on his HubSpot sponsored web series " The Rise to the Top. " You can watch the full interview below. At HubSpot we constantly preach the concept that content is king. think a lot of our followers take this the wrong way and assume that we are telling everyone to create content in a cookie-cutter manner.

Successful Industrial Websites Require Part DiY and Part.

Industrial Marketing Today

My opinion is somewhat biased because I am an industrial and B2B marketing consultant. make my living providing marketing services including designing and marketing industrial websites. However, I think it is a new and permanent reality of the current economy and have learned to adjust my business model accordingly. Is that a good thing? Take a quick poll. Resources

Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts October 2010

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Great content this month via the B2B Marketing Zone. 50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far) , October 5, 2010 While a dwindling number of business executives still dismiss Twitter as a waste of time, recent research suggests it is one of the most valuable social networks for business. Like most questions in business, the answer is, “it depends,&#   but I’d like to offer a couple practical ideas that might help you when this inevitably comes up at your company. While it’s ok to post your blog posts to Twitter, etc.,