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Can Your Brand Monetize Web Content Without Serving Ads?

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That said, if a company decides to increase marketing ROI through content monetization, it has a lot of options beyond serving annoying display ads alongside web content. An obvious choice is serving up ads alongside web content via a program like Google AdSense. A great content marketing strategy requires time, energy, and sometimes significant resources. What do you do?

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17 Questions On How To Build A Content Marketing Strategy [Q&A]

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We know that the most effective content marketers have a documented content marketing strategy that defines the mission statement, the target audience, and the value your effort will bring to both your audience and your business. At SAP we realized we had a content problem by looking at the amount of people doing early stage searches like “big data,” a product we sold.

A Brief Timeline of the History of Blogging


According to the documentation we uncovered -- and will share with you below -- they've been around since 1994. In that article, Hall brought up the semantics of blogging, and how he was assigned many titles during his primary days online (some of which are hilariously documented here ). Greetings, readers. Welcome to the HubSpot Marketing Blog. We’re very happy to have you here.

You can do some amazing things with Blogger

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Because Blogger is a Google product, you can also easily integrate with other Google services such as: Google Analytics, Google Docs, AdSense, Picasa and more. Blogger provides a ton of functionality and design freedom for our clients, and not just for blogs! know - unexpected, right? Using blog software for a website? Yes, this site is a Blogger website.