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Sources of Benchmark Studies

Customer Experience Matrix

Somehow I found myself researching benchmarking vendors this morning. Usually I think of the APQC , formerly American Productivity and Quality Center, as the source of such studies. They do seem to be the leader and their Web site provides lots of information on the topic. But a few other names came up too. (I’ve I’ve excluded some specialists in particular fields such as customer service or health care.): Kaiser Associates Reset Group (New Zealand) Resource Services Inc. Best Practices LLC MarketingSherpa MarketingProfs Cornerstone (banking) Some of these simply do Web surveys.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Off-Topic: On Selling Ideas in 1776

B2B Lead Generation Blog

fellow blogger tom pick, over at the the webmarketcentral blog tagged me to write something off topic, interesting, seasonal and non-work related this week. i liked tom's off topic post (great pictures) chronicling his kid's deluxe tree

Off-Topic: The Tree Deck


Since almost no one is working this week (other than me), the WebMarketCentral blog will take a break from web marketing coverage as well, to showcase one of my other activities: ongoing construction of a tree house, or more accurately, a "tree deck," for the kids. Later that year, the platform was extended to wrap around the tree. Left photo: the wood hut is constructed, but a mess.

Ads Producing An ROI Are Bought, Not Sold

Cliff Allen on Marketing

Seth Godin talks about how difficult it is to sell advertising -- especially advertising in media that are not trackable and cannot demonstrate an ROI. My first career was in radio and TV -- two of the most un-trackable media there are. I did what I could to fix this problem with our reach-and-frequency software, but their problem is too big for most advertisers to deal with. Fortunately, advertisers are moving to online advertising, which is a direct marketer's dream. When advertisers know what's working -- and what's not working -- they are more likely to buy more of what works.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

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Marketing Planning and Marketing Measurement: Surprisingly Separate

Customer Experience Matrix

As part of my continuing research into marketing performance measurement, I’ve been looking at software vendors who provide marketing planning systems. I haven’t found any products that do marketing planning by itself. Instead, the function is part of larger systems. Even marketing resource management software is primarily bought for other functions (mostly content management and program management). This makes sense in that most marketing planning comes down to aggregating information about the marketing programs that reside in these larger systems.