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Twitter Experiment: Why Follow?

PR Meets Marketing

I usually follow people on Twitter that have something to say and is related to my career. I always found it interesting when people just followed everyone. So when this twitterer recently "followed" me, I was intrigued. he or she (I'm assuming she due to the image) is trying an experiment. When I last checked, this person was following over 5900 people with 155 reciprocating.

Two Buyer Trends Affecting Sales and Selling Profession

Tony Zambito

If you think about one of your most recent household purchases, such as a car, grill, or even a lawn mower, it is a safe bet you found yourself on the Internet. You were pouring over specifications, opinions, consumer reviews, buying experiences, and where to buy. On some of these items, you were pleasantly surprised to find that you can "customize" the product to your specification and even have it shipped to your front door! Remember, just a short few years ago, when we were first able to use the Internet for so called "research."

WiseGuys Gives Small Firms Powerful List Selection Software

Customer Experience Matrix

Like a doctor specialized in “diseases of the rich”, I've been writing mostly about technologies for large organizations: specialized databases, enterprise marketing systems, advanced business intelligence platforms. But the majority of businesses have nowhere near the resources needed to manage such systems. They still need sophisticated applications, but in versions that can be installed and operated with a minimum of technical assistance. WiseGuys from Desktop Marketing Solutions, Inc. DMSI) is a good example of the breed. In WiseGuys, marketers can control them directly.

PR Meets Marketing Weekly Article: April 24, 2008

PR Meets Marketing

You can click on the Weekly Articles tag for previous issues or subscribe to the Weekly Articles Feed. . If you feel that you have an article that would fit in the weekly articles, leave a comment and I'll check it our for the following week's digest. Enjoy. . E-Mail Marketing - According to eMarketer, don't underestimate email. Relevancy to your audience is key to the success of email marketing promotions and offers. . Delicious Measurement - Courtesy of measurement maven, KD Paine , I found this article about how delicious can be used for measuring PR. What's the Trend?

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

Brands and marketing plans that live in wikis with author Denise Shiffman

Marketing Edge

Time 21:04. Before I head off to a great conference on social media at the NewComm Forum, author of The Age of Engage Denise Shiffman spent time with me on the Marketing Edge podcast. We get into the double edge sword of ROI for marketers, what sold a bunch of web banners, click through ads and email campaigns 5 years ago is now coming back to hinder social media adoption. because relationships take time and are hard to predict. Shiffman suggests the social media measurement metric should be lift around campaigns and to implement small, focused projects with a clear objective.

Blogger Outreach for PR: The Importance of Follow-Up


Being social media savvy, you add blogger outreach to your PR plans for a new product launch. You carefully research blogs using related keywords and competitor names to build a solid outreach list. You send your messages, and then.nothing. Or very little response. What now? Just as with advertising, PR relies on frequency. Your first message didn't adequately explain the relevance.

Hosted Email Service Price Comparison: Part 1


Hosted marketing email services are almost a commodity. Much like web hosting, email outsourcing is pretty much a no-brainer for all but the highest volume mail senders; email providers have already made the investments in deliverability, CAN-SPAM compliance, HTML tools and reporting, so there's no reason to build your own. That depends. Benchmark Email is a close second.