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Why Astroturfing and Fake Online Reviews Are Illegal

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At least two states have taken actions against … Continue Reading Why Astroturfing and Fake Online Reviews Are Illegal by Kyle-Beth Hilfer - Maximize Social Business - Maximize Social Business - Your Social Media for Business Resource. Social Media and the Law Astroturf Federal Trade Commission FTC Lifestyle Lift New York New York Attorney General Search engine optimization yelp It seems it is time for a refresher course on the FTC’s 2009 Endorsement & Testimonial Guidelines. Featuring Contributions from Global Thinkers.

Astroturf Burns!

PR Meets Marketing

Todd was asked how were the Blair Witch Project's tactics any different than the Astroturf techniques of the Commotion Group or other groups, people, etc. technorati tags: Astroturf Marketing PR PR SquaredPublic Relations Social Media Todd Defren. tags: Astroturf Marketing PR PR SquaredPublic Relations Social Media Todd Defren. Check out the posts here and here. . It isn't.

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These fake grass roots campaigns, called astroturfing, caught on about ten years ago and still haven’t died out. . All this was brought to mind when I recently did some dog food research for a client and it occurred to me that quite a few of the comments are astroturf. Well, from 2003-2006 I was in the astroturfing business. Photo credit: calmenda. How do I know? Really?

#SXSW panel: The Steroid Culture of Social Media: You use? #sxswsteroids

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Then one day they wake up in a cold sweat after an all night Astroturfing session. This is a little late to get up, but better than nothing! You know, the numb that show the success of all those interactive social media marketing programs. The numbers that decide your end of year bonus. The numbers that make you “important&# to all those other social media influencers. That helps.

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And since Google is once bitten, twice shy over all of the times Google’s been hurt before by all those one-night stands with spammers, astroturfers, phishers, and the like, Google is looking more and more for a nice guy, a girl next door. Everybody indeed wants a shortcut. Of course, not just ten or twenty but more like, for me, “about 50,300,000 results (0.32 Sad but too true.

Top Ten 2008 Posts – From Beijing to Public Relations

PR Meets Marketing

Astroturf Burns! As we’re all recovering from our New Year celebrations, I checked to see what the top posts were 2008. And here they are: . Off topic: Beijing Olympic Torch Relay. Let the 2008 Trend Lists Begin. Sales Lead Generation Cycle: PR’s Role. Lunch or Networking? Oracle Lunch 2.0. The New Era of Reputation Management. PR Agency - Retainer Becoming More Popular. Search and Find - SEO Your Press Release. Additional Twitter Tricks – Twhirl. Brave New World of Media Pitching: LinkedIn. Have a great new year! .

PR and Blogging Outreach: Practical Tips


And after Edelman's recent blog fiascos (no link needed, just search on Edelman, blog fiasco and you'll get thousands of results) and Comcast's recent astroturfing incident , I wouldn't recommend ghostwriting a blog on behalf of a client. Note: this is the second of two guest-posts from PR guru-ess Cece Salomon-Lee on how Web 2.0 has changed the practice of PR. Is it serious or sarcastic?