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Toward a New Knowledge Society

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Like wikis and collaborative writing â?? analogy: personal information [link] Slide 36: Metadata Slide 37: What Will We See? Valuations (markets, Blogshares) New types of knowledge yet to be discovered Slide 38: Knowledge is like recognition Learning is like perception the acquisition of new patterns of connectivity through experience Hume Slide 39: Pattern Recognitionâ?¦ For that matter, what kind of network do we Too much connection and information propagates too want for quickly ourselves? (beta). My Slidespace. Upload. Community. Widgets. downes.

PKM and the Organization - Pollard

Buzz Marketing for Technology

As much as the idea of increasing the sharing and effective use of information and ideas is appealing to just about everyone, KM has not delivered on this promise. We allowed the bold vision of knowledge-sharing to be diminished and appropriated by those who saw it is merely an exercise in automating the acquisition, storage and dissemination of documents. Now, a dozen years after the debut of KM, there has been little significant change in the efficiency, effectiveness or value of information processes or content in most organizations. September 2006. Aug Oct. together.