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Open Research: A Framework for Social Analytics

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After interviewing nearly 40 experts and working with Charlene Li and a bit of help from myself, she’s found six distinct use cases (see compass below) on how companies are measuring using these new toolsets. Why are social analytics so important? This is a new medium, and proof over re allocation of investment is key. The more you share it, the easier it is for us to produce more. Wowza!

Jesubi Doubles Sales Prospecting Efficiency

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Jesubi was the result, and more than doubled LeadJen’s touches per hour when it was introduced in 2007. Jesubi provides detailed statistics on the outcomes of each contact within a campaign, as well as highlighting results for each sales person. Automated synchronization is available for using their standard APIs. Summary: Jesubi is designed to make sales prospecting as efficient as possible. It shows how specialized software can be much better at one function than general purpose systems. would have guessed recruiting services or maybe offshore outsourcing.

SalesFusion Combines Online and Offline Marketing with CRM

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Beyond the usual outbound email and Web forms, the system provides: - Web analytics to support search engine optimization and Web advertising, - API-level integration with Google AdWords to support paid keyword campaigns, - IP-address lookup to identify the company and location of anonymous Web visitors (and send rule-based alerts to salespeople), - personalized URLs (PURLs) to tie in responses from offline campaigns. It merged in 2007 with online forms vendor AxiomFire and assumed its current name in January 2009. Look, I know online marketing is important.

Klout Founder says Lithium deal will propel new development

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Schaefer: In all my years in business, I have never met a person more focused and passionate about making a company come to life than you. Schaefer: You’ve had an incredible opportunity to personally nurture your business idea for six years. Schaefer: The inherent value of Klout is its ability to provide a relative measure of a person’s ability to move content.

Integrate Social Networks with your Corporate Website with ‘Social Sign On’

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Managing these multiple login systems from all these social networks is cumbersome due to changing APIs, protocols. Plus, building in some checks to the login process should further help keep personal information in sync. "We noticed you changed your address in Facebook, would you like to review/confirm that new address with us?". Or do I interpret this wrong? Expect more now.

Do You Know the History of Your Favorite Social Media Websites?

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It’s first growth spurt came during the 2007 SXSW festival, where live tweets were broadcast on two distinctly located plasma screens. From 400,000 tweets per quarter in 2007, Twitter now sends  230 million tweets per day and has 100 million active users  around the globe. Tumblr David Karp started Tumblr in 2007. As of September 2011, the company is now  valued at $8.8

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The March Of Twitter: Analysis of How And Where Twitter Spread


2009. I was expecting to see a wave of adoption spreading out of the tech hubs of the West Coast, but even back in December 2006 I found 121 users in New York, compared to 404 around the mother-ship in San Francisco. In March 2007 Twitter won the top award at South-by-Southwest, and that was when the service really started getting attention. How did Twitter grow in the early days?