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And more than half of all social media-driven blog traffic comes from Facebook (28%) and Twitter (26%) combined. Contending that “Everyone always jumps onto Facebook and Twitter as one of their first social media activities. How can you differentiate yourself from others who are blogging in your niche?”). Why Blog. Reporting that “the number of Inc. ”).

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Why Use Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for Content Marketing? B2B Voices ( Trade Youtube Twitter Leads Sales ). Mi6Agency Marketing ( Emarketing CMO Demographics Case Study Audience Twitter Aging ). Paul Gillin ( Event Marketing Communities Forecast Loyalty Custom Publishing Direct Marketing Event ). Reasons Every Business Needs to be on Twitter , February 10, 2010.

100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010

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In about six months, the economy is going to be noticeably better, and folks that put in the time and energy to build a foundation over the last two years online will be rewarded, while the latecomers will merely whine. A lot of people (who were only wasting time at work, not investing in an asset) will lose interest in Twitter as the next shiny thing comes along. First, let me differentiate between B2B brand marketers and consumer brand marketers - these are very different worlds with very different customers and stakeholders.   No kidding!  Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.