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You say you want a revolution

Wondering Out Loud

The Summer of Love revisited: Social media is still locked in the hands of the technophiles and the marketers, who focus on mechanical and business applications. Although Woodstock is considered the defining event of the Baby Boom Generation, the phenomenon of 500,000 people spending three days stoned in the mud listening to great music did not change the culture. In fact, the cultural change Justin is seeking might have already taken place. In the 60’s it was Vietnam, in the 80’s it was Reagan and in 2008 it was President Obama.

Ten Things to Do in a Recession

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Still stuck in the recession even though President Obama says it’s over? In 2009, while Verizon and HP were slashing their B2B spend, IBM, AT&T and Microsoft were increasing theirs by more than 20%. Lock in your long-term media spend at the lower rates. Watch for competitors not renewing exclusive sponsorships of things like awards programs, events or research and be prepared to push for lower pricing to take them over. Write a plan to increase revenue share in your worst performing markets. You can see the stats here.