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Should we have multiple company bloggers?

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It takes a lot of work to have a company blog and your approach is not a decision to be taken lightly. Your blogging strategy will have a powerful impact on the direction of your entire social media effort. Some of the best blogs in the world have evolved to support a number of corporate strategies. And that’s where you need to start — assess the strategy, resources. Advantages.

How Many Fields Belong On Your Landing Pages? [Chart]

It's All About Revenue

by Egan Cheung | Tweet this One of the most popular requests we get is to look at how the number of questions asked in a form affects whether or not people fill it in. Common wisdom is that the fewer questions asked on your form, the better. We analyzed data from 1,500 forms over the last 3 months and calculated the conversion rate as the number of submissions per unique visitor to that page.

HubSpot's Strategy for Winning the Marketing Automation Horserace

Customer Experience Matrix

Back on September 20, I posted various tips from the Inbound Marketing Summit and HubSpot User Group. Naturally, the conference also included public and private discussions of HubSpot itself, but I thought those were best shared in a separate post. Here goes. The conference yielded a clear picture of HubSpot’s business strategy for the coming year. This strategy has two main elements, which were set out by CEO Brian Halligan in his keynote: - expansion to “middle of funnel” marketing. In concrete terms, it involves blogging, search engine optimization of Websites, and social media messages.

Welcome to the newest client of Find New Customers

Fearless Competitor

B2B Lead Generation | Find New Customers newest client. Monday October 3rd, we start work with our newest client – a venture-backed marketing software company on the West Coast. We could not be more excited, as they retained Find New Customers to launch their fast-growing software company into the big time. They hired us to provide a wide range of marketing services and competitive differentiation. This opportunity came about because of the remarkable success of the webinar we did for them. You will know all about this soon. ” Dan McDade, Pointclear. Filed under: Find New Customers.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.