Sun.May 22, 2011

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Content Marketing: What Content People Share And Why They Do It


Why do people share content? It’s a simple question but when looking at it, you’ll quickly discover the answer is all but easy, depends on many factors and requires a good deal of psychological insights. However, in trying to answering it, one can find a lot of value for his business and “target groups” in this social media and multi-channel marketing age where content plays an increasing role and content marketing is a hot topic. Content is an enormously broad concept that we use every day without really defining it. We seldom talk about what it is. Thus context. Or are we both?

The Research Methods of Social Buyerology

Tony Zambito

Image by smemon87 via Flickr. In my article, Social Buyerology: Understanding Buyers in the Social Age , I offered perspectives on the need for a new discipline in B2B Sales and Marketing related to understanding new buyer behaviors and interactions in the social age.    Undoubtedly bringing a heightened awareness to understanding the social buyer today. 

Market Research: The First Step to a Lead Generation Strategy; Interview with Carolyn Frith


Lost in all the buzz on social media and lead generation is the importance of market research as the seeds to a content marketing strategy. Too often, this key approach is not thought of when developing a lead generation or a social media strategy. Below is an interview I recently conducted with our Research Strategist, Carolyn Frith. Paul: Why is it important to conduct market research before developing a content marketing strategy? Carolyn: Content marketing is all about attracting and retaining customers. It may be one or several market segments. How and why does your buyer buy?

Sunday post: The Science of Motivation

Fearless Competitor

Special Sunday Post | Everything you think about what motivates people is wrong. During the week, we write about B2B marketing and lead generation. We try to save a special nugget of wisdom for Sundays – particularly something about personal growth or shocking insights. This post is both.). Dan Pink , the New York Times best-selling author of books like Drive , A Whole. Dan Pink.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

Are you indispensable?

Fearless Competitor

Recently Jill Konrath of SNAPSelling did a webinar with one of my favorite. Jill Konrath. thought leaders, Seth Godin. He discussed the idea of being indispensable. Thanks for booking that great guest, Jill! (We’re We’re reading the book, Linchpin, and will post our review when finished.). He believes a new American Dream has emerged – be remarkable, educate and share, etc.

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Is Mobile Marketing Right for Industrial Companies?

Industrial Marketing Today

The current buzz about mobile marketing is probably second only to the hype surrounding social media. There is a good reason for industrial marketers to seriously consider and/or revisit their mobile marketing strategies. Consider these research findings: International Data Corp (IDC) predicts that the global mobile workforce will increase to over 1 billion workers in 2011, totaling 30% of the workforce worldwide. In the United States, numbers are still higher. A total of 70% of the American workforce will be mobile by 2012. As with any marketing strategy, start with your target audience.