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Christoper Doran , CMO, Manticore Technology. David Raab , Raab Associates & author, Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems. The vast majority of leads generated on a website never have a meaningful conversation with a sales rep. Christoper Doran, CMO, Manticore Technology ( @cdoran ). Demand Generation? Manticore Technology wishes you a full-funnel in 2010. At the programmatic level, closed-loop reporting will provide insight into the which tactics are generating the strongest results. predictions. The Contributors. and Web 3.0


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Manticore Technology Demand Generation Manager Emily Mayfield examined her own successes and failures with social media in a recent, multi-touch marketing campaign featuring The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook. Tags: Communications Facebook Jay Baer Ketchum Manticore Marketing Automation toprank As I gather a handful of relevant B2B social media posts that have either bubbled up through Twitter or from my RSS reader, sometimes I start with a theme and other times one emerges. It certainly makes things more interesting. from TopRank Blog.