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Getting Your Small Business Ready for Google+

Blue Focus Marketing

Two weeks ago, Google introduced a new social network and over 20 million people have signed-up.  Google’s analysis of the social networking space surfaced a key insight: “People don’t naturally share with everyone in their social sphere.  according to Paul Adams , the former Senior User Experience Researcher at Google. Circles enable you to “narrowcast” messages. 

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Social Media Hierarchy of Needs - Best.

Tom Pisello

The research looked for best practices for engagement success, and found that marketers who implemented a layered, hierarchical set of engagement best practices, including Content, Campaigns, Monitoring and Collaboration, achieved superior ROI results. These engagements eventually led to incremental sales / revenue opportunities, improved loyalty and retention, cost savings and more.

Why Social Media Really Matters

Customer Experience Matrix

Of all that research I mentioned last week , two pairs of facts stood out. Some of this may be due to the fact that it’s much easier to buy search advertising (think Google AdWords ) than other types of online ads. If you’ve been wondering why Google should be concerned about Twitter and Facebook , that’s your answer. database marketing, or, more poetically, narrowcasting. This is characterized by use of search engines to drive traffic to Web sites. I’m being arbitrary but let's date it from 1998 to 2007. 4. Social media is the latest stage in this evolution.