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B2B Lead Generation Blog: E-mail and the phone have high response rates, DMA report finds

B2B Lead Generation Blog

btob magazine points out some interesting findings in the dma 2006 response rate trends report which includes data for more than 1500 campaigns received in 2004, 2005 and 2006. the dma report found that the phone and e-mail produced the

Email Still Kicks Conversion Ass

Anything Goes Marketing

What was the best conversion marketing channel for a financial publisher? Was it Adwords? Organic Search? Nope - it was email! Check out this study on E-Mail Is Top Conversion Channel for Financial Publisher. What is interesting is that if you combine organic and paid search, it still doesn't add up to the conversion rate of email according to the chart that is provided. Chad H.

Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Spending on online video is expected to soar to $1.5 billion in 2009 from a projected $385 million this year, according to eMarketer. Which is why Andy Plesser, founder of PR agency Plesser Holland Associates, has started a video blog

More on Web Optimization: Automated Deployment

Customer Experience Matrix

I’ve learned a bit more about Web optimization system since yesterday’s post. Both Memetrics and Offermatica have clarified that they do in fact support some version of automated deployment of winning test components. It’s quite possible that other multi-variate testing systems do this as well: as I hope I made clear yesterday, I haven’t researched each product in depth. While we’re on the topic, let’s take a closer look at automated deployment. It’s one of key issues related to optimization systems. The simplest approach is to combine several different metrics into one composite.

Lead Generation Checklist

'Big Ideas' Must Be Rigorously Measured

Customer Experience Matrix

Last Friday, I clipped a BusinessWeek ( ) article that listed a “set of integrated business disciplines” that create “exemplary customer experiences”. The disciplines include customer-facing “moments of truth”, well articulated brand values, close integration of technology and people, “co-creation” of experiences with customers, and an “ecosystem approach” to encompass all related products and services. Of course, that’s a key premise of our work at Client X Client. Later in the weekend, I spent some time researching Web optimization systems. But that won't do.

Email Delveriability Tip of the Day: Authentication

Anything Goes Marketing

Not sure what authentication is when it comes to email marketing and how it relates to email deliverability ? Have you seen those Visa commercials where a call centre verifies these heads that come through a computer screen? It's similar to this. How do you prove to your email recipients that the email that you're sending is actually from you? Through email authentication. Check out this article on ClickZ by Stefan Pollard called " Marketers Still Unclear on Authentication " for a better understanding of this concept. Chad H.

Improve how you use White Papers for Lead Generation - Part II

Anything Goes Marketing

Have you created a white paper for your organization in order to generate leads? If you have, there are some great tips that Michael Stelzner has just written about in an article Getting The Most From Your White Paper Marketing. His big tip is that you should consider providing a large chunk of the white paper for free before you ask for a web visitor to register for it. He uses the gaming industry as an example. There are some sites out there like EA Sports (one of my favourites) that will let you download a sample of the game before actually purchasing it. People are scared when they see it.

Is Your CRM Naked?

Anything Goes Marketing

Are all of your sales reps exceeding their quota for this quarter? Ok, that's a stupid question. Maybe teh reason they aren't is because your CRM (customer relationship management) tool is naked. Ardath Albee has written a great e-book called Why Naked CRM Doesn't Work on how to "dress up" your CRM by providing better tools for sales and an improved process for sales and marketing. This focuses on the B2B sales process which is much longer then B2C. Andrath feels that sales should be aware of all potential leads. It also ensures greater buy in from sales. This is sooo true. Chad H.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Have you Thanked Your Customers Today?

Anything Goes Marketing

Are you saying to yourself "it's another day and I have so much to do with so little time?". think we're all saying that so don't worry. Here are two words that you can say that are easy and will go a long way "Thank you!". We sometimes forget that our customers are the lifeblood of any organization. Al DiGuido is his ClickZ article " The Power of "Thank You " explains that in today's world of technology, there is no reason that you shouldn't be thanking your customers. He sees email as the optimal technology to do this by using transactional emails. You can take this concept further. Chad H.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Avoid wasting your Pay-Per-Click lead generation budget

B2B Lead Generation Blog

thanks to jim berkowitz and his crm mastery e-journal for pointing me to the marketingprofs article, five proven ways to waste money with pay-per-click advertising by john grant. think this article does a nice job pointing out some of


Got Projects? Try Base Camp


Marketers have projects. So unless you're one of those rare individuals who can not only keep a multitude of details straight in your head, but also magically keep your team on the same page with your brain, you need project management tools. This size limit should be bumped up considerably. Want to know more? Alex Dunne also provided a thorough review of Base Camp in September.

B2B Marketing Confidential: B2B Marketing Survey

B2B Marketing Confidential

The last lead management technology post has generated a lot of interest, so I'm going to do the first in a series of surveys. well, hopefully a series. we'll see what kind of interest I'm able to generate

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

Attempt at Categorizing Technology for Managing the B2B Pipeline

B2B Marketing Confidential

NOTE: I'll keep this post live and updated as I get comments and as things change in this space. Latest update: 11-29-06. Updates since original post in red. I've been trying to categorize all the technology that's available out for

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B2B Pipeline Management

B2B Marketing Confidential

"The Pipeline" and lead management are primary focus areas for many B2B marketers. B2B marketers have traditionally focused on generating leads, but more and more they are being asked to manage leads once they are "in the pipe"

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