Sun.Apr 15, 2012

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Why Google+ Needs to be Jay-Z

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Google+ is probably not gaining enough ground to go mainstream as a social media platform and to do so, they need to “go Jay-Z.” ” This is what I mean … Has Google+ been successful in attracting a large and engaged audience? ” As long as that is the major value of the platform, it’s going to be a difficult proposition to compete with Facebook. The Kids. Reliable.

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Universal Lead Definition: Why 61% of B2B marketers are wasting resources and how they can stop

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet Confession: I wish I could flash this across every marketer’s computer screen the moment it powered up: A universal lead definition (ULD) clarifies what a lead is to everyone in your organization. It also: Fits the profile of your ideal customer. Has been qualified as sales-ready. Spells out the responsibilities and accountabilities of Sales and Marketing. Are these truly leads?

B2B Email Benchmarks: Answers Vary Widely

Customer Experience Matrix

One of the things I’m enjoying about my new role as head of analytics at Left Brain DGA is being closer to hands-on marketing than I was as a consultant. This leads to different questions than I used to get, including the ever-popular “what’s a reasonable response rate for our emails?” That one came up last week and led me to review my files on industry benchmarks. Here is the U.S.

5 Content Marketing Lessons from Jackie Robinson #42

Junta 42

Today is the 65th anniversary (April 15th, 1947) of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in professional baseball. In his honor, EVERY major league baseball player will be wearing (the now retired) number 42 on the baseball diamond today. It’s the angle at which a rainbow appears. Because of the band Level 42 (Lessons in Love was my favorite song to play the bass guitar with).

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

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What I Learned Eating My Own Dog Food

Cloud Potential

As I mentioned in a previous post , I recently hired someone I trusted to interview my own clients and book buyers about my methods, to make sure I was doing as good a job as possible. What I learned will help you understand why this is such a valuable exercise. read more. Customer Centricity Customer's Buying Process

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Don't Miss These Great B2B Marketing Webinars

Everything Technology Marketing

For B2B marketers, webinars are not only a great lead generator and essential part of a solid content marketing strategy, they can also offer a great educational opportunity to learn what other marketers are doing to drive awareness, engage prospects, and generate revenue. Here are a couple of new marketing webinars you might enjoy. For a complete list of B2B marketing webinars, check out the B2B Technology Marketing Channel on BrightTalk. Thank you, Holger Schulze

How to Craft Twitter Headlines for Hundreds of Re-Tweets


The goal of content marketing or any marketing for that?matter matter is to have your information shared with as many people as possible. Twitter makes it easier than ever before to reach massive audiences with a few?simple simple clicks, as long as your content is share-worthy. So, is it the best Twitter strategy to simply copy and paste?your your blog?s s headline into your feed? Sure, if it's well written and you can?guarantee guarantee it's going to engage your followers enough to re-tweet it. But if it's not engaging enough for the?140-character Although we've?all If you're?not great?tips?