6 Things Good Lead Generation Vendors Do Right (That You May Be Doing Wrong)


This article does a good job of explaining the importance of the ULD—assuring everyone is on the same page and working toward the same end—and covers additional ground (“How to do lead management that improves conversion”). Unless you crack this problem, nothing else is going to work. In one situation, we worked with a client that was about to mail 750 $20 “lumpy” packages to prospects. There’s plenty of mediocrity in lead generation—both in-house and outsourced.

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4 Tips to Power Up Prospecting in 2015: #1 Believe it Works!


We’ll review each tip one at a time—but first, let''s see what they are: Mike Weinberg’s 4 Tips to Power Up Prospecting in 2015: Part 1: Tip #1 Believe it works. Tip 1: You have to BELIEVE prospecting works. These are the folks who conspire to tell you that prospecting doesn’t work.

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Proof that Account-based Marketing Works


One healthcare IT solutions company with a complex solution and a finite market learned first-hand just how account-based marketing works. When sales and marketing work together to drive revenue (and that takes process for sure) everybody benefits—the prospect/client, the team members, and the organization as a whole.

2014 B2B Marketing Trends That Work


As a B2B company, it’s paramount that you stay on top of trends so you know which to adopt and which to nix. This is a standout year for B2B marketing.

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The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge

Understand the importance of good data and good content and how they work together to help your marketing efforts

Cadence—Multi-touch, Multi-media, Multi-cycle Marketing Multiplies Results


Persistence (across multiple cycles), with professionalism, works. For one client, it takes 9.82 touches to engage with a prospect. The result of these touches is what we call a disposition: PointClear's term for completing contact with a decision maker or company (some programs lend themselves to dispositioning by contact and some by company). This approach yields a 5% lead rate. Our leads are equivalent to what SiriusDecisions calls a Level 4 or 5 lead—well-qualified leads.

What Percent of Leads Should Sales Close?


Market definition : We once did work for a company that had two different views of the market. Effective nurturing of leads increases the number of prospects worked and increases the close rate by three times. The answer to this question is a lot more complicated than it looks. There are many factors that impact the percent of leads that should be closed by sales.


Dear CEO: The Era of Accountability Starts in 2017


Just 42% of marketing qualified leads are accepted and worked by sales. Basic, building block decisions are ceded to those in organizations (such as marketing and sales) that cannot or will not work together to align. (Photo Courtesy of Kenny Madden).

"Marketing is too important to be left to marketers."


To be successful, the two must work in synch to discover latent and potential needs, to track and anticipate value, and to convert this knowledge and understanding into effective demand. How can the two start working together effectively? This saying always amuses me.

Persistence Pays—How 42 Lead Qualification Touchpoints Won a $1 Billion Deal


We know that in the lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing business, it takes multiple tries, across multiple cycles, to fully work a lead. Here’s an experience our associates had in delivering a particularly valuable opportunity: The prospect was worked from Aug. – He never hears from that company again; and even though he had interest, the person working the lead didn’t invest the number of touches required to earn a conversation and win his business.

Five Ways to Avoid Getting Burned by Outsourced B2B Sales Lead Generation


And, at lot of times executives will say “I tried it and it didn’t work.” Candidly, when this kind of partnership doesn’t work it is the client’s fault in many situations, but not always. We work at scale delivering strong ROI by handling the grunt work of prospecting, qualifying, networking, and outreach. We work with you to create an accurate, current targeted database. Neither option ever works out.

PowerOpinions: Making Lead Scoring a Success Part 1 [Expert Advice]


I ask people who work for me to do the research and report back. Managing Partner at Homeport Marketing, Pam Hege , lists the top three reasons marketing has checked the “done” box on lead scoring whether it’s working or not.

5,000 Marketing Technology Tools (and Sales Execs Still Need to Find Over Half of Their Own Leads)


Yet, according to CSO Insights , despite the new tools, the mobile devices, the potential of social, and so on, many salespeople are working harder than ever just to achieve the same old results or worse. More senior decision makers don’t want to be treated like the human equivalent of a pinball – getting your attention only after they have hit the right bumpers and scored enough points – which is why the process doesn’t work in the first place and why the automation magnifies this fact.

The Quest for Good Leads: Are You Asking the Right Questions?


We attribute it to the fact that the outbound work does much of the screening and vetting and sometimes even the first steps of selling, thereby increasing the quality of the lead. What’s a good lead rate? How much should a lead cost?

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 4]


Have open, regular dialogue with sales and stakeholders on what’s working and what’s not to quickly adapt their joint efforts. Neither is using advertisements to target and retarget a group of people because they work at a company and came to your web site.

Are You Building a Company or Just Laying “Marketing Brick”?


The second man was asked: "What are you working for?" There’s a quote by Charles M. Schwab that goes like this: Three men were laying brick. The first was asked: "What are you doing?" He answered: "Laying some brick." He answered: "Five dollars a day."

Bubble in the Funnel


Only 42% of marketing generated leads were accepted and worked in those same years. Per Healthline Media, an air embolism, also called a gas embolism­, occurs when one or more air bubbles enter a vein or artery and block it.

The Skinny on Lead Nurturing - 11 Experts Weigh In (part 1 of 2)


For example, a leading analytics firm I worked with tailored their nurturing program to 4 different verticals and multiple scenarios within each vertical. This year I've been talking a lot about Nurturing.

Looking to enhance sales lead performance? Put process before technology.


Here's a synopis: Market: There's no such thing as a good list without a lot of work on marketing's part. Testing, segmentation, and nurturing non-lead outcomes make the usual bad list work for you (delivering 3x more return) and allow you to deliver an on-point message. When it comes time to exploring how you can increase lead generation ROI, that is, produce better leads more cost effectively, move "technology" to the bottom your to-do list.

4 Things a CMO Should Do to Build Their Marketing Dream Team (Part One)


All CMOs need to work towards making the company sustainable from a marketing standpoint. Successful CMOs work towards short-term and long-term success simultaneously by investing in and perfecting their lead generation machine.

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PowerOpinions: Making Lead Scoring a Success Part 2 [Expert Advice]


It works like this: Inbound SDRs individually process as many as 800 leads per month. The Pretending It is Working Approach. The result: Poorly designed lead scoring systems based on intuition that just don't work.

Is Your Lead Generation Strategy Broken?


When the two departments don’t agree on what they’re working toward, marketing will continue to accuse sales of disregarding leads, and sales will continue to accuse marketing of providing bad leads.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 5]


In fact, I would argue that all the broad-based demand generation work many companies are doing is the real distraction if their sales model and growth targets focus on a defined universe of accounts. I do know ABM works— when done right.

What Should the Sales Close Rate Be?


If you do the math, this tells us that sales reps are expected to work 1000 marketing qualified leads down to 14 to 48 sales qualified leads and close 20% or 30% of those leads respectively; and end up with 3 to 14 deals. What chance do you think there is that sales will work 9,000 “leads” when they know just 162 of them are even qualified companies?

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Dear CEO: Find out how well your team is nurturing its B2B sales leads


By leveraging the work done in the first go-round you save a lot of money, a lot of time … and have more to show for your efforts. Standard B2B lead-generation programs produce an average 5% lead rate while advanced lead-generation programs (which include lead nurturing) produce an average 15% lead rate—three times higher. When you and your team are focused exclusively on “lead” outcomes, immediate costs are misleading and long-term costs increase dramatically.

B2B ABM: Seven Sales & Marketing Tips for 2017 - Tip #4: How Much Should Leads Cost?


Here are a few examples that will help you understand your cost per lead: Example #1 We once worked with the marketing director at a division of one of the world’s largest software companies. How much should a lead cost?

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The Whole Truth - Why CEOs Need to Know What Makes Sales and Marketing Click


Both are working toward different, conflicting metrics. Far from being beneath them, sales and marketing conflicts need to be a top priority for CEOs, who stand to benefit in a big way by setting the stage for these two organizations to work in sync.

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Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 2]


It’s a new way of working, a pivot to higher revenue. As Account-Based Marketing continues to rise in popularity among B2B companies, I decided to pick the brains of fellow industry experts and get their input on the matter.

B2B Mobile Marketing: 15 Ideas You Can Use Today.


But if you work in the B2B world, then you might be stuck trying to come up with B2B mobile marketing ideas. Are you interested in learning more about B2B mobile marketing? If you’re like many people, you can think of a lot of ways B2C companies use mobile marketing.

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The sales rep said, “I never got a lead yet that turned into a sale.”


The next day we started working on the problems to help her out. I was the marketing manager of a medical device company and we were near the end of the day’s sales meeting. Forty salespeople were in the room; I was last on the program.

Desperate and Fearful: Need Pipeline – Want Sales Lead Generation


And it means Sales has to work all the leads turned over to them, fully. In his work Aphorisms, he wrote: “For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.”. Last week I published a blog that provided five ways to avoid getting burned by outsourced B2B sales lead generation, qualification and nurturing. You can read the blog here. In that blog, I wrote: “When the pipeline is weak, desperation and fear take over.

Expert Panel’s Feedback on Our Lead to Revenue Calculator


Marketing should not be working outside the sweet spot. Those leads still have to work their way through the sales/buying pipeline, so there is a percent of those that are not won, as a result (if win rate is 10%), we can only expect 10% of the nurtured pipeline to present itself as revenue.

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How Much Do Your Leads Cost?


True leads require a lot of work—and that work doesn’t come cheap. Understand the price you are paying for your leads and then optimize. Document the cost per lead is the fourth of 7 Truths about Sales and Marketing that CEOs need to know.

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Marketing Automation is Not Marketing Strategy


In other words, marketing automation doesn’t work without strategy. We are republishing this blog by Ruth Stevens (originally run January 29, 2014) because she hits the nail on the head about marketing automation.

Dead is Dead! (At Least in Sales and Marketing)


This function (often the CEO’s) is to inspect leads that are rejected (did they or did they not meet the lead criteria); leads that are ignored (not rejected but not worked); and leads that are accepted but don’t move in the funnel—to assure accountability.

The #1 Reason CEOs Should Care About Lead Generation


Even the best sales rep has a hard time following up with cold leads, so an understanding of what works and what doesn’t is essential to perfecting the overall company’s lead generation. I often say that CEO’s don’t care about leads, they only care about revenue.

The Why, What & How of a Lead-to-Revenue Assessment, Part 2 - The How


Gather the revenue influencers in your company—CEO, marketing, sales, operations, IT—to gain insight into the way your internal teams work together. In part one , I provided insight into the why and what of a lead-to-revenue assessment.

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Follow the Money: The Primary Responsibility for CMOs


If begging and pleading doesn’t work, look at sales results to see if there is a match between the lead and a recent purchase.

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Does Your Sales Team Know How to Follow-Up on a Lead?


Another 20% of leads are ineffectively worked for mostly subjective reasons (i.e., Nurture leads until they’re ready to turn over to sales is the sixth of 7 Truths about Sales and Marketing that CEOs need to know.

Most Market Share Battles Are Lost, Not Won


They spend the least on marketing, get the minimum return, and then complain when marketing doesn’t work for them. Casey Stengel said, “ Most ball games are lost not won ,” and his comment seems appropriate for most marketers’ efforts in B2B companies.

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