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    [Work] 4 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Fails
    In my experience working with clients as a Solution Consultant, I see marketing teams do a lot of guesswork when it comes to their campaigns, hoping that their message will be heard. Author: Jamie Lewis Today’s buyers have unlimited choices, access to a wealth of research, and are being bombarded with countless marketing messages each day. So it’s no wonder that many marketers are finding it difficult to break through the noise.
    [Work] B2B SEO Mistakes Webinar Follow-Up Q&A – Part 1
    If you are currently working with an SEO specialist (and we recommend that you do!), Since these pages are not indexed, they do not have to be optimized beyond the work that needs to be done to attain the highest possible quality score for your campaigns. I want to extend a big “thank you” to all of those who attended the webinar that Allie Viau and I hosted on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.
    [Work] Why Is B2B Marketing Automation Growing So Slowly?
    So if you’re working in the industry, don’t circulate that resume just yet. Let me start by saying that the 50% revenue increase I’m projecting for B2B marketing automation in 2013 is a very healthy one. In actual dollars, the $250 million gain is much larger than the $175 million growth in 2012. But still, as I noted last week, the growth rate is slowing – and for some vendors seems to have fallen considerably in the second half of 2012.
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    [Work] Why You Should Wait to Add Social Media Elements to Your Manufacturing Website
    In fact, simply adding social media icons to your site without putting in any work toward developing an audience can actually drive potential customers away. Digital marketers love telling businesses across a wide spectrum of verticals that they need to become engaged on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
    [Work] Changing the Currency in Advertising: Chartbeat Founder Tony Haile on the Future of Content Measurement
    There was still work to do, but Chartbeat had helped correct course. In the way that those companies currently work, I think it would be very difficult. It was my baby and I adore the people who work there. There’s still a bunch of work to do before we come out and tell people everything we’re up to in a broad way. What is Scroll going to do that will work compared to what hasn’t worked for other companies before?
    [Work] How to Edit Instagram Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Instagram Filters & More
    It's all about taking great photos, using the right photo editing apps, learning which filters work for which types of photos, and getting the routine down. Now that we have a photo we're ready to work with in Instagram, it's time to upload your photo to the Instagram app. Here's how it works: When you're scrolling through your photos, tap the heart icon at the bottom of your screen.
    [Work] Predictive Analytics: The Next Piece of the Social Puzzle
    Strategic companies now work to identify and participate in conversations on social – whether these conversations are specifically about your brand, or are simply relevant to your brand and/or audience. In order to get the results and data you want, you need social media to work in tandem with other technologies and strategies. Author: Eileen Bernardo If there’s any constant in social media, it’s constant evolution.
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    [Work] 7 Speakers You Won't Want to Miss at #INBOUND15
    Robert Michael Murray's work in digital communication strategy, social media, and live-event production has earned him both national and international coverage on outlets like BBC, CNN, C-SPAN, The New York Times, and others. He'll also share tips from his new work leveraging the power of data, design, and technology to create experiences that deliver more meaningful and personalized moments.
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    [Work] Targeting Email Marketing by Persona Improves Clickthrough Rate 16% [New Data]
    This should encompass the basic details of a persona''s role, key information about the company the persona works for, as well as any relevant background information, such as education or hobbies. This could include being short-staffed for all the work needed to get done or needing help in rolling out major department changes to the entire company. Personalizing emails is more than customizing the first sentence to include the recipient''s first name.
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    [Work] A Simple Guide to Mastering the Basics of Effective Social Media Advertising
    Ultimately, testing different channels is the best way to determine what works to meet your objectives. Categories include location, gender, age, language, education, ethnic affinity, generation, household composition, life events, politics, relationship status, parental status, and work. Zero in on whoever your audience may be: friends of couples who recently got engaged, new fathers, postgraduate students, women who work in engineering — the possibilities are endless.
    [Work] 16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats
    Records management systems provider TAB not only provides guides and resources to help records managers improve their skills but also works to raise the profile of the profession and educate executives on it s organizational impact. As winter comes to an end, so too does the Winter Wonderland of Marketing Stats series that’s been running here over the past few months.
    [Work] Five Often-Overlooked Reasons Senior Executives Should Use Social Media
    People want to work for people they like and admire, so creating a LinkedIn profile that showcases both your accomplishments and personality presence enhances your ability to reach people who are a good fit for your culture. “I don’t have time to build my LinkedIn profile. I already get more useless messages than I can handle anyway.”. Why would I want to be on Twitter? It’s a lot of noise, and no one cares about what I’m reading.”. “I
    [Work] Hitting Consumer Healthcare Home Runs with Digital Engagement
    Lesson 5: Test and learn—an agile approach works best. Author: Kristen Kaighn Last Tuesday was no doubt an exciting day to be in Chicago—the Cubs advanced to the National League Championship Series for the first time since 2003 and boisterous cheers could be heard throughout every bar with a TV in the city. But Anthony Rizzo wasn’t the only heavy hitter in Chicago last week.
    [Work] 5 Things Your B2B Buyer Wants You To Stop Doing
    And over the course of hundreds of pitches, I’ve developed a keen sense for what really works when selling to senior executives and the C-suite. The other was a fairly unknown upstart who had never done work in our industry and had no prior relationship with the company I represented. I’ve spent a lot of time in the buyer's seat as a former manager, executive, and corporate buyer.
    [Work] How ECI Telecom Discovered the Surefire Sign that Sales and Marketing Are Aligned
    They didn’t really pay attention to its value until we worked with them one on one and showed them, ‘Hey, this is your customer and here’s what he’s been doing, with a full screenshot of all of his activity.’” Tweet If you’re among the roughly half of B2B companies that have strong alignment between your sales and marketing teams, then congratulations! Your salespeople are your biggest fans, right? If not, then you’re probably not as aligned as you think.
    [Work] Discovering Your Lead Generation Options
    When you join our team, you not only get a product that both partners and customers love, but a team everyone loves to work with. [one_half valign="middle"]. Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half]. one_half]. one_half_last valign="middle"]. frame style="none"] [/frame]. [/one_half_last]. one_half_last]. divider style="simple"]. Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field.
    [Work] Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Tool?
    When you join our team, you not only get a product that both partners and customers love, but a team everyone loves to work with. [one_half valign="middle"]. Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half]. one_half]. one_half_last valign="middle"]. frame style="none"] [/frame]. [/one_half_last]. one_half_last]. divider style="simple"]. Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field.
    [Work] Today we welcome LoopFuse into our family.
    When you join our team, you not only get a product that both partners and customers love, but a team everyone loves to work with. [one_half valign="middle"] Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half] one_half] [one_half_last valign="middle"] [frame style="none"] [/frame] [/one_half_last] [divider style="simple"] Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field.
    [Work] A Marketing Miracle
    When you join our team, you not only get a product that both partners and customers love, but a team everyone loves to work with. [one_half valign="middle"] Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half] one_half] [one_half_last valign="middle"] [frame style="none"] [/frame] [/one_half_last] [divider style="simple"] Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field.
    [Work] Coffee at Midnight, Emails at Noon
    When you join our team, you not only get a product that both partners and customers love, but a team everyone loves to work with. [one_half valign="middle"] Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half] one_half] [one_half_last valign="middle"] [frame style="none"] [/frame] [/one_half_last] [divider style="simple"] Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field.
    [Work] Lead scoring is not for wimps. But it’s worth it.
    Are your scoring assumptions working? Let me know – I’m happy to work with you! Good lead generation brings in leads. Better lead generation uses lead scoring so you can segment follow up. But it’s really tricky to do right. What is lead scoring? It’s assigning a point value to each lead that comes into your database based on the projected value. Points are assigned for demographics (title, industry, size of company, etc.)
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    [Work] How to Launch a Successful Online Community: A Step-by-Step Guide
    Once you are satisfied with the workings on your community, it is time to get ready for a soft launch. No, it’s not always fun to bombard your family members, friends, or professional contacts about something you’re working on. but it works. It's no secret that the way people buy has f undamentally changed over the years.
    [Work] Our Favorite Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2012
    It’s always good to see what other people are doing and what’s working for them. First, the concepts are long lasting and provide great direction (even though the work which will lead to success is certainly difficult). For KoMarketing Associates, 2012 was a year of growth, collaboration, successes (and challenges), and good fortune. I’m happy to say we won more than we lost and learned from the opportunities missed.
    [Work] Reach More Customers with Postcard Marketing
    Postcard Marketing 101 – How It Works. Here’s how it works: after you cultivate a strong list of leads through our lead management platform , you can then personalize your postcards by greeting your customer by name. Did you know that 52.5 percent of postcards are read by recipients ? With that kind of read rate, it’s no wonder why postcard marketing is catching fire in the business world. In fact, businesses in all niches are using postcards these days.
    [Work] What Lucille Ball Can Teach Us About Marketing Automation
    Without the right tools to automate the planning, execution, and measurement, even the hardest-working marketer can be overwhelmed by the complexity.”. by Jon Miller Before the internet and social networks, buyers had limited ways to obtain the purchase information they needed, so the seller controlled the buying process. But then, buyers moved into the power position. They could access the information they wanted on their own online, anywhere and at any time.
    [Work] Buzzwords in Marketing Automation: Inbound Marketing
    This will help you understand what strategies are working and which ones need to be replaced. Utilize marketing automation software to quiet the noise so you can see the real picture – what’s working and what’s not. Inbound Marketing: its meaning and how it relates to marketing automation. A part of the series Buzzwords in Marketing Automation. At one time, outbound marketing was all the craze.
  • MARKETRI  |  MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013
    [Work] The Top Three Most Common Marketing Misconceptions
    Marketing is (NOT) Sales: Marketing and sales are actually two distinct disciplines but they must work hand-in-hand to maximize the results from each. Do you find the marketing field confusing? Have you ever used other related terms interchangeably with “marketing”? It’s okay. We marketers understand that there is lots of vagueness surrounding our world. But it actually does drive many of us crazy at times !
    [Work] 6 case studies show Big Data is helping decision making
    Is Big Data working? Photo credit: Kevin Krejci. Big Data” is shorthand for the collection of large amounts of data from places like web-browsing data trails, social network communications, sensor and surveillance data that is then searched for patterns, new revelations and insights. It’s a catchy term that’s easy to say and implies major transformation. In less than a decade, Big Data is a multi-billion-dollar industry.
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    [Work] Dropshipping 101: What It Is and How It Can Make You a Successful Online Retailer
    Or simply decide not to work with you any more? Always have a backup supplier that you can turn to if your go-to supplier doesn’t work out for a particular order. Every time you start working with a new supplier, you should make sure that they cut the mustard by placing test orders. Take a look at past orders and use them to work out a flat shipping rate. You've decided to launch an online store and join the ecommerce revolution.
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    [Work] 11 Tips to Help Improve Your Brand's Communication Strategy
    The company works to provide meaning rather than superficial promises. Brands should work to improve their products and messaging as consumers continue to influence and take co-ownership of their favorite brands. As marketers, we strive to communicate with consumers in the ways that they prefer. In fact, marketing is becoming increasingly consumer-driven.
    [Work] Part 1: The 4 Business Use Cases of Predictive Intelligence
    6sense, working with our media and data partners, has taken on the challenge of delivering visibility into the opaque world of media. We have proven that predictive intelligence can have an outsized impact on how companies work with their digital advertising partners and how those ads reach and convert prospects and customers.
    [Work] The Biggest Mistake Marketers Make
    And the strategies, campaigns and content you create will work much better than you could have ever imagined. Are you wondering why your B2B Marketing ideas aren’t gaining the traction you hoped for? Or maybe your campaigns just aren’t producing as well as you thought? Does your content languish on the shelves? How about your relationship with sales?
    [Work] Business Blogs and the Parisbas Tennis Open
    Blogging for your business doesn’t work that way. Is your blog like my tennis, a hit or a miss? Are you writing posts that are clear winners for your readers? Are you serving valuable, relevant content within the lines of your readers’ needs? This week I’m watching the world’s best players battle it out on the courts at the Parisbas Tennis Open in Indian Wells, California. I’ve noticed a few things that applies to content marketing.
    [Work] 8 Things Your Website Needs to Increase Traffic and Sales
    The solution: Add a scheduling button from Appointlet , an application that works with Google Calendar, to allow customers to book appointments and pay for services on your website at any time. If you’ve been scratching your head trying to understand why your website isn’t getting much traffic , keeping visitors’ attention or converting visits to actual sales, we’ve got some tips to help solve this issue.
    [Work] High Quality Content Sites Is What Google Wants
    Build a strong following on social networks and work hard to increase email sign-ups and newsletter subscribers. Be diligent about networking with like-minded content producers and work to get links – quality links, including those with keyword-rich anchor text. There’s been an important update to the way Google runs their search algorithms , designed to weed out the number of junk content farms.
    [Work] What Is “Sales Enablement”?
    Tactical actions prescribed for sales enablement can be analyzed in terms of compliance and effectiveness: Were these actions carried out, and if so, did they work as intended? What organization can say no to “sales enablement”? Who in the C-Suite would ever look you in the eye and say, “We don’t find sales to be all that important. Thanks, but no thanks?”. Such is the beauty of the term “sales enablement.” Enabling sales is something every organization should do.
    [Work] How to Create 30 Days Worth of Instagram Posts in One Day
    At HubSpot, our social media team works on our Instagram content schedule well in advace, making sure to keep a stock of posts handy to schedule out everyday. If you're a marketer wearing lots of different hats at your company, though, you may find it difficult to work far as far in advance. Did you know that 50% of Instagram users follow a business , and 60% actually use Instagram to learn about a product or service?
  • KAPOST  |  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2017
    [Work] Not Your Parents’ Salesperson: Using Content to Drive ABM
    But the truth is I’m lucky to work for a company ( Kapost ) that doesn’t arm its salespeople with a boiler room-type atmosphere, a phone, and a talk track. If producing high-quality content isn’t serving as a marketing org’s true north, the sheer volume of content it’s producing is irrelevant, and might actually be actively working against the marketing org’s goals. This works to establish that: I’m not immediately trying to sell something.
    [Work] 5 Things You Need to Run Effective Marketing Meetings
    You should be working from a marketing plan, and then once you have the plan and are actively implementing it, you should conduct regular marketing meetings. I have seen too many organizations that don’t know what everyone is doing in marketing, they aren’t working to a plan let alone meeting to track progress, and they don’t have their critical online marketing account processes and data (including login information) documented.
    [Work] How to a Create a B2B Case Study that Boosts New Business
    A strong case study should communicate enough about your expertise and approach that people feel they know you even if they haven’t worked with you. Describe the experience you had working with our firm. Interview Your Subject Work with your client to identify who in their firm is best to talk with for your case study. It will show prospects what they can expect when they work with you.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2016
    [Work] Successful Sales and Marketing Alignment, Part 2: Understand the Buyer
    Identifying the correct target buyer means both your sales and your marketing teams agree on the buyer persona(s), and then work together to design their programs and processes to attract this buyer. Once the target buyer and the buyer’s journey have been defined, it’s time to put that knowledge to work and design the kind of sales and marketing process that will attract these types of buyers.
  • NUSPARK  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 2012
    [Work] Retargeting; A Internet Marketing Tactic to Increase Conversions Rates & Leads
    Time for a visual on how retargeting works: Retargeting Examples. Let’s talk retargeting. For lead generation, conversion optimization, and lead nurturing strategies, retargeting may be the overlooked child, but there’s no question it can be very effective and an efficient tactic to bring prospects back to your website or content.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10, 2015
    [Work] 11 Embarrassing Spelling and Grammar Mistakes From Brands
    Want to work for SpongeBob? Did you know that Coke makes four times fewer writing mistakes than Pepsi in its posts on LinkedIn? Or that General Motors makes two-and-a-half more writing mistakes than Ford? Even if you're not keeping score, it's likely that your spelling and grammar mistakes aren't going unnoticed. While internet slang -- lol, ttyl, wtf -- is changing the way we communicate both online and off, there's still a case to be made for the importance of good spelling and grammar.
    [Work] Is your referral strategy tied to your differentiators?
    Say, for example, you specialize in working with manufacturing companies. With that in mind, statements like “We care about our clients,” or “We do quality work,” or even “We have the best people,” are not differentiators at all. It doesn’t work. If you say, “our specialty is working exclusively with female entrepreneurs,” audiences will know pretty quickly whether or not you can back that up.
    [Work] Lights, Camera, Video Marketing – How to Add Videos to Your Marketing Mix
    Consumers love seeing the inner workings of a business, even if it’s just a glance (check out how Tesla did it in this video showing how a Model S is made). Additionally, if you have a fun work environment or an interesting product creation process, show it off. Alright, answer honestly… how many online videos have you watched today? Online videos are a key part of your small business marketing toolbox.
    [Work] Five Things to Consider Before Undergoing a Website Redesign
    These kinds of metrics can show you quantitatively that your website just isn’t working for you anymore. Chances are, you probably put a lot of time and effort into launching your website. At some point, after you’ve been up and running for a while, you’ll contemplate whether you’re in need of a redesign. To help make this decision, we’ve put together five questions to ask yourself. Your answers will help you evaluate if an update to your website is necessary.
    [Work] Email Marketing: Spending and Automation on the Rise
    With budgets and staff often stretched thin, companies are eager for ways to establish a system that requires minimal hands-on work. These automated tools work in conjunction with data, and as the selection and quality of automated resources increase, so too does the amount of information available to marketers. Email marketing has long been a favorite tactic for business-to-business marketers, and it looks like that isn’t going to change anytime soon.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2013
    [Work] Facebook Launches Clickable Hashtags #Finally
    Here''s how Facebook hashtags work. File this one under "It''s About Time." Today, in a post on its news blog , Facebook announced it would finally be rolling out functional, clickable hashtags. Hallelujah (#NoSarcasm). Facebook indicates the update is in response to the fact that until now, "there has not been a simple way to see the larger view of what''s happening or what people are talking about." We couldn''t agree more.
    [Work] Now connecting with the sexiest bloggers is easy
    I am also working on Bounce Perks. Klout just got sexy. And I called this one … Unfortunately. A year ago in the first article I wrote about Klout ( Get Ready. Social Scoring Will Change Your Life ), I predicted that social scoring systems would fragment along different demographic lines: “Forget about Klout scores, there will be competitive rating systems for everything and it will be available to anybody at a push of a button.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2017
    [Work] 5 Podcast Episodes That Will Make You a Better Agency Leader
    Does it feel like you're putting in a ton of work into your content, but it's not quite working for you? It's one thing to read thought leadership on where a certain industry is going, or to talk about theoretical best practices in a given role or situation. It's another thing entirely to get tactical, practical advice on what to do today about a specific problem -- delivered by someone who's actually been in your shoes.
    [Work] Four apps to boost the speed and strength of your startup
    Frankly, there have been others in this space, but Justworks may be the first to really give us the kind of logical dashboard interface that we’re used to working with. Calltools has a good one and when you put it to work you can start stuffing beaucoup prospects into the top of your sales funnel. “Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”.
    [Work] Motivate Your Team to Sales Success
    Working with the sales reps is an important aspect of any B2B business. If salse reps know they are working towards the greater good of their teammates and their organization, and that both are also behind them, some will work just a little bit harder, a little bit longer, and a little bit better. Create a positive environment in which your reps want to be, and they won’t complain (as much) about coming in to work on December 24th to finish up a few deals.
    [Work] A 3-Step Data-Oriented Approach to Effective Influencer Marketing
    There can be high costs associated with working with the big names (not to mention having to deal with their agents, lawyers, and managers). Author: Johnathan Chanti Influencer marketing has become a powerful strategy for brands looking to entice new audiences. And judging by the $2 billion market share it claimed last year, it’s a trend set to get stronger in 2017. Despite this, not all influencer campaigns are created equal.
    [Work] Hey, Marketers: Shove This in Your Salesperson’s Face!
    He previously worked for the Nielsen Company, where he served as Senior VP of Digital Solutions, working with clients ranging from large-cap Fortune 100 companies to start-ups seeking funding. The key to steady deal flow. Most enterprise salespeople don’t realize that their marketing team is the key to steady deal flow, or that marketing can help them consistently deliver on the sales plan. I speak from experience.
    [Work] 14 Things I Learned While Getting Marketing Fit
    His excuse (that worked)? “I’ve lime green just doesn’t work for me. From there, you can work with your sales team to align on the right customer profiles and map out the right process to get in front of them. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending my first-ever SnapApp event, our Marketing Fit Workshop in Washington D.C. It was a half-day event, where B2B marketers met, networking, and learning how to create more “fit” marketing through stronger approaches.
    [Work] Anyone Can Create a Facebook Page Using Your Brand
    Keep in mind that some may have been created when well-intentioned employees set up their personal profiles and said they worked for your company. Did you know that Facebook will allow anyone to create a Facebook Company Page? With someone else’s – maybe your – brand? Facebook believes in open networking.
    [Work] What does B2B Marketing Have to Do with Downhill Skiing?
    Your shoulders and torso should be pointed down the fall line while your legs and skis angulate and do all the work to make those ski turns. Basing marketing plans and campaigns on intuition isn’t enough anymore. Now with websites and measurable marketing activity through online content downloads and sharing, B2B marketers can to move away from an intuitive, creative approach to marketing and base their campaigns and plans on facts.
    [Work] Marketing Case Study: How I Got Results from LinkedIn
    Not bad for three weeks work. Tweet. I’m the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Hire for Geeks, Scientists and Engineers. Since, 2004, I’ve been connecting to colleagues, associates, friends and classmates via LinkedIn. Several years ago I invested more time in understanding LinkedIn by attending Chris Rollyson ’s workshop at Confab on the topic. I was so impressed by Chris that I arranged for him to teach a local workshop on LinkedIn and other social networks here in Los Angeles.
    [Work] Lower the Cost and Boost the Productivity of B2B Sales
    I get a chance to work with many B2B sales executives, and from a marketer’s standpoint, I believe four major problems contribute to a high cost/low performing sales organization: Poor alignment between the marketing and sales functions. Last month, David Brock, president of Partners in Excellence, published an excellent article titled A Frightening Look At the Cost Of a Sales Person.
    [Work] How Google’s failure helped me become a dramatically better writer
    I’m just reporting an experience that worked out for me. In 2013 Google announced it was killing off Blog Reader, by far the most-used, most-popular blog reading platform in the universe. Who knows? Brian Shih, former leader of the Google platform, said it was political. In any event, it made no sense to kill it. Reader had dominant marketshare, it didn’t cost too much to maintain and it seemed to have at least as much utility as some of the Google apps that survived.
    [Work] The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing & How You Can Do It
    Why Does Word of Mouth Marketing Work so Well? Author: Lizzy Funk Last week, I attended the MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas. It was a great show, and marketers gathered to discuss the latest trends in email marketing. Since I am on the Demand Gen team at Marketo, this was right up my alley and I was thrilled to get some expert tips from email marketing thought leaders.
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 2015
    [Work] Announcing the SnapApp 2015 Brand Refresh
    The secondary colors of orange and fuchsia offer vibrant pops of color that reflect our culture, working to give marketers more tools to create engaging content and meet their demand generation goals. Do you ever feel like you just need something different ? Think about your wardrobe. The colors you wear can have an extraordinary effect on how you’re perceived – a dark suit for an interview; bright workout clothes; overall a cohesive color palette.
    [Work] Writing Web Content that Gets Results: Questions
    And of course you know your products and services , especially if it’s your own business and you’ve been working in it for a while. Her cards were original art work which recipients were more likely to keep. The rules haven’t changed, but it’s surprising how many people start writing web content without regard for the basics.
    [Work] How To Find Your Community of Advocates With Engaging Customer Events
    For example, the Markies , our annual digital marketing awards, promote best practices and celebrate the accomplishments of modern marketers in the rapidly evolving industry we are working in. We hold regular forums and invite our customers to share lessons of success to continually inspire other brands that are working with us so that they can keep getting more out of our services and improve their own campaigns.
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 2017
    [Work] Back to Basics: How to Write Effective Headlines
    If you’re the sole author of your piece, carve out time and care to pen your headline, but otherwise write it at the cadence that works for you. See how your words work within the layout – both to check that they all fit, and also to make sure you’re not unintentionally making a gaffe or implication in the way your words interplay with any photos and art.
    [Work] Top 10 Marketing Blog Posts of 2013 (So Far)
    Have you ever discovered a piece of your own work copied word-for-word on another website or blog without being given proper credit? When it comes to marketing your business or brand on Facebook , you think you know what works for engaging your followers… but it turns out, you might not. Let’s uncover the truths about what really works for successful Facebook engagement.
    [Work] 20 (More of the) Best SEO Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011
    Eric Wortman explains what Google sitelinks are, how they work, when Google displays them, what this means for your company website, and what you can do to take advantage of this expanded real estate now available on page one of Google results. SEO remains the most cost-effective way to drive website traffic. B2B websites often receive anywhere from 30%-60% from organic search, with 50% or more sometimes coming from Google alone. But SEO is changing.
    [Work] Mea maxima culpa marketing
    It’s right up my alley because they work with brand communication, creative and tech marketing PR/advertising; creative direction and design; and even app dev for web/mobile. If you ask anyone, I was beside myself when I saw that my email merge not only didn’t work but went out to people who’s opinions I care about with the {first name} variable embedded in there. I am no method actor so I can’t ever fake this, so I don’t — but it really works.
    [Work] Case Study: Segmentation, New Creative Boosts Lead Conversion Rates by 75%
    We were able to provide new ideas based on our pool of experience and what we knew was working for other companies in the tech space.”. Sungard® Availability Services™ ( Sungard AS ) in Wayne, Pennsylvania is a global leader in disaster recovery, business continuity, and managed IT services. Sungard AS runs a highly successful demand generation program, an integrated mix of both online and offline campaigns, to generate a consistent flow of leads to the company’s sales force.
    [Work] 4 Hard Truths I Learned Covering Marketing This Year
    One recurring theme of almost every conversation I’ve had this year with people who work in marketing is confusion. That future shock is difficult, but it’s also what makes covering and working in the space so exciting. When you spend most of your life thinking about marketing, you start to see the world differently. Suddenly you think of everything in terms of positioning, strategy, persuasion, and accountability.
    [Work] What's the Deal With This Whole 'Context Marketing' Thing?
    They might also know what industry she works in, what kind of content she likes best, through what channel she prefers to consume content, whether she's currently using another solution to meet her needs, and whether her company has budget at this time of year. As a marketer, if you were asked to "market" to someone, and all you were given was a first name and that she works for a B2B company, wouldn't your first question be.
    [Work] Innovation in the Nation
    The challenges of running a marketing department, getting all of the trains lined up correctly, determining what is working and what isn’t worth your time – this is no simple task. Author: Phil Fernandez This is my favorite week of the year. No, it’s not my birthday and I am not headed out on vacation.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2016
    [Work] The 23 Best Content Ideation Tools
    Organize and share your to-do, work, grocery, movies and household lists. Like Evernote, works and syncs lists across devices. Great content—the kind that resonates with your audience—starts with great topic ideas. Often, the best ideas come from talking with your customers, or with customer-facing employees in your organization, like people in sales or customer service.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2013
    [Work] Social Media and Content Marketing
    It just means that we have to do a better job of explaining to skeptical clients how social media can work for them. For social media to work, you have to have something to say beyond, “Look at me.” ” And for content marketing to work, you have to make use of as many channels as you can to reach your target audience. Photo credit: Fora do Eixo. We’ve got to come up with a better name for social media.
    [Work] Be Realistic About SEO Campaign Results
    Sure, there are plenty of “bad guys” in the SEO world, but there are plenty of “good guys” too that do legitimate work to improve website traffic for clients. They are quick to assume that they are working with a bad SEO agency. The truth is, they could be working with a good one. Image via Wikipedia.
    [Work] The 411 On Facebook Q&As For Marketers
    ” Here, we take a look at how Facebook Q&A works, then compare it to the more familiar Twitter chat function that marketers love. Now that we understand how it works, let’s consider the benefits of using Facebook Q&A versus Twitter chats: Facebook is easier to follow, since the threaded questions and answers are all set within one post.
    [Work] Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 2]
    It’s a new way of working, a pivot to higher revenue. As Account-Based Marketing continues to rise in popularity among B2B companies, I decided to pick the brains of fellow industry experts and get their input on the matter. This is the question I posed: According to a report by SiriusDecisions, 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), more than 60 percent of companies plan to invest in technology for ABM to better align sales and marketing over the next twelve months.
    [Work] Consumer Brand Manufacturing Spotlight: Mobile Christmas Failure
    This IBM report serves as a sobering reminder that for all the progress marketers have made in mobile, we have much work left to do. M-commerce fared poorly on Christmas Day last month, at least according to IBM data. How bad? E-commerce sites had 288% higher conversion rates on desktop than on smartphones.
    [Work] 4 Effective Google AdWords Tactics to Supercharge Your Lead Generation
    Here is an example of how this would work for the keywords “Business Car Leasing.”. Author: Wesley Parker Today AdWords is almost synonymous with digital advertising —most marketers are aware of or already using AdWords to target their audience with ads online. But because that can be a crowded space, how can you optimize your advertising over time? Generating more leads from Google AdWords can be tough once you reach a certain threshold.
    [Work] How Equinox Makes Money From Luxury Content
    According to Liz Miersch, editor-in-chief of Furthermore, the online magazine works to connect with readers by telling stories about how to take care of their bodies and minds, both inside and outside the gym. Equinox sells and manages advertising in-house, carefully selecting each client and working directly with partners to craft campaigns. Ashley Heckman, Furthermore’s senior photo and video editor, previously worked with Women’s Wear Daily.
    [Work] What’s So Funny About Social Media and Online Marketing? April 2012
    Let’s face it; lots of people consider spending one’s days with online games, tinkering in PhotoShop, “working” in Facebook, and using words like “viral” and “targeting” in decidedly non-lethal ways a funny way to make a living. Hilarious, mostly safe for work (a few cuss words), and it’s endorsed by Perez Hilton.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2016
    [Work] The A/B Testing Checklist You'll Want to Bookmark
    S omething that works for one company may not necessarily work for another. How A/B Tests Work. When marketers like us create landing pages, write email copy, or design call-to-action buttons, it can be tempting to use our intuition to predict what will make people click and convert. But basing marketing decisions off of a "feeling" can be pretty detrimental to results.
    [Work] 7 ways to keep your subject matter experts feeding the Content Machine
    Writing content is an additional work task people are taking on, so make it a bit official by giving them additional/fun job titles like “Engineer-in-Chief” or “Geek Editor” and provide profiles on the website so audiences know a bit about the people behind the articles. Hugo has worked in numerous areas over the past years ranging from corporate governance to international development.
    [Work] 4 Steps for Making a Fan for Life [Video]
    Adrian Chang , a Customer Success Manager, works closely with Eloqua’s premier sports clients – teams like the Boston Bruins and the Miami Heat. Do you work in sports marketing? by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this In sports marketing there’s little that takes precedence over the all-important up sell. Sports teams – and the arenas they play in, for that matter – are constantly thinking up new ways to turn the casual fan into a season-ticket holding, stat-quoting, all-star fan for life.
    [Work] B2B Ads From the Past
    I always find it interesting to take a look at the work done by our predecessors in B2B marketing. Simply click on one of the categories in the Vintage Ad Browser, or type something into the search window and you will get to see some of the advertising work done by those B2B marketers that came before us in what then was called “industrial advertising.&#.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 22, 2017
    [Work] How to Differentiate Your Agency by Applying a Planning Approach
    Fern advocated for the need to always agitate around your core proposition to ensure it is right, working and competitive, and an anecdote she shared from being the marketeer of the DigitasLBi brand showed just that: The merger of two separate agencies, LBi and Digitas, required a new logo for the newly created DigitasLBi entity – that was a unicorn, as a confident symbol to represent ‘a quest for digital mastery’. “Be useful. Be different. Be consistent.”.
    [Work] 10 Planning Tips to Prevent a Wasted Marketing Investment
    That means money, but if you’re not working with a marketing agency, it also means time. As discussed in Step 4, marketing and sales alignment should be a marketing plan priority and a disorganized, undocumented sales process works against not towards that goal. When it comes to marketing, the most successful companies view it as an investment, not an expense.
    [Work] Aim High (But Not Too High): How to Set Goals You Can Meet
    In fact, setting expectations can be a challenge to marketers on any level – whether you’re an agency working with outside clients, or part of an in-house marketing team at a company. How will you know what’s working, and what isn’t? Author: Amy Guarino I’m often asked the following question by marketing agencies: “When it comes to results, how do I set reasonable expectations with my client?”
    [Work] B2B Lead Nurturing Myths That Promote Sales Pipeline Leaks
    Lead nurturing works. “A small leak will sink a great ship.” ” — Benjamin Franklin. Myths are plentiful when it comes to B2B lead nurturing. Perhaps we build these myths simply to make our lives easier. It seems like we have a tendency to move towards the simplest tactics to execute rather than those that deliver the highest return on investment. Let’s step back a minute and ask a key question, “Why is lead nurturing so important?”
    [Work] HubSpot Jumps into the CRM Marketplace
    HubSpot hopes this will encourage adoption of CRM by sales reps who have rejected it because it took too much work for too little value. Hell probably didn’t freeze over today but there might have been a light frost: after years of rejecting the option, HubSpot today announced it will offer a CRM system. The news was the climax of the founders’ keynote at the company’s annual Inbound Conference, which has yet again doubled to reach 10,000 attendees.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 2014
    [Work] 8 Types of CTAs You Should Absolutely Try on Your Blog
    You can also see how they work in the GIF below: 7) In-Line CTAs. There is no need to make any fancy button for this, but just including text that says "read this blog post" and links to the blog post works. On this blog, we talk a lot about calls-to-action (CTAs) and how they help us in marketing. They''re a critical component of your website''s lead generation process -- especially on your blog.
    [Work] How Do You Explain Marketing to a Six-Year Old?
    Clearly something about work and kids and b2b marketing connects with people. by Jon Miller The other day, I was trying to explain to my six-year old son what I do at Marketo, and he asked “what is marketing?” I thought for a second, and said “Marketing is what you do in business when you want to help convince people to buy what you have to sell.” ” I thought that was a pretty good explanation – good enough that I posted it as a LinkedIn update.
  • HG DATA  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017
    [Work] Modern Analytics Uses Technographics to Maximize Business Intelligence
    According to Modern Analytic’s Chief Analytics Office, Matthias Kheder: “Out of all the data providers I have worked with – which is all of them – the improvements HG Data produced in our models was more than significant. For years, Modern Analytics has offered fully automated, machine learning-based predictive analytics to support informed decision making in all facets of business.
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2016
    [Work] Insights from Google’s BrandHealth Conference: What Mountain View Says About the State of the Healthcare Industry
    If your website isn’t speaking the same language as your patients (read: they can understand it), you’ve got some work to do. Your new patients are quite possibly working harder to find you than you’re working to find them. Several of us on the Fathom Healthcare team recently had the opportunity to attend Google’s first BrandHealth conference in Chicago.
    [Work] Social listening drives traditional market research
    Traditional market research works. Photo credit: dmhoro. Most of you know that I serve Converseon as Chief Strategist, and I’ve watched Converseon’s great research team pull insights from social media conversation that have astounded me. But some people still don’t believe that social media can deliver real market research value. If you believe that social media just can’t answer your market research questions, I won’t try to convince you otherwise.
    [Work] 3 Steps To Make Blogging A Top Priority
    Because customers want it, because it’s cheaper than other marketing tactics and because it works. Are blogs an important part of your marketing mix? More and more research is showing that if you’re not blogging, you just don’t get it. And I’m not talking about a little bit. I mean you are seriously missing the boat.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 2011
    [Work] 5 Must-Test Internet Marketing Tactics and Metrics
    Does one tone or message work better than another? Do numbers in your headlines work well? Do certain offers work better for particular blog topics? A middle-of-the-funnel offer like a free trial or consultation might not work well on your blog, but it might work wonders on a product page! Download this free ebook for step-by-step instructions on how to make internet marketing work for your business.
    [Work] Content Marketing Personalization: Build Relationships At Scale
    He asked what line of work I was in. I know you’re wondering “what the heck is content marketing personalization?” ” I promise I will get to that. But first, I want to tell you a brief story I am pretty certain you can relate to. I went to the doctor a few weeks back. I told him I was in marketing. He said, “that’s like sales, right?” ” I told him “no.” ” That’s not what I do.
    [Work] 3 Reasons You Should Use Website Visitor Tracking
    Web analytics provides the solid understanding of how your site is working … or not. It just takes a little bit of investigative work using visitor-tracking filters and integration with a tool such as The capabilities inherent in website visitor tracking all work together to get you the payoff. More than likely, your website plays a sizable role in your overall business success.
  • HG DATA  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 2017
    [Work] Intelliverse® Integrates HG Focus to Help Companies Accelerate Sales
    For 30 years, Intelliverse® has worked with companies of all sizes and industries to increase and accelerate sales, while also improving the predictability of their sales process. We’ll also introduce customers, who are interested in different technology datasets for marketing and predictive analytics use cases, to HG Data so that your team can work directly with them to satisfy their requirements.
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