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    [Work] How Ad Blocking Works: Everything You Need to Know
    There's a fair amount of confusion around what ad blocking applications are, how they work on iPhones and iPads with iOS 9, how they affect websites, and what marketers like us should do about them. Users are inadvertently putting their favorite websites out of business,” said Sean Blanchfield , a long-time online gaming engineer who worked on Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. How Do Ad Blockers Work? 1) Evaluate how well your ads are actually working for your audience.
    [Work] When it comes to social media, stop trying to “work the room”
    But based on my experience it seems to work quite well. When we stop trying to “work the room,&# we tend to get the world handed us on a silver platter. By Contributing {grow} Columnist Srinivas Rao. When I look at social media I don’t see a way to lower your cost of marketing, increase ROI, or grow your brand. What I see is access to a global networking of inspiring people.
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    [Work] Working Late? Here Are 21 Tips to Make Your Nights More Productive
    Every so often, though, you’ll have a counterproductive day at work and need to pick up the slack before bed. But this situation raises an important question: If you’re going to stay up late working, how do you stay productive? 21 Tips to Stay Productive When You're Working at Night. After the work day is over, a small 20-minute relaxation period can play a major role in your productivity during the next few hours. 7) Don’t work in your bedroom.
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    [Work] Your Traditional Marketing Tactics Don't Work on Millennials: Here's How to Adjust
    Along with the rise of the Millennial, then, comes a change in many people''s buyer persona -- and the time has come to recognize once again that our traditional methods of targeting this persona may not be working. When it comes to your direct mail strategy, here’s the thing; it’s not working. Work hard to include them in the conversation. Let''s level. Are Millennials just tablet-toting whiners living in their parents'' basements? In short, no. Of course not.
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    [Work] Is Apple Working on Ad-Free TV?
    Apple is working on a TV service that would let people pay a little extra and be able to skip ads, according to a new report from Jessica Lessin , a former Wall Street Journal reporter. Moreover, everyone who works in this industry knows this. It will take a huge amount of work to wean the TV industry off the advertising model.
    [Work] Feeling Unmotivated at Work? 7 Ways to Get Back in the Groove [Infographic]
    Do you ever find yourself struggling to feel motivated at work? It can be really hard to focus and get your work done -- let alone do it well -- when you're feeling unmotivated. Check out the infographic below from ProEssayWriter to learn about the seven most common reasons people feel unmotivated at work -- and how to fix them. Perhaps you're bored or tired. Or maybe you just don't see the point in what you're doing.
    [Work] Why You Need to Encourage Experimental Learning At Work [SlideShare]
    How can a leader create an environment at work that promotes learning? "The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.". There's a reason that Sven Goran Eriksson quote is famous -- it rings true for many of us. We often avoid taking risks because we're afraid of failing. We're afraid that if we fail we'll be judged. We're afraid of the unknown. We're afraid to get started on something that could potentially go wrong. And hey, there's a good chance we're right.
    [Work] Facebook Can Work for B2B Marketers, But You Gotta Know the Rules
    In my work with B2B organizations, the question of how to use Facebook is invariably front and center. Contests and giveaways work well on Facebook. Here’s how it works. As a result, most of the wall comments come from people who want to work for UPS. The style that works best is relaxed, informal and a little edgy. This Is despite the fact that numerous surveys have shown that Facebook is one of the least effective social networks for B2B marketing.
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    [Work] 19 Reasons Your Social Media Might Not Work Out the Way You Planned
    To help you avoid some common, and not so common, mistakes on social media, I put together this list revealing some of the hidden reasons why your social media efforts might not be working out exactly as you hoped. Social networks have bugs and issues, (cue Twitter’s Fail Whale) and some days your profiles or social tools won’t work the way they’re supposed to. Social media is the most volatile and unpredictable marketing channel we’ve ever seen.
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    [Work] From Coffee Shops to Cat Videos: 12 Unexpected Productivity Hacks That Actually Work
    I suppose what I'd really meant was that all I did was work: I got to work early, worked through lunch, broke for dinner, and then proceeded to sign back online to wrap a few things up after that. Many of us have this distorted idea of productivity where the more hours you put in, the more work you put out. The less you socialize during the day, the more work you put out. The less you move during the day, the more work you put out. 1) Work less.
    [Work] Work Together, Not Apart: A Bird’s Eye View of Content Marketing Collaboration
    To illustrate this philosophy at work, let’s take a look at a few recent examples of the KoMarketing team collaborating both internally and externally: Internal Collaboration. For our team, this type of work requires an “all hands on deck” approach to successfully place content on relevant industry sites. After all, as stated in a Search Engine Watch article on complementary marketing, “The more we work together to increase the value of one another, the more everyone wins.”.
    [Work] How Remote Working Has Changed Businesses Forever
    Remote working has become one of the most popular modern working preferences. Also known as telecommuting and telework, remote working is when an employee carries out duties outside an office. The post How Remote Working Has Changed Businesses Forever appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Source: [link] In the age of technology and flexibility, the landscape of modern office is changing.
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    [Work] How Marketing Can Work With Sales to Close More (and Better) Leads
    It might even erode most of the trust your marketing team has worked so hard to build up.". In my work with HubSpot customers, I see it all. In my job at HubSpot, I chat with marketers very often about what problems they're facing. One of the most common issues I hear about is lead flow -- a marketing department generates hundreds of leads per month, but many of them aren't closing. Nobody knows where to turn. Sales points fingers at marketing. Marketing points fingers at sales.
    [Work] Social Media Managers Must Work Around Lousy Business Models
    The company requested my ticketing information and went to work trying to help me. Work to build a direct line of communication with the customer support team. If the model is something you can''t control, though, then just work your butt off to resolve issues for -- and ultimately satisfy -- customers who have legitimate issues that they share on social media. Raise your hand if you''ve ever been screwed over by an airline. Yeah, me too -- multiple times.
    [Work] 7 Tactics that Are Working for B2B Lead Generation Today
    Every successful brand in the world has been built on the strong foundation of a proven process, a formula that works. And yet, there are certain time-tested methods that we still need to use because we know they will work. Here is a quick list of the B2B lead generation tactics that are working today. If a prospect is just about floating at the top of the funnel, gated content won’t work—you need to give away something valuable, easily, with no strings attached.
    [Work] The Psychology of Teams: 9 Lessons on How Happy, Efficient Teams Really Work
    One of the best places I've found to look for tips on the workplace is in recognizing which tips work great for relationships in general. In Your Brain at Work , David Rock covers the different science behind working smarter on the job. Here are some highlights: Exhibit a ferocious and intelligently applied work ethic directed at continual improvement. Demonstrate respect for each person in the organization and the work he or she does.
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    [Work] How Google Search Works, In a Nutshell
    Unless you're an SEO expert , it's no surprise if you're mystified by the inner-workings of Google search. Yesterday, Google's head of web spam, Matt Cutts, published a video on the GoogleWebmasterHelp YouTube channel called "How does Google search work?" As Cutts states in the video, he could spend hours and hours talking about how Google search works, but he was nice enough to parse it into the following 8-minute video.
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    [Work] Type A vs. Type B: Does Personality Type Matter at Work?
    While the Type A or Type B labels can apply in all areas of life, people often use them to describe working and collaboration style. Despite both erring on the side of Type B, the steady person and the influential person still sound like they'd have very different personality types, working styles, and collaboration styles. What matters really matters is how you work in day-to-day scenarios. Which systems help you stay organized at work?
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    [Work] How In-House and Outsourced Marketers Can Work Together
    Personally, I’ve been on both sides of the fence (previously in-house working with an outsourced and now outsourced working with in-house marketers). And how can outsourced and in-house marketers work best together? In my experiences, working with in-house marketers has been greatly positive. One universal strength an inside marketer has is a close working relationship and daily access to all the firm’s professionals involved in the marketing effort.
    [Work] 5 Tips for Crafting Provocative E-Mails That Work!
    Research from IDC says that your buyers are always willing to engage with a sales rep who can help them: Understand more about their industry landscape Gain insights on potential challenges that should be addressed Learn about innovative strategies that have worked well at similar companies Detail and quantify specific revenue growth, competitive advantage, or bottom line improvements you can deliver.
    [Work] 10 Little Ways to Sneak in Exercise at Work (Without Looking Silly)
    The prospect of packing a gym bag, trudging to your local gym, working out, showering, changing, and trudging back to where you came from takes an awful lot of time. When you neglect exercise, you're putting both your physical and your mental health at risk, which can negatively impact your productivity and effectiveness at work. Work physical activity into your everyday routine. 10 Little Ways to Sneak in Exercise at Work. 2) Work out during lunch.
    [Work] Content Strategy: What Works to Move Customers Down the Funnel
    Discover how content fits into the ever changing sales funnel and what types you need to invest in. The sales funnel has undergone some changes in the B2B realm over the past few years and content marketing is a rising star in carrying customers through (or around) the sales funnel. Learn how content can be used in your customer journey.
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    [Work] Banks work with FinTechs to tackle innovation challenges
    Banking and finance Research
    [Work] Should You Strive for Work/Life Balance? The History of the Personal & Professional Divide
    It’s the self-help topic du jour: achieving “work/life" balance. Tips for reaching this coveted state-of-being range from the physical (like exercising and unplugging from technology) to the psychological (like meditating and mentally “disconnecting” from work) to the sociological (like meticulously scheduling all of your outside-of-work interactions/activities with friends and family). In fact, at HubSpot, we often encourage "work/life" balance in employees.
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    [Work] Why Individuals Slack Off When They're Working on a Team
    Whether it was a baseball team when you were growing up, a team of volunteers working to clean up a local community, or a marketing team working to support your sales department -- it's likely that you've experienced the feeling of strength in numbers. And when I ask people if they prefer working in groups or as individuals, they often say, “by myself.”. His findings illuminate why most people prefer working as individuals than in groups. Make Work Identifiable.
    [Work] B2B Social Media Marketing -- Does It Work?
    Log in now ClickZ Interactive Marketing Events Search Engine Watch Search Marketing Conferences Subscribe to Newsletter Subscribe to RSS Feeds Free Webcasts Members Area Forums Advertise You are here: SEW Home › Experts › Social Media Marketing › B2B Social Media Marketing -- Does It Work? Real-Time Activity Stream B2B Social Media Marketing -- Does It Work? The big question here is, however, does a B2B social media marketing campaign actually work?
    [Work] How to Craft a B2B Email Marketing Strategy That Works
    If a company’s email has formatting issues, their links don’t work, or images don’t load correctly, most users will simply delete the email, especially while they are trying to sift through their work email. Investing in experienced designers who know how to design emails responsively that are optimized for the user’s screen (whether it is mobile or desktop) are key toward crafting B2B marketing campaigns that work.
    [Work] Why you should merge your traditional and digital marketing work
    But at big companies, the kind that I work with, folks continue to wrestle with whether the old-style marketing organizations ought to be merged with the new cool digital folks. Do we take the people doing the old-fashioned work and group them with the newfangled social/search/local/mobile mavens? The post Why you should merge your traditional and digital marketing work appeared first on Biznology.
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    [Work] Build an ABM Strategy That Works with Your Business
    We called them whale hunters because they spent months, even years in pursuit of the big fish—working a handful of accounts, building relationships and getting to know the people and what they needed to succeed. Even a manual, one-on-one approach works. Develop a process that works for you (that’s key) and automate that process as you have the budget and expertise. The post Build an ABM Strategy That Works with Your Business appeared first on HG Data.
    [Work] Making Content Marketing, Email and Social Media Work in Harmony for Your Small Business
    While you may be familiar with certain ways to market your business online such as through content marketing, email and social media, you may be unsure of how they work together, or exactly how to integrate efforts to achieve maximum results. Why does content marketing work? Content marketing works because it gives the recipient something of value, such as information or entertainment, all while elevating your business’ visibility and credibility as the provider of the value.
    [Work] 7 Proven Ways Marketers Working From Home Can Stay Motivated
    As many marketing consultants and freelancers know, there’s nothing like working from home. But, is working from home all it’s cracked up to be? Working from home isn’t without its problems, however. This post will look at strategies you can implement in order to stay focused, motivated, and productive when working from home. Networking is important for anyone working in the industry, and even more so for at-home workers. Exercise During The Work Day.
    [Work] How Effective Conversion Paths Work [Cartoon]
    But your work isn’t done just yet! I’m a sucker for a creative metaphor. I love taking a complex idea, dismantling it, and then conveying it a form that’s much easier to digest. Sort of like explaining advanced inbound marketing concepts to my parents through a series of exaggerated hand motions and funnel-like gestures. See what I did there?
    [Work] How Do You Work Content Into Your Marketing Mix? [New benchmark report]
    How Do You Work Content Into Your Marketing Mix? by Amanda Batista | Tweet this There are a lot of great surveys and reports about the state of content marketing out there (props Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs and Demand Gen Report ). The wealth of information about content marketing is a true testament to its value in the customer engagement process.
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    [Work] 13 Classic Works of Literature With Upworthy Titles
    What we did wouldn’t make any of our old English teachers proud: We retitled 13 classic works of literature and did our best to rid of them of all prestige. The post 13 Classic Works of Literature With Upworthy Titles appeared first on The Content Strategist. Is the art of headline creation really dead?
    [Work] Beyond the Hype: 3 Steps to Making Account-Based Marketing Work for You
    Beyond the Hype: 3 Steps to Making Account-Based Marketing Work for You was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link] The post Beyond the Hype: 3 Steps to Making Account-Based Marketing Work for You appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. Author: Mike Telem Account-based marketing (ABM) is the latest buzzword to hit the industry.
    [Work] Why PowerPoint rules the business world
    We need an ABC book of visual language (a project I am working on ). A CALL FOR VISUAL LITERACY. In many organizations, the beginning and end of any business activity is marked by the PowerPoint presentation. In the early stages of an initiative, PowerPoint is used in strategy sessions, to present proposals and put forth plans. Later, it's used for updates and progress reports. In the final stages, it's used to report back and to present findings and conclusions.
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    [Work] How to Showcase Your Work Using LinkedIn's 'Professional Portfolio' Feature [Quick Tip]
    With LinkedIn''s fairly new professional portfolio feature, launched back in May , LinkedIn users can now easily display their professional work via their personal profiles. This means you now have ability to showcase your presentations, ebooks, blog posts, videos, portfolios (or any work really) right on your profile. The idea is to give users the opportunity to display their work rather than just talk about it. Click this to either upload a file or add a link to your work.
    [Work] How to Work the Room at Your Next Networking Event [Infographic]
    And let's be real -- you're not going to accomplish any of that if you sit at a table texting or pretending to do work on your laptop until it's time to meet up with your colleagues for the afterparty. Be sure to read through the each step carefully to uncover the best advice on how to work the room at your next event. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.
    [Work] You Know You Work in PR When…
    You Know You Work in PR When… was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link]. Author: Megan Ziman 1. You tell people that PR stands for “Public Relations,” but they have no idea what you do. So you make an awkward joke about having a “BS” in PR. You’re obsessed with Brian Solis’ insights about Diedre Breakenridge’s book, “PR 2.0.” ” 4.
    [Work] Why email marketing still matters–and how to make it work
    Andrew Schulkind recorded a webinar on how to make email marketing campaigns work for you. But how do we create email campaigns that work? By knowing how to measure what is working and how to adjust over time. In this free 30-minute Biznology® webinar with Andrew Schulkind, you will learn the concepts that work regardless of your industry and audience, and learn the metrics to track to ensure your email marketing is always improving.
    [Work] Say Goodbye to Endless Procedures in Your Marketing! 2 Fresh Approaches to Increasing Work Quality
    Entry and mid-level workers are encouraged to make changes and improvements to their work as they see fit, without fear that the hierarchical system will impede these efforts. People are accountable for their actions, and this mindset resonates throughout the organization, ultimately resulting in higher work quality and attention to detail. 2 Fresh Approaches to Increasing Work Quality appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership.
    [Work] How Lead Scoring and Nurturing Work Together
    The post How Lead Scoring and Nurturing Work Together appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On. Any outreach strategy can be overdone, including nurturing. The very last thing you want to do is irritate your future customer … so you need to watch the cadence of your messaging and be aware of which stage of the buying cycle the prospect is in. Lead scoring can help. What’s lead scoring?
    [Work] Snapchat for Business: How It Works, Why You Need It & How to Build a Following [Infographic]
    So what exactly is Snapchat, how does it work, and how are brands using it for business? Back when Snapchat was first released in 2011, a lot of people dismissed it as a passing fad. But with over 100 million daily active users, it's clear the app is here to stay -- and yet, many marketers are still struggling with the concept of actually using it for their businesses. (In In fact, a lot of marketers are still struggling to take it seriously as a social media platform at all.).
    [Work] How Does Inbound Work for Membership Marketing?
    Your attraction strategies are working. To remain active members who will become some of your organization's best ambassadors as they share your content and work on and offline to their communities, attracting more people. Like many other marketing strategies, inbound marketing transcends B2B, B2C, and nonprofit marketing. Inbound marketing isn't just about closing sales. It's about identifying and building trust with people in your target market.
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    [Work] How to Become a "Best Place to Work": Lessons From Recent Winners
    People are working, going about their business, and they’re happy. These companies know a thing or two about what makes a company a great place to work. Find out what it is your company believes in and let it be the thing that gets you pumped up for work every day. That’s cool, neither do we -- but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a shared, deliberate goal driving our business and work every day. 4) Practice What You Preach About Work/Life Balance.
    [Work] How Marketing and Sales Can Work Together to Close More Leads
    This is what we mean by S ales and Marketing alignment : when Sales and Marketing work together to improve the process for customer acquisition (lead generation, lead nurturing, lead qualification and sales closing). By having the two departments communicate with each other, you can improve sales outcomes by giving both Sales and Marketing a complete understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. This post originally appeared on the Insiders section of Inbound Hub.
    [Work] How Visitor Tracking Works
    You’ve probably heard of website visitor tracking , but how does it work? We explain how visitor tracking works and disclose the details of how companies are able to identify people and businesses that visit your website. Website visitor tracking works by placing a small snippet of JavaScript code onto your website, usually in the footer. The post How Visitor Tracking Works appeared first on Lead Liaison.
    [Work] B2B Marketing Survey Says Email and Twitter Work
    A recent survey of traffic to the websites of small to medium-sized business (SMB) provides some interesting insight into what works and what doesn’t for online marketing. And, there are those of us who know that social media works, but the fact is few B2B marketers have succeeded in implementing social media successfully.
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    [Work] 3 Ways to Make Your Corporate Blog’s Sidebar Work Harder
    Start with a prominent headline (“Subscribe” works just fine) and consider descriptive selling copy that “sells” the various options: “Get instant notice of our new posts by following this blog through RSS or Twitter, or become an email subscriber and receive a convenient monthly summary of new content in your inbox. Want a simple way to have your corporate blog show measurable results? Take a hard look at your sidebar. Here are 3 techniques guaranteed to make an impact: 1.
    [Work] The most important questions to make your marketing work
    The post The most important questions to make your marketing work appeared first on Biznology. Succeeding at marketing these days really isn’t that hard. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it takes some effort, along with time, money, and resources. But most marketing plans follow a fairly straightforward path that depends on developing high-quality content and getting that content in front of customers on mobile, search, and social channels.
    [Work] Content Planning Tools: What These 4 Teams Use to Work More Efficiently
    The post Content Planning Tools: What These 4 Teams Use to Work More Efficiently appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Creating stellar content isn’t a matter of putting words, images, and interactive content together on a screen. It requires careful planning, research, and talent – with the help of some great tools along the way. These tools assist all throughout the process – from planning, to assigning, to execution and delivery. So we wanted to […].
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    [Work] How to Avoid Burnout at Work: 7 Strategies from HubSpot’s Manager of Culture
    How to Avoid Burnout at Work. We’re stepping up our manager training, and we’re working on trainings to support them with their teams,” she explains. That way, you’re working to manage her workload in a way that prevents burnout. For that reason, it’s fair to request as much advanced notice as necessary, so you can work together to make sure there’s a support system in place at the office that can allow that person to fully disconnect.
    [Work] How Facebook's New 'Reactions' Feature Works & What It Means for Marketers
    In this post, I'll first touch on how the reactions buttons work. How the New 'Reactions' Feature Works. Now that we have a better understanding of how the new reactions feature works, let's talk about what it means for marketers. Last week, Facebook officially rolled out a new feature called “Reactions” to Facebook users worldwide. The new feature serves as an extension of the Like button.
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    [Work] Shameless Marketing Tactics That Totally Work [Infographic]
    We've all done it. You know, used that shameless little marketing tactic that catches the attention of your audience and gets them clicking because, well, they just can't help it. Admit it. Or don't -- you know who you are. Last month we wrote about 7 of the most shameless tactics marketers use to lure their audiences. But you know what's even better than writing about them? Visualizing them! I'm not sure whether this qualifies as an infographic (it is a graphic with info on it though, right?).
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 16, 2015
    [Work] Hillary Clinton Is Borrowing Marketing Tactics From Taylor Swift (And It's Working)
    And it's working. Are Clinton's Efforts Working? In a Washington Post article from last February, reporters Philip Rucker and Anne Gearan wrote about the marketing team that's worked to revolutionize Clinton's brand in preparation for her presidential campaign. What do Taylor Swift and Hillary Clinton have in common? They've both been on the cover of Vogue. They both made TIME 's "100 Most Influential People" list.
    [Work] Desk Ergonomics: Posture Tips to Stay Happier & Healthier at Work [Infographic]
    You may not spend much time thinking about your posture when you're getting work done at your desk each day, but it can have a significant long-term impact on your health. Just think about how much time you spend at your desk. Often, you'll be sitting or standing in the same position, hour after hour, day after day, week after week. If your position of choice is hunched over, or puts a strain on your neck, or means you type in a way that stresses out your wrists.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 2016
    [Work] Pushing Boundaries with Video: 6 Steps to Make a Video That Works
    I’ve also seen companies foul it up beyond all recognition, wasting time, money, and effort on something that was never, ever going to work. 6) Work with Professionals. Video is one of the most discussed marketing tools around, and certainly one of the most hyped. Cisco estimates that it will comprise 82% of all web traffic by 2020. And as the head of an inbound marketing agency with an in-house video department , I’ve seen first-hand the power of video.
    [Work] 5 Ways to Say 'No' At Work (Without Feeling Guilty) [Infographic]
    Achieving better work-life balance? If something like that makes us feel bad, how can we possibly be expected to feel good about turning work down? With the new year well under way, we thought it might be fun to check in on how those resolutions are going. Are you eating more vegetables? Doing more community service? That last one is tricky, and might even conflict with other goals, like getting a raise or being more productive.
    [Work] Weekend Reading: “Does It Work?” by Shane Atchison & Jason Burby
    For the 102nd episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, I interviewed Jason Burby, co-author of “Does It Work? The post Weekend Reading: “Does It Work?” 10 Principles for Delivering True Business Value in Digital Marketing.” ” Jason Burby is the President of the Americas Region for the digital agency POSSIBLE, part of the holding company WPP. His co-author, Shane Atchison, is the CEO of […].
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2016
    [Work] Want to Work Better With Your Freelancers? Here are 9 Things They Wish You Knew
    Once upon a time, I worked as a freelancer. So to help you establish a more productive working relationship with your contractors, I put together a list of things I always wished my customers knew about freelancing. Freelancers are a one-person show, and as a result, they have to do much of the same work as a small business owner. Stay on top of accounts payable and make sure your company expedites payments to your freelancers right after the work has been delivered.
    [Work] Do’s and Don’ts of Working with Technical Teammates
    Having had the opportunity to work with plenty of these techy types over the years, I’ve developed my own personal list of do’s and don’ts for working with them. All of these do’s and don’ts for working with technical teammates are simply practicing good interpersonal skills: 1. I recently went through the Google Analytics (GA) Digital Analytics Fundamentals online course with the goal of eventually getting certified (still working on that).
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2015
    [Work] How to Build a Website Style Guide: Lessons from Working on
    I’d been working on the HubSpot website for several months when the déjà vu struck. Many style guides also formalize the best practices and processes for how the team should work together. With so many different designers and developers working on the website, we found ourselves with a hodgepodge collection of templates, style sheets, and modules on our hands. We get to work with cleaner, more scalable code.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 2014
    [Work] How to Work Less and Accomplish More: Career Principles to Live By
    If only we could find more time to work on planning, preparation, and prevention, we’d surely be more profitable and grow faster. Everyone on the team has to be on the same page, working toward the same goals, with accountability. You have to have clear goals and work your ass off to ensure you’re moving toward them. The good news is that by applying the principles of this article you can actually work less and accomplish more.
    [Work] Working a Trade Show is a Job
    Working a Trade Show is a Job. However, to maximize your investment and opportunities you need to ‘ work’ these events. Here are a few action items for you to do in preparing for, working and post action plans for working any event. Best Practices for Attending an Industry Conference. Last week I was in Charlotte, NC, today is Orlando, and tomorrow is Chicago.
    [Work] Harold Jarche " The work literacy gap
    [Work] Work Literacy Home
    [Work] Working Capital For Your Business
    It’s no secret that businesses need working capital to operate. The post Working Capital For Your Business appeared first on Vertical Response Blog. But selecting the right type of small business funding can be daunting. If you find yourself in need of a safety net to help cover emergency expenses, purchase inventory or fill gaps in cash flow, a revolving line of credit might just be the answer.
    [Work] From Vague to Valuable: Putting Buyer Personas to Work
    Something we’ve found to work particularly well at HubSpot that has formed the basis for our segmentation strategy (and our tools) is segmenting by both persona and lifecycle stage. “You’ve got to know your customer.” ” It’s a business cliche that has reached fever pitch in the past couple of years. And if it wasn’t 100% true, I’d hesitate to mention it yet again.
    [Work] If a marketing tactic works, but people hate it, should you use it?
    I asked that question on Twitter and was immediately told the obvious, “Because it works.” P.S. Here’s the data on the mobile ads people hate most — modals are really infuriating there: The post If a marketing tactic works, but people hate it, should you use it? It’s a scenario straight out of Kiefer Sutherland’s TV series 24. There’s a ticking time bomb somewhere in the city.
    [Work] Multitasking Puts Your Brain on Information Overload [Infographic]
    Mobile Marketing Online Advertising Social Media Work-Life / Productivity brain digital infographic mobile multitasking online productivity stress tasksIf you’re looking to be more productive then it’s helpful to understand exactly how multitasking affects your brain. According to a recent infographic by , your brain “wasn’t designed to handle the amount information they’re currently processing.”
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2014
    [Work] How the Internet Works: An Explanation Even Non-Techies Can Understand
    As modern online marketers who are totally in tune with everything that happens on the world wide web, we should -- undoubtedly -- be able to teach others how all of this “internet" stuff works. As it turns out, explaining how the internet works in a way that even the most internet-agnostic person can understand is easier said than done. Unfortunately, packet-switching technology alone can''t explain how the entire internet works.
    [Work] How to Work With a Developer: 6 Tips for Improving Your Relationship
    But before you start putting work on their plate, you should know that developers are a special breed of people. (I To set both yourself and your developers up for success, we've outlined six tips for building a more productive working relationship. 6 Tips for Working With Developers. Imagine you're a builder working on a brand new house. For example, I was recently approached with an "easy" task that took nearly 12 hours to work through. You did it.
    [Work] 2013 Marketing Survey Results: What Worked Best?
    In business, as in life, we often tend to find our best paths forward by looking to the past – by taking stock of what we’ve done previously, of what has and hasn’t worked, and charting a course accordingly. Clearly, marketers are investing in what works. The post 2013 Marketing Survey Results: What Worked Best?
    [Work] 5 Lead Conversion Tips That Work for Any Marketing Program
    Tip: Work lock step with the sales team to avoid unnecessary collisions. Just like your follow up campaigns, nurturing works best when it’s tailored to buyer role and stage. 5 Lead Conversion Tips That Work for Any Marketing Program is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. by Elle Woulfe | Tweet this If you send every “lead” to sales, regardless of quality, they will have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince.
    [Work] Being Busy is Not Being Productive
    The problem is that the busy work for most people isn’t focused on the things that need to be done. It’s just that, busy work. I just finished the 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss, a masterful book on automating your work so that you can “join the new rich” and “design a great life style” This is on my recommended reading list. Work-Life / Productivity 4-hour workweek productivity tasks timothy ferriss
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Work] Where Time Gets Lost at Work (And How to Get It Back) [Infographic]
    You decide to work at your desk so you can keep cranking on that project. Have any tips for how you can use your time more productively at work? We've all been there: heads down on an important project, cranking away, and then woosh. You fly into a meeting. And then woosh , you fly into another meeting. Your stomach grumbles. It's lunchtime. But then ping , there's a message from your manager. You have to drop everything and help put out a (digital) fire.
    [Work] Recommended Books to Read
    Work-Life / Productivity chip & dan heath eric ries gary vaynerchuk getting more keith ferrazzi made to stick marshall goldsmith never eat alone patrick lencioni stuart diamond the 4-hour workweek the five dysfunctions of a team the lean startup the thank you economy timothy ferriss what got you here won't get you there
    [Work] Sober Up: Account-Based Marketing Can Work in an Inbound World
    “ABM works really well when there are specific fish you want to catch, where it’s not effective to wait around for them to swim into your net, but you have to actually reach out to them,” Miller said in an interview with Megan Golden. There needs to be a consistent brand voice across both the sales and marketing departments, and both sides should be working from the same game plan for each account, making sure that there aren’t any gaps in the presentation.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 6, 2013
    [Work] Twitter Opens Advertising to All U.S. Users: Here's How it Works
    Some paid promotion can be a great complement to your organic inbound marketing efforts, so if you''re new to Twitter ads, we''re going to give you a primer on just how they work. How Twitter''s Self-Service Ads Work. Ready to get your hands dirty with some Twitter advertising? Now''s your chance! On April 30th, Twitter announced that advertising would finally be available to all users in the U.S. through the launch of its new, self-service ad platform.
  • THE POINT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013
    [Work] The Long Distance Relationship: How to Work with a Remote Marketing Agency
    Today, modern marketing channels have become so fragmented that B2B marketers are much more likely to work with a stable of agencies – a demand generation agency , for example, plus a branding firm, a PR shop, perhaps even an SEO consultant. Because we’re highly specialized, it’s not uncommon for us to be hired sight unseen or even work with clients for months before we actually meet face to face. Be up front about the way you like to work.
  • MARKETRI  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2013
    [Work] How Can Marketing and Business Development Work Together to Maximize Results?
    But, how do these departments and key attributes effectively work together to increase a firm’s ROI? While each department has its separate “duties” and functions, ultimately, they must work together to support the firm’s overall goal -- to grow the business. Marketing and business development naturally have skill sets that complement each other, and while each function is separate, they work together to support the business.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014
    [Work] How Do Conversion Paths Work? [FAQs]
    Imagine, for example, you work at a pet store and have created an ebook on raising a puppy. As a marketer, a big part of your job is to convert qualified website visitors into leads. Simple enough. But as an inbound marketer, your job is to convert qualified website visitors (aka your buyer personas) into leads by offering remarkable content for which they’ll want to trade their contact information in exchange.
  • CONTENTLY  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016
    [Work] This Content Campaign Increased Applications to Work at GE by 800 Percent
    The spots follow Owen as he tries to explain his new cool new job developing breakthrough code as a GE engineer to his befuddled friends and family, who think that he’s going to go work on a train or live a life of manual labor. “[It’s] increased applications to work at GE eightfold,” Boff said. The post This Content Campaign Increased Applications to Work at GE by 800 Percent appeared first on The Content Strategist.
    [Work] How To Work with Subject Matter Experts In A B2B Content Marketing Program
    At KoMarketing, we work with B2B marketers who represent the software technology and industrial manufacturing industries. I know we work with both enterprises and small businesses, how might that plan differ amongst them? Work to get them peeling back that onion of information inside them. Along with these industries come complex products, which can sometimes lead to the challenge of executing complex content marketing initiatives for the desired audience.
  • NUSPARK  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2011
    [Work] SEO and Content Marketing Work Together
    In summary, content marketing and SEO work together. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the unique mix of art and science with the ultimate goal to showcase your firm on Google’s first page when users query a term that your firm provides as an answer to that query. However, from a lead generation standpoint, the mechanisms of lead capture for SEO are different from pay per click.
  • NUSPARK  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2011
    [Work] SEO and Content Marketing Work Together
    In summary, content marketing and SEO work together. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the unique mix of art and science with the ultimate goal to showcase your firm on Google’s first page when users query a term that your firm provides as an answer to that query. However, from a lead generation standpoint, the mechanisms of lead capture for SEO are different from pay per click.
    [Work] 5 Reasons Why Your Inbound Marketing Isn’t Working
    Here are some reasons why your inbound strategy may not be working and ways that you can really amp up the volume: 1. Inbound works by canvasing the internet with content in the hopes people will find you. It’s far more likely that they assign this exercise to someone working for them. Want to learn more about how to tap into the power of inbound marketing and develop a strategy that works?
    [Work] What Is Account-Based Marketing, and Will It Work for Your Brand?
    Why Do Account-Based Strategies Work? The next step is obvious: integration happens, moving the marketing and sales staffs into closer working proximity with each other, and encouraging collaboration between the two. It’s not just brand leadership, either: you need the investment of the sales and marketing departments, from department heads all the way down to entry-level workers, to create an environment in which this marketing strategy can work.
    [Work] Getting on the Radar: Sales Tools Don't Work Unless You're on the Shortlist
    The post Getting on the Radar: Sales Tools Don't Work Unless You're on the Shortlist appeared first on CallidusCloud. In my role, I get to talk to all kinds of people – including CEOs and sales leaders – and one of the themes of a favorite war story is the deal that got away […]. Marketing Marketing Automation
    [Work] Study: Only 3 Percent of Freelance Creatives Use Co-Working Spaces
    Co-working and the sharing economy may be all the buzz, but the perception that most freelancers spend their days in co-working spaces and drive Ubers seems to be more myth than fact. We asked freelancers about a range of topics from how they find work, how they market themselves, how much they work, and more. The majority of freelance creatives (57 percent) find work online. Of that 57 percent, the majority of work comes from professional references.
    [Work] How Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing Works ?
    – In software company where I work, my boss always uses to motivate us by saying “bring something unique to the table” in terms of marketing. Here I’m working as a digital marketing executive like others marketing executive. The post How Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing Works ? It takes only a few seconds to turn this motivational one line speech into the challenge because doors are always open to.
    [Work] Frustrating Favor Requests: Freelance Doesn’t Mean “Free”
    A few months back, I read a LinkedIn Influencer post by my friend Ann Handley about pursuing “passion projects,” and why you should consider lending your professional expertise to a cause you deeply care about. (“ Why You Should Work For Free (Sometimes) ”). Recently, quite a few people have sent me requests to do work for them. I love my family and I love my work, but there’s not much room for “passion projects” at the moment. Why You Should Work For Free (Sometimes)”).
    [Work] More Marketers Spend On Content, Fewer Know If it’s Working
    More Marketers Spend On Content, Fewer Know If it’s Working is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this This morning the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs released its latest look into the field of content marketing this morning.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2015
    [Work] Why Workshops Work: The Secret to Selling Long-Lasting Retainers
    You’ve been working to sell a prospective client on a retainer for months. They’re not quite sure how this will work within their current structure. If the company is wavering in their decision or they are questioning how it will actually work within their organization, a workshop will provide the team with the knowledge they need to buy into the idea. The college lecture approach doesn’t work for this. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post.
    [Work] Why Social Selling is Like Dating: How to Find a Relationship that Works
    But that rarely works out (at least, it never worked out for me). That is a dialing-for-dollars mentality and it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Check out Act-On’s free toolk it : The post Why Social Selling is Like Dating: How to Find a Relationship that Works appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On. This might sound a little crazy, but I think it’s true: Social selling is a lot like dating. Think about it.
    [Work] 5 Warning Signs that You’re Working at a Dysfunctional Marketing Agency
    In my experience, the only time you’re likely to get a zanier group of people together is when you’re working on a play. As someone who has been there, I’m here to help you recognize the signs – and to encourage you get professional help (whether it be a therapist or a career counselor) if you’re already working at a dysfunctional marketing agency. I once worked at an agency where the client rewrote every email I ever composed.
    [Work] The Triggered Emails You Need to Make Your Marketing Automation Work
    Using some of the same technology, you can reorient your marketing to work around your prospect''s timeline instead of your own, while continuing to drive the actions you desire. For the sales reps out there, the same approach of leveraging triggers works incredibly well in eliciting a response from your prospects. When you hear the phrase "marketing automation," what do you think of first?
    [Work] How B2B Companies Can Know If Their Trade Show Marketing Works
    Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B companies who measure their trade show ROI are able to increase the effectiveness of their marketing investment and determine which shows are working. And which aren’t. For many companies, trade show marketing is driven by one the most powerful forces on the planet: inertia. Many companies keep going to the same trade shows every year without much hard analysis of if the trade show is generating a positive ROI.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 2014
    [Work] How Promotions Really Work: The No-Nonsense Guide to Progressing in Your Career
    Think of the people you''ve worked with over the years who have really, really kicked butt at their job but never seemed to rise up the ranks. They delivered on every task that was asked of them, demonstrated great work ethic, kept out of petty office politics, stayed late at the office -- basically, they ticked off every box from those articles you''ve read on how to get promoted. How Promotions Work. How Promotions Don''t Work.
    [Work] Bye-Bye Clip Art: Here Are 25 Works of Microsoft "Art" We're Gonna Miss
    Middle school book reports will never be the same. Yesterday, Microsoft announced they''re getting rid of Clip Art in favor of Bing image search. Apparently , nobody used Clip Art -- not even hipsters being ironic -- so it was time to say goodbye. Gizmodo''s Mario Aguilar put it best: "Farewell Clip Art. We didn''t know we missed you until you were gone."
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