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  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 2014
    [Work] 7 Facebook Marketing "Tips" and "Tricks" That Don't Actually Work
    But there''s little evidence to support that these "tips" work. Only a few people have seen anecdotal evidence that this works -- and some haven''t seen anything affected at all. If by "building a following", you mean "increasing number of Likes and Followers," this trick works. It''s spammy and probably won''t work, anyway. This short term play may work for you, but in the long run, you''re not going to be able to grow your following with it.
    [Work] 7 Ways You're Letting Guilt Sabotage Your Work
    And it’s killing the quality of our work. 7 Ways You're Letting Guilt Sabotage Your Work. What if my colleagues think I’m weird, or that I'm not getting my work done? L uckily, I work somewhere that encourages taking that time to breathe, and has resources in place to support it. According to data collected by DeskTime , the top 10% most productive employees take 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work they put in. better than the one that worked longer.
    [Work] Retargeting: Does Bothering Your Customers Really Work?
    When Retargeting Works and When It Is Nothing but Annoying. This method of advertising can work for both potential customers and businesses, so for many this tactic is very popular. However, there are plenty of reasons that retargeting won’t work. Consider some of the reasons retargeting might not work for a company or a consumer: You have no control over where your ads show up, so consumers could see them in odd places, which will only add to the annoyance.
    [Work] How to Make the Zero Moment of Truth Work for You
    ZMOT is a fantastic way to gain awareness on customer interest and satisfaction; putting these various methods to work for you will keep your brand in the forefront of shoppers’ minds and attentions, giving you the ability to trounce your competition and make the sale. Posted in Behavioral Targeting Business Intelligence Conversion Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Interactive Marketing Internet Search SEO Strategy User Generated Content.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 2016
    [Work] How the News Feed Algorithms Work on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
    Trouble is, each algorithm works differently. To help get it all straight, we've put together this simple guide on how the news feed works on the three most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. How It Works. How It Works. How It Works. You're connected with hundreds of people -- maybe even thousands -- on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • MARKETRI  |  THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013
    [Work] Why B2B Online Marketing Doesn't Work
    Whatever online marketing work you do, it is important that you find a way to align it with your goals. The search engines really look for these and it undoubtedly works very well for businesses of every size. The best idea - one that works for most companies - is to have one senior executive in charge of all online marketing functions. This guest post is courtesy of The Marketing Eye , our partners in the UK. It originally appeared on The Marketing Eye Blog.
    [Work] Predictive Analytics: Should Automated Content Selection Work by Segment or Individual?
    Segment-based systems work best when only a few choices are available. Dynamic content within email campaigns often works exactly this way. Two vendors made the same point with me this week, which is reason enough for a blog post in mid-July. The point was the difference between basing content selection on individuals and on segments.
    [Work] 15 Hilarious Office Pranks to Pull on Your Work Buddies
    Thanks to The Office, we all know the classic stapler in Jell-O trick. But what other, less conventional pranks are out there to add some color to an otherwise average day at the office? Every company has a story or two about that funny office prank of yore. Here at HubSpot, it''s the "wheat bread leads" story. Back in 2012, CEO Brian Halligan noticed our marketing team was generating a lot of what he called "white bread leads" (i.e.
    [Work] 4 Ways Inbound and Outbound Marketing Can Work Together
    While inbound marketing has tremendous benefits and a lower cost per lead compared to outbound marketing, I believe the two approaches can work together. People often think of these two marketing approaches as silos, operating as separate entities, but you would be surprised at how perfectly they work together. This is a great example of inbound and outbound working together and can be used to promote any type of content.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2017
    [Work] Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work? A HubSpot Blog Experiment
    Sounds like our influencer strategy worked, right? They've already done the hard work of content creation; now they can sit back and enjoy its amplification. These partnerships might not create one massive traffic spike, but they're lightweight for me to manage, generate content I'd be happy to share with our readers no matter who wrote it, and are a scalable way to work with influencers to produce content that consistently performs above average.
    [Work] Working in the Cloud, Walking on Sunshine
    Without revealing too much about my age, I’ve been doing Internet/Web related work since the early 90′s and an active computer user since the late 80′s. While much has changed since then, perhaps the biggest impact on my personal productivity has been the advent of cloud computing. Nothing underscored that more than leaving my iPad [.]. B2B Web Strategy
    [Work] Industrial Blogging Lessons Learned from Working with Technical SMEs
    This requires me to work very closely with engineers and technical SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) on a daily [.]. My clients often ask me to write posts for their industrial blogs. This is only a content summary. Please click on the headline to read the full article. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.]. Content Marketing Industrial Blogs Industrial Marketing Blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Industrial Marketing SME Subject Matter Experts
    [Work] 5 Reasons Your Lead Generation Strategy is Not Working
    The post 5 Reasons Your Lead Generation Strategy is Not Working appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. In business, failure is always an option. This is especially true in B2B businesses that require a steady flow of leads to stay healthy. So it serves marketers well to know the ins and outs of lead management both for better and for worse. Here are the top five reasons your lead generation campaigns may […].
    [Work] The Psychology of Color & Marketing – What Actually Works?
    The post The Psychology of Color & Marketing – What Actually Works? How do the colors red or purple make you feel? Excited, sophisticated? Hunches behind the psychology of color in marketing have been long-standing and intriguing, but are they actually true? Can you really use particular colors to enhance your customers’ moods, influence a click, establish brand recognition or affect their purchasing habits? Let’s find out: Color & Branding.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016
    [Work] Why Emotional Well-Being Matters at Work [Infographic]
    It goes like this: Great work leads to big success, which leads to happiness. Sounds like it should work out that way, right? Happiness isn't a destination; it's a starting point -- one that enables positive outcomes at work. When employees are happy first, they tend to work harder and be more productive. At the same time, the companies happy employees work for tend to see less turnover, higher revenue, and smoother operations overall.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 2015
    [Work] 10 User Generated Content Campaigns That Actually Worked
    Tired of struggling to crank out the endless streams of content needed to appease today’s consumers? You’re in luck! There is an option for burned out business owners, and that’s user generated content. This technique, in conjunction with the growth of popular social media websites, allows modern businesses to delegate some of these brand-building responsibilities to an unlikely voice -- their customer.
    [Work] 11 Reasons Having Friends at Work Makes You Happier [Infographic]
    Having friends at work directly correlates with engagement and productivity at the office. According to Gallup''s State of the American Workplace report , strong social connections at the office can make you more productive, and can even make you feel more passionate about your work and less likely to quit -- and these are only a handful of the potential benefits. Why should you care about making friends at work?
    [Work] How LinkedIn Company Pages Work Like Magic for B2B Marketers
    The users of LinkedIn tend to be affluent and influential , and can easily discover people employed by a certain company, or various types of business someone has worked for. Employee Insights – This provides information on your employees, such as new titles, who has departed, where your employees previously worked, what skills your employees have and who has been recommended the most.
    [Work] Team, Tools and Transformation—How to Build a Demand Gen Program that Works (ft. Mark Roberts, ShoreTel CMO)
    He gives a master class in the team, tools and transformation needed to build a demand gen program that works. The post Team, Tools and Transformation—How to Build a Demand Gen Program that Works (ft. Having a poorly understood or designed digital demand generation program does not produce results.
    [Work] Is Your SEO Actually Working? 3 Ways to Find Out
    When we consider the big picture of SEO, it’s a good consideration, but—especially in the day-to-day business of SEO work keyword ranking shouldn’t get too much of your time and attention. The truth is, effective SEO—the work that drives real, lasting ranking changes and leads to increased revenue—is long-term work. Is Your SEO Actually Working?
    [Work] Five Reasons Why Sales Strategy Doesn’t Work for Many Small Businesses
    While this strategy may work for large companies, smaller firms struggle to optimize each marketing channel. Many small businesses work on SEO, SEM, and advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube simultaneously, and end up generating little return on investment (ROI). Concentrating their campaign efforts on SEO (or SEM) and Facebook (or LinkedIn) ads may deliver better returns than working on every channel. Guest post by Anthony Bergs.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015
    [Work] 6 Email Tips and Tricks That Don’t Actually Work
    After all, why work so hard to build up a database of leads if you never do anything with them? If other marketers have seen success with this method, it’s likely that you’ll want to figure out what worked for them. While there is certainly a great deal of good advice available on the internet to help you improve your online marketing efforts, there is just as much bad advice out there that could potentially derail your hard work if you’re not careful.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 6, 2013
    [Work] Twitter Opens Advertising to All: Here's How it Works
    Some paid promotion can be a great complement to your organic inbound marketing efforts, so if you''re new to Twitter ads, we''re going to give you a primer on just how they work. How Twitter''s Self-Service Ads Work. Ready to get your hands dirty with some Twitter advertising? Now''s your chance! On April 30th, Twitter announced that advertising would finally be available to all users through the launch of its new, self-service ad platform.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013
    [Work] 9 Insider Tips for Native Advertising That Actually Works
    The reason native works is because the advertising is treated as a unit of content on the platform where it lives," is how John Battelle, CEO of Federated Media, explains the appeal of native ads. If you work in inbound marketing, chances are you’re doing some native advertising or at least thinking about it. What Works. Native advertising is all the rage in publishing right now. The Atlantic and Forbes are doing it, as are the Washington Post and The New York Times.
  • ANNUITAS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2014
    [Work] BANT for Lead Qualification Just Won’t Work
    The approach to BANT qualification focuses on an individual not a buying committee – yes, I am aware that one of the questions is authority, but rarely will a B2B buyer provide the list of people who are on the buying committee and pave the way to the key decision maker(s) – this will happen once they have a good working relationship with sales. About two years ago I wrote a blog post on Why BANT No longer applies for B2B Lead Qualification.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014
    [Work] The Forgetful Person's Guide to Staying Organized at Work
    In pretty much any setting, being forgetful sucks -- but at work, it can have disastrous consequences. tabs to make this work.). Evernote''s basically a notebook you can use in the cloud -- which means you can use it on your work computer, your home computer, your phone, your tablet, or even that random computer at a hotel on vacation. At some point in our lives, we have to just accept who we are.
    [Work] Account-Based Marketing Needs Content Marketing To Work
    The post Account-Based Marketing Needs Content Marketing To Work appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Marketing has a marketing problem. Ask most people who are NOT in marketing, what they think marketing is. They will answer with something that sounds like advertising or selling. Not that there’s anything wrong with advertising or selling!) In college, I learned that marketing is a conversation. A two-way dialog between your company and your […].
    [Work] Why Your Inbound Marketing Strategy May Not Be Working
    As a result, now is the perfect time to reevaluate your inbound marketing tactics and ask yourself, “Are these really working?”. Why Your Inbound Marketing Isn’t Working. Here’s why your efforts may not be working for you. Once you’ve identified which pit (or pits) you’ve fallen into, you need to understand how to adapt these marketing mistakes and ensure that they’ll really work.
  • ANNUITAS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2013
    [Work] What’s Working in B2B Content Strategy
    Never underestimate the importance of your website. Once again, the two most used sources for research are general web search and vendor websites. Blog B2B Marketing Buyer''s Jouney content marketing Demand Generation DemandGen report
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 2017
    [Work] How to Work with Influencers: The Ultimate Guide
    7 Ways to Work with Influencers. For example, if you work for a company that manufactures auto parts, it might not make sense to partner with a fashion blogger. But whether you’re gifting a tour of your facility or free product, you’ll want to work with bloggers that produce high-quality content -- the goal is to make the influential messaging about your brand highly shareable. Communication is imperative throughout the process of discovering and working with an influencer.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2017
    [Work] How to Communicate Effectively at Work With Your Boss
    Right now, I speak directly with everyone at our agency because there is only a handful of us, and that's how our business model works. Your work will speak for itself if you're bringing in the type of results your boss is looking for. We want to hear about how the team is working together and how your work environment is, so anything is open for discussion.". What are your strategies for communication effectively with your boss at work?
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, JULY 3, 2017
    [Work] Do you know why your content works?
    It’s taken a decade, but many of my clients actually know which content works better than others do. They have labored over web analytics and conversions and attribution and bounce rates and they are finally starting to think they know which content seems to be working better than others—and kudos to them. But it does beg the next question: “Why is that content working?” The post Do you know why your content works?
    [Work] 7 Hot Apps That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity at Work
    Once tasks are created, you can group them into projects, and invite team members so that they can brainstorm, assign subtasks, and work toward accomplishing their goals. A lot of the time when I am working on a "how-to" blog post I reference screenshots from my phone. This post originally appeared on Insiders , a section of Inbound Hub. For more content like this, subscribe to Insiders.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2015
    [Work] Make Personalization Work by Starting with the Right Data
    Whenever I have the opportunity to chat with a thought leader in the marketing industry, I always like to ask: What trend do you think will be next year’s buzzword? In 2014, many professionals said 2015 would be the year of personalization — a prediction that, as it turns out, may have been a little too hopeful. There are a few reasons personalization hasn’t taken off as well as anticipated, but not one of these reasons is a reluctance to personalize.
    [Work] Does Traditional Marketing Still Work?
    Traditional outbound marketing (advertising, direct mail, email) still works. ” Traditional marketing alone no longer works. But, as Copyblogger indicates in the above graphic (thanks, Copyblogger!), it is more expensive. You can use traditional marketing to generate leads, but it is probably more cost-effectively used to build brand awareness or build loyalty after the initial lead generation. With inbound marketing, prospects self-select themselves.
    [Work] The raw truth about “I work harder than you”
    “I work harder than you.” She basically told me that because I work from home and “play on Facebook all day” (I own a fast-growing social media marketing agency, but let’s go with it) have no idea what it means to be “exhausted from work.” ” She’s a nurse and works 15-hour days. I’m an entrepreneur and often work 15-hour plus days. ” The “I Work Harder!” By Brooke B.
    [Work] Why Are 6 in 10 CMOs Spending Time on Methods That Don't Work?
    6 in 10 CMOs Spending Time on Methods That Don't Work. Disruptive Growth. That is at the heart of a recently-released report from Accenture entitled The C-level Disruptive Growth Opportunity. The 6 in 10 stat I referenced in the title comes directly from this report but before I get to that, I want to share some of other findings from this report.
    [Work] Five Apps that Do the Marketing Work for You
    What if I told you that there is a way to do less work but actually reach more people with your company news, products and services? Developing and executing strong marketing campaigns takes a lot of work. What if I told you that there is a way to do less work but actually reach more people with your company news, products and services? Users can pre-write their updates, choose a customized schedule and go grab a cup of coffee while the app does the posting work.
    [Work] Social Works for B2B, So Get Over Yourself
    It took a tremendous amount of time and a lot of trial and error to find out what works for Marketo in particular. I hear the same thing over and over again: “Your case is unique and you absolutely have no right to give a blanket statement that your strategy works for all B2B marketing.” If you take a half–baked approach to social and then when it doesn’t work, throw the baby out with the bathwater, that’s the type of thinking that will do us all in.
    [Work] What Working at an Apple Store Taught Me About Good Event Marketing
    Working at Apple for 5 years (2½ of which were as a retail specialist in an Apple Store), has made me the product marketer I am today – and these 3 lessons, in particular, have helped me and my team provide great customer experiences at every show we attend. If you’ve worked a busy booth during a trade show, you can be faced with a similar challenge. Who knew that working at an Apple Store would prove to be so important for my career as a product marketer?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013
    [Work] 'Being Full of Sh*t Doesn't Work Anymore'
    It’s not to say that advertising doesn’t work. Some ads work extraordinarily well and can do extraordinary things. There’ll always be a case study about a cool ad that really works, but for every one of those, there are thousands that are failures. But being full of s**t doesn’t work anymore. We delivered the work, and the client basically said, “Look, you distracted your team and you missed the mark.
    [Work] What If Attribution Shows That Your Marketing Isn't Working?
    And when your work can be tied to revenue, it usually leads to being accountable for revenue. Finally, what if attribution shows that your marketing isn't working? Adopting a sophisticated, accurate marketing attribution solution can be scary. For many, it’s the first time that marketing can be tied to actual business metrics like revenue. On one hand, being able to prove your value with revenue is really exciting. On the other, it’s a bit daunting.
    [Work] Why Consumer Brands and Agencies Need to Work Together
    ” He cuts right to the chase because what he says speaks directly to the undeniable need for brands and their agencies to work closer together than they ever have before. There is so much to this collaborative story—including the obstacles brands and agencies face to have better working relationships and how to overcome them—that you need to read it all to truly get the big picture.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2013
    [Work] Demystifying How Facebook's EdgeRank Algorithm Works [INFOGRAPHIC]
    But as a marketer, it behooves you to get a handle on how it works, since comScore reports that 40% of the time spent on Facebook is in the News Feed -- and only 12% is spent on profile and brand pages. the elusive EdgeRank algorithm. So powerful, yet so misunderstood. So exactly what factors does the social network take into consideration when deciding which of your content gets surfaced in a user''s News Feed?
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014
    [Work] The Right Way to Answer a Work Email
    If you find yourself writing a paragraph that''s more than three sentences long, you''re creating more work for yourself and your recipient than is necessary. Don''t leave emails sent specifically to you hanging for longer than 24-48 hours (excluding weekends -- work/life balance is important, folks). Click to tweet: The Right Way to Answer a Work Email - [link] by @DianaUrban at @HubSpot.
    [Work] Why Isn’t My B2B Marketing Working?
    Here are the top 10 reasons your B2B marketing is not working: You mistake “collateral” for “marketing”: Inexperienced in-house marketers who don’t have someone to train or guide them accumulate a massive amount of print and online marketing collateral and promotional items. Contact me ( to help diagnose why your B2B marketing isn’t working.
    [Work] Do you need copyright permission every time you quote someone’s work?
    Which copyrighted works you can legally use (and how much you can legally use) present confusing questions, which I’ve covered previously for this blog. On the opposite end of the spectrum are publishers and companies so risk averse that they won’t take a chance on using even tiny snippets of copyrighted works for the purpose of comment. So let your approach to content curation be guided by the pride and ownership you feel over your own creative works.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017
    [Work] 7 Steps to Documenting a Content Marketing Strategy That Works
    Depending on what your marketing funnel looks like, you’ll need a couple different types: content that educates and engages prospects at the top of the funnel and encourages them to learn more, as well as content for the bottom of the funnel that answers very specific questions and addresses objections to working with you. I already know what you’re thinking.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017
    [Work] 9 Link Building Email Outreach Templates That Actually Work
    They also require strategy and diligent work to come by. I would know -- I worked very hard to earn inbound links for a long time. Instead of asking your contacts to randomly link back to your site somewhere on theirs, ask publishers if you can write for their blogs or conribute new ideas and data for content they're already working on. I'm reaching out because I'm an avid reader of your work on the SocialVille blog -- I loved your latest piece about social media news.
  • THE POINT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2014
    [Work] But Wait, There’s More! Why Cheesy Copy Still Works.
    Effective email copy is not like a letter to your grandma; unless, that is, you’re asking Grandma to sponsor you for the 5K Fun Run at the park. A good email campaign isn’t designed to make people feel warm and fuzzy about you, your company or your product, or generate awareness, or promote your brand. Good email copy does one thing – it generates a response.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Work] A Simple Guide to Motivating People at Work [SlideShare]
    Motivated employees aren't just a joy to be around at work. And if you're the one who's unmotivated, read this blog post for seven ways to get motivated at work again.). Leader's Guide to Motivate People at Work from. They also perform better, are more productive, and contribute to higher morale. Disengaged employees, on the other hand, are costly -- both in terms of pay and team morale. But every leader knows that motivating their team is hard.
    [Work] How to Work Faster in Excel: 6 Helpful Tips & Features
    If you’re a frequent user of Excel, there are probably a few features you’ve found yourself using over and over again in your work. These tips and features are designed to help you work faster and smarter. How to Work Faster in Excel: 6 Helpful Tips. In this case, we're working with some fake data from one of our favorite television series: Game of Thrones. If you enjoyed this article, put it in your bookmarks bar to keep these Excel tips on hand at work.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2016
    [Work] 11 Useful Photoshop Tutorials That'll Help You Work Faster
    Created by the Adobe Photoshop team, this tutorial feels more like a free webinar class: You have a friendly teacher who shows you the basics of how Photoshop works with Adobe Bridge, and then shows you ten basic techniques to get you going. Tips in this video include removing blemishes in photos, working with Photoshop’s layers, cropping, editing image colors, removing parts of an image, and more. There’s no doubt that Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool for marketers.
    [Work] Why Ghostwriting Thought Leadership Content Doesn't Work
    The term "thought leadership" has been thrown around a lot lately, often tacked on to industry articles without any consideration as to whether the ideas presented are actually. leadership-worthy. Unfortunately, what should be thought-provoking posts have proven to be simply buzzword-laden pieces of content. So, where have the true thought leaders gone? Many have fallen victim to the use of ghostwriting -- an unfortunate turn.
    [Work] Working on Autopilot: How Marketing Automation Fuels Workplace Efficiency
    Marketing automation tools can conquer work for you, while you focus your energy on more pressing tasks. The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is one that’s become increasingly popular, especially among business owners looking to fuel productivity. However, you needn’t wait until robots enter the workforce simply to benefit from technologically-driven efficiency. This allows you […]. Marketing Automation marketing automation
    [Work] Getting Your First 100 Customers: Strategies That Work
    The post Getting Your First 100 Customers: Strategies That Work appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. Ok I realize I usually and generally deal with and write about brands that are way beyond their first 100 customers. But, I figured with so many startups popping up plus the fact even the biggest of brands had to start somewhere — now was as good a time as any to share insights and words of wisdom from those who have lived and breathed the experience firsthand.
    [Work] Why Work Emails Can Create Tension in the Office [Infographic]
    The freedom -- and the obligation -- to be on email at work all day is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, if you have a question for Joe in HR, you can usually expect him to have read your email within the next hour or two. Whether he responds is another story.). On the other hand, you can find yourself opening GIF after GIF when you''re on a deadline and had just wanted to make sure you weren''t missing anything important. Email is then a distraction, welcome or not.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2016
    [Work] How to Find Time to Meditate at Work [Infographic]
    Everyone gets stressed at work at one time or another. When you're under some pressure and your brain's working hard, it can make you more efficient and productive in the end -- and you may even find more satisfaction with your work when it is done. And hey, sometimes, that can be a good thing.
    [Work] Eight ideas for building a website that works
    Your website needs to work. But what does “working” really mean? Here are a few thoughts on what you should be paying attention to as you plan and build – or rebuild – your website to be sure it “works” as a marketing tool. You’re not going to get very far figuring out whether your site works if you haven’t painted a pretty detailed picture of what “working” looks like. The post Eight ideas for building a website that works appeared first on Biznology.
    [Work] The Immensity of Your Work
    Appearing before Congress, famed astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson opened with a quote: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” The post The Immensity of Your Work appeared first on Unthinkable. The post The Immensity of Your Work appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2012
    [Work] How Labels works in Google Adwords; benefits of the new feature
    The new feature allows you to organize campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords by label classifications, so that you can see what types of categories work better than others. For those who manage multiple paid search campaigns for lead generation (like yours truly) with Google Adwords, or have others do it, I started testing a new feature that was rolled out this week, called Labels.
    [Work] Why B2C Marketers and Agencies Need to Work Together
    As a result, both groups are reengineering their internal organizations and forging new ways of working with their respective agency or brand counterparts. ” There is more to this story including the obstacles brands and agencies face to have better working relationships and how to overcome them—that you need to read it all to truly get the big picture. This is not breaking news by any means but there are currently 7 billion people on our planet right now.
    [Work] Does Gamification Work On a Customer Community? [CHART]
    Does Gamification Work On a Customer Community? by Heather Foeh | Tweet this Gamification is a hot topic these days. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to taking the motivational and reward aspects of video games and adding them to non-game places, such as websites, software, etc. Many popular apps (such as Foursquare) put you in head-to-head competition with your peers to earn badges or status levels based on your activity.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2013
    [Work] Why the Inverted Pyramid Doesn't Work for Business Blogs
    Here’s why the inverted pyramid doesn''t work for marketers. Why doesn’t the inverted pyramid work for online marketing content? So while the inverted pyramid technique may work for news formats, there''s evidence suggesting it''s not the right format for a lot of the content we marketers make -- which likely includes lots of evergreen content that teach something to our audiences. These are just a few formats that have worked best on our blog to drive conversions.
    [Work] Content Syndication: What Is It and Does It Really Work?
    In order to answer the question of whether or not content syndication works, we first need to explore what exactly this syndication looks like in today’s B2B marketing world. Whether or not content syndication really works depends on which of these two approaches you’re considering. The post Content Syndication: What Is It and Does It Really Work? In recent years, content has become an increasingly integral piece of the demand gen model.
    [Work] 6 Reasons Your Content Marketing Isn’t Really Working
    Why is it working for some companies and not others? Unfortunately, there’s not a series of projects that you can assign to marketing that maps to this new buyer’s journey—it takes an ongoing process change where marketing and sales are continuously working together to figure out what pieces of content need to be developed that map to the modern B2B buyer’s process.
    [Work] Does Facebook Work for B2B Lead Generation? Hell Yes!
    The reason that these ads work is because they are promoting your good content. Does Facebook Work for B2B Lead Generation? by Jason Miller To the folks out there who say that Facebook is not an effective lead generation tool for B2B, I will tell them that they need a new strategy. Facebook boasts the largest user base of any social network and it’s essential that you have a presence here or your business will simply be missing opportunities.
    [Work] Proof That CEOs Will No Longer Accept Marketing That Doesn’t Work
    Marketers, agencies, and publishers who can’t prove that their marketing investments work. The post Proof That CEOs Will No Longer Accept Marketing That Doesn’t Work appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Brand advertising as we know it will completely disappear, according to Gabe Leydon, CEO of Machine Zone, one of the world’s largest gaming companies. And what’s killing it?
    [Work] Web Design 101: How HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Work
    Ever wondered how computer programming works, but haven''t done anything more complicated on the web than upload a photo to Facebook? Markup languages work in the same way as you just did when you labeled those content types, except they use code to do it -- specifically, they use HTML tags, also known as "elements." Then you''re in the right place.
    [Work] B2B Marketing Integration: 5 Ways to Work Better With Sales Departments
    When I worked in-house for a large client-facing B2B company, we often were frustrated at missteps and the lack of communication between the sales department and our department, which created marketing campaigns for clients. While I eventually left that company to work on my own, hindsight is, as always, 20/20. Here are a few things I would do differently and suggest to the marketing department, if I was ever to work in the same situation.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014
    [Work] Data Proving Your Work BFF Is the Best [Infographic]
    According to LinkedIn’s Relationships @Work Study , having strong personal relationships with our coworkers is essential for a happy, productive, and fulfilling professional life. Work Relationship Statistics. Got your own work BFF? We’ve all heard the saying that “it’s not what you know, but who you know.”
    [Work] You Need to Work on Your Writing
    In his response, Ken emphasizes the hard work of writing and recommends that designers aspiring to write crack open some great works in order to hone their craft. As he puts it, “Our finest works of literature remain, now as ever, our best writing instructors.” The post You Need to Work on Your Writing appeared first on Aberdeen Essentials. My friend Ken Gordon is a writer.
    [Work] B2B Marketers: Is Your Online Brand Working?
    According to analyst Sheryl Pattek of Forrester Research , by the time Business-to-Business (B2B) buyers engage with you online, they are 60% or more done with their buying process. It’s critical to have a strong presence online to attract buyers and then to engage with impact as they make their decision. To do this, Pattek states that you need a strong brand and you need to have a brand presence where your buyers spend time online.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2013
    [Work] Six Seconds? Bah. YouTube Says Long Videos Sometimes Work Better
    We caught up with Pappas to talk about what’s going on at YouTube and get some tips on how brands can best work with the platform. Miniature video has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to Twitter’s Vine app where you make six-second movies, and Instagram’s new 15-second video feature. But over at YouTube, they’re finding shorter isn’t always better. “It’s It’s kind of counterintuitive,” says Vanessa Pappas, Global Head of Audience Development at YouTube.
    [Work] A Simple Rule for How Brands Should Work with Influencers: Attention Retention
    But this is a poor approach to working with influencers. To achieve the latter, I work with brands in one of two ways, both centered on the production of a pillar content series (podcast, video, columns, etc.): As a result, we work together on content we both own. As a result, we work together on something you and you alone will own. This focus on resonance and relationships with an audience makes the rest of your marketing work harder for you.
    [Work] USC Business School predicts Americans will stop working, eating, and having sex by 2015
    Media consumed while at work is not included.” You mean if we counted content consumed during working hours, that number would be even higher? Oh wait … we don’t have time for work any way because we’re going to be playing Farmville and Watching Duck Dynasty 15.5 They have worked so darn hard to be popular again and they DESERVE to be eaten. Media consumed while at work is not included.”.
  • BIZIBLE  |  MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2016
    [Work] Attribution Heat Map: Where the Most Advanced B2B Marketers Work Today
    The B2B marketing attribution scene has been expanding across the US over the past few years. More and more B2B companies are realizing its unique and transformational benefits as they seek to track marketing’s direct impact on revenue. The heat map below shows the concentration of attribution users across the United States. The map was created using data pulled from the State of Pipeline Marketing 2015 Report , as well as from Bizible’s in-house data. click to view larger).
    [Work] Task management is time management: 3 tools that work
    Until they invent cloning, we entrepreneurs will have to work smarter with the technology that’s available to us. The post Task management is time management: 3 tools that work appeared first on Biznology. Fortunately, there are some great tools out there that help us better manage our time and make it more fun to run a business. All-in-One Social Media Management. You’ve got your Twitter profile. Your Google+ account. Don’t forget Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
    [Work] 4 Ways to Unleash Marketing Creativity at Work
    Find a system that works for you—create a file folder of tear sheets and clippings, or pin things to a bulletin board. At work, set aside creative tasks or brainstorming sessions for the end of the day when fatigue has set in. All of its R&D scientists devote that time to working on their own pet projects. And since research has shown that a messy space is more conducive to creativity than a tidy one, a change of venue could speed the transition between work modes.
    [Work] The Science Behind Why Native Ads Work [Infographic]
    Publishers and brands need another option that works, and that's why native advertising has become the shining star of the industry. But why exactly do native ads work so well, compared to other media formats? Sharethrough and Column Five created this infographic to explain the science behind how native ads work and how to optimize your ads to reach a content-hungry audience. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post.
    [Work] How Can Marketers & Designers Work Better Together? [Infographic]
    It's not uncommon to feel like marketers and designers speak different languages. You have marketers focusing on the timeline, designers focusing on the creation process, and neither of them understanding where the other is coming from. For example, less than 30% of marketers say designers are anticipating problems and following a transparent process. But at the same time, 39% of designers say it’s difficult to estimate the scope of projects in the first place.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2012
    [Work] How Closed-Loop Marketing Works
    But how exactly does closed-loop marketing work, and what tools to you need to implement it? We know which are our most valuable sources of traffic and can work to optimize those that are underperforming. In order to make this work for you, you either need to do something very technical on the back end of your analytics platform or start using some software that does this for you.
    [Work] Working Remotely? Try These 27 Tools for Better Communication, Collaboration & Organization
    One of the best parts about being in marketing is that most of us can work anywhere and everywhere -- as long as we have an internet connection, it''s relatively easy for us to get most our day-to-day work done. To publish that blog post, send that email, or set up that email nurturing workflow, we simply need to connect to Wi-Fi and get to work. Another project management tool primarily for developers that allows you to assign and track work.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2015
    [Work] How to Work More Effectively With Global Teammates
    According to a recent Economist report , 78% of us work or have recently worked in a global team. And as more of us start to work in global teams, we start to run into unexpected problems. In this post, I'll share some tips to help you and your colleagues work effectively and happily together -- even when you're an ocean apart. When you’re working in a global team, chances are you’re working with colleagues in different time zones than you.
    [Work] 8 TED Talks About Work/Life Balance That'll Change the Way You Think
    Everyone and their mother seems to have a strong opinion about work-life balance. Others argue that the concept of "balancing" your work and your life, which implies that the two are on par with one another, is plain old wrong. There's a ton of cool, crazy research and science out there that's uncovered meaningful insights about work-life balance -- from how it affects our individual happiness and success to how it should affect the way companies are run.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 25, 2013
    [Work] The New Gmail Inbox: How It Works and Why Email Marketers Should Pay Attention
    I label and color-code almost every email I get -- for both personal and work email addresses. Even though the labels I had worked so hard to create and maintain wouldn’t be relevant, I’d have a “smart” inbox that could learn which emails should go where -- automatically. Did this mean that I’m going to have to work doubly as hard to have my hard-earned leads see my emails? How Does the New Inbox Work? When I use my email, I’m a control freak.
    [Work] 3 Simple Ways to Make Email Marketing Work for You
    No matter what your business, email marketing can work for you. ” The return on investment is one of the main reasons so many businesses turn to email marketing , but how can you make it work for your business? Integrate your emails with social media channels Email and social media marketing can work together to boost your business. How does email marketing work for you?
  • VIDYARD  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2016
    [Work] No marketing tactic works well Forrester says, it’s all about strong content
    The post No marketing tactic works well Forrester says, it’s all about strong content appeared first on Vidyard. Content marketing has cut itself a lion’s share in the marketing world. It’s pretty simple when you think about it, technically every part of your marketing mix should revolve around promoting content. It only makes sense then to see companies slowly ramping up their content spend.
    [Work] Make Monday Morning Meetings Work
    Next, you should work from an agenda, using the same format every week. Building a high-performance sales team takes work, energy and organization. Make Monday-Morning Meetings Count . Use a well-organized, performance-oriented gathering to motivate your team for the coming week. . Based upon several comments/questions from various clients in the last 3 weeks, I decided to include a chapter from my latest book: “ Leading High Performance Sales Teams as my blog this week.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2015
    [Work] How to Create a Collaborative Work Environment [Infographic]
    Whiteboards, screwdrivers, wires, and scraps from rubber tires all live as one in the Google Garage. What's the Google Garage, you ask? It's a "commons where Googlers can come together from across the company and learn, create, and make," says program manager Mamie Rheingold. Put simply, it's a playground for collaboration and innovation.
    [Work] Revealed: Proof That B2B Email Marketing Actually Works
    If you need more evidence that email marketing works in the B2B industry, this infographic by Position² will surely have you convinced. The post Revealed: Proof That B2B Email Marketing Actually Works appeared first on LEADership. Position² reveals intriguing information based on 2013 statistics. For example, did you know that your ROI from B2B email marketing alone is 127%? This explains why companies are further relying on their email marketing campaigns.
    [Work] Doing Great Creative Work Isn’t About Luck
    The piece is a beautiful and moving look into the creative process and moving from very good work to exceptional. The post Doing Great Creative Work Isn’t About Luck appeared first on Unthinkable. The post Doing Great Creative Work Isn’t About Luck appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. A friend sent me this great article in WIRED by illustrator and author Chris Niemman.
    [Work] Here’s How to Create a Modern SEO Strategy That Works
    The days of “weird” and black/grey hat SEO actually working are pretty much over. Sure, it worked for a while, but times they have-a-changed! Here’s How to Create a Modern SEO Strategy That Works was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link] The post Here’s How to Create a Modern SEO Strategy That Works appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership.
  • CONTENTLY  |  MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016
    [Work] Infographic: How Much of Your Workday Do You Spend Actually Working?
    How many hours are you going to spend at work today? Here’s a better question: How many of those hours will you actually work ? Are you reading this article instead of working? Data management software company Scoro recently released an infographic detailing exactly where our time goes during the workday—and no, it’s not towards “getting work done.” The post Infographic: How Much of Your Workday Do You Spend Actually Working?
    [Work] The Art of Being a Great Coworker: 13 Ways to Improve Your Work Relationships
    Think about it: If you work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, that's over 2,000 hours a year spent with the same people -- give or take a vacation or two , of course. This makes building positive relationships with the people you work with a priority -- or in some cases, a means of survival. For tips on how to but your best foot forward at work, keep reading. If there's no one there to recognize the work they put in, there's little motivation to continue to do more.
  • VIDYARD  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 2016
    [Work] 8 Non-Work Related Exercises to Strengthen Your Marketing Muscles
    But what about when you’re not working? Are there things you can do that won’t feel like work (since who wants to work 24/7? Promise, they won’t be too much work, and you could even have fun! You can think about what’s working and what doesn’t work. For example, on my drive in to work, I pass a bakery with a sign that says: “Stressed? You feel better, more rested, happier, and better able to get down to work and achieve your best results.
    [Work] 7 Effective Call-to-Action Examples and Why They Work
    What CTAs have worked well for you? If you’re trying to get more leads and sales from your website and blog, the first thing to consider is your calls-to-action. Strengthening the call-to-action (CTA) on any given page or post often makes a bigger difference toward your number of leads and customers than tweaking the design or any other changes you could make. So, what is a CTA, exactly?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2013
    [Work] Why Your PR Isn't Working (and How to Fix It)
    And yet, I think the heart of the problem has less to do with the age-old argument of whether press releases work or not, and more to do with the need for a seismic shift in how we think about media relations. This disease is highly contagious within an organization and has several strains, such as: Hyper Company Disorder - You work at a ridiculously awesome company that is growing like crazy and you truly believe in your product.
    [Work] How to Turn Sales Leads into Revenue, Not Just Work
    Marketing’s responsibility is to work with sales to identify the challenges or pain points of their target audience and create tailored content to speak to those challenges. Post lead follow-up, sales should give marketing feedback on what content or offers worked, and what didn’t. Sales should then further the relationship and work strategically to close the deal.
    [Work] Overwhelmed by Blogging? Three Tips to Make it Work!
    A superb Community Week Guest Video Post from Erica Allison! If you’re just starting out with blogging and feeling overwhelmed, this video is a MUST! Erica Allison is the president of Allison Development Group and she shares her personal experience as a small business owner who has a blog for business purposes. Her blog is a source of referrals and leads for new business.
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