How to write 3,000 words every day when you don’t feel like it

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The last time, two entrepreneurs complained about how tough it was for them to create even 1,000 words of marketing material a day. I told them my daily word count ranged between 3,000-6,000 words, after which their mouths flapped open like dungeon doors. 200-400 words a day.

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20 Powerful Marketing Words & Phrases That Sell or Repel

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Words have power. So which marketing words encourage subscribers to act, customers to buy, or donors to give? We read through dozens upon dozens of emails and compiled a list of “sales-boosting” marketing words and a list of “sales-deflating” terms.

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The 6 Scariest Words in Digital Marketing

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Here are the six scariest words in digital marketing: “Facebook is changing its newsfeed algorithm.” The post The 6 Scariest Words in Digital Marketing appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}.

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The most important word in marketing

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Yes, there is a most important word in marketing. The most important word in marketing A few years ago I was helping out a marketing manager who was in charge of selling simple metal parts into the aerospace business. So, the most important word in marketing is “maneuver.”

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Stuck on words: how can marketing connect with customers better?

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It’s about the words we use. So, I’ve been stuck using certain words to describe what I do. By that, I mean the words we use in sales and marketing. But, I need your help discussing something more foundational: the words we choose in marketing and sales to describe what we do and the people we’re doing it for. Because our words affect how we think. Our words can actually change our brains (and others). Help influence and change the words we use .

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3 Highly Effective Word-of-Mouth Marketing Tactics

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On the surface, word-of-mouth marketing may seem more geared towards large companies, but this isn’t entirely accurate. While there are no prototypical word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, the options are limitless. Here are three highly effective word-of-mouth strategies.

Do Marketers Understand The Word Strategy?


ANNUITAS recently launched a survey that focused on the Demand Generation function within large B2B enterprise organizations. While the research is still ongoing there have been some key findings in the area of content marketing that are quite revealing.

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The Three Words for 2013

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I first saw Chris Brogan use this technique a few years ago — distill your annual goals into three focused words. Here are my words for 2013: Journey. I think if I focus on these three words I’ll have a happier and more productive year. What are your words for 2013?

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Why Certain Marketing Words Sing, While Others Just Stink — and How to Tell the Difference

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For all the visual nature of modern marketing, words are still powerful. A mesmerizing video or stunning picture gains even greater impact with a few descriptive words, and consumers still rely on language to communicate and share their reactions to everything they see online.

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The Content Marketing Word Of The Year?

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Well if you haven’t heard, Oxford Dictionary has released their annual “ word of the year.” ” After 2013’s word of the year selfie , the 2014 word of the year is vape. The word is short for vaporize and also comes in verb form (vaping).

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The Top 20 Most Effective Holiday Subject Line Words [Infographic]

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To help make your emails stand out in busy inboxes and get acted upon, consider testing the inclusion of one or more of these top-performing words for your next holiday email.

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Spreading the Word


Avoid buzz words and write simply. Shout it out loud. Make yourself be heard. Spray and pray. Those used to be the best methods for sharing information. Today that is considered being loud, rude and ineffective.

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Don't Let A Good Word Go To Waste

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Transformation has become just a word. I say that because I think we see so much of that word that it’s become a victim of our public discourse, everyone’s favorite eye-catcher. Transformation Is More Than Just a Word. ” Breathe New Life Into the Word.

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Why We Stopped Using the Word ‘Authentic’


The billboard meant for women contains 15 words of copy: “I am a sister. Now I get to make sure that the word never ends up on The Content Strategist. Calling out blacklisted words became a subtly important part of that process.

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9 Marketing Words That Have Lost Their Meaning

Digital B2B Marketing

The following 9 terms are so overused or misused in B2B marketing that they have lost nearly all meaning. If you are using these terms today, it is time to stop and explain what you really mean. Otherwise, we may hear you, but we will think you mean something completely different.

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Is Word-of-Mouth Marketing Still Worth Your Time?

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The adage goes that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. It’s not just that word-of-mouth marketing is being sized up alongside digital strategies possessing unprecedented value. Word of Mouth’s Digital Evolution. Word of mouth still happens all the time.

Words that inspire and change us

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The post Words that inspire and change us appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. The post Words that inspire and change us appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}.

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The Most Toxic Words In Marketing

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” I believe that the most important words in marketing are “thank you. ” And so I propose that these are the most toxic words in marketing: ”But we are in the business of selling stuff.” But please, don’t take my word for it.

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6 Words That Might Expire in 2016

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Author: Ellen Gomes Words have an enormous impact on how we communicate with each other. Words communicate more than their textbook definition, they communicate subtleties and connotations that help you (as the reader) understand context—emotion, time and place.

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The Most Important Words In Social Media

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And so I offer up to you that the most important words in social media are “thank you!” ” They may be the most important words in, well, the history of words. “ I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. ” ~ William Shakespeare.

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More Than A Thousand Words: The Power of Visual Storytelling

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It’s no surprise that the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” was coined by one of the leading editors of the 20th century. The post More Than A Thousand Words: The Power of Visual Storytelling appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

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One million words later, I still fear publishing

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I started writing stories about four years ago and unleashed a volley of words only matched by the rapid fire of an assault rifle. Ratatatataata– about a million words in 36, and when I say a million words, I literally mean a million. Because of the ever looming F-Word.

Six Words That Instantly Drive More Results


Some marketers are cracking the code on a trick that advertising innovators such as David Ogilvy and Leo Burnett figured out decades ago: A single word can have a serious impact on results. Turn this around by using the word “you” more frequently in your marketing materials. Maximize results even further by combining the word “you” with greater personalization. Some marketers have shied away from the word “free,” afraid that it’s overused and not potent.

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Better Content Marketing: Words and Numbers Matter

Writing on the Web

Words and Numbers Matter" src="[link] width="202" height="184" title="Better Content Marketing: Words and Numbers Matter" /> As a psychologist, I’m fascinated by how our brains work. Words matter.

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1,097 Words to Change Your Mind About Content Writing

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The word “content” confuses them and makes them consider every content marketer a […]. The post 1,097 Words to Change Your Mind About Content Writing appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content marketing rocks today. Content writing rocks, too.

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13 Case Studies That Prove the Power of Word Choice


In fact, your words alone have the ability to influence how visitors feel about your brand, what they choose to click (or not click), and how your site ranks in search engines. Sometimes the tiniest change in word choice can have a major impact on your conversion rates.

In Messaging, Words Matter

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The word pound carries with it more ‘weight’ than does the word ounce. And though technically a half pound at 8 ounces is less than 12 ounces, it doesn’t matter, because the brain zeroes in on the word pound. Choose your words carefully. It means that the very words used to describe your business really matter. In every engagement I emphasize just how much the words chosen will matter in effectively delivering those messages. Use the right words.

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10 Overused Words to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn recently released its annual list of the most overused words on the social networking site, and I''m guessing everyone has at least one of these on their profile. (I This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.

Storytelling and data: when beautiful metrics can’t beat words


He also covered various techniques to succeed with real-life illustrations, including the focus on details and the use of words that allowed the audience to visualize “pictures” (such as proper nouns or figures, as opposed to abstract concepts). words are undeniably partial.

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Want More Sales? Try Using These 13 Influential Words


Using the wrong phrase might cast a negative shadow on the proposal, while tweaking just a few words in the pitch might induce someone to buy immediately. The underlying message is certainly critical, but the words used to deliver it are equally so. What a difference one word can make.

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Conversion Copywriting: Words & Phrases That Make People Click [Infographic]


This data-backed infographic from Uberflip tells us why word choice is so important, and which words are most likely to convert today''s consumers. Take note of the words it suggests, and be sure to try them out in your next tweet or blog post headline!

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Attention, Word Nerds: The 30 Weirdest Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014


The Oxford English Dictionary adds new words and phrases to their dictionary four times a year, and in 2014, the dictionary benefited from thousands of additions. The words tend to reflect technological advancements, pervasive colloquialisms, and shifting language patterns.

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Why Word of Mouth Should Be a B2B Marketer’s Top Priority

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Word of mouth is the original marketing channel. Before social media, before email, before even radio ads, direct mail, or billboards, there was word of mouth. In dozens of studies, word of mouth simply crushes all other channels. In other words, set a referral quota.

The Four-Letter Words Of Business Storytelling

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Business, like the sensual dance, is driven by four-letter words. And before your mind has a chance to caminata through the gutter, the four-letter words that I’m referring to are want and risk. Oh, and as with all four-letter words, choose and use them wisely. �.

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Going Global in Marketing Involves More Than Just Translating The Words

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But translation is more than word-for-word substitution. It’s also about using the words people prefer and expect. Globalization is key to Modern Marketing.


Copywriting for Conversions: 9 Ways Emotion and Word Count Affect Your Landing Pages [New Data]


We all know that words matter -- in life, but also in marketing. When it comes to landing page copy, many a debate have begun over which words to choose, the context in which they're used, the order they're presented in and the amount you use to convey a message.

I am a blogger. In other words, a piece of meat.

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He reads and records every word and claims it as his own! I never heard another word from her. In other words, a piece of meat. He reads and records every word and claims it as his own! I never heard another word from her.

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Put Your Customers on Camera: Wise Words from Truman Tang


The post Put Your Customers on Camera: Wise Words from Truman Tang appeared first on Vidyard. Using video to showcase your product is nothing new, but what about showcasing your customers?

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When did leadership become a dirty word?

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The post When did leadership become a dirty word? The post When did leadership become a dirty word? When I was in graduate school I took a class that examined the qualities of leadership.

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Nothing Breaks Barriers Like Trust: Wise Words from Yotam Dor


The post Nothing Breaks Barriers Like Trust: Wise Words from Yotam Dor appeared first on Vidyard. When you ask someone what they wanted to be when they grew up, chances are the answer you get doesn’t exactly line up with their current day-to-day.