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Viral Marketing Techniques to Get People Talking About Your Brand


Viral marketing is a strategy that aims to reach thousands of people with your product or brand through social media. Viral marketing is valuable because it gives companies an inexpensive way to reach a wide audience. Popular Social Media Platforms for Viral Marketing Social media is a must-have for any business.

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Optimizing YouTube Videos to Go Viral During the Holidays


Everyone wants their YouTube videos to go viral. But, not everyone can have the same success experienced by videos like this one from the Dollar Shave Club, whose story went viral on social media, catapulting the company into a billion-dollar brand. Why Use YouTube in Your Marketing Strategy?


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The A-to-Z of Viral Marketing (+ Infographic)

Single Grain

We've all seen one of those ads that just hits the ground running and before you know it, it's “gone viral” It almost doesn't even matter what the subject is; all sorts of people outside the brand's demographic will watch it, like it and share it – because a great ad is a great ad. What Is Viral Marketing? B) Buzzworthy.

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The Viral Coefficient: Your 2020 Guide to Viral Marketing

Martech Advisor

Going viral can give your brand and product immense publicity, generate brand awareness, and acquire new customers. But how does viral marketing work? What is the Viral Coefficient and the Viral Cycle Time? Before we begin, let's first understand what viral marketing is. The Viral Coefficient.

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User-Generated Content: How to Use It for Good and Avoid a PR Crisis


After failing to receive satisfaction from the airline, Dave wrote and recorded a song about his experience and posted it on YouTube. The song quickly went viral and received over 17 million views in the first year. “Word of mouth” marketing is key for creating community and virality.

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Viral Marketing – Definition and Examples of Viral Campaigns

Referral Rock

Every month there seems to be a new viral video or meme. If you’re a marketer, I’m sure you’ve dreamed of working on a piece of viral content. But what makes a piece of content a viral marketing hit? What’s Viral Marketing? Why viral marketing is worth the risk.

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Launch Your B2B Product Quickly: Five Proven Strategies to Scale Faster

Navigate the Channel

In addition to considering their feedback and advice on your product or its use, compile what betas say that’s positive and worthy of inclusion into early word of mouth about your product. It spurs the type of consumer who fears “missing out”, and can result in a flood of new sign-ups and possibly much word-of-mouth advertising.

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