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    [Wikipedia] Search keywords are market segments
    Image via Wikipedia. Perhaps you are new to digital marketing, or maybe you find yourself in a position where you need to explain digital marketing to others. Either way, today I want to share with you how I explain search keywords to new search marketers, by helping them connect the new concept of keyword research to their old concept of market segmentation. If you think this is interesting, then check out my latest post on Search Engine Guide, " Search keywords are market segments.".
    [Wikipedia] Internet Marketing Grinders Are Winners
    Image via Wikipedia. by Frank Reed. First of all, for you folks in New England that refer to a sub or a hoagy as a "grinder," this is not about that. You can probably come up with a few funny images or comments and you are more than welcome to share them in the comments section. This is also not about a meat grinder, although many who have taken the plunge into the Internet marketing world have been put through the grinder in more ways than one (present company included).
    [Wikipedia] More Big Button Marketing
    Image via Wikipedia. Last year I wrote an article on Internet Evolution called " Let's Push Delete on Big Button Marketing ," where I laid out some examples of how to design the user experience so that you aren't fooling people. What I tried to convey is that the annoying "look, shiny object" approach to marketing is just annoying and does nothing to enhance your brand image. But, unfortunately, people are still doing it.
    [Wikipedia] Does a CMS help your SEO?
    Image via Wikipedia. At a recent Webinar, I got a question that I thought would make a good blog post. The actual question was, "Do you need a content management system to succeed at organic search marketing?" The answer to that question is no, but a deeper question is whether a CMS can improve your organic search results. Like any good consultant, I answer "it depends." To find out what it depends on, check out my latest post on Search Engine Guide, " Does a CMS help your SEO? ".
    [Wikipedia] Why Marketers Need to Start Caring About Social Responsibility
    But if you do want the Wikipedia explanation, "CSR is a process with the aim to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders.". Marketers are sometimes associated with some pretty negative terms: annoying, interruptive, manipulative. What's up with that?
    [Wikipedia] Miley’s Hot Strategic Mess of Digital Marketing Success
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Are we past the VMAs yet? Can we stop talking about Miley Cyrus? Well, no. Actually, I want to take a swing. Whatever you think of Miley’s bold moves, you have to agree with her: it was a hot mess, but a strategic hot mess – one that yielded impressive digital marketing results. Sure, Miley has been a digital marketing success since Disney first aired Hannah Montana.
    [Wikipedia] Perform a Link Audit to Monitor Link Building Efforts
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Link building is a huge part of an SEO campaign. Inbound links to a website convey trust and the search engines take that into consideration as part of their ranking algorithm. In order to know what kinds of inbound links are pointing to your website to better understand how the search engines are viewing your website, it’s necessary to conduct a link audit. A link audit is best done manually.
    [Wikipedia] Social media becoming increasingly important in regards to link building
    (Photo credit: Wikipedia). As with most things online, the SEO industry is dynamic and things can move very quickly. Much like the SEO industry which encompasses it, link building is also continuously changing and evolving. Due to the fast-paced nature of their industry, link builders and SEO specialists must constantly pay attention to shifts and trends within the SEO realm to ensure they are applying link building best practices.
    [Wikipedia] 3 Tips to Help Content Marketers Understand Sales Cycles
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Content marketing takes time and effort. When marketers don’t see results, determining the return on investment isn’t easy. If you’re constantly struggling with your business blog and exasperated with the lack of qualified leads, you may be missing key points in your content strategy.
    [Wikipedia] Which country search index is your page in?
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. People love to talk about whether you Web page is in the search index. The search index. Like there’s one. If only it were that easy. First off, there is at least one search index for every search engine, so Bing has one, Google has one, and so does every search engine in every country around the world. But it’s even more complex than that. Google and Bing have a separate search index for every country.
    [Wikipedia] Bookmarklets Discovered
    I'm using Wikipedia look-up and Alexa this. As always, Easton on Business Blogwire keeps me updated on some of the latest trends out there. This time I was introduced to bookmarklets which are these neat links that you can drag and drop at the top of on your Firefox browser (or into your favourites in IE). Steve Rubel has some great ones! Try it out! Chad H. Technorati tags: bookmarklets , micro persuasion , businessblogwire
    [Wikipedia] How to Use Data to Create More Relevant Content
    Soovle pulls keyword ideas from Google, Bing, Yahoo,, Amazon, and Wikipedia. Content marketers don't just write, they write with purpose. While it may seem like a small distinction, it can mean the difference between wasting time and investing time in creating content that will deliver rankings, leads, and sales long after it's published. In fact, research reveals that B2B companies who blog receive 67% more leads than those who don't.
    [Wikipedia] How to Quell a Social Media Nightmare
    In August 2014, due to a glitch in Google''s algorithm, Google users who searched for "Greggs" saw not the official company logo, but an unsavory version of one sourced from Wikipedia parody A sinking feeling in your gut. A spike of adrenaline. Maybe a little sweating.
    [Wikipedia] Copyright expert Nicholas Wells on the newest Google Bowling
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. How can a lawyer explain Google Bowling? Nicolas Wells is not your ordinary lawyer, that’s how. He has been practicing intellectual property law for eight years, founding a boutique law firm in 2009 that handles technology and intellectual property issues, with offices in New York and Salt Lake City. Before that, Nicolas got his MBA and worked in the software industry doing technical marketing, mostly in the open source/Linux space.
    [Wikipedia] Augmented Reality For B2B Marketing in 2011? | B2B Marketing Insider
    According to Wikipedia , augmented reality is defined as “a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery.” Skip to content Home About Michael Brenner Appearances B2B Marketing Insider Michael Brenner's Blog on B2B Marketing Content Marketing Demand Generation Mobile Sales Alignment Search Marketing Social Media Strategy December 21, 2010 4 Subscribe Augmented Reality For B2B Marketing in 2011?
    [Wikipedia] Being Honest About Digital Marketing
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Over the course of my day I speak to quite a few people about Internet / digital marketing in one capacity or another. The discussions range from local to organic search to paid search to social media to display advertising to analytics and all stops in between or beyond. To say the least the online marketing landscape is vast and it can be one that creates problems for those trying to optimize their business opportunity using it.
    [Wikipedia] Publishing is dying because marketers are the new publishers
    Wikipedia has crushed them all. Image by Getty Images via @daylife. Every time I come to New York City, I see the same scene. At the subway stations and on the street, I pass multiple people yelling, “AM New York” to passersby, as they attempt to hand out free newspapers to commuters. But very few people take them.
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    [Wikipedia] Baffled by Content Marketing? Start with the Basics!
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. The concern we hear most frequently from clients just getting started with content marketing is some variation on “What the heck am I going to write about?” ” So let’s start off talking about what kind of content you can and should be generating. Before long, you’ll be able to identify what you are uniquely suited to write about–and your audience will likely respond. Is This Interesting To My Audience?
    [Wikipedia] Marketing tech landscape in 2045 will consolidate to one logo
    I know I’ve sworn off of making predictions in the dynamic marketing technology space , but I’m going to make a big one today: the marketing technology landscape supergraphic for 2045 will contain only a single logo. I know, I’m not the first armchair analyst to suggest that there will be massive consolidation in the marketing technology landscape — despite the empirical evidence to the contrary that has consistently foiled that claim for the past 5 years.
    [Wikipedia] Experience Marketing: What It Really Means
    OK, not a bad start, but let me save you the time of going down the rabbit holes of multiple agency/consultant websites or reading the long Wikipedia entry for engagement marketing. Jimi Hendrix famously asked, “Are you experienced?” ” And these days, you can’t throw a stone without a hitting some marketer (this guy included) talking about customer experience or content-driven experiences or the fabled buyer journey. So, what’s this experience talk all about?
    [Wikipedia] All SEO Service Providers Are Not Created Equal
    Image via Wikipedia. by Nick Stamoulis. Smart businesses and individuals understand that it takes a lot more than just setting up a Web site to find online success these days. In order to achieve sales or lead generation goals of a Web site, that Web site first needs to be found by target audience members. Internet users use search engines like Google and Bing to find information on anything, including the products or services that you have to offer.
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    [Wikipedia] Is it even possible to destroy your reputation today?
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. The Wikipedia entry for the “Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal” fills us in with this retelling of the high points: The Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, also dubbed Weinergate, began when Democratic U.S. A lot of what we discuss in the online space surrounds the idea of building, maintaining, and, ultimately, protecting our online reputation. The same basic principles apply for both the individual and the brand.
    [Wikipedia] Answers to Your Google+ for Business Questions, Part 1
    Google plus one (Photo credit: Wikipedia). There were so many great questions that were asked in chat during my recent webinar, Google+ for Business , that I broke them into parts. Here’s part 1 and I hope I have answered your questions. And, if you have additional questions, please pop them in the comments and I will address them in future “Answers” posts. And than you for attending as well as reading now. Q: Can we download the presentation?
    [Wikipedia] How to Create a B2B Content Audit
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. In the B2B marketing world, content is used primarily to 1. Attract new prospects, and 2. Develop the relationship over time until the prospect is ready to see a salesperson, a process known as lead nurturing. For these two purposes, business marketers need to have on hand an array of very particular types of content assets. A good way to determine what’s available, and what additional content you need to create, is to perform a content audit.
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    [Wikipedia] How To Generate Great Content For Content Marketing
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Scared off by that blank white page you’re supposed to fill with content again and again and again? Don’t be. Generating content ideas is easier than you think if you follow a few basic ideas and work your way up from easier to more demanding – but rewarding! – techniques.
    [Wikipedia] The Best Product Videos Ever (and Why They Make You Buy)
    The company even has its own Wikipedia page dedicated to the series. I could watch product videos all day long. If possible, I''d watch the length-equivalent of The Godfather Part III in product videos at work (assuming they were good enough and my boss allowed it). I''m guessing you may want to watch many of these videos too but may not have that much time on your hands? Not to worry.
    [Wikipedia] Prevent Defense or Permit Offense? What a Football Argument Has to Do with B2B Sales Lead Generation
    According to Wikipedia, the Prevent Defense is a defensive alignment in American football that seeks to prevent the offense from completing a long pass or scoring a touchdown in a single play and seeks to run out the clock. Super Bowl winning coach John Madden doesn’t quite agree with this definition. He has this to say about the prevent defense: "All a prevent defense does is prevent you from winning.". As we all know, disagreement is a fact of life.
    [Wikipedia] 2015 is the Year of Message Boards and Forums
    Even reddit and Wikipedia can be hostile. In the beginning, the Internet was populated by an infinite number of ad hoc communities. From ANSI BBS dial up communities in the 80s to the Internet Newsgroups of the 90s to the forums of the 2000s, there have always been private and personal virtual online communities have have served members honestly, openly, through trust, and protected by the power of anonymity or through members-only protection.
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    [Wikipedia] 9 SEO Techniques to Dominate the Most Popular Methods of Content Discovery
    ” The first organic result is Wikipedia, obviously, then some Knowledge Graph news, and then this: These sites have strong domain authority and rich content on their websites, but they also have a strategic URLs. Though Google gets roughly 3.5 billion searches a day , there are really only three types of searches that people perform -- navigational, informational, and transactional.
    [Wikipedia] The 21 Best Content Curation Tools
    Discover, review and curate content from blogs, news sites, Google Plus, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Wikipedia, or any RSS feed. Although content marking is now a nearly universal practice—with 93% of B2B marketers using content marketing— half of all marketers still rank “producing enough content” as one of their top five challenges. Fortunately, content marketers don’t have to do it all themselves.
    [Wikipedia] Digital Transformation: Undigitizing the intangible “digital fridge”
    A replicator can create any inanimate matter, as long as the desired molecular structure is on file (…) – Source: Wikipedia – Replicator. Fans of Star Trek are very familiar with the concepts of the food synthesizer (in the original series) and the replicator (The Next Generation): The so-called ‘replicators’ can reconstitute matter and produce everything that is needed out of pure energy, no matter whether food, medicaments, or spare parts are required.
    [Wikipedia] Mobile App vs Mobile Website? What’s better for you? 14 decision makers
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. The numbers show marketers are rushing into mobile. The numbers also indicate they are leaping before they look. So, if you want to know what’s better for your business: Mobile App or Mobile Website? Forget the tactics, buzzwords and lingo; focus on the needs of your business. 96% of marketers currently use or are planning to incorporate mobile marketing into their marketing mix (Source: ANA (Association National Advertisers) ).
    [Wikipedia] 16 case studies prove ROI of mobile marketing
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Are you paying attention to your mobile marketing yet? After years of being the next big thing, mobile might finally be the current big thing. But there is a big problem–most people don’t know how to prove it. A joint study by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and MediaVest shows marketers are excited about opportunities for mobile marketing but frustrated about the ability to prove return on investment (ROI). Are you one of them?
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    [Wikipedia] Looking for a job? Why aren’t “job creators” finding you, instead?
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Several clients of mine have recently filled search marketing, social media marketing and community management positions. I’ve been reviewing stacks of resumes from scores of candidates representing the full spectrum of skills and experience. But, even in the current labor market, finding the right candidate is hard.
    [Wikipedia] Everything Marketers Need to Know About SOPA
    In fact, many of these websites are publicly opposing the bill and have even threatened to initiate an " Internet Blackout ," during which several of the biggest sites on the internet -- including Google, Facebook, PayPal, Wikipedia, Twitter, and Amazon -- will shut down to emphasize the damaging effects SOPA could have on the internet. By now, you've likely heard about the controversy that is SOPA , the "Stop Online Piracy Act."
    [Wikipedia] Sales Enablement: Focus On Customers To Lower The Cost Of Sales
    According to wikipedia , Sales Enablement is: The process of arming an organization’s sales force with access to the insight, experts, and information that will ultimately increase revenue. B2B Marketing teams are often asked to help drive revenue while at the same time lowering the cost of sales. And when both of those things don’t happen, there is plenty of blame to go around. I have often discussed the need for B2B Marketing to focus on driving real results.
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    [Wikipedia] Should I Hire an Agency? The Impact on Scalability
    In fact, scalability is defined as, “the capability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work or its potential to be enlarged in order to accommodate that growth.” ( Wikipedia ). Should I invest in my internal team or hire an agency? It’s a perennial question. You have more budget, more buy-in from the rest of the C-suite, but knowing where to spend your money is difficult.
    [Wikipedia] Use Buyer Personas to Segment by Buying Behavior
    Image via Wikipedia. If you’ve come up the ranks in B2B Marketing and/or Sales, you know the quarterly and perhaps even monthly drill.    We look at opportunities via company name, whether they are Global 2,000 or Fortune 500, deal size potential, and other few factors that likely make up segmentation.    Usually a component of this effort is the target role and title you’ve got neatly pegged into a sales automation or CRM application. 
    [Wikipedia] Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb
    Other topics (or "lessons") could include the following: RSS, flickr , Wikipedia , social bookmarking, search engines/blog search engines, virtual worlds, VoIP/Skype, mobile media, interactive gaming, and other tools that can be found on this nice list on the Teaching PR blog. ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk. Last100. AltSearchEngines. About. Subscribe. Contact. Advertise. RWW Daily by Email. RWW Weekly Wrap-up. Web Apps. Trends. Google. Microsoft.
    [Wikipedia] What does “Do It Wrong Quickly” really mean?
    Image via Wikipedia. I was privileged to keynote the Webdagene event here in Norway this morning, and they requested that I talk about “ Do It Wrong Quickly Marketing &# (link to slides), which I was happy to do. If you haven’t read my book (I assume that’s most of you), you might not be seduced by the idea of doing anything wrong.
    [Wikipedia] Social business and the competitive landscape
    To those unfamiliar with the coopetition concept, according to Wikipedia: “ Coopetition occurs when companies interact with partial congruence of interests. It used to be relatively easy to determine who was a competitor and who was not. Competitors were, simply put, one’s rivals. They were companies that offered similar products or services to one’s own company, and to succeed in business one needed to beat them.
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    [Wikipedia] The Changing Role of Marketing Attribution in Determining ROI
    Wikipedia. Marketing attribution is one of the most significant opportunities to come out of modern digital marketing. What it does, in simple terms, is allow marketers to identify “a set of user actions…that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then assigning a value to each of these events.” The user actions that are typically tracked include anything from clicks to conversions—such as a form fill—and are then tied to sales and revenue.
    [Wikipedia] How much content is enough for effective content marketing?
    (Photo credit: Wikipedia). How often should I blog? Do I really need to post to Twitter every hour? Does it matter whether my content is original or aggregated or repurposed? And what’s the difference, anyway?). We hear these questions from clients as part of almost every content marketing engagement we undertake. The good news: there is a right answer. The bad news: it depends on a range of factors and the right answer for me isn’t necessarily the right answer for you. .
    [Wikipedia] What is Marketing Effectiveness?
    Wikipedia defines marketing effectiveness as the quality of how marketers go to market with What is Marketing Effectiveness? We’ve spent the last few weeks getting to know our marketing automation partners and friends. They all share the goal of increasing marketing effectiveness. This got me thinking, really what IS marketing effectiveness.
    [Wikipedia] Getting back to marketing basics
    (Photo credit: Wikipedia). In the rush to implement the latest social and digital marketing programs, many marketers appear to focus on the communication aspects of their initiatives, often without much thought about the underlying strategy. They cite increases in followers, likes and visits and celebrate their successes.
    [Wikipedia] Be Realistic About SEO Campaign Results
    Image via Wikipedia. Unlike other forms of marketing in which you implement a strategy and start to see results in a short period of time, search engine optimization is a long term process to build a brand image in the search engines and online in general over time. Incorporating keywords throughout your website content and conducting link building activities isn’t going to guarantee any kind of overnight success.
    [Wikipedia] How to pitch a blogger
    Image via Wikipedia. So last week, I told you how NOT to pitch a blogger in your PR outreach, so it raises the pregnant question of what exactly should you do? We at Abraham Harrison have been doing it successfully for almost five years now, so we think we know a thing or two about it. But because we so so many people who are afraid of blogger outreach, due to the scary situation that others have blundered into, I wanted to walk through our process to show you how it’s done.
    [Wikipedia] Thought Leadership Marketing is an Oxymoron
    Here is the definition of thought leader provided by Wikipedia: “Thought leader is business jargon for an entity that is recognized for having innovative ideas.&#. Again, from Wikipedia, a distinguishing characteristic of a thought leader is “the recognition from the outside world that the company deeply understands its business, the needs of its customers, and the broader marketplace in which it operates.&#.
    [Wikipedia] 10 Questions about 2014
    (Photo credit: Wikipedia). This is as good a time as any to look ahead to the next 12 months to ponder some questions, and then provide some crystal-ball some answers. So without further ado: How soon will it be until the mobile user experience equals or surpasses the laptop experience for social media users? Facebook and others have planted a stake in the ground and declared that mobile is their most important growth area.
    [Wikipedia] B2B Marketing: Trust + Community = ROI
    Related posts: Influencers vs Advocates in B2B Marketing According to Wikipedia – Influencer Marketing is a form of. Trust is not a new thing when it comes to marketing and communications as evidenced by one of the most awaited studies in the communications world is always the annual Edelman Public Relations Trust Barometer.
    [Wikipedia] Marketers: 3 Ways to Make Sales-Based Business Intelligence Work for You
    Wikipedia: “ Business intelligence (BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes.” ” The techniques range from strategies such as mapping business objectives to choosing which data to analyze. The tools include programs for data analysis, enterprise reporting, analytical processing, data visualization, and much more.
    [Wikipedia] Grow Your Wiki
    Wikipedia. Stewart Mader compares organizational and public wikis (Wikipedia vs. enterprise wiki), offers several examples of organizations actively using wikis today, and outlines the main business drivers and use cases inside organizations. About. Services. Contact. Archives. 21 days of wiki adoption. 9rules. adsense. advertising. analysis. Apple. Atlassian. AusWeb07. Barack Obama. better meetings. BlackBerry. boris mann. business. CeBIT. change. change management.
    [Wikipedia] Social business: enterprise knowledge goes retail
    (Photo credit: Wikipedia). The Internet, with the likes of Google and Wikipedia, had a similar impact on the concept of knowledge. Outside our workplace, we became accustomed to easy access to information. If your kid becomes interested in Minecraft and you have no clue about what that is, you just Google the word, and in a few hours you may learn more than you ever wanted about that gaming platform.
    [Wikipedia] Semantic Search: Keyword Choices and Relevancy
    Photo of “Coco” the Siamese cat by S zillayali , from Wikipedia Commons , used under a GNU Free Documentation License , The post Semantic Search: Keyword Choices and Relevancy appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On. Have you read the recent SearchMetrics ranking factors survey? SEO experts Marcus Tober, Dr. Leonhard Hennig, and Daniel Furch are back with another edition of ranking correlations and ranking factors in the 2014 Ranking Factors Study.
    [Wikipedia] Semantic Search: Keyword Choices and Relevancy
    Photo of “Coco” the Siamese cat by S zillayali , from Wikipedia Commons , used under a GNU Free Documentation License , The post Semantic Search: Keyword Choices and Relevancy appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On. Have you read the recent SearchMetrics ranking factors survey? SEO experts Marcus Tober, Dr. Leonhard Hennig, and Daniel Furch are back with another edition of ranking correlations and ranking factors in the 2014 Ranking Factors Study.
    [Wikipedia] De-Personalizing Google Search Engine Results Pages
    According to Wikipedia, “Google Personalized Search is a feature of Google Search and provided by Google. If you are a marketer who feel stye need to constantly check your key phrases rankings in Google, making sure that your company shows up on the first page, or even worse, #1 in their rankings, this post is for you. In recent Google algorithmic updates and privacy changes, what you see on your computer may be vastly different from what you prop sects see.
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    [Wikipedia] Interview with SCORE on Search Marketing
    Image via Wikipedia. Many of you might be familiar with SCORE (originally the Service Corps of Retired Executives ), which is a longstanding resource to U.S. small businesses, in partnership with the Small Business Administration. If you are a small business, SCORE offers free advice to help you improve your business. They also offer Webinars (I did one a few months ago) and a newsletter that they interviewed me for.
    [Wikipedia] Should Marketers Use Pop-Up Forms? A Comprehensive Analysis
    According to Wikipedia , the first ever pop-up ad appeared in the late 1990s on the web hosting website As inbound marketers, we care about creating lovable experiences for our website visitors -- but we also want to generate as many leads as we can for our sales teams. Most of the time we can do both without any problem. But when it comes to pop-up forms, conflict does emerge. Pop-ups are everywhere these days.
    [Wikipedia] Using Google Knol as a B2B Marketing Tool
    Yesterday, Google officially launched Knol , its Wikipedia-like tool for crafting encyclopedic expert articles. As with Wikipedia, subject matter experts can write or contribute edits to a Knol page on a specific topic. Unlike the case with Wikipedia, however, the author(s) is identified, so readers know who contributed to the article and understand any biases the author(s) may bring to the topic. It's Not Wikipedia.
    [Wikipedia] It’s a Contact Data Management “Revolution”
    Wikipedia defines “RPM” as Revolutions Per Minute (abbreviated rpm, RPM, r/min, or r•min?1), 1), a unit of frequency of rotation: the number of full rotations completed in one minute around a fixed axis. It is used as a measure of rotational speed of a mechanical component. I’d like to borrow from this
    [Wikipedia] It’s a Contact Data Management “Revolution”
    Wikipedia defines “RPM” as Revolutions Per Minute (abbreviated rpm, RPM, r/min, or r•min?1), 1), a unit of frequency of rotation: the number of full rotations completed in one minute around a fixed axis. It is used as a measure of rotational speed of a mechanical component. I’d like to borrow from this
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    [Wikipedia] 12 Things You Learned in College That Prepared You for the Real World
    If college graduations had Oscars-style thank-you speeches, let's just say Google (and Wikipedia, for that matter) would definitely get a shout out. When I was a freshman in college, one of my very first professors gave our class a piece of advice that I'll never forget: "Begin emails with 'Hi,' not 'Hey.'". If you were expecting some awe-inspiring, TED-talk-worthy words of wisdom, it might've surprised you that this is what's stuck with me over the years.
    [Wikipedia] How SearchMetrics’ New Ranking Factors Affect Your Content Marketing Strategy
    These include technical, user experience, content, Wikipedia/Facebook, social signals, mobile rankings and backlinks. Wikipedia/Facebook covers how these two websites affect rankings, social signals relate to how your website and content interact with social media, and mobile rankings have grown in importance along with increased use of mobile devices.
    [Wikipedia] A Brief History of Marketing Technology (and Social Media Marketing)
    Source: Wikipedia). Up until the Industrial Revolution, all goods were made by hand. A hierarchy evolved that included skilled workers who were part of guilds, and these groups required that members protect trade secrets to keep their skills in high demand. In order to learn the trade, a person would have to spend years as an apprentice and work for free to become a full-fledged tradesman. Technology often brings change.
    [Wikipedia] My Dog the Meme: The Origins of the All-Time Greatest Animal Memes
    He even has a Wikipedia page , and his claim to fame is his love of boxes. Author: Dayna Rothman My dog is a meme. And it wasn’t created by me. I got a text message early one morning from my sister-in-law, Toni, saying that Haley, my hilarious boxer dog, had been made into a meme. When Toni had come into work that morning, her co-worker quickly ushered her over to look at a funny dog meme that popped up on her Facebook page.
    [Wikipedia] Why Meta Data Still Matters in SEO
    Image via Wikipedia. The search engines have evolved a great deal in the last fifteen years. They’ve gotten a lot smarter, meaning that it’s not easy for a website to get a good search ranking. Back in the day, website owners would cram lots of keywords into the meta title, description, and keyword tags in the code and get noticed by the search engines. Now it’s not so easy. In fact, stuffing keywords anywhere can get you penalized.
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    [Wikipedia] Fill in your entire social media timeline backlog
    If you must, consider your blog your own personal Wikipedia, making sure that everything possible about your and your world is written online, in text, so as to speak in your voice, your story. Spend this week digging through memories predating the moment you joined the online conversation and start posting them.
    [Wikipedia] Book Review: Optimize
    ” It’s not unusual for university websites, government agency sites, and reference sites like Wikipedia to “compete” with a company in search. • Monitor search results to spot new opportunities. The old days when SEO meant writing key-stuffed copy and then begging for or buying as many links as possible, from any willing website, are long gone. That’s clearly good for searchers, as search engine results have become more relevant and useful.
    [Wikipedia] Do Your SEO Tactics Work for Everyone?
    Image via Wikipedia. In my speech at SMX Stockholm today, I challenged the audience of mostly search professionals to think about what they are doing, whether it breaks the search engines' rules or not. If you are interested in how to make a case for white hat SEO, then check out my latest post on Search Engine Guide, " Do Your SEO Tactics Work for Everyone? ".
    [Wikipedia] The organizational digital divide
    (Photo credit: Wikipedia). As marketers we tend to focus attention on early adopters and marvel at the promise of new technologies and the “next big thing” We believe that the digital revolution has been won, and that with the right digital strategy and great execution, we will succeed. At our fingertips are the tools to enable instantaneous viral and global communications.
    [Wikipedia] Why marketers need to embrace responsive design
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Ever visit a website on a mobile device, and find it virtually unreadable because it’s a desktop website and everything is too small to read on your little screen? That is a site that needs responsive design and here’s why marketers need to embrace responsive design for our websites. If you haven’t heard of responsive design before, basically, it is web design that responds to its environment.
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    [Wikipedia] Is Your Open Office Causing a Creative Crisis?
    Cubicle image via Wikipedia. This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. Whenever Ben walks by, he comments on the design work prominently display on your monitor. He typically thinks you need to move everything to be center-aligned. Jane -- the one with the constant cough -- believes that the secret to convincing a client that an idea is brilliant is to speak above a normal decibel level.
    [Wikipedia] A Keyword Primer: Finding and Using Keywords Effectively
    A few definitions: Wikipedia – Keyword (Index Term) : “An index term , subject term , subject heading , or descriptor , in information retrieval, is a term that captures the essence of the topic of a document.”. Keywords are important for every business online today. They help drive traffic to your business website and when chosen and used well, draw visitors who become customers. Keywords define a business, and represent the essence of the products and services that are offered.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 2010
    [Wikipedia] The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained
    Wikipedia - Wikipedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. On the web today, things change fast. New applications launch every day and existing applications continue to evolve and add new features. As we all learn about social media and inbound marketing and we teach others about it, having a resource that quickly and clearly explains all of the basic terms and applications is critically important.
  • CONTENTLY  |  MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016
    [Wikipedia] Sponsored Comments: Can Genius Build the Next Big Ad Platform?
    It’s more like a blend of Wikipedia and Reddit. Three years ago, I sat in a sleek startup office as the co-founders of Rap Genius told me about their master plan for taking over the internet. Rap Genius—now known as Genius—was one of the hottest new tech companies at the time, with big funding, pop culture relevance, and co-founders eager to get headlines, good or bad.
  • SNAPAPP  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 2016
    [Wikipedia] Is Your Content Binge-Worthy?
    From online shopping to TV streaming to Spotify to “ getting lost ” in Wikipedia, interest in any subject can become voluntarily intense. March is a very encouraging month for binge activities. It is still mostly winter and cold in many places, so Netflix remains a favorite go-to, especially with new seasons of House of Cards typically released around this time.
    [Wikipedia] 48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics
    Brian Dean shares clever techniques for improving search rank by finding broken-link building opportunities on Wikipedia, discovering untapped keywords on Reddit, finding link prospects on Delicious, and 18 other tactics, including using “best of” lists to “find awesome link targets.” As Geddy Lee of Rush sang in the band’s 1981 hit Tom Sawyer , “changes aren’t permanent. But change is.”
    [Wikipedia] Koch to S(blank)0s: Drop Dead
    Image via Wikipedia. In 1975, New York City was a real s—thole (I should know, I was a teenager growing up in the area at the time—yes, I’m that old). Dangerous, dirty, rundown, corrupt, without a trace of its current chicness and style, and, most significantly, broke. Now, this isn’t a political blog so I’m not going to take sides, but the rap on the city down in Washington, D.C. at the time was that the pain was all self-inflicted (a raging recession notwithstanding).
  • B2B MEMES  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 2011
    [Wikipedia] Social Media and the Perils of Monetization
    For those many people to whom RSS is still a mystery, the change is meaningless (if you’re one of these people and are curious, you can read about it on Wikipedia ). Are profits and social media compatible? Does making money from a friendship make it less social? The path to monetization is full of perils, and inevitably changes your relationship with your audience.
    [Wikipedia] What if my competitor is cheating at SEO?
    Image via Wikipedia. Does that question keep you up at night? I mean, you are following the rules. You are doing everything ethically and humanly possible to drive searchers to your Web site, but what if your competitors are not so scrupulous? You know that the search engines do their best to ferret out spammers, but you also know that lots of clever folks get away with it every day. What if one of those back-hat SEO experts is advising your top competitor?
    [Wikipedia] Are you policing your domain from spammers?
    Image via Wikipedia. Do you know whether your Web site has been attacked by search spammers? Is it possible that you have been infiltrated by someone out fr their own gain at your expense? How would you know it is happening and what would you do about it? If you understand all about Web server security and how to protect your Web site. move on.
    [Wikipedia] Selling Search to the C-Suite
    Image via Wikipedia. This might have happened to you. You are all fired up about the possibilities of search marketing, but you just haven't figured out how to get the executive support that you need. You know that you have to get approvals for budgets, the go-ahead for resources, and most importantly, commitments for other key people in the organization to do their parts. But no matter what you do, you can't get the attention that you need from the top management in your company.
    [Wikipedia] Are colleges waking up to social media?
    Image via Wikipedia. My daughter has reached the end of her college selection process. She's our first student headed off to college, so it was a learning process for all of us. She did a great job and she was accepted to her "college of choice" and she is relieved and happy. But I can't leave well enough alone. As a self-appointed social media expert, I spent a lot of the time watching how she navigated the Web and what made her decision to attend the school that she did.
    [Wikipedia] Five tips for using email as a lead generating machine
    (Photo credit: Wikipedia). As marketing tools go, email is definitely not “sexy” anymore the way social media is now. That doesn’t mean that email marketing isn’t worthwhile though. Done right, it can still be a powerful tool for lead generation. Leads are the metric that marketers live and die on because leads mean money. Here are five tips for using email as a lead generating machine. Data is your friend.
    [Wikipedia] International Content Marketing Dos & Don’ts
    According to Wikipedia, the trilogy has “sold around 20 million copies worldwide… and set the record as the fastest-selling paper back of all time, surpassing the Harry Potter series.” According to Wikipedia, “Matador turns out to have connotations for ‘killer’ on the island where bull-fighting was abolished when the U.S. International waters… have you dipped your toe in them, not just personally, but for your business?
    [Wikipedia] 15 Ways to Repurpose Your Content and Find Eternal Happiness
    Barbra Streisand 1966”, Wikipedia. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose. In content marketing, these are the three “R’s” that come up with clockwork regularity. And for good reason: They’re worth repeating. Just as some books are worth reading more than once, so too are some topics; you often come away with new insights that might have been missed the first time through. In this case, the topic is content repurposing – which is used interchangeably with the other two “R’s”. (It’s
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012
    [Wikipedia] Every Digital Marketer’s Most Valuable Asset: The Extended Network
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Every job seeker knows that his network is the key to his next employment opportunity. In theory, every digital media marketer is or has been a job seeker at some point. So why does it seem that we only think about the network in terms of personal use? How can we use our organization’s extended network as part of our marketing efforts?
    [Wikipedia] Schemas, microformats, rich snippets, and SEO
    Image via Wikipedia. If you don't know what those words mean, you should, because these concepts are turning SEO on its ear. It is no longer enough to mark up your Web pages with HTML and hope for the best. Now schemas have been defined using microformats that produce rich snippets for your search results. If that sounds like a mouthful, then you should be boning up on the latest markup geekiness that Google has in store for you.
    [Wikipedia] Marketing Agency Leaders Discuss: The New Agency Model for Success
    ” And, you can read about how Mary Alice LaPoint brought marketing automation into her agency, To the Point Marketing, and what her results were in this case study: Photo of the cast of the 5th season of Mad Men from Wikipedia. It used to be that companies hired advertising agencies to come up with exciting new ways to popularize their brands – and that was mostly it.
    [Wikipedia] Emails are like cockroaches
    Here’s a summary of it, based on Wikipedia (I apologize in advance for the graphic aspect of it, but that’s key for the message I’m trying to convey here): The work takes the form of a monologue by a woman, identified only as G.H., Spoiler: this is NOT an email-bashing post.
    [Wikipedia] 22 Essential Mobile Apps for Your CMO
    Qwiki : Think of Wikipedia-like content, but presented in a visually stimulating, multimedia fashion. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this Let’s face it, your CMO is busy, and as marketing becomes increasingly accountable for revenue performance , the workload will only intensify. When it comes to “managing up,” the challenge you face is not an easy one: How do you get more of your CMO’s attention when the demands on her time are multiplying? The solution: Help your CMO manufacture more time.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 2014
    [Wikipedia] 60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know
    But some acronyms have multiple meanings, even industry-specific ones, and sometimes Wikipedia doesn''t do them justice. Have you ever heard an acronym but you didn''t know what it meant? It can really throw you off your game in a conversation. I usually try to write it down discreetly or, if I have a laptop, look it up online without anyone seeing. That''s why we curated 60 of the most common marketing acronyms into an epic glossary you can skim, study, or bookmark and save for later.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016
    [Wikipedia] What’s Behind the Predicted Growth of Business Intelligence Technology?
    Defined as “a set of techniques and tools for the acquisition and transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes” ( Wikipedia ), the power of these tools lies in their ability to inform decisions by making big data easily understood. Imagine if you had access to all of the data that you needed to prove marketing success.
    [Wikipedia] How to Research Content for Your Expert Ebook
    Wikipedia, and other specialized encyclopedia sites. for Your Expert Ebook" src="[link] width="300" height="225" title="How to Research Content for Your Expert Ebook" /> How should you research content in order to write your expert ebook ? This is a huge question for most writers, and a major reason why some ebooks never get written or finished. The field of online research methods is new and expanding rapidly.
    [Wikipedia] Are you launching sinking Web sites?
    You can read the whole story from the Wikipedia link above, but I have my own theory on why no one was punished. Image by Scoobyfoo via Flickr. When I was in Stockholm last month, I visited a very cool museum dedicated to the Vasa ship , a huge Swedish warship launched in the 1620s. The ship was on display for all to see, with lots of explanations about the way it was built, what life was like back then, and many other interesting facts. But this is not your standard museum of history.
    [Wikipedia] Is branding more important than direct marketing?
    Image via Wikipedia. Marketers often come from two distinct backgrounds. Brand marketers are the ones whose work you see on TV. They are all about branding, brand image, brand awareness--use whatever word you want--and their success has made Coca-Cola and many other consumer products into household names. Direct marketers are decidedly less sexy, traditionally focusing on catalogs or direct mail letters, constantly searching for the next idea that increases response.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
    [Wikipedia] We are in real need of clean air in Internet marketing
    Image via Wikipedia. by Frank Reed. Have you ever heard the expression in business saying that things won't be able to change until we have "clean air"? It's an expression that comes from racing. Since I hail from North Carolina, the home of NASCAR, I am taking liberties and simply applying the term to the Internet marketing industry. Internet Marketing Business Internet marketing Marketing Marketing and Advertising Search engine optimization
    [Wikipedia] Making Your Industrial Website Be All It Can Be
    Source: Wikipedia ). Remember the old US Army commercial – “Be All You Can Be?” It was one of the most popular and successful recruiting slogans and the army used it for over twenty years. It was created in 1981 by E. Carter (he was awarded the Outstanding Civilian Service Award for his efforts) when he was with N. Ayer & Son, the first advertising agency in the United States. What does any of this have to do with industrial websites? Plenty as it turns out.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013
    [Wikipedia] Why Organizational Culture Matters to Your Marketing
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. On any given day, one can look at Twitter, Mashable, or any number of other sites and receive advice on how to use social media tools to improve customer outreach, loyalty, and employee engagement. Some of these posts are mediocre, while others are quite good and provide sound guidance and case studies. But, they all start with an assumption that social media or social business is an imperative and that all organizations should evolve to this state.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, JULY 30, 2012
    [Wikipedia] Prospecting to IT Buyers: How Nine Data Vendors Stack Up
    Photo credit: Wikipedia. Buyers of information technology (IT) are one of the most valued audiences targeted by business marketers. Globally, these professionals spend $3.6 trillion on hardware, software and technology services. My colleague Bernice Grossman and I recently investigated the availability of prospecting data available to tech marketers for reaching this desirable group, and we found some surprises. .
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