Most Viewed Video Ads: Father’s Day


Total Views. The post Most Viewed Video Ads: Father’s Day appeared first on AcuityAds Inc. Advertising and Marketing Technology advertising campaign Attention Advertising consumer attention digital advertising Targeting Fathers Day Most Viewed Video Ads MVVA

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BlueVenn Bundles Omnichannel Journey Management, Personalization, and Single Customer View

Customer Experience Matrix

single customer view, has rich functionality to load data from multiple sources and do standardization, validation, enhancement, hygiene, matching, deduplication, governance and auditing. BlueVenn has only been active in the U.S. market only since March 2016, although many U.S.

Most Viewed Video Ads: March Madness Finalists


The top 10 Most Viewed Video Ads for this year’s March Madness tournament are IN! million views. Total Views. The post Most Viewed Video Ads: March Madness Finalists appeared first on AcuityAds Inc.

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Why a Unified Customer View is Vital to Your Marketing Efforts


A unified customer view can help marketers define customer experiences and drive enhanced engagement. This platform provides a unified customer view, all-in-one analytics, and buyer persona marketing opportunities. Why a Unified Customer View is Vital to Your Marketing Efforts. Experiture Blog. Experiture Blog - Customer Experience Marketing Platform - Best Practices and thought leadership.

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7 Key Insights from the "How B2B Marketing is Changing" Report

Speaker: Tom Pick, Independent B2B Digital Marketing Consultant

Content marketing, for example, is widely viewed as the most effective lead generation tactic and area for additional spending in the coming year. What are the top priorities, challenges, and trends in B2B marketing as we head into the final stretch of 2018?

CMOs - A High Level View

Modern Marketing

The role of Chief Marketing Officer, CMO to me and you — has undergone a massive amount of change over the past few years. To be successful today's CMOs need to be more than just marketers. A lot more.

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Let the market view in


They have a point of view, are comfortable with their perspective and only accept information that confirms their opinions. In addition to an over reliance on biased but readily available information, many marketers suffer from an “internal out” view of the world.

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The Leadership Message – Attracting Prospects Through a Point-of-View

ATAK Interactive

Where do you bring in this unique point-of-view you’ve outlined? . The post The Leadership Message – Attracting Prospects Through a Point-of-View appeared first on ATAK Interactive. Leadership belongs to those who take it. – Sheryl Sandberg.

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Most Viewed Video Ads: May / Week 2


Week 2 of May puts Hulu on the top spot for the Most Viewed Video Ads chart. Total Views. The post Most Viewed Video Ads: May / Week 2 appeared first on AcuityAds Inc. The campaign, for Hulu’s ad-free subscription, begins as one of the classic Old Spice ads with Isaiah Mustafa.

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Most Viewed Video Ads: Avengers Endgame


The following videos were able to stand out from the rest and captured the most views to make it into our Top 5! Google takes third place with their spot using various shots from Endgame, but seen from the point of view of regular human bystanders going about their day. Total Views.

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The Sales Enablement Handbook

Providing the right technology, including digital tools, to sales teams with a view. The Sales Enablement. Handbook WWW.MARKETJOY.COM Contact: +1 484-302-0110.

How To View Any Profile On LinkedIn

Digital B2B Marketing

LinkedIn profile access is even more restricted, today you now need a premium account to view third degree connections. Of course, you can solve this with a premium membership, but here is how to view the full public profile without a premium account.

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Appointment viewing: What happens online when we all watch the same show?

Attention patterns for appointment TV viewing. These patterns also allows us to examine behaviors and attention online for “Appointment viewing,” or “appointment tv.” Sports remain the strongest example of “appointment viewing” among events in our network.

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View Email Stats Right on Your Campaign Map


Clicking away from your campaign to see how your emails are performing is a thing of the past; you can now view your stats right on your Send an Email element by clicking: You’ll be able to see: Sent – how many times your message was sent Opened – how many of those messages […].

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Enabling Sales: Change the Point of View


My answer: “Creating List Views” (after basic training on how to use SFDC). Views are simple, fast and visible to any sales rep who has access to the information. We can find list views by clicking on a tab in SFDC. If you click on the accounts tab, there is a drop-down that says View where you select what set of data to display from accounts. . Manage call/prospecting lists from views.

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How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

It’s viewed as the most effective lead gen tactic, followed by social media. Software Marketers Comparing tactics viewed as effective to those that don’t perform as well, eight different. the approaches or channels viewed as most. 1How B2B Marketing.

Most Viewed Video Ads: Super Bowl Finalists


Coming in first place is Stella Artois with over 48 million views! Amazon takes second with over 39 million views for their comical campaign promoting Amazon Echo. Third place goes to Hyundai with over 38 million views for The Elevator starring Jason Bateman. Total Views.

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Visualize Your Contacts and Pipelines With Card View


NEW FEATURE Visualize Your Contacts and Pipelines With Card View ONTRAPORT’s new contact display option provides an overhead view of your funnels for better customer relationship management ONTRAPORT’s CRM is now visual.

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The 14 top referrer sources by word count, device type, and categories viewed

We define demand for categories as the average views per post. For demand however, we’re looking at a slightly more nuanced view – how many views per article are there.

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A View To A Thrill: Why Marketers Need To Get Visual, Fast

Marketing Insider Group

In essence what he was saying that people, AKA consumers don’t want to read on their computers per se, they want to view something, too. With user preference shifting to viewing information versus reading it, we have begun to redirect our marketing dollars to visual relevance in our industry.

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Gaining a 360 Degree Customer View


Today’s marketing manager should have a single, trusted, comprehensive view of customers and potential customers to be able to target marketing most effectively.

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Single customer view creating double vision for CMO’s

Tomorrow People

Marketing automation can help you get a deeper understanding of your customers, so you can communicate with them more effectively. Marketing Automation

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Most viewed part of Act-On’s Platform – now even more awesome!


Act-On's new contact report makes it even easier for marketing and sales to connect with customers at a more personal level. Account-Based Marketing Demand & Lead Generation Lead Management

Act-On 132

7 Reasons to Attend Content with a View


Why not take a break from the hustle and come to Content with a View at SnapApp? Content with a View Wednesday, December 5 5-7 pm 200 Clarendon Street, 21st floor Boston, MA. 7 Reasons You Should Attend Content with a View.

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Work Together, Not Apart: A Bird’s Eye View of Content Marketing Collaboration

KoMarketing Associates

One of the hardest things about being a parent to small children is the music you’re forced to endure. I know all the words to “Let It Go,” a song that rivals “Hey Jude” in length. I’ve heard “Mary Had a Little Lamb” played on the recorder so many times that it’s almost starting to sound good to me.

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How AI Impacts Video View Time and Engagement [New Data]


We looked at nearly one half of a million video views. 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day. Users view more than 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube. Of the users that viewed at least 15 seconds of video out of nearly one half a million, 83.6% Total Views. Average # of Views in Each Quartile. The post How AI Impacts Video View Time and Engagement [New Data] appeared first on inPowered blog.

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Creating a Shared, Single View of the Customer


Much has been written of late about creating a 360 degree view of the customer. A shared customer view was about creating aligned teams where siloes currently (or previously) exist. Enterprises must create a single unified view of the customer to meet those changes.

4 Perspectives That Should Shape Your View of Value Propositions

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet If you think a value proposition is just a catchy phrase or the elevator speech your salesmen can spout off to customers, consider what Michael Lanning, the creator of the term, has to say. “It It should drive what you communicate, but more,”he explained. “It It should be the heart of your business strategy — an articulation of how customers will be better off if they do what your business proposes.”.

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Horror & Hot Leads: Vidyard Presents Stranger Views


Cue the intro music, STRANGER VIEWS! Binge-watch the entire Stranger Views Season, below: The post Horror & Hot Leads: Vidyard Presents Stranger Views appeared first on Vidyard.

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Selling From A Salesman’s Point of View


For those of you who have never been in sales, I would like to take you through a sales process (or some aspects of one) from the sales representative’s point of view. Tweet Photo credit: s_falkow.

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Google Cache: How to View Cached Pages


This can enable you to view a website that is slow or not responding, and it can also help SEO experts figure out indexation issues with a site. How to view cached pages. You are now viewing the cached page. You are now viewing the cached page.

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Reader loyalty data shows more sessions per visitor from social, more views per session from search

Visitor depth: how much did they look at when they visited (measured in views and views per session). Even for the most loyal readers of a site, their “attention span,” on average, maxes out at around three page views per session. Building a habit takes time.

Guest Blogging; SEO; Matt Cutts. A Point of View


Over the last week, with Matt Cutt’s public announcement about guest blogging, what became apparent is that many people in the blogging community have let their desire to get backlinks to their website skew their view of what quality, white hat SEO can actually do for their site.

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The post CARD VIEW SHOWS CONTACTS IN PIPELINE appeared first on The ONTRAPORT Blog. We added new functionality for the API so developers can edit custom fields without logging in. Engineering

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Most Viewed Video Ads: Super Bowl Pre-Game


Coming in first place is Stella Artois with over 30 million views! The brand is currently in second place with over 21 million views, also taking a cause-related approach to drawing viewer attention. Total Views.

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Views, visitors, engaged time, shares, and search: The metrics that matter for content

s content dashboard we provide support for a bevy of metrics beyond the world’s most popular analytics metric, the venerable page view. Page Views, Views by Device. Page Views, Views by Device. Mobile views in the In’s

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Business video trends worth noting in 2018


86% of views of business-related videos take place on desktop browsers. The most popular viewing time. Wednesday between 7AM-11AM PST is the most popular viewing time. But viewing actually varies very little across the work week (17% ±1%).

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Sales & Marketing Alignment: A Pragmatist’s View

Marketing Action

The post Sales & Marketing Alignment: A Pragmatist’s View appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On. The term “ sales and marketing alignment ” is at the top of today’s Business Buzz Words list, as evidenced by the sheer magnitude written on the topic. (A

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How to Protect Your Privacy When Viewing LinkedIn Profiles

B2B Marketing Traction

Recently a client asked a great question: “What information can individuals see when you view their profile on LinkedIn?” Watch the video to find out how to protect your identity when viewing LinkedIn profiles. Tweet.

Why a Single View of Your Customer is Vital for Success

Modern Marketing

That’s why it’s important to collect all those perspectives and create a single view of each customer. This PIN or tag is then attached to each data point on that customer so it can be pulled together to create that single view across all channels and points of contact.

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