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    [Twitter, URL] SEO FYI: 9 Tips for B2B Website Lead Generation Improvement
    Here are 9 tips to improve B2B website home page for improved lead generation: The Page title: The page title is the text that appears in the blue bar above a website’s URL in a browser. A blog or Twitter feed work well here. The B2B website home page plays a major role in lead generation and positive return on marketing investment. B2B marketers must drive qualified visitors to the website and convert them to qualified leads with a persuasive call-to-action.
    [Twitter, URL] 24 More of the Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2012
    ” How to Add A Twitter Tab to Your Facebook Page [Quicktip] by Hongkiat. Mustaza Mustafa presents a richly illustrated, step-by-step process for using the CertifiedSeller app to add a Twitter profile link to your tab on Facebook timeline. Also, put your Facebook URL on more of your in-store materials—receipts, napkins, brochures, etc.,
    [Twitter, URL] 10 Helpful Uses of RSS Feeds for Marketing
    Monitor Twitter for mentions of your company and industry-related terms. For Twitter specifically, you should be looking for industry tweets, @replies, and mentions of your business. Although Twitter previously removed some its support of RSS , there is still a way to subscribe to Twitter searches for your competitors, industry terms, executives' names, hashtags, and whatever else may be relevant to your business.
    [Twitter, URL] The Content Creator's Master List of Commonly Troublesome Words
    Twitter: Uppercase. URL: All capitals. Plural: URLs. Any online content creator knows: Writing for the web is no easy feat. In fact, one of the most frustrating challenges we face is due to the fact that new, web-related words are being coined all the time. As a result, we often run into questions like, "Do I capitalize this? Is this one word or two? Should I hyphenate it?".
    [Twitter, URL] How a Multilingual Content Marketing Approach Can Help You Reach and Engage With New Audiences
    It found that 60 percent of respondents said they rarely or never make purchases from English-language sites, and 56 percent either spend more time on sites in their own languages or boycott English-language URLs altogether. And even though Facebook and Twitter remain banned in China, big Western brands like Coke, Nike, and Calvin Klein engage with Chinese consumers through local giants such as RenRen and Sina Weibo.
    [Twitter, URL] Hidden Deliverability Dangers In Your Email Marketing Messages
    When we’re investigating delivery issues, there’s one area that’s often overlooked: Domains or URLs within an email. You should also beware of using URL shorteners such as Use URL shorteners only in social media such as Twitter that have message length restrictions; there is no need to use them in email. It’s easy to load up your marketing emails with links.
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    [Twitter, URL] The Ultimate Guide to Creating Shareable Infographics Using PowerPoint or Keynote
    Just don’t forget to save the website address (URL) for each resource you cite. To do this, create a new page or blog post with a unique URL that you’ll upload and add the infographic image to. As an alternative, if you can’t find someone’s email address, you can always use Twitter to reach out publically: Sam Hurley has hundreds of thousands of followers but still responded and shared my content: See how I used the same 2-step outreach approach like the email example from above?
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    [Twitter, URL] How to Optimize Your Google+ Content for Lead Gen, From the Experts at Google
    This approach is very similar to a marketer’s behavior on other social channels, like Twitter and Facebook. If you think that the message you're trying to convey can benefit from a reference to a specific page, then go ahead and feature a URL. Pause for a moment to think. Are you really making the most of your Google+ presence? As in, are you leveraging Google+ for all its lead gen potential ?
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    [Twitter, URL] How to Bridge the Gap Between In-Person and Online Lead Generation
    Giving your email or website URL alone may not be enough to get audience members to look you up. When I first started speaking at events, I''d often get requests over Twitter or in person for a copy of my presentation slides. We spend the lion''s share of our days online. As buyers, our fingers navigate through a dozen different review sites. As marketers, our strategies involve a span of countless online interactions from email to website to social media to webinars.
    [Twitter, URL] Infinite Scrolling: What to Consider Before Implementing It on Your Site
    If you''ve ever used Twitter, Pinterest, or searched for images in Google, you''ve probably seen infinite scrolling in action. Almost all of the major social networks -- Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram -- adopted the infinite scrolling feature. You should then group your infinite scroll page content into component pages and then make sure each component page has a full URL (this will help you avoid any errors).
    [Twitter, URL] Excuse Me, There's a Digital Hair in My Print Media Soup
    We believe in the merits of channels like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , and the whole wide interwebs for marketers and business owners to spread their message, and generate leads and customers. Why, then, are there no: URLs pointing to their social media accounts. 2) Live Twitter Feed Streaming in Your Print Ad. That's the point in the video that the Twitter stream actually shows up in the ad. As inbound marketers, we're really into digital media.
    [Twitter, URL] Creating Killer Content with Data: Pubcon Austin 2016
    Unless your post URLs contain categories in them, this can be somewhat tedious but I find it useful as it can show that topics driving the most visibility aren’t always the most frequently written topics. I talk about it in presentations, in blog posts, on Twitter, etc., What I like about SEMRush is you can filter by URL, while at the same time getting a picture of overall keyword trends and the SERPs themselves.
    [Twitter, URL] The 8 Best Link-Building Tactics to Boost Off-Page SEO
    Follow and tweet with them on Twitter, and give them a little link love by linking to their content in your own blog articles. As a bonus, if you have a good relationship with this website owner or blogger (see tactic #3), you might even be able to leverage that relationship to request specific anchor text and the URL you want them to link back to. As a contributor, you get control over the anchor text and URLs for the keywords you're targeting.
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    [Twitter, URL] How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Email List
    How to Convert Twitter Followers. The most direct way is to tweet occasional requests for Twitter followers to join your email list (including a shortened URL that links directly to your email sign-up page). That way, any content you tweet features a way for visitors to join your email list after clicking on a link shared via Twitter. Social networks provide a fantastic platform for sharing content and engaging with customers and prospects.
    [Twitter, URL] A Go-To Guide to Screwing Up Your Landing Pages
    Social following icons (different from social sharing icons) are buttons that send visitors to your company''s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages. How to Fix It: First, check out what your landing pages look like on mobile devices by heading over to HubSpot''s Device Lab and inputting the URL of your page. Landing pages are the core of the conversion process. They are one of the best ways you can convert website visitors into leads and leads into customers.
    [Twitter, URL] 36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010
    Kristina Weis supplies helpful instructions for how to do things like target your posts to specific audiences, create a custom URL for your Facebook page and get into your fans’ “top news.&#. It’s hard to overstate the impact of Facebook. Having long ago passed MySpace as the most popular social network, Facebook recently replaced Google as the most-visited website in the U.S. It started 2010 with roughly 350 million users and is now on its way to 600 million.
    [Twitter, URL] A Marketer's Guide to APIs
    As software companies like Twitter , Flickr , Facebook grow, the staff within that company quickly realizes that it has more ideas than it has development time and resources. Let's take a quick look at the Twitter API documentation as an example. Much of Twitter's growth has been because of outside developers. Need more leads? Ever feel like you don’t have enough people on your team to meet your inbound marketing goals? Most marketers know this feeling well.
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    [Twitter, URL] How the Right Tools Can Help Remedy Your Website's Traffic Problem
    When picking website tools, make sure that it's easy to change page attributes like the title, the meta description, and the keywords, and that new pages are created with default optimization like keywords in the URL address, and automatic sitemap generation. The post URLs should have good SEO structure and page-level SEO features. Got low site traffic?
    [Twitter, URL] 25 TEDTalk Quotes to Inspire You
    17) Stephen Lawler: We’re so constrained by browsing the Web, remembering URLs, saving favorites. 20) Jason Fried: [Facebook and Twitter] aren’t the real problems in the office. Have you ever attended live or viewed an online TEDTalk ? You know, those inspiring, funny, or fascinating talks from industry leaders and amazing people that take place around the world?
    [Twitter, URL] Mustache Marketing 101: How to Fundraise for Movember
    With images being posted and shared on Facebook and Twitter, millions of people continue to be exposed to the movement, thus spreading awareness more and more each day. When you sign up, you can generate one with your fundraising page URL so your friends know where to donate. Simply snap a picture everyday during the month and share it on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, the 70s and 80s -- an era when men sported the mustaches of all mustaches.
    [Twitter, URL] 11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks
    This a huge missed opportunity for businesses, especially given that because many businesses aren't leveraging features likes company updates, the clutter on LinkedIn is significantly less dense than on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. To enable this feature, simply go into edit mode of your page's 'Overview' tab, scroll down, and enter the URL for your blog's RSS feed. Up until recently, the value of a LinkedIn Company Page was minimal.
    [Twitter, URL] The Marketer's Go-To Guide for Creating Data-Based Content
    It crawls a site and shows how many social shares each URL has gotten. For a great example of data-based content using APIs, check out this piece from the Guardian , which uses data from Twitter to show how rumors spread on the platform. We inbound marketers are a unique bunch. One day we love to dream up lovable campaigns to delight our audience , and the next we want nothing more than to dive into some data.
    [Twitter, URL] 10 of the Best Brands on Snapchat Right Now (And Why They're So Great)
    Snapchat accounts are nothing fancy: no profile picture, no bio, no URL to your website. Once a Snapchat Story is up, they promote them on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. (I They were the first brand to use Tinder as part of a 2015 Valentine’s Day campaign, and their "Tweet to Eat" campaign let fans order pizza via Twitter by sending a pizza emoji. It used to be that Snapchat was seen as a platform geared mostly toward teens and pre-teens.
    [Twitter, URL] Silverpop's Latest Release Targets Sophisticated Marketing Automation Buyers
    The system can publish directly to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Users can now embed campaign codes within a URL link, making them easier to capture. Summary: Silverpop has continued to extend the marketing automation capabilities of its Engage platform. The latest release adds features that are most important to enterprise marketers. More than a year has passed since Silverpop merged its email and marketing automation systems into a single product, Engage 8.
    [Twitter, URL] 8 of Our Absolute Favorite 2012 Holiday Campaigns
    First, please notice that they've created a memorable and trackable URL for this campaign,, that redirects to a page about online backup. When Coca-Cola promotes the campaign on their website, they have links to their Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, and they use consistent tone and messaging that aligns with all their other campaigns throughout the year. It's that time of year again! The malls are packed. Discounts are everywhere.
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    [Twitter, URL] 7 Metrics Every Marketer Should Check Weekly (And How to Improve Them)
    Social Media: Visits from social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Other Campaigns: Visits from people who came from a unique tracking URL. This post originally appeared on the Academy blog. To read more content like this, subscribe to Academy. As a marketer, tracking and analyzing data is an important part of the gig. But there are so many different metrics you can track. Where do you begin?
    [Twitter, URL] 5 Pre-Designed PowerPoint Templates for Creating SlideShare Presentations
    To really get your presentation's quotes to stand out, give them their own, dedicated slides, like these ones: Pro Tip: Add hyperlinked "Click to Tweet" buttons to these slides so viewers can easily share your quotes on Twitter. from the pop-up menu, and paste in the URL of the webpage you want to direct viewers to. While we all know that SlideShare is a highly visual platform, the most important aspect of any SlideShare presentation isn't actually the design -- it's the story.
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    [Twitter, URL] Social Media for Finance Marketers: 3 Steps to Getting Started
    When you're working within the highly regulated finance industry, there can be legal implications for companies that are seen as being "over-promotional" on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. a) Twitonomy (For Twitter). Likealyzer isn't as thorough for Facebook as Twitonomy is for Twitter, but it has the added advantage of a dropdown list of industries so you can peruse the best and worst pages easily in the vertical you care about.
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    [Twitter, URL] 15 Blog KPIs You Should Already Be Tracking
    direct traffic is a big driver of your visits, and visitors typically enter your blog''s URL into their browser to get to you) vs. one that gets found through indirect sources. You might find that content that performs well on Twitter, for instance, does very poorly in a social network like LinkedIn. Anyone who manages a business blog knows all too well that the darn things require quite a bit of commitment.
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    [Twitter, URL] How To Spice Up Your Content Marketing With Animated GIFs [And Other Animated Visuals]
    Just go to the URL of the video you want to make into an animated gif. Twitter and Tumblr have supported animated gifs for awhile. According to Steve Wilhite, who invented the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) in 1987 for CompuServe, it’s “jif,” like the peanut butter (and like “gym” and “gem” and “Geoff”), not a hard “g” (like “ghif” or “gate.”) Images are powerful tools. They can attract and hold attention, or capture and convey an emotion in a way words cannot.
    [Twitter, URL] Essential 5 Step BuzzSumo Process For Social Media Agencies
    To get started, enter the URL of an industry leading website or successful competitor into the Most Shared section of BuzzSumo. The backlinks tab will list the most recent, most shared inbound links for any URL. Our engagement metric is based on the average number of retweets a twitter user gets every time they tweet. Summary: Use the Audience Builder to identify and export lists of usernames for tailored advertising on Twitter.
    [Twitter, URL] 16 Quick Ways to Squeeze More ROI From Your Blog
    Extend your reach beyond just Twitter, and include social sharing buttons for LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and any other social media sites on which you participate. Optimize your URL architecture. The structure of your URL should include a slug at the end with the title of your blog post. Search engines consider the contents of your URL when determining the relevancy of your page; optimize that slug to include the keywords for which you're trying to rank.
    [Twitter, URL] Professional Services SEO in 2015: 5 Facts Every CMO Should Know
    The technical side of SEO still matters though, including on-site optimization efforts like proper title tagging, URL structure, etc. From there you can explore Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and the list goes on. As we look back on 2014, we can identify a multitude of changes that have taken place. Some met with joy, but most with a sense of confusion and fear of what is to come. Some subtle trends came into light.
    [Twitter, URL] The 9 Worst Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business
    However, just like Facebook and Twitter , there are several common mistakes that companies make on LinkedIn. Twitter). Enter the URL. It might seem like overkill to post updates on Facebook, Twitter, AND LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a more professional social networking site than Facebook and Twitter, so it’s likely that you’ll have different followers here who will benefit from seeing your updates.
    [Twitter, URL] 5 Free B2B Marketing Tools
    URL Builder Tool: Analytics now includes a tool to build custom URLs to track the campaign source (i.e., From one central location, you can keep up with multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and other social profiles. HootSuite enables you to: • Shorten URLs for Twitter. Track in real time how many users clicked on shortened URLs (see image above). . From CoTweet, you can: • View Twitter users’ profiles. Follow or unfollow Twitter users.
    [Twitter, URL] B2B marketers are stumbling in the dark
    A new CMO walking into her new job in a B2B company ought to be able to ask for the Book of Learning and be given a big, fat ring binder (or wiki URL).
    [Twitter, URL] New Media Strategies That Scoop the Real Reporters
    Business Insider opted for this catchy headline… …yet this SEO-friendly URL: [link]. Follow him on Twitter at @natebirt. This past year, The New York Times had an epic “It’s not you, it’s me” moment. It’d be more accurate to say the bastion of traditional journalism had a “Well actually, it is you” moment. Buzzfeed and later Mashable published the news organization’s “Innovation” report , an internal Times document.
    [Twitter, URL] Develop a Marketing Breadcrumb Trail to Lead Prospects Home
    According to the “2011 Digital Marketing Outlook,” study conducted by the Society of Digital Agencies and Answerlab : 95% of survey respondents say they’ll be using social media this year—specifically their corporate web sites, Facebook, and Twitter. Create targeted email marketing tie-ins into new social media feeds through such sites as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Link followers to your latest blog post or email newsletter online through Twitter.
    [Twitter, URL] How Digital Plagiarism Detection of Your Content Protects Your Business
    Copyscape : Like many other sites, Copyscape offers free URL and text checkers, but it also has a paid service called Copysentry, which will monitor your website pages and content on a regular basis and deliver reports. If the information is online, it is easy enough to copy the webpage URL and provide link. Another option is to use [source], with the appropriate URL link at the end of the sentence or paragraph. For example, “Follow @HingeMarketing ” on Twitter.
    [Twitter, URL] How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video
    For example, I’m a huge fan of the Flipboard app on the iPad, which converts RSS feeds and Twitter lists into a highly customized and personalized online magazine. Create a text summary, and use compelling copy and keywords to summarize your subject matter and main points, and include your URL. by Jon Miller Online video is exploding. Any B2B marketer concerned with marketing ROI and sales enablement needs to know how and when to use it. Take YouTube, for example.
    [Twitter, URL] Why is measuring Lead Gen in Social Media so hard?
    A more recent example is Naked Pizza, a New Orleans healthful-pizza shop that has been marketing itself via Twitter. And recently it has started to track Twitter-spurred sales at the register. In a test run April 23, an exclusive-to-Twitter promotion brought in 15% of the day’s business. You can also track tiny urls used in Twitter feeds to see how many clicks you got to that url but its not integrated the way it is on your own website.
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    [Twitter, URL] Optimize Your Content for Inbound Marketing: Part 2
    It’s the wording that displays on the SERP under the title tag and the URL, telling the reader what they can expect to find on this page. Talk to your best customers to identify your business- and audience-appropriate social networks : They could be any combination of LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and many others. “The best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google’s search results.”. Now that I have your attention ….
    [Twitter, URL] Five Lessons From the Web 2.0 Summit
    and Twitter. For the first time in 20 years, the link and the URL are losing market share,” he said, noting that there is no standardized way to link to the page of a digital book. and Twitter. The the first time in 20 years, the link and the URL are losing market share,” he said, noting that there is no standardized way to link to the page of a digital book. I had a chance to attend the recent Web 2.0
    [Twitter, URL] Promoting Your Content: You’ve written great content, now make sure people see it!
    If you’ve reached out to an expert or obtained a quote from someone, make sure you email them (either the URL or the entire post) and encourage them to share it, too. The most often used channels for B2B are your company’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook pages. You have a well-crafted blog post that is ready to go.
    [Twitter, URL] How To Blend B2B SEO Into On-Site Content Development
    As illustrated in this screen grab of a tweet from Shaun Moynihan in late 2012, @Moynihan received an astounding 2,300 retweets and 630 favorites for it, but The Atlantic actually covered “Twitter’s Best Joke”, among other humorous variations, nearly a year earlier. As indicated in the previous link reference, Moz experiments have shown that if two links are targeting the same URL, only the anchor text used in the first link is counted by Google.
    [Twitter, URL] Eloqua, TopRank, Demandbase and More – OMS Minneapolis Wrapup
    Minimize the data stored in the barcode by using a shortened URL. Also, always include a URL just in case someone’s phone can’t read your barcode. Don’t overlook the value of native searches on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Technorati.
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    [Twitter, URL] What is Brand Marketing?
    Act-On’s social and advanced social publishing tools integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so you can post, listen, and measure social engagement from a single interface. You can also use marketing automation to create trackable URLs for press releases that will help you measure press release engagement and see how they contribute to your sales. There is a lot of confusion around brand. It’s one of those words widely used but unevenly understood.
    [Twitter, URL] Pinterest Adds App Pins and Possibly a ‘Buy’ Button
    The site might not get as much attention as its social siblings, Facebook and Twitter, but it’s on its way. You’ll upload a high-resolution picture of your app and set the destination URL to your app’s page in the App Store. Need help with a remodeling project? Tapped out of dinner ideas? Looking for an awesome wedding gift? There’s one website you can turn to and get help with all of these questions: Pinterest.
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    [Twitter, URL] SEO for Images: Why We’re Trying to Rank for the Term 'CEO'
    With images, you can quickly determine the quality, while text search results require you to scan the headline, description, and the URL to make a decision about the page's relevance. Share this post on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. Image-based search is becoming more and more common.
    [Twitter, URL] 101 Signs You're an Inbound Marketer
    Even your personal Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts include calls-to-action. When Twitter goes down, you feel lost. You follow more internet marketing celebrities on Twitter than mainstream pop celebrities. You have a favorite URL shortener. You have multiple monitors to monitor Twitter and Facebook as you work. You have your Twitter username on your business cards. You celebrate your Twitter anniversaries.
    [Twitter, URL] 30 Careless Mistakes That Will Totally Muck Up Your Marketing
    ET, just means it's going to hit your European friends' Twitter feeds in the middle of the night when they're sound asleep. So the fact that you've totally overlooked adding your website's URL to your social profiles is quite silly, isn't it? We've all had those moments. You know, the ones when you do something completely careless or idiotic, and then quickly follow up with a Ron Burgundy-esque thought like, "I immediately regret this decision".
    [Twitter, URL] 8 Reasons You'll Get Buried Alive Without Quality Content
    According to URL shortening service Bitly, the 'half life' for a tweet ( the time it takes a link to receive half the clicks it will ever receive after it reached its peak) is merely 2.8 Join HubSpot for our fourth Twitter Chat tomorrow, January 3, 3:30 PM ET. On last week's episode of The Marketing Update , the marketing tip of the week was special. It took into account all the marketing news throughout 2011 and boiled it down to one main takeaway: Create quality content.
  • MLT CREATIVE  |  FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011
    [Twitter, URL] Think Outside the B2B Trade Show Booth
    However, show-specific blogs were written and promoted via Twitter and LinkedIn. In the meantime, the media partner can make better decisions regarding future media buys thanks to tracking URLs. TIP: If you’re going to buy media, you want to buy what works, so you’ll absolutely want to use tracking URLs.
    [Twitter, URL] Lessons for Marketers From the Second Screen Experience
    Still, a way has been paved for an exchange between social sites and telecasts, and there’s ample proof of just what that relationship can yield (see: the selfie at the Oscars that tore Twitter a new one). Reports Bryan Bishop at The Verge , the network saw a serious uptick in posts on Twitter following the app’s launch: 526,000 unique individuals tweeted during THE WALKING DEAD’s mid-season premiere, relative to the 391,210 active during the December finale.
    [Twitter, URL] Inside a Social Media News Release
    More importantly is what I circled in red, the “Share This” embed with the easy-to-share-to-Twitter-Facebook-Yahoo!-Etc Well, we were afraid that if we did, bloggers would share on social media and social network and with either their Facebook or Twitter friends and followers instead of posting it on their blogs. Make sure you take some time to create a nice “Favicon” AKA favorites icon, shortcut icon, Web site icon, URL icon, and bookmark icon.
    [Twitter, URL] 5 Ways to Promote Your Webinar
    Use different URLs for each channel, so after the event you can track which channels delivered the most (or best) registrants. Set up event pages on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and promote the webinar on Twitter and on your organization’s blog. On Twitter, the two-week warning probably will not be effective. Ask your presenters to promote the social media URLs you create. When you were a little kid, did you and your friends ever put on a show?
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 21, 2012
    [Twitter, URL] 13 Things to Check Before Hitting 'Send' on Your Next Marketing Email
    We've published a helpful guide to make creating the buttons for social sharing on social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter less painful, so be sure to check it out. Just plug in the URL of the page you want your email recipients to share (whether it's a landing page, blog post, or the HTML version of the email, which we'll discuss later in this post), and -- POOF! -- social sharing buttons.
    [Twitter, URL] Digital Marketing Glossary, Part 3
    Social media : Internet-based applications that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc. Tracking code : Information typically included in a URL (or on a web page or in an email) that allows you to track something. Note that if you create and track additional URLs for a web page and distribute each different URL to a different channel, you can track the source of visitors more easily.
    [Twitter, URL] 10 Metrics Every Marketing Team Should Track
    Having said that, it’s important to note that every website draws different types of traffic: Direct traffic refers to people who type your URL directly into a browser or follow a link to your website from another source. So, tracking social media followers by platform (LinkedIn or Twitter followers, for example) is a powerful way to gauge the breadth of your visibility and how prospects are checking you out. “Make us more visible!”
    [Twitter, URL] 6 Content Marketing Tips That Drives Leads
    Create content (blog, video, etc), Optimize that content for Search (titles, URLs, meta data), Promote Content on Social Media Networks (FB, LI, Twitter, etc). Follow Me: Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Recent Tweets Have any B2B examples?
    [Twitter, URL] THE HACKIES: Pairing multi-channel attribution with lead scoring to improve marketing ROI
    You can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on social media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. To do multi-channel attribution, we track multiple factors by adding UTM parameters to all campaign URLs. If you liked it, you can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This article is a guest post by Franck Ardourel of DNN Corp. It was entered into The Hackies essay contest for the upcoming MarTech conference.
    [Twitter, URL] Ultimate 2015 Competitive Analysis Checklist for Hospitals
    Alexa Traffic Rank – Indicates how popular a certain URL is with users of the Alexa Toolbar and is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views to the URL over the past three months. Twitter account. It makes sense that you’re curious about your competitors. You’re probably wondering (rightfully so), why are they outranking you for certain keywords?
    [Twitter, URL] How to Use Social Media Intel to Prep for a Sales Call
    Does he/she have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social network or community popular for your industry? If you've already connected with the prospect before the call by another means such as email, consider following them on Twitter or connecting them with on that particular social network. Perhaps accessing their company's website URL you found on their LinkedIn profile reveals something about why they became interested in your company in the first place.
    [Twitter, URL] Smashmouth Review - LeadLander - Who's Really Visiting Your Site?
    Promoted it on Twitter , on LinkedIn , and through other channels. The LeadLander search function, where you can search by strings in URLs is valuable as you can use it to track specific links. We did this by using one link for Twitter , one for LinkedIn , and one for an email blast. We thought it might be interesting to augment our thought leader interviews with some demand gen product reviews.
    [Twitter, URL] Six Steps to a Remarkably Powerful, Personal Network - Liz Strauss at Successful Blog - Thinking, writing, business ideas. You're only a stranger once.
    Twitter: lizstrauss. Feed URLs. December 10, 2007. Six Steps to a Remarkably Powerful, Personal Network. ME Liz Strauss wrote this at 11:30 am. It’s NOT Who You Know. My recent trip to the UK has me thinking about networking. I’ve never really liked the term, it makes pictures of strangers and stress in my head. So I think in terms of meeting people instead. We live and interact with people. People help, support, and reach out. They interfere, compete, and ignore.
    [Twitter, URL] Got Interest in Pinterest? How to Pin Like a Pro
    just a pin away: - Drop in a URL and voila, a full-screen capture. Pinstamatic – Allows you to add website snapshots, quotes, calendar dates, locations, or create “sticky notes” and suggest Twitter profiles to your Pinterest profile. Our Training & Education Manager, Jill recently blogged about Pinterest and boy, did we get a response.
    [Twitter, URL] ClickInsights: Social Media Marketing in 2010
    Blog ChrisG Twitter chrisgarrett. " Just having "cares" in your Twitter name is not enough " Chris Garrett's Bio. Just having "cares" in your Twitter name and talking to people does not make the service you provide work better and consumers are starting to realize this and talk about it in numbers. Twitter pambrossman. Youtube Channel url, facebook url, fanpage url, twitter url, blog url.
    [Twitter, URL] SharpSpring Onboarding Part 4: Tracking Your Performance
    Your Onboarding Specialist will show you how to attach a UTM code to the end of your URLS, so you can: Understand which campaigns are driving the most traffic. Here are some common lead sources that you can track when executing your campaigns in SharpSpring: Social Media: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram. If you’ve read the previous posts in this series, you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect from SharpSpring Onboarding.
    [Twitter, URL] Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts for September 2010
    Should Investor Relations Teams Use Twitter? - Sign onto Twitter/StockTwits and start tweeting, right? Setting up a B2B blog or a Facebook or Twitter [.]. Include the blog URL in your email signature. am not someone who watches Twitter while the panel is going on, so none of the below suggestions relate to that. What percentage of Fortune 100 companies are on Twitter? But there are several common mistakes that companies make on Twitter.
    [Twitter, URL] How to Manage Successful Webinars: A Checklist
    Leverage your existing social networks – and your webinar presenters – to get the word out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other relevant channel. When sharing the registration link, use URL tracking parameters so you can later measure exactly where registrations came from. by Andrew Spoeth What does it take to produce a successful webinar, one which executes flawlessly and provides an enchanting experience for your audience? Webinars can’t be taken lightly.
    [Twitter, URL] How Social Media Capitalism Will Affect Your Future Marketing Strategy
    Skimlinks takes the URLs that people pin on Pinterest and attaches affiliate marketing referral codes to them, which allows Pinterest to get paid when a person discovers a product on the service and then visits a website to purchase that product. In the early days of Facebook and Twitter, there were no monetization methods in place. Now, Facebook and Twitter both have strong and growing advertising platforms. We are all living the marketing high life.
    [Twitter, URL] 101 Sure-Fire Ways to Make People Hate Your Marketing
    People definitely need more practice using URL shorteners. That means they probably want to see you in their Twitter stream as much as possible, so you can bury all the content from the other users they're following. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air. But even if there isn't someone special in your life right now, as a marketer, that doesn't mean you still can't get into the lovin' spirit. If you're creating marketing people love , that is.
    [Twitter, URL] No patience for the ROI of Social Media discussion
    In a blog post last week, Dell revealed that it has generated more than $2 million in revenue from @DellOutlet, one of its many Twitter sites. Late last year, there were some headlines about Dell crossing the $1 million mark via Twitter and it’s only gotten bigger since then. These would be only accessible via the various social media outposts they use to share their story like on RSS, syndicated Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.
    [Twitter, URL] Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)
    Social Listening and Tracking Monitor what leads and contacts say on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, and online communities, and use those social insights to segment prospects, trigger campaigns, change lead scores, and so on. Social Campaigns Schedule automated posts to one or more social accounts; use or integrate with URL shortening services; and measure likes, comments, replies, retweets, etc.
  • EXO B2B  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 2017
    [Twitter, URL] 4 Basic SEO Tips To Get You Started With Your Website
    Here is a list of key elements you need, to improve a page’s SEO: A title tag and a URL containing the keywords you want to target. Then, promote your content with posts on your company pages and targeted ads (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.). Simple ways to improve your SEO today! Achieving a good ranking for your website on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!…) …) is an easy way to generate traffic and convert new visitors into potential customers.
    [Twitter, URL] How Social Media Drives Better Email Results
    A recent study by GetResponse showed that adding social sharing in an e-mail increased click-through rates by 30%, adding a twitter share option increased response rates by 40% and adding as many as three sharing options increased response rates up 55%. Share: Read more from Social Media B2B Marketing , Content Marketing , Email Marketing , Social Media 2 Comments Post a comment Marty Thomas Jul 9 2010 Another good way to give your response rates a boost is to use personal urls.
    [Twitter, URL] Best of 2009: Social Media Marketing, Part 1
    Rick Burnes notes that without a strong content strategy to back up social media efforts, marketers risk the “all hat, no cattle&# syndrome: lots of attention on Twitter and Facebook, but no compelling content to back it up and turn the curious into the converted. 8 Excellent Tools to Extract Insights from Twitter Streams by Social Media Today. 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business by Social for Business.
    [Twitter, URL] Blog Marketing Tactics - 10 Tested, Proven Ideas
    Notice all those Twitter users with 20,000+ followers but no blog/website traffic? Use other social channels for distribution, but focus on your site I don’t do too much to nurture followings in external networks, I simply feed content into Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. But you’ll note from my quote below – they included the URL to my blog: If you do use your content to attract media, do be cognizant of asking nicely that links get included.
    [Twitter, URL] Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation
    TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. URL: Remember personal info? follow me on Twitter. Dmitri on Twitter Tips the Tuna. twitter. Ross Mayfields Weblog. Markets, Technology & Musings. « Techmeme Persistent Search Feeds | Main. Enterprise 2.008 » June 12, 2008. Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation. UPDATE: Video of the keynote. My presentation at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference. View | Upload your own.
    [Twitter, URL] 8 Core Benefits of B2B Content Marketing
    However, the days of submitting homepage URLs to directories for SEO benefits are long gone. Successful B2B marketers leverage social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Get the conversation started by dropping a line in the comments section or connecting with me on Twitter ! Many of us have seen the impressive numbers around B2B content marketing usage.
    [Twitter, URL] How to Fix 4 Toxic Marketing Problems With Analytics
    Fix It: Not only can marketers use traffic analytics to show the volumes of traffic coming to their site from social media, but if they are using integrated marketing tools, they can also measure leads and even customers generated from a specific channel like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Even without sophisticated tools, you can use customized, short URLs and specific landing pages dedicated to your social campaigns to track their results. Marketing is hard.
    [Twitter, URL] The 17 Best Project Management Tools
    You have to be careful about what you put on your page, though – it’s public and can be viewed by anyone who enters your URL. 22: The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools. #23: Effective digital marketing is a team sport. It requires collaboration between skilled writers, graphic designers, content strategists, SEO experts, PR professionals, social media specialists, and marketing analysts.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2012
    [Twitter, URL] CrossFit Meets Inbound: Your Regimen for Rock Hard Marketing Metrics
    Share one piece of lead generation content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Be sure to include the keyword phrase naturally in your copy, as well as in internal link anchor text, the blog title, header tags, the URL slug, the page title, and image alt text. Follow 10 interesting people on Twitter. You won't get more followers if you don't proactively find people to follow on Twitter once in a while. Post your new offer to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    [Twitter, URL] How to Measure Your Social Media Lead Generation Efforts
    Follow her on Twitter @ashjbee. For example, using a shortened URL like This measurement counts any actions that your audience takes, including: Retweets, @Replies – These gestures on Twitter show that your content resonated with the audience, and they were inspired to share, ask a question, or associate themselves with your brand. Did they sign up to your program when they clicked on a Twitter link?
    [Twitter, URL] A Seat at the Biggest Table: Digital Guru Gavin Heaton on the Next Era of Marketing
    Economist Intelligence Unit: Your website is called “Servant of Chaos” and your URL is Years ago they started doing outreach with Twitter, and they were getting into all sorts of trouble because they were looking for mentions of their brand on Twitter, and then they were responding by saying, “Here’s our phone number. The reason that they’re venting on Twitter is because they’re not getting through on the other channels.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
    [Twitter, URL] How to Generate Links that Tweet [Free Tool]
    If you've ever wanted to make a link that would prepopulate a Twitter message, you've probably read a bunch of blogs, and then had to manually edit a link and add "pluses" to replace your spaces, and its just a pain. Make sure to shorten any URLs before using this tool, and it'll take care of you. One of the easiest ways to get your latest blog post or content offer to explode is by getting your audience to help share the content with their networks.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
    [Twitter, URL] 5 Methods for Connecting Online and Offline Marketing
    Tracking URLs - The web is great for analytics. When using offline tactics like print advertising or outdoor advertising, be sure to use unique tracking URLS for the URLs you add within each separate advertisement and placement. These URLs will serve as redirects that your web analytics would track, but send the visitors all to one core page with your central offer. Avoid simply including logos for Twitter and Facebook without providing your URLs.
    [Twitter, URL] Answers To Your Top 9 Questions About Using LinkedIn Ads
    We had an abundance of fantastic LinkedIn marketing questions come in through the #MasterLinkedIn hashtag on Twitter, the Inbound Marketers LinkedIn Group , and the webinar chat page. If the goal of your ad is to build brand awareness, you should create a LinkedIn Company Page and drive your ad traffic to your page URL. Yesterday, HubSpot teamed up with LinkedIn to host part 2 of a 3-part workshop series on how to master LinkedIn for marketing.
    [Twitter, URL] Using Special Parameters to Create Year End Post
    As I’m getting ready to do some posts that wrap up the year, I realized that there are a few special URL parameters that allow me to do fun things with topic hubs. In my case, I’m always interested in content from my blog, so my URL should look like: [link]. There’s bug when I click the “More in Best” link in that it loses the date range, so I have to manually add it back to get the URL: [link]. Twitter as Personal Learning and Work Tool.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2016
    [Twitter, URL] Measuring Year-End Marketing KPIs – Where’s the Data?
    Twitter. Twitter Analytics allows marketers to dive deeply into facts and figures about their followers. With Twitter Analytics you can learn this and more about your audience. The data here can help in understanding how much effort to place behind Twitter social media marketing in 2016, too. . short URL to see your stats. . Where did the year go? We’re wrapping up 2016 and there’s less than 10 days left in the year!
    [Twitter, URL] With Facebook Pages - Who needs a Website?
    I was talking to a small business owner last night. They are in the middle of a very costly redesign of their B2C website and I couldn't help but ask if they had plans to set up on Facebook as well. Right now, I have Facebook on the brain. As you may recall I am in the middle of writing a book called Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) due out at the end of the summer.
    [Twitter, URL] 6 Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds - ReadWriteWeb
    A unique feature is you can also do dedupe items that have the same URL or title. This idea would be handy for lifestreams, which comprises of blog feed, bookmark feed, photo feed, twitter feed, etc. A twitter feed is run through a Yahoo pipe that analyses the content of each feed item and augments it with related content, e.g. from youtube, slideshare, flickr and the OER recommender. twitter. ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk. Last100.
    [Twitter, URL] 21 Ways To Market Your Business Online On A Shoestring Budget
    Use images to offer discounts on Facebook or Twitter: Using images to offer discounts or coupon codes is a great, non-threatening way to promote your products without being too “salesy.”. Comment thoughtfully on blogs in your niche: It’s perfectly acceptable to leave your website URL in the appropriate field, just be sure to use your real name or business name, not keyword-rich anchor text.
    [Twitter, URL] The Evolution of Content Marketing – An SEO View: UK Edition
    If you are measuring search visibility then organic visits and the number of URLS receiving visits via search are usually included, as are things like share of voice. Question 5: Who are must follows on Twitter if you want to learn more about content marketing? by Kieran Flanagan Content marketing is one of the hottest topics in online marketing at the moment.
  • MARKETRI  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012
    [Twitter, URL] Take Your Web Traffic Into Your Own Hands
    Optimized URL’s: Use a primary keyword as part of your URL for better optimization. About 10% of our firm’s overall web traffic is referred from our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles. There are SEO gurus who specialize in getting your firm top search engine rankings on targeted keywords that you want your firm to be found under. They tend to use mostly “off-page” tactics to boost the rankings with Google and other search engines.
    [Twitter, URL] 12 SEO Experts Weigh In on SEO 2014 Predictions
    In other words, over-optimizing links, URLs, titles, or doing anything else to a site’s on or off-page content in a manipulative way that doesn’t add additional value should be done away with. Find her online @cliquekaila on Twitter. SEO is a particularly dynamic field, and those of us working in these trenches like to share our thoughts about this ever-changing environment.
    [Twitter, URL] Confessions of a Content Marketer
    The rest I find through my RSS, Facebook feed, Twitter feed, LinkedIn, Gchat, links from other sites, email subscriptions…point taken? A content marketing strategy will get content published on your website, but most of your prospects aren’t going to proactively type in your website's URL into their browser and arrive at your site via direct traffic. If you build it, they will come. They will come…won’t they? I have a confession.
    [Twitter, URL] 8 Universal Traits of a Winning Social Presence
    But when you begin to dissect any effective social media presence, whether on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+, there are a handful of characteristics common to all of them that constitute what we can now boil down to social media best practices. Take a look at how may Twitter accounts Verizon has, for example. Similarly, you can tweet about your Facebook profile, or include a URL to your LinkedIn page on your Google+ page.
    [Twitter, URL] Technology PR Sessions at 2008 PRSA Conference
    TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. Twitter Updates. follow me on Twitter. WriteSpark Tech Marcom Insights. Ideas and Resources for Technology Marketing Communications and Public Relations from Janice King, freelance high tech copywriter and author, Copywriting That Sells High Tech. Case Studies. Content Marketing. Sales Materials. Social Media. White Papers. Working with Writers. « Welcome! Technical Writer or Technical Copywriter? Whats the Difference?
    [Twitter, URL] Conference Focuses on Making the Most of Customer References
    TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. Twitter Updates. follow me on Twitter. WriteSpark Tech Marcom Insights. Ideas and Resources for Technology Marketing Communications and Public Relations from Janice King, freelance high tech copywriter and author, Copywriting That Sells High Tech. Case Studies. Content Marketing. Sales Materials. Social Media. White Papers. Working with Writers. « When the Draft has "Problems" | Main. |
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