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How to Use Zero-Party Data to Level Up Your Content ROI

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Your business owns this data, so as long as you’re practicing good privacy habits, everything will be safe and secure. Not only do you have permission to collect this data, but consumers are sharing it with you for their own benefit – usually for a reciprocal exchange of value, like a personalized offer.

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How to Train Your Sales Teams on Ethical AI Use [Expert Insights]


There’s a lot to consider, including bias, data management, permissions, and more. Conscientious sales pros worry about AI bias , transparency, brand reputation, customer experience, and human relations. Ask for permission. Zoom provides an excellent example of permissions made very clear regarding their recording software.


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Is Google Scraping Public Data for Training Bard?


New Jersey, 26th July’23: On Monday, Gizmodo spotted that Google recently updated its privacy policy to disclose that its various AI services, such as Bard and Cloud AI, may be trained on public data that the company has scraped from the web. This latest update simply clarifies that newer services like Bard are also included.

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Zoom Clarifies Terms Amid AI Privacy Concerns


In a bid to quell the growing unease, Zoom has now issued a blog post assuring users that their data will not be utilized for AI purposes without their explicit permission. Robert Bateman, a data protection specialist, emphasized the significance of transparency in contractual agreements involving user data.

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Need a Foolproof Privacy Compliance Strategy? Start Here


Privacy compliance is non-negotiable for any business handling and processing customer data. billion in fines for privacy breaches. At ZoomInfo, our commitment to data privacy and accuracy doesn’t stop with us. Data privacy is a huge part of our business model and our customers rely on our compliance because it affects them.

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AI, Without the Angst – How to Use It Without Losing Your Customers’ Trust

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Some companies are AI-ifying their products without doing the hard work of removing bias, providing transparency, and ensuring customer data is 100% protected. Data masking replaces sensitive data with anonymized data to protect private information and comply with privacy requirements.

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Data Privacy Terminology 101


The world of data privacy is vast and complex. In this glossary, we’ll help you build your data privacy IQ by explaining some of the most common terms and applications. Let’s get started… Data Privacy. Consent is an individual’s permission to process that person’s information in a specific way. Data Compliance.

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