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The complete guide to Instagram templates (+ free downloads)

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And one great way to do that is by taking advantage of Instagram templates. An Instagram template is a reusable graphic or video template that social media managers can customize again and again to easily share Instagram content. Why use Instagram templates? Instagram templates make content creation quicker and easier.

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Tips and Trick for Email A/B Testing


A/B testing is the process of sending different Email variations to a subset of your audience – with the goal to find out which Email delivers the better results. The key point in A/B testing is to make small tweaks to maximize your results. Leadiro has put together a few Tips & Trick on how to run your A/B Testing: Subject Lines.

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Lead Your Email Marketing Campaign with A/B Testing

Binary Demand

[ps2id id=’Introduction’ target=”/] B2B A/B testing is crucial in email marketing because it enables you to make data-driven decisions about your email marketing campaigns. A/B testing can help you avoid common errors and assumptions by offering data-driven insights into how your audience responds.

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A/B Testing


Delivra’s A/B testing makes it easy to set up a subject line test or design test. For design tests, look to improve your click rates, or click-to-open rates by testing plain text emails vs. designed templates, layout changes, or adding images. What to test. How to test. Best Practices. Have an end goal.

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Step by Step Guide to A/B Testing Shopify Themes (Using Convert Experiences)


A/B testing is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your chosen Shopify theme(s). One way to do this is by picking two (or more) themes with different designs (for example, theme A and theme B), then testing their effectiveness against each other! As a Shopify business owner, finding the right theme is tough. ??A

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Wix Email Marketing Vs Mailchimp: Which Is Best For Your Business? [2020]


The free plan will get you most of Mailchimp’s features including: Segmentation Behavioral targeting Social posting Templates Pop-up forms Analytics To get advanced segmentation, A/B testing, and 24/7 customer support, you will need the premium plan. Email marketing generates $42 for every $1 you spend on your email campaign.

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The Complete Guide to A/B Testing with Email


And one of these “right strategies” that we know about email marketing is to A/B test your emails to create higher-converting email campaigns every time. But how do you start A/B testing your email campaigns? In this post, we’ll show you the exact steps to create an A/B test campaign for your email marketing strategies.