Your Marketing is Not Going to Go Viral – And it Doesn’t Matter


Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind: Redefine Viral. As in television screen and movie screen. Video and animation are going to work best. Which might mean it’s time to reconstitute this article as a video!). In fact that’s true whether you want to be viral or not. It may be the case that the viral marketing ideas you’ve seen were each created in one moment of brilliant inspiration, but I doubt it.

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Going Viral Is Not a Video Strategy

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You’re confident this great video will get people talking. You wait a few days to check the data and… your video got a whopping 12 views. Unfortunately, hoping to go viral is not a video strategy. The online video space is a deeply crowded market. Every minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Marketers are taking notice of the boom, and they’re expected to spend $83 billion on online video this year just in the U.S.

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How Social Epidemics Contribute to Viral Content Marketing


Much like a health pandemic, a social epidemic is a marketing strategy that relies on the power of virality. When a company discusses its desire to ‘go viral’ on the internet, they’re hoping to create a social epidemic reaching millions. Tweet to text: Want to go viral?

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The Anatomy of a Viral Video: Ideas for YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram for 2020

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Viral videos and memes seem like the next best trend in digital marketing. And while you're probably eager to invest in viral videos that attract a lot of attention in a short duration, let's look at how to go about it. 7 ways to go viral in 2020.

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How to put the "Viral" in B2B Marketing Viral Campaigns?

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Does viral work for B2B marketing? We asked B2B Marketing experts: What are the components of a "good" viral B2B Marketing Campaign? Every B2B marketer wants their content to be so widely acclaimed that it goes “viral.” For a B2B company, if 1,000 people download your eBook, white paper or video, does it matter if you can’t link that activity back to revenues? In my opinion, that’s a successful B2B campaign due to a viral response.

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How Social Media Will Save – Not Kill – the Television Ad


David Griner doesn’t think television advertising needs to be saved from the Internet and social media. On the contrary, Griner says television ads need to be saved from themselves. “I I personally find that most television ads are gutless and self-obsessed,” said Griner, director of digital content for the ad agency Luckie and a regular contributor to AdWeek’s AdFreaks blog. They don’t take risks because television doesn’t reward risk taking.

3 Viral Marketing Campaigns That Are Worth the Catch


There’s a lot I don’t remember from my childhood, but one thing I do recall is the television programs on Cartoon Network. You may have seen screenshots or videos floating around on social media of your friends or family with fun overlays of dog faces, animations, and even face swaps (some that are downright horrifying). But there must be more to this to justify all the time, money, and effort they put into creating this viral campaign, not to mention maintain it.

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“Make Me a Viral Video!”—Tackling Video Content the Better Way

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Video content and other forms of multimedia are often proclaimed the “way forward” for content marketing—more engaging, more shareable, and more effective than large blocks of text. In fact, more video is uploaded to the Internet in a single month than network television has produced in three decades, and it has been predicted that as of this year, 74 percent of all Internet traffic would be video. Just make sure it’s good video.

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The 3 Key Ingredients of Video Storytelling


Now, 20 years later, I’m a visual storyteller who utilizes the power of video to help brands communicate and connect to customers, prospects, and key personnel. Regardless of how authoritative the person making a claim is — even if it is our mum — stories add a key element of authenticity to marketing videos. Back when television was essentially the sole broadcaster of video marketing, throwing your logo on any ol’ commercial that featured a celebrity worked wonderfully.

There’s More Demand for Premium Video Than Ever Before


In January 2007, a man named Ron Davis uploaded a video to YouTube of his bulldog Tillman skateboarding around a Santa Monica park. It was a viral sensation, attracting tens of millions of views, and from then forward it was consistently cited by media pundits as a harbinger of things to come, an example of the kind of content future generations would consume ( Keyboard Cat was also an oft-cited product of this trend). Why professional videos still matter.

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How to Implement the Education Video Marketing Your School Needs


As the daily time spent watching television in the U.S. for those aged 18-34 dropped, daily digital video views increased 16 minutes in early 2014, according to Nielsen. If you aren’t taking advantage of video in your higher education recruitment and marketing, you’re doing it wrong. In case I haven’t convinced you yet, over 6 billion hours of video are currently watched each month. Here are some places to get started with video. Go Viral.

Tracking Video Music Trends: How to Stay Current


Finding captivating, relevant and creative new music for your video is challenging. Is your goal to make the next critically claimed indie romance film or the next viral half-time commercial? Get some data to back up your hunch before you lock it down to video. Check out their site to get an idea of the music being placed most commonly in today’s television and advertisements. The post Tracking Video Music Trends: How to Stay Current appeared first on Vidyard.

Snuggie Hopes to Recruit YouTube Parodymakers to Make its Next Viral Ad


The infomercial for the blanket with sleeves known as the Snuggie has got to be one of the most ridiculed pieces of television ever produced – the parody advertising the “what the f$#@ blanket” has more than 13 million views. And now, the makers of Snuggie are soliciting videos in an attempt to capitalize on the running joke. The post Snuggie Hopes to Recruit YouTube Parodymakers to Make its Next Viral Ad appeared first on ReadWrite. The Snuggie.

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How to Build Video Into Your Content Marketing Strategy


Here’s where to focus when building video into your content marketing strategy: 1. Video is expensive—that’s a fact. When the monthly razor subscription service launched in 2011, the founding team decided to produce a hilarious video, which ended up going viral. Ever since, the company has repurposed this content across multiple marketing channels, including television ads on ESPN. Video content has the potential to be an evergreen anchor.

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When is the Best Time to Upload a YouTube Video – 2019 Insights


If you are posting videos on Youtube on the regular (and even if you aren’t), it’s always a good idea to make sure that you are doing everything you can to drive the most views and the highest engagement on your content. In general people spend a lot of time trying to master the process of creating an epic Youtube video, what people do not pay attention to however, is the way in which you post that piece of content.

How Twitter and Thursday Night Football Are Changing the Video Marketing Conversation

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The NFL live video marketing experiment is a bold but obvious move for Twitter: it combines several existing niches and puts them in one mainstream location, all while achieving Twitter’s goal of becoming a more credible news source and expanding its audience. Today, we’ll explore the efficacy of live video, and its role in driving marketing transformation for brands. Marketing Video Marketing

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The New Mad Men Of Advertising Are… Everywhere


Crowdsourced advertising platforms – some with Silicon Valley backing – are sprouting up to liberate untapped talent from around the world and remake television (and video) advertising. It aired during last year’s Super Bowl: > In fact, the ad was created by Remy and Andrew Neymarc , a pair of twenty-something brothers raised in France and possessing no formal video training. Television Advertising In A Multi-Screen World.

BMW’s “The Hire” Continues to Impact Branded Video Content

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Four long years before the rise of YouTube, BMW sought to unleash one of the first series of branded video content onto the Web. Supported by television commercials that mimicked trailers, the series received over 10 million views on and 2 million registered users—94 percent of whom recommended the videos to others. BMW drew in viewers by buying up ad space in print, television, as well as on the Internet, all of which pointed potential customers to

How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video


by Jon Miller Online video is exploding. Remember how much of a game-changer television ads were to print and radio? Just imagine what happens when online video does the same thing to internet advertising. Visual learners comprise 65% of the public, and auditory learners make up another 30%, so it’s no wonder video is the way people learn best. Conveniently for us B2B marketers, video also conveys more information per minute than any other media platform.

Check Out This Video: Even an A **e Can Save a Life


Videos that could be described as “obscene” or “offensive” aren’t particularly hard to find on the internet. That said, one does not expect to find these words applied to a video from a non-profit. This video I found this week definitely has those. But it also has Coleman Sweeney — the World’s Biggest A **e: Why I Love This Video. Most videos I see, especially from non-profits, are a bit formulaic. The video is raw, unrelenting, and to the point.

Facebook Video for Marketers: How to Make the Most of 4 Billion Daily Views


At Facebook’s recent F8 conference, the world’s largest social network announced numerous changes to its offering for marketers, but the most exciting changes revolved around video. Recent stats from Facebook indicate that Facebook sees over four billion daily views on their video assets, and the number continues to grow. This presents a new challenge for marketers, as traditionally videos are meant to be an audio-visual experience.

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A Shortish History of Online Video


Television changed that. Many wrote TV off as a fad, but soon, nearly every home in North America had a television: rabbit-ears pointed in all directions, picking up everything from news broadcasts to sporting events. By the 1950s, presidential addresses were delivered over television, and wide-eyed children watched incredible footage of the moon landing, beamed back from the furthest any human being had ever gone in our galactic front door. Moore’s Law and Online Video.

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BuzzFeed, CNN, and YouTube Plan Online Video Channel, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


BuzzFeed, CNN, and YouTube Plan Online Video Channel, From The Wall Street Journal. Based on content from CNN, the new channel''s videos will be created with social sharing in mind -- sticking to what BuzzFeed knows best. BuzzFeed’s role will be to create roughly three videos a week around serious news for the channel. This partnership is a sign that major news and media companies like CNN are moving toward creating viral content.

8 Social Media Success Stories to Inspire You

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Capitalizing on this tactic via social media can create opportunities for your campaign to go viral in no time. Since Facebook and YouTube announce when a brand goes “live,” Wix's video teaser got 3.2 Using these social media platforms helped the website-building brand attract much a lot more attention than they ordinarily would have, considering that the younger demographic doesn't watch traditional television as much. Everyone’s on social media.

Conversion, Touching the Point


Before we get into video and the best touchpoints out there, you must follow one imperative golden rule – understand your product-market fit. Web (sites, landing pages) Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%. There is only one marketing touchpoint that is able to gather all the strong points of the previous twelve – Video. 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television.

Why Can’t YouTube Do Drama?


Given YouTube’s popularity, it’s surprising that the video platform doesn’t have its own Breaking Bad , Mad Men , or Game of Thrones— a singular story that creates shockwaves of influence across culture—especially considering YouTube’s recent push into scripted original series with YouTube Red. There have been countless viral hits, memes, and even YouTube celebrities, but no single work that has changed how people tell stories online. Media video YouTube

How to Get Verified on TikTok: 5 Steps to Make it Happen


Including those in your videos can be an easy way to capitalize on their popularity. You’ll also want to do some research on your own videos. Yes, it definitely helps to get featured in a magazine or a newspaper, or on the television and radio. Step 4: Go viral.

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The 3 biggest social media events of 2014 and what they taught us


It may also be the biggest viral sensation of all time. Firstly, the viral nature of the bucket challenge demonstrated the power of video in attracting world-wide attention and encouraging sharing. Videos have a greater tendency to go viral when compared to articles or images because they are more of an experience for the viewer. Social media moves at such a fast pace that it’s sometimes difficult to dissect what worked and what didn’t.

5 Steps To A Real-Time Content Desk

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Television ads have been all but eradicated by the DVR. A fact-filled SlideShare, a report that ties in to an upcoming holiday, a short video series—all great content candidates. The nirvana for this type of desk is “news jacking” in conversations, like pushing a SlideShare into a competitors’ conference stream or being the top tweet that goes viral during a popular world event.

Agile marketing meets TV


I spend a lot of time speaking and consulting on agile marketing–what I wrote about a lot in Do It Wrong Quickly –and I often use the example of television commercials as the very antithesis of agile marketing, the epitome of old media. Viral videos are the new badge of honor among ad agencies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

YouTube May Be Winning The World And Losing Its Soul


Just as YouTube isn’t just about Gangnam Style and viral videos of animals eating burritos, the online-video conclave VidCon , which kicks off a little little later today in Anaheim, Calif., I’ll be at VidCon over the next few days, reporting on how commerce, art and fandom intersect in the burgeoning world of online video. How To Make Video And Advertise People. Making money from YouTube video is not a new concept.

Infographic: How to Build the Perfect YouTube Channel


If you’re a brand, you probably have the budget to splurge on high-quality videos, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to go viral overnight. When you think YouTube channel, think television channel. So ask yourself: What kind of videos will live on your channel, and how often will new videos appear? Media Infographic video YouTubeIf you’re hoping to snag a young audience, you need to be on YouTube.

How to Use Timely Content to Build Brand Awareness and Authority

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As fans across America sat in front of their television sets waiting for the action to resume, Oreo fired off a perfectly timed, perfectly on-brand tweet. This challenge, which featured video clips of TikTok users wearing their masks, generated almost 17 billion video views.

12 Tips Every Brand Should Incorporate Into a Live Stream Marketing Campaign


Almost every brand already has a video marketing strategy , and many have begun to test live stream marketing. Ask yourself, could “ Charlie Bit My Finger ” on YouTube be a viral hit today? After documenting the early efforts of live stream marketing from all brands and industries, I began to notice a trend amongst the video efforts of those that had the most success, based on views and engagement.

Why Brands Need To Act Like Publishers

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Whether it’s news or helpful tips and tricks or even entertaining videos, brands that aren’t creating content their audience wants are just wasting their marketing dollars. And we are taking advantage of all the new channels and content types that our audience is looking for such as videos, vines and more. And it’s certainly NOT about making “viral videos.” I was recently interviewed by News 360 on Why Brands Need To Act Like Publishers?

Facebook Live Almost Died. Now It Could Rule the Media World


And Politico reported early Tuesday that 55 million people watched debate-related videos on the platform, building on Facebook’s success with the Democratic National Convention, when over 28 million people tuned into the live stream. Some believe Live is the key to Facebook’s future—a resource that will help it compete against broadcast television. But no one can deny the potential of live video on a platform that has over 1.71 Social Facebook Live video

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Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing Channels

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Web content with virality factor. When it comes to inbound marketing, the virality factor of content is key to driving shares and setting up a snowballing effect- be it social media posts. Inbound Vs Outbound marketing channels differ in their approach and goals.