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Effective B2B eCommerce Marketing Tactics: From SEO to Social Media and Beyond


There are established, effective eCommerce marketing tactics you can use to increase base revenue and upsell opportunities in a very short period of time. Image credit: Unseen Studio on Unsplash Check out these six practical tips and strategies you can incorporate in your business strategy today.

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5 Marketing Tactics That Can Enhance Your ROI

Marketing Insider Group

That’s why you need to explore fresh ways to boost the effectiveness and performance of your marketing tactics. Increase Your ROI Through These Marketing Tactics. What tactics can help you bump up your marketing ROI? Put a premium on developing retention marketing tactics. Sometimes, a stable ROI can be a good thing.

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10 Signals: A Strategy Before Tactics Approach Will Fix Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Square 2 Marketing

I’ve been talking about strategy before tactics for almost 20 years but it’s still one of the most common issues with companies who come to Square 2 for help. Strategy before tactics means you take the time to build all the necessary strategic elements of your go-to-marketing effort before you launch into any of the necessary tactics.

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Three Advanced SEO Keyword Tactics


Once you’ve taken care of those tasks, here are three more tactics you can use with target keywords to improve ranking and increase organic search traffic. (Or, A second tactic is to look at those target keyword phrases where your site is ranking way down on page eight or nine—or not ranking at all—on Google.

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Data-Driven Marketing 101

This eBook highlights how data-driven strategies empower marketing campaigns through personalization tactics. Understanding marketing strategy & performance. Here’s what’s covered: How data-driven marketing drives the customer experience. The most challenging obstacles to data-driven marketing success.

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4 Trending B2B Marketing Strategies (Not Tactics) for 2019

Marketing Insider Group

Strategy without tactics is a daydream; tactics without strategy is a nightmare.” Influenced by Sun Tzu and coined by Sagefrog CEO and Co-founder Mark Schmukler, this quote implies that there’s a clear difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics.

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Marketing to Engineers—Why Digital is the Dominant Strategy

Industrial Marketing Today

I’ve been a big believer and a practitioner of digital marketing strategies and tactics for my industrial marketing and consultancy clients for several years now. Digital marketing to engineers works for several reasons. And you can’t argue against the results. Let’s look at the big picture first – B2B sales.

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A Pragmatic Guide to ABM Success

Speaker: Howard J. Sewell, President of Spear Marketing Group

Your Exclusive Step-by-Step Guide to the Opportunity-Based Marketing (OBM) Framework That Will Enhance the ABM Strategies Used by Your Marketing and Sales Teams. These steps encompass setting the right goals with selecting the appropriate tactics and channels however, what is the best way to get started?

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Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

This guide will examine the market forces at play, shifting buyer trends, what conversational marketing is, how to leverage it, and the tactics involved in adopting conversational marketing for a B2B demand generation strategy.

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Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

The most effective lead generation tactics. How email and social media can supercharge your lead generation strategies. Why a deep understanding of your buyer’s problems will generate better leads. Why helpful, non-promotional content is the key to lead generation success. How inbound and outbound marketing should both be used.

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4 Cardinal Keys to Mastering ABM Measurement

Speaker: Steve Robinson, Founder and CEO of Brilliant Metrics

How different ABM approaches require different measurement strategies. Techniques for getting the right data into your measurement strategy so you can get valuable insights out of your measurement strategy. Don't miss out on this exclusive webinar with Steve to jumpstart your ABM strategies today!

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How COVID-19 is Impacting B2B Marketing Plans

Speaker: Tom Pick, Chief Digital Marketing Consultant, Webbiquity

Marketing strategies to attract the webinar audience you want and convert webinar attendees into active prospects. Top tactics and channels for reallocating event marketing dollars. Whether marketers are planning on live events this Fall and where budgets slated for live events are going.

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All About ABM: Tips, Tricks, and Tales About How to Get Started in Account-Based Marketing

Speaker: Krista Muir, Director of Demand Generation & Account Based Marketing, and Tony Yang, B2B Marketing Leader & Startup Mentor

Account-based marketing is the strategy B2B Marketers are utilizing to meet their lead generation goals. This panel discussion will be all about launching an ABM program— and what our panelists feel are the best tips to follow and traps to avoid, any quickstart strategies, and their own personal ABM story. Curious to learn more?

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When Executive Engagement met Account-Based Marketing

Speaker: Bev Burgess, Senior Advisor for ITSMA & Manasian and Co

How to bring these two strategies together to create the perfect B2B marketing partnership. Executives drive business. They can accelerate deals, find new budgets, and help shape your solution so that it fits their needs.

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Utilizing Intent Data to Get Everyone a Seat at the Planning Table

Speaker: James Gilbert, Head of Marketing at CRMNEXT

Quick win strategies to enable sales and other teams during your ABM campaign. Join James Gilbert, Head of Marketing at CRMNEXT, for his in-depth & exclusive session about properly using intent data during your ABM campaign so you can learn: The true definition of account-based marketing. And much more!