8 Reasons why B2B Marketers Should Prioritize Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)


According to a survey conducted by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMM), it has been found that offline word of mouth marketing is 5x more impactful than paid media impressions. Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) plays a prominent role in shaping brand trust & reputation. Ways Businesses can effectively strategize & execute Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). Visual storytelling, when combined with case studies, lays a strong foundation for Word of Mouth Marketing.


Why Visual Storytelling is Imperative for B2B Content Marketing


Visual storytelling or passing on a lot of information through visually appealing pieces of content, such as videos, webinars, images, infographics, photos & images, instigate customers to take actions to accelerate the sales’ conversions. A study conducted by SmallBizTrends inferred that by 2019 internet video traffic from customers across the globe will account for 80% of all the internet traffic constituted by the customers.


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How to Use Content Marketing for Customer Retention

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Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is still one of the most effective ways to share offerings and promotions with a larger audience. You can also create other types of content consistently like ebooks, guides, demos, podcasts, videos, or vlogs (video blogs).

How to Scale Up Personalization to Streamline B2B Sales Cycle


Therefore, the businesses need to make sure that they use visual imagery for brand storytelling in a way that inspires customers to not just make a purchase but emotionally connect with the brand. Read more on Why Visual Storytelling is Imperative for B2B Content Marketing.

5 Reasons to use Emotional Analytics in B2B Marketing


By Impactful Storytelling: Stories have the power to entice users to act. ” So, when it comes to effective inbound strategies for marketing, impactful storytelling becomes very important. Focus on Building Strong Brand Equity & on Positive Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM): The marketers can evoke positive sentiments in the minds of their prospects by positive word of mouth marketing (WOMM). Using online Videos: Videos are known to be strong emotion drivers.


Top Facebook Ad ideas for B2B SaaS Businesses


Invest in Visual Storytelling using Facebook Ads: For generating the top Facebook Ad ideas for B2B businesses, the companies will require to think outside the box. Employing video marketing looks promising.


How to Build Customer Loyalty with Content Marketing


This includes proactively answering to the after-sales & services queries of the customers & guiding them with the insightful how-to-videos to make the best use of the products or services they have purchased. Employ Storytelling : Buying is more of an implicit decision.

Why Content Distribution is the Perfect Marketing Strategy


Content can be created in several forms such as E-books, Podcasts & Interviews, Videos, Infographics, case studies & success stories, webinars & blogs. As per a study by SocialMediaToday, customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching an online video.

5 Imperatives of B2B Content Marketing


Influencer marketing can be an impactful way for brands to optimize their Returns on Investment (ROI) through positive Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM). . Focus on Visual Storytelling: Employ Videos in Content Strategies : . According to a report by SocialMediatoday, customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching an online video. In fact, 96% of the top decision-makers in IT watch videos before making a buying decision. Prologue.

10 tips to Architect Prevalent B2B Marketing Strategies for Optimized Sales Conversions in 2019


They must emphasize on impactful storytelling to reflect on brand resonance Cautiously participate with the authentic & no-spammy influencers on Instagram, particularly after the algorithm update in the last week of July 2019. Several academic pieces of research advocate the proven effectiveness of WOMM in driving sales conversions & in managing brands’ reputations through omnichannel marketing endeavors. Prelude: B2B marketing is an ever-evolving field.