Data Security: Spotting a scam before disaster


While no data security will ever be 100% hacker-proof, there are ways to spot a scam before disaster strikes. Leaving the websites accessible at work also opens the door to personal social media use, which could put company data at risk.

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What are fake influencers and how can you spot them?

Sprout Social

Influencer fraud involves working with fake influencers and can be extremely damaging to your campaign. So if you want to avoid being a victim of influencer fraud, you need to learn how to spot fake influencers. How to spot fake influencers.

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How to Spot a Tactical Marketer


I know how to spot them because I used to be one of them before joining ANNUITAS (don’t tell my boss). Tactical marketers are everywhere – cloaked in their favorite colors from the branding guidelines, blasting the database while crouched behind a promising mission statement.

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How to Spot When Advertising Is Led by a Quadropoly

Modern B2B Marketing

In the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s, advertisers working in TV, print, and out of home must have assumed that triopoly was immovable. Any organization eyeing a spot among the ranks of the quadropoly will need to mature its capabilities across the board.

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The Secret to Hitting the Creative Sweet Spot

Content Marketing Institute

Would seeing it repeatedly change your opinion of the work? Here’s how it works. The upward slope is what I call “the sweet spot” of the creative curve. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: Finding Your Sweet Spot – An Extreme Content Focus [Exercise].

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3 Surprising Spots for Blog Inspiration

BOP Design

As a B2B web design agency working with firms in a variety of industries, we believe there are a ton of fascinating ideas just waiting to be covered. If you don’t think a question is a good stand-alone blog topic, it might work as part of a Frequently Asked Questions piece.

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PowerViews with Paul Gillin: Social Media – Pick Your Spots & Focus


He suggests the remedy is for a company to narrow its focus and concentrate on one or two spots and get really good at a limited number of social media sites. Pick Your Spots and Focus. I'm pleased to have Paul Gillin as a guest for our fourth episode of PowerViews.

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B2B Reads: Hitting the Creative Sweet Spot and DIY B2B Marketing

Heinz Marketing

A look at some of the major reasons sales and marketing need to work together well. The Secret to Hitting the Creative Sweet Spot. Anyone can be creative, you just have to find your own creative sweet spot. The post B2B Reads: Hitting the Creative Sweet Spot and DIY B2B Marketing appeared first on Heinz Marketing. B2B Reads Sales creative sweet spot creativity DIY B2B Email execution good ideas ideas Sales and Marketing Alignment sales podcasts vacation

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Your Business Blog Sweet Spot: How to Find It and Keep It

Writing on the Web

How to Find It and Keep It" width="315" height="205" title="Your Business Blog Sweet Spot: How to Find It and Keep It" /> Have you found your business blog sweet spot? So how do you find that sweet spot, just between the two?

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Rant: It Doesn't Take a Genius to Spot a Goat in a Flock of Sheep


Nor does it take a genius to see that your CRM system isn’t working, no one likes it, the database is corrupt, reports are trash, and the pipeline is unreliable.

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Your Lead Scoring Blind Spot: The Internet

Digital B2B Marketing

Marketers have a huge blind spot when it comes to nurturing and lead scoring. Your blind spot is there. Your blind spot is all the time potential prospects spend on competitor sites, on editorial properties, on topical blogs or discussing with peers.

Bop Design Secures a Spot as a Top Agency in San Diego

BOP Design

They worked tirelessly to ensure we were happy with the website design and deployment.”. ”, but truly it is us who feels privileged to work with each and every one of our outstanding clients.

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Avoid Blind Spots in Your Lead Scoring with Social Intent Data

Modern B2B Marketing

This creates a major blind spot in your lead scoring system and gives your sales team a lot of catching up to do when you finally discover the lead. Social media intent data can help fill this blind spot. What type of client is the “right fit” for your business?

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Marketing Attribution Models: How to Avoid Blind Spots with Social Engagement Data


They prove your B2B marketing efforts work. Marketing attribution models help you understand which content, campaigns, and channels influenced buyers to convert or engage in a desired behavior. The discussions around the “perfect attribution model” for your marketing activities – typically focus on touchpoints: “Should I credit the most recent touch point?” Should I credit […]. Marketing Automation Customer Experience Lead Generation Sales Social Engagement

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Dark Social Media Marketing is Growing—Here’s How to Target and Measure Your Blind Spots

Content Standard

Dark social media marketing often feels like working with a blindfold on, but even with this constraint there is still plenty brands can do to target dark audiences and support their marketing goals through these unseen channels.

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Seeing the Red Flags: How to Spot Fake Printing Businesses Online

Altitude Branding

Google will even do a lot of the work for you; if the site is safe and trusted, it will highlight the URL in green. In the past, it was quite easy to spot a website that was fraudulent. [link].

Employee Bright Spot: Lynn Eastep Brings Brand, Agency Experience to Fathom


She will work alongside Fathom’s other client leaders to share her cross-disciplinary knowledge, from healthcare and consumer packaged goods to retail. The post Employee Bright Spot: Lynn Eastep Brings Brand, Agency Experience to Fathom appeared first on Fathom.

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3 Ways to Spot a Liar In an Interview (And What to Do About It)


So how can they spot and liar? To spot a liar in an interview, Lauby suggests paying attention to three key factors: How to Spot a Liar in an Interview. For example, ask, ‘Are you able to work nights, weekends, and holidays?'”

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Convert articles and blog posts to video


Here’s an easy way to round out your content marketing strategy with videos that that increase engagement at lots of different spots on the customer journey map. What’s more, an editor probably worked hard to make this approved copy clear and accessible.

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Put Influencer Marketing to Work for Your B2B Brand

Modern Marketing

As a result, B2B marketers have to put in the work to build genuine relationships with their potential influencers. It takes more work, but developing genuine relationships can be incredible for the return on your investment. Influencers didn’t work so hard to go unnoticed.

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What can Donald Trump teach us about market research?


Businesses conduct market research all the time, but have no election day results to prove that it works. We might not have the accurate answer every time that we all want, but we might at least eliminate some blind spots. Do you have some blind spots in your market research?

Can Your Brain Spot a Successful Content Marketing Idea Better Than You Can?

Content Standard

Then there’s the challenge, given a lack of concrete evidence, of convincing management to allocate the budget we need to produce our work. It just seems too difficult to know what’s going to work, and even whether a campaign has worked after the fact.

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Supposedly This Samsung Spot Is the Best Smartphone Ad Ever


The Samsung ad, titled “Everything’s Better,” received an overall score of 715, higher than the previous best-scoring mobile phone ad -- Apple’s “FaceTime” spot from 2010, which scored a 696.

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The Best New Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today


We were eager to get to the bottom of the Pinterest strategies that are working today, so we’ve done the research and added our findings here. One of the questions we get asked most often is what strategies are working on Pinterest? The sweet spot is 6- to 15-second videos.

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Working with Legal and Compliance: Tips for Content Marketers


It’s not, however, their responsibility to make your job easier and it can feel like working with them is a roadblock. Let’s look at some tips for content marketers when working with legal and compliance. So how can you work better as a team?

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How to stop the hustle and establish work-life boundaries

B2B Lead Blog

Has our devotion to work and hustle turned into the UnAmerican Dream? Some of the hardest working people I know are in sales and marketing. In this interview, you’ll hear Carlos’s story about finding personal and professional happiness and establishing work-life boundaries.

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4 Tips to Power Up Prospecting in 2015: #1 Believe it Works!


We’ll review each tip one at a time—but first, let''s see what they are: Mike Weinberg’s 4 Tips to Power Up Prospecting in 2015: Part 1: Tip #1 Believe it works. He is spot on. Tip 1: You have to BELIEVE prospecting works.

“How I Work”: Suzanne Calderon, Global Partner Marketing Director at Oracle Marketing Cloud #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

How I Work” is one of my favorite recurring features in Inc Magazine as well as via Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series. Every week I feature a new B2B sales, marketing or business leader here answering our very own version of “ How I Work ” questions. You can catch up on everyone we’ve featured thus far in the “How I Work” series here. I just got back from Costa Rica so let’s just say it could use a little work. Last thing you do before leaving work?

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“How I Work”: Brandon Redlinger, Director of Growth at Engagio @Brandon_Lee_09 #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

you know each Thursday we feature B2B sales, marketing, and business leaders who tell in their own words, “How I Work”. It’s inspired by Inc Magazine as well as via Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series. You can catch up on everyone we’ve featured thus far in the “How I Work” series here. First thing you do when you come into work? I’m always listening to podcasts, whether I’m traveling, working out or doing chores.

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How to promote your Instagram: 13 ways that actually work

Sprout Social

Because the platform’s rapid evolution and growth mean that what worked in the past isn’t going to score you the same sort of engagement today. See how that works? Work with influencers to extend your reach. It’s time to rethink how to promote your Instagram account. Why now?

“How I Work”: Paul Teshima, CEO at Nudge @paulteshima #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

“How I Work” is one of my favorite features in Inc Magazine (similar to Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series). Weekly, we feature great B2B sales, marketing or business leaders here answering what have become the standard “ How I Work ” questions. You can catch up on everyone we’ve featured thus far in the “How I Work” series here. First thing you do when you come into work? “Forecast” my day, how is it going to go, and what are the hard parts.

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HubSpot’s Marketing Team Worked Remotely for One Week. Here’s What We Learned.


Not everyone you work with is able to sit down in the same room with you. It means learning to work with our colleagues in a completely different (and potentially challenging) way. To improve our communication with remote workers, and be at our best when working remotely.

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How to Spot a Bad Email List and Turn It Into a Good One


Alright, so you know how to spot a good and bad email list. Your re-engagement campaign won’t work on everyone. Email is still one of the best ways to reach your target audience, contrary to what you may have heard.

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Attribution Heat Map: Where the Most Advanced B2B Marketers Work Today


The darker blue hot spots represent any and all types of marketing attribution, regardless of the type of model being used. Our Bizible headquarters are in Seattle, Washington where we see another hot spot denoting our local partners, customers, and fellow attribution enthusiasts.

If you say agile marketing doesn’t work, which practices are you talking about?


Andrea Fryrear of AgileSherpas is one of the world’s leading agile marketing experts, author of Death of a Marketer , and instructor for the Agile Marketing Advantage workshop at the upcoming MarTech conference (a few spots for her workshop are still available!).

Q-tools: An approach for discovery and knowledge work

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In fact, a question may be the most basic tool for gaining knowledge and working with information. Another peeler results from using the question “How does that work?&# Flankers are used to break out of existing thought patterns that may cause blind spots.

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Creative Work Relies on Failure


According to Adobe's State of Create report, "At work, there is tension between creativity and productivity." Rather, they keep experimenting until they find what works. Conversely, doing good creative work requires comfort with risk.