What is Key to Successfully Working Remotely?


A mere decade ago, working remotely was so hip that there wasn’t a worker who would reject working from the comfort of his or her home. However, today’s labor market brought to the surface all the downsides of working remotely. Putting a human face to remote work.

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Conversational Marketing, Social Media & Words That Work


You’ll learn how to maximize the power of conversational marketing: Social media is more about the Return on Conversation (ROC) and less about the Return on Investment (ROI). I did my undergraduate honors thesis on successful connection, or conversation, strategies on social media.

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3 Ways Social Media and SEO Can Work Together

KoMarketing Associates

My colleague, Casie Gillette , has touched on a few ways to break down those silos and get your B2B search and social teams working together. You can find those resources below: 3 Things Your Social Media Team Should Know About SEO. Link Building and Social Media Process.

Why Social Media Doesn't Work [PowerViews LIVE Highlights]


On February 3, 2015, I had the pleasure of having leading marketing expert Jamie Turner on PowerViews LIVE to talk about “Why Social Media Doesn’t Work.” Right off the bat you may be thinking, “Social media doesn’t work? Marketing ROI PowerViews Social Media

How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Remote Employee


Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, with an estimated. 66% of companies now allowing remote work and 16% operating completely office-free. We believe working remotely is good for both our personal lives and our productivity.

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Does Paid Social Media Work?

Modern Marketing

It's Friday Five time and this week's topic is Social Media. New Research Reveals Paid Social Media Effectiveness. Do you know where to spend your social media marketing dollars? Wondering what works for other businesses? Is Social Media Marketing Still Relevant?

How to Find Work-Life Balance as a Remote Employee


Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, with an estimated. 66% of companies now allowing remote work and 16% operating completely office-free. We believe working remotely is good for both our personal lives and our productivity.

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How to Make Social Proof Work for You

Writing on the Web

Social proof is such a strong persuasion trigger you shouldn’t limit these comments to just a page, but have them scattered throughout your web and blog pages. Attracting Clients How to.Tips Writing for the Web persuasion persuasion triggers social proof stories storytelling

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Squirrels, long working hours, and social technologies


You then start feeling that you did not actually take a week off, you just compressed the work of 2 weeks in one. Several of us are working longer hours, taking work home and shrinking our weekends. I would guess that we are not even that lucky in our work lives.

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How PR and Social Media Can Work Together


Social media and PR would seem to be natural allies. So why do corporate PR and social media efforts so often appear disconnected and out of sync? To be sure, some agencies and companies get it, and do an effective job integrating social media and PR efforts.

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PR Strategy Not Working? Here's How to Fix It

B2B PR Sense

Unfortunately, PR doesn't work like that. They send out press releases, they contact journalists, they do social media.but they don't have any clear goals or objectives in mind. Poor Pitch Work. Successful PR takes work. "Get me some PR".

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How to Best Work with Data

Modern Marketing

That leaves many unsure of how to best work with their data in a way that yields the most insights. Don’t go for the “needle in the haystack” approach to working with data, hoping you’ll eventually get to the information that drives results.

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B2B Link Building Strategies That Really Work

KoMarketing Associates

B2B link-building strategies that really work. I’d also like to stress that the process of obtaining links (especially if you’ve never worked on this before) requires a good number of hours invested. Yes, standard email outreach templates don’t work because they’re overused.

Why this LinkedIn Ad Works: 2 Key Tips for Success

The Point

Why this LinkedIn ad works – 2 Key Tips for Success via @spearmktg. For more tips on effective social advertising, download our free white paper: “ Social PPC: Tips for Successful Ads on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook. ”.

How to reach your customers at work or at home


With StiristaLINK , you can enhance your business contacts with a personal email address, their social media handles, postal home address and phone, demographics and personal interests, vastly enhancing your understanding of your business contacts.

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The Future of the Gig Economy: How Assembly Bill 5 Will Affect Gig Work


With the recent passing of Assembly Bill 5 , which will take effect January 1, 2020, Californians will soon be considered employees of a business unless an employer can show an individual’s work meets a detailed set of criteria established last year by a California Supreme Court ruling.

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8 commonly overlooked ways to make social media work for you


Are you getting the most out of social media? We’ll safely assume that you and your business are using social media. Discover the following eight commonly overlooked ways to make social media work for you. Using social media to promote your business is a wise idea.

Should you stop (organic) social media activity?


Here’s the deal: your inability to crack the social media code and get more likes, retweets, and shares may not be you. ” Avinash’s post highlights social media posts from big-brand companies and breaks down their actual success metrics (rather than just focusing on likes).

How to create a social media calendar that works

Sprout Social

With the constant flow of new content, news and ideas, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of managing multiple social media accounts. Live tweets for major events or reactive posts related to significant news are engaging for your audience and interesting to create as a social team.

Does Organic Content Still Work on Social Media?


Social Media News Experts Corner social media marketingEvery year we hear that organic content has stopped bringing the results marketers need.

17 Social Advocacy Stats that Prove Employee Ambassadors Work?


Content Marketing Strategy Employee Advocacy Social Media Tips content marketing tips social media marketing

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How the Facebook Algorithm Works in 2020 and How to Make it Work for You


We’ve collected 9 strategic tips for working with the Facebook algorithm in 2020, and making it work for you. The Facebook algorithm will probably always remain a work-in-progress. How the Facebook algorithm works in 2020. 9 tips for working with the Facebook algorithm.

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Social media measurement: how to figure out what works

Sprout Social

It’s no secret that many marketers still struggle with social media measurement. There is no one-size-fits-all definition for social “success.”. According to our own data , marketers are focused on a variety of metrics that define what’s working (and what isn’t!) on social media.

Role of social media in knowledge management


There are a few important similarities between knowledge management and social media. Knowledge management is what your company, or what your superiors want you to know, based on what they deem is crucial for your work. Social media is not only for sharing your content.

Remote HubSpot Employees Give 8 Tips for Working From Home


Remote work is becoming so valuable to prospective employees that the second-most searched word on HubSpot's career page is "remote.". Clearly, people love the idea of working from home or a location outside the office. Determine if remote work is right for you. Remote Working

500 Atlassians Worked Remotely for a Week — Here's What We Learned


Like most companies, Atlassian has a mixture of people who are working from home full-time (like me) and those who grab an ad-hoc day when the plumber is coming or they can't stop sneezing. Working From Home Tips. Dedicate a work space and make it your own. 8:30 – Start work.

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Why You Should Thoroughly Audit Your Social Media Presence


Social media success isn’t nearly as random as it can seem. Most successful pages and brands have had a great deal of work put into them over time, along with solid decision-making in terms of content, post frequency, and who or what they tag. What Is a Social Media Audit?

5 Ways Working Remotely Changed the Way I Think About Teamwork


For the last three years I’ve been an architect on the Hipchat team working remotely, with the rest of my team working far, far away from me in San Francisco and Austin. Sit down with a new team member and work on something together. Remote Working

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How to Make Social Proof Work Online

Writing on the Web

Do some client recommendations work better than others? Social proof is such a strong trigger for online action, it’s good to know what works best for your Web content marketing strategies. Related posts: Phony Testimonials and Dumb Social Proof.

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Seven Key Categories of Social Media Marketing Tools


But that first impression may instead come from the company’s social media presence (and if not the first, very often the second). That fact alone shows the importance of building a solid social media as well as website presence. Social Media Monitoring Tools.

“How I Work”: Neal Schaffer, CEO of Maximize Your Social @NealSchaffer #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

Are you like me and enjoy “How I Work” from Inc Magazine as well as via Lifehacker? We feature a new B2B sales, marketing or business leader here every Thursday answering what have become the standard “ How I Work ” questions. You can catch up on everyone we’ve featured thus far in the “How I Work” series here. This week I’m excited to feature Neal Schaffer , CEO of Maximize Your Social and author of numerous books on social and digital sales best practices.

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Book Preview: The Social Employee


It’s reflected in the myriad social interactions an organizations employees have online. In the social age, the image of a company is no longer controlled by a charismatic CEO, clever advertising, or carefully choreographed media relations.

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Put Influencer Marketing to Work for Your B2B Brand

Modern Marketing

As a result, B2B marketers have to put in the work to build genuine relationships with their potential influencers. It takes more work, but developing genuine relationships can be incredible for the return on your investment. Influencers didn’t work so hard to go unnoticed.

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Social media marketing is Homo sapiens sapiens social


I have been doing social media strategy and planning in one form or another for clients since 2003. But in the context of social media and social media marketing, here’s how I break it down. Social Media Monitoring. Social Media Planning and Calendaring.

Does Modern B2B Lead Generation Really Work?

The Forward Observer

Today, buyers can access a variety of information resources through search engines, social media and other online channels. Modern Lead Generation Works. And it works, too. Are you struggling to fill your sales pipeline with quality leads?

The Guide To Social Media Marketing Automation


There are several reasons why marketers may want to partially automate their social media campaigns. First, success with social media marketing comes with frequency (plus quality). Depending on your campaign strategy and target audience, social media marketing could be a 24×7 job.

A Path to Purposeful Work


The combination of what I achieved and what I was interested in – namely, purposeful work – led me to HR, a field I’ve now worked in for more than 20 years. Don’t get me wrong, not every role in my work history was for a purpose-driven company.

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Thoughts on Work/Life Balance from Behind Bars


For those unfamiliar with our socially responsible business model , a large portion of our work-force are currently or formerly incarcerated women on the journey to making their career dreams come true through hard work, early mornings, and lots of coffee.

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What Is a Social Media Hub and Why Would You Use One?


Are you familiar with the concept of a social media hub? Though the idea of pulling all of your organization’s social media feeds into a central hub has been around since at least 2014 , they still haven’t found wide use outside of trade shows and corporate events.

Does Organic Content Still Work on Social Media?


Every year we hear that organic content has stopped bringing the results marketers need. Brazilian star marketer, Luiz Henrique Ferreira speaks about the continued importance of organic content in tandem with a robust paid content strategy, personalized interactions and publishing best practices