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Not Dead Yet: Blogging’s Popularity Surges Among F500

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Nora Ganim Barnes and her team at the Charlton College of Business Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth continue to produce some of the most consistent, rigorous and comprehensive research on social media adoption by both small and large businesses.

8 Data Points about the Importance of Customer Experience

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Gartner estimated last year that by 2014 “ failure to respond via social channels can lead to up to a 15% increase in churn rate for existing customers.” You have to wonder why one-third of large corporations still block social network use by their employees.

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The Trouble with Klout

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I spent 15 minutes on Klout registering my social networks and grew my score 10 points on the spot. In the interview with Schwartzman, who is the co-author of my B2B social media marketing book , Megan Berry said the company has “a million and one&# improvements it wants to make.

How to Get Salespeople Aboard the Social Media Train

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One of the most common frustrations I hear B2B marketers express is about the difficulty of getting salespeople interested in social media. Hoffman listed four characteristics of salespeople that make them poor candidates for social media success: They’re reluctant to share.

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

How email and social media can supercharge your lead generation strategies. Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company's product or service.

As Business Goes Social, CIOs Sit on Sidelines

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The disconnect between CIOs and the emerging world of social business became clear to me at a conference I attended about two years ago. Most CIOs are taking an attitude of, at best, benign neglect toward social networks. CIOs just don’t see social as part of their charter.

Skepticism on Gallup’s Gloomy Social Media Assessment

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A new Gallup study appears to throw cold water on the whole concept of social media marketing, but I’d be careful about taking the findings at face value. Gallup asked 18,000 consumers about the influence of social media on their buying decisions.

What a Hotel Manager Taught Me About the Future of Business

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advertising communities influence Social Media social networks business 2.0 Scott Wright is the general manager of the Wyndham Wingate Hotel in Erlanger, KY, and in a 15-minute ride to the airport yesterday morning he taught me something about the future of business.

I’m Quoted in HBR – Kinda. And Like Three Years Ago…

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Here’s the study if you’re interested, entitled “ Taking Social Media from Talk to Action.” ” Social Media flagrant self-promotion Harvard Business Review

How to Promote an Event with Social Media

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As a frequent speaker at events of all sizes, I’ve had a chance to observe some of the best practices conference organizers used to promote their events through social media. You need a single Web address that people can refer to in their social channels.

Marketing firm piggybacks on March Madness for fun social media “bracket”

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The company decided to show off its social media savvy by analyzing the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts of each March Madness team to see how they did with social media engagement. They researched average engagement rates across each social platform.

Slides and Video Cover What You Need to Know About Search

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B2B search Social Media social networks Tips Facebook google HubSpot Mike Moran Paul Gillin Search Engine Land Search engine optimizationA client asked me to prepare a one-hour seminar on the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), and I thought it was worth sharing.

Cool & Useful Sites for the Holidays

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They range from social shopping to gift recommendations to real-time TV and music sharing. brings together the social experience of the web and music. A great app that brings people together around their favorite TV shows – it shows every program on television at any moment and lets you socialize with other viewers. Shopping online is now social. The folks at the Webby Awards sent along a super-helpful list of Web resources to use over the holidays.

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When Bad News is Good

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Customer Attack journalism mainstream media Social Media BuzzFeed Fox News Lauren Green Reza Aslan Zealot There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. –Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

This Brand Ambassador Program Goes Against the Grain

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The PR agency for a startup called Social Rebate has been asking bloggers to comment on the company’s somewhat novel approach to brand ambassadorship. I’m sure the folks at Social Rebate researched their concept exhaustively.

Stop Talking! I’m Trying to Listen!

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As social networks have grown, so has the amount of noise they generate. The factors that once made social media so appealing – accessibility and openness – have become a liability. Beyond Social Media.

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The Other Social Network

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LinkedIn is set to eclipse the 100 million member mark sometime this spring, and it is quickly becoming the social network of choice for B2B professionals. Stephanie Sammons posted some great tips on Social Media Examiner early this year about how to make the most of LinkedIn groups.

Measuring the Immeasurable

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The authors argue that the influence of media in general, and social media in particular, is greatly overrated. The danger of this approach is that social media is more about quality than quantity.

Security Tips for Social Netizens

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The difference between the Nigerian princess plea, the PayPal password reset email and other famous online security scams we know and love is that social networks make it appear as if the requests are coming from your friends. social networks Tips Digital Defense security

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Social Marketing Wisdom From a True Practitioner

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Stand Out Social Marketing starts a little slow, but if you stick with it you’ll be rewarded with truly actionable insight that can help your whole company become more social.

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Social Marketing Hangover

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I was recently quoted on making the following prediction: “Look for marketing’s love affair with social media to give way in 2011 to the sobering reality that a Facebook fan page and Twitter account don’t solve problems of poor products or positioning.

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Industrial Age Thinking Thwarts Potential of Internal Social Nets

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That story popped into my mind last week as I was participating in a webcast with The Conference Board about internal social networks, their promise and the significant impediments that many organizations face to adopting them. B2B corporate Facebook social networks InformationWeek mckinsey

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A Nice Collection of B2B Marketing Stats and Videos

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B2B Content Marketing Research Social Media Earnest is a U.K.-based based B2B marketing agency that says its mission is, “to chase out the humdrum and bring a lot of love and passion to B2B marketing.” ” Its work certainly bears out that goal. Earnest’s B2B campaigns have a lot of B2C energy inside them. Its research and how-to presentations on SlideShare are an excellent resource for companies that want to get into content marketing.

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IBM’s Beck: Social Business is About Enablement, Not Control

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Social business isn’t about tools and promises. The challenge was to make social business a win for the people doing the selling. It’s basically using social stuff to do work stuff,” he said. Social Media social networks Amidori IBM Nigel Beck Omron SugarCon 2012

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IBMer: ‘Social Selling’ Is a Sales Process in Itself

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So when IBM began to introduce the concept of “social selling,” it chose a test base of a few hundred salespeople and their managers to build a set of integrated systems that improved productivity and reduced administrative overhead.

Two B2B Social Marketing Initiatives Worth Checking

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One is Element14 , a social community for engineers sponsored by an electronics distributor of the same name. Also, check out Social Media Quickstarter , a tutorial site aimed at small businesses and launched just this week by Constant Contact.

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What Social Media Marketers Should and Shouldn’t Do

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A journalist contacted me with some questions about social media marketing that I hear quite often. What are three or four things social media marketers should do, and explain why they’re important. Identify the social media channels that your customers use – if any – and stake out at least a basic presence there. You need a way to determine how your activity and social channels is translating into business results. Social media is a conversation.

Peer Reviews With a Difference

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But what if the millions of casual recommendations that people make every day on social networks could be captured and organized? Attack of the Customers Facebook influence social networks Peer reviews WhoDoYou People love online review sites even if they don’t always trust them.

Awareness E-Book Raises the Bar on Social Measurement

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The question of how to measure social media performance, particularly in a marketing context, continues to be one of the industry’s hottest topics. Awareness outlines five priorities that companies should define in becoming a best-in-class social marketer: Measure and Grow Social Reach.

Five Tips to Make Your Writing Sparkle

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blogging journalism marketing Social Media TipsNow that we’re all publishers, writing has become a core skill for marketers. I love good writing, and whenever I get the chance to teach it, I share these five tricks I’ve learned to make anyone’s writing better.

How Much Should You Pay For Content?

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blogging Corporate Blog journalism mainstream media Social Media TipsMarketers often ask how they can train engineers and technical people to blog, podcast and otherwise engage in deep online conversations with customers. My advice: don’t bother.

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Interesting Threads in Dell’s 2013 Social Media Predictions

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I happen to be one of the 14 people quoted in this Dell e-book, Social Media Predictions for 2013 , but that’s not why I’m pointing out to you. Stop using social media as another kind of fire hose and start using it for listening, which is its most basic value. I like the way Shel Israel phrased it: “It seems to me that that people on social networks were adversely in?uenced Social Media Predictions for 2013 from Dell Social Media.

How to Summarize Content for a Business Audience

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Even then, most are struggling to find the skills needed to analyze the deluge of unstructured data like voice, video and conversations in social media.

Tips for Building a Quality Twitter Following

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Social Media TwitterI breached the 10,000-follower mark on Twitter yesterday. I marked this milestone quietly because I’m not big on numbers games and have been outspoken against counting success solely in terms of fans and followers. Nevertheless, I have to admit to taking some pride in this number because of the way I reached it. I have never played games to run up my follower count and I only tweet about stuff that interests me.

My New Book, ‘Attack of the Customers,’ is now available

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One of the things that has always captivated me about social media is the power it gives to individuals to greatly amplify their voice. Social networks are also sufficiently mature that good word-of-mouth can potentially replace traditional marketing.

Live Blog: Lotusphere 2012 Opening Session

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Fox’s brief speech isn’t very relevant to social business, but the audience receives him well. IBM’s Alistair Rennie kicks off the core session.There’s nothing new about social business, he says. “Ultimately, Social Business is a competitive differentiator.”

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15 Tips for Getting the Most From LinkedIn Groups

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LinkedIn is the only major social network that doesn’t permit brands to interact as members. Corporate speak doesn’t work in social channels because you communicate there as a person, not as an institution. Success in social channels is all about helping other people. B-to-B LinkedIn social networksI spend a lot of time in LinkedIn groups and have learned a bit about maximizing their potential as conversation-starters. Here are 15 of my favorite tips.

How B2B and B2C Marketing Are Different

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My fourth book, Social Marketing to the Business Customer , came out this week. While the purpose of this e-mail is ultimately to convince you to buy it, I hope to also impart some insight I gained from immersing myself in business-to-business social marketing for six months.

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Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in Plain English

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I prepared summaries for my upcoming Search & Social Double Whammy seminar on May 2 in Burlington, MA describing the “big three” social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The two most popular social networks – Facebook and LinkedIn – use similar tools and metaphors to provide strikingly different utility. The most powerful force created by social networks is the “Power of 130.” B2B Facebook LinkedIn Social Media social networks Twitter

I’ve Been Writing A Lot Lately, Just Not Here

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Social is the Future of Search (Profitecture Blog). Brian Solis (right) is one of the most consistently provocative and perceptive analysts in the world of new media and social business.