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    [Social] How to Use Content Curation to Overcome the Top 5 Content Marketing Challenges
    It’s also extremely easy for people to share, retweet, and otherwise promote your curated content on social channels, which they are more likely to do if you curate something entertaining or insightful and easy to digest. It helps establish them as industry insiders and thought leaders, complements their social media marketing, and also attracts influencers who may contribute to the site.
    [Social] 6 marketing clouds walk into Dr. Watson’s psychology lab at MarTech
    ”, he loaded the websites, social media accounts, and other online marketing content from 6 marketing cloud vendors — Adobe, Experian, IBM, Marketo, Oracle, and Salesforce — into IBM Watson and asked it to analyze their personalities.
    [Social] 3 Methods to Measure the ROI of Your Local Advertising
    One method of tracking is to run keyword searches across multiple social networks on a weekly or monthly basis to capture mentions of your brand name and track how they fluctuate based on your advertising campaigns. Another method is to create a campaign-specific hashtag for your local advertising and track how often it is used on your targeted social media sites. Online advertising of any kind requires tracking and measuring the results.
    [Social] LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Roundtable Group Turns One
    It started with a simple goal: to create a group to discuss and share ideas that focus on the many aspects of B2B lead generation such as lead nurturing, lead management, teleprospecting, social media and more. Last year, I launched the B2B Lead Gen Roundtable Group on LinkedIn. We didn’t start the group to become the biggest; we just wanted it to be the best.
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    [Social] Laughter, the best medicine, but for marketing?
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    [Social] Is Content Marketing A Sustainable Marketing Strategy?
    ” We thought it was a thing, we knew social media was a thing. In 1970, Alvin Toffler wrote the book “Future Shock” in which he coined the term “information overload” as the “social paralysis” that results from having more information available to us than we can process. Last week at content marketing world, I was asked to moderate a panel with two very distinguished experts in the content marketing space.
    [Social] LinkedIn Launches New Company Page Design: See What's Changing
    LinkedIn Company Pages are about to get a little design makeover, the social network announced on its blog today. But it looks like you'll have to wait a bit -- LinkedIn is only rolling out these changes to select companies this week, including Philips , Citi , HP , and Dell , and the social network indicated the design won't be available for all Company Pages until later this year. Surprise!
    [Social] The Best Free Tools for a Small Business
    There are tons of fantastic free business tools out there that help a small business manage, market, and socialize their company. For those of you who use social media (tsk! The saying, “you get what you pay for,” isn’t always true. Some have been around for a while, others are on the newer side, but they all help small businesses be more productive. Let’s take a look at some of the best: Evernote.
    [Social] Overcome New Customer Acquisition Challenges with Inbound Marketing
    Inbound marketing leverages search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, analytics and mobile, social and local marketing. Business-to-business (B2B) organizations sometimes struggle when it comes to acquiring new customers. One reason for this is the complexity involved with knowing how much to invest to attract the right audience. They spend money in the wrong area and the result is customer acquisition campaigns do not see any return.
    [Social] 4 Ways to Leverage Case Studies in Your B2B Marketing
    Upon completion of a project, you can share your valuable story within hours and easily spread the word on social media. When your video is complete, you’ve got great content that can easily be shared on your Web site and on social media. (If Best of all, tools like SlideRocket allow you to generate a URL link to your presentation, so you can easily share it on social media or email it to prospects.
    [Social] 7 Tools to Get Free Publicity for Your Business
    Plus, Google My Business works with Google+ so you can integrate your social media page with it. ” You can share your content via email and social media. Analytics tell you how many people saw it, how many links were clicked and how often it was shared on social media. As a business owner, you want to publicize your business without breaking the bank. In fact, few small business owners have much of an advertising budget, or a public relations manager. That’s okay.
    [Social] Why It’s Time To Hire An Influence Marketer
    Thanks to social media, customer ratings and views have been given megaphones, through which they voice their opinions, both good and bad. Community Management because social media managers and community managers already have experience building online relationships and can easily translate these skills to spearheading influencer relationships at your organization. Many of our amazing users are social media managers by trade. Should you hire an influence marketer?
    [Social] THE HACKIES: How to use your unique dataset to create valuable content
    You can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on social media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Simply Measured, a social measurement and analytics company, offers really rich data about social media performance. Because they excel at measuring how far a brand’s voice spreads over social media — organic, paid, influencers, etc. This article is a guest post by Jordan Con of Bizible.
    [Social] Ten reasons to blog – even if nobody reads it
    Turns out they were looking for somebody who could help explain where the future of social media was going and when they entered this into Google, a blog post I wrote a year ago popped up! . Building an engaged community through a business blog can be extremely difficult — sometimes impossible. Look at companies like General Electric who do an amazing job with their blog and yet have almost no “community&# or comments at all.
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    [Social] Marketing Myself: How the Right Marketing Plan Got Me Hired
    I use strategic planning, social media, search engine optimization, public relations, and Web site design to make sure my clients are landing the customers they want. There are a lot of new tools (social media, search engines, Web sites, blogs, email) in the job-searching process, but the traditional tools (resume, cover letters, interviewing skills) are still very relevant. The Problem. "Oh, jeez, good luck with that!"
    [Social] How Infographics Can Help Scale Content Creation
    From short-form to long-form, social to static, content creation among marketers is varied. Infographics are shared two times more than presentations and three times more than documents on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. Including infographics in content strategy could maximize content’s value to readers and help increase its overall shareability.
    [Social] Trash talk: 5 business lessons from a 10-year-old entrepreneur
    Coder Dojo Makes Coding Cool for Kids The Paradox of Social Media Popularity. By Ryan Hanley, {grow} Community Member. In my small hometown, Thursday was recycling day. Every Wednesday night the town folk would collect all their bottles and cans and walk them out to curb in a blue recycling bin to be picked up the next morning. Dirty and cracked by years of abuse from weather and indifferent garbage collectors, the blue bins were nothing more than an eyesore in our quaint town.
    [Social] Ultimate Marketing Automation Statistics and More Marketing Automation News
    Read the full story on Social Media Explorer. The term " marketing automation " is very much in vogue today among marketers the world over. More marketers than ever before are implementing marketing automation to maximize the value of their data, improve engagements, and effectively measure effectiveness. So with that I give you this week's Friday Five : Marketing Automation. The Ultimate Marketing Automation statistics overview.
    [Social] Why We Need to Tell the Truth About Marketing
    We find ourselves at a time where everyone can put on a thought leadership hat and step up on their social soapbox of choice and tout the virtues of content marketing. In that same IBM survey , 2/3 of CMOs report they’re not ready to cope with the demands of social media. Quite often when I’m on stage giving a keynote, I include a slide to encourage the audience that says the more content you create the easier it becomes.
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    [Social] How to Easily Design Images Like a Pro [Live Webinar]
    However, for the marketers out there running social, blogging, email, lead generation, and a billion other things, creating images sounds like one more hat you just can't fit on your head right now. Peg will share the quick-and-dirty DIY hacks she uses to market her brand to over 1 million social followers -- no Photoshop classes required. "A picture is worth a thousand words.". We've all heard this saying before, and to marketers, it's becoming increasingly true.
    [Social] Sales Best Practices include Marketing-Sales Alignment
    Use of social media to identify decision makers. Besides the crucial alignment initiative with sales, marketing can support sales by putting together a comprehensive content plan that includes market research, value proposition, social media, and tactics that improve lead quality. I was reading with interest recently the results of a study from sales organization Miller Heiman called Sales Strategies for Thriving in a Post-Recession Economy, a 2011 Best Practices Study.
    [Social] Anatomy of a SnapApp, Part 2: Promotion & Results of Our Thanksgiving Assessment
    your social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest) . We promoted the SnapApp on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (tapping our coworkers to post on their networks, as well), using both organic and paid social promotion. . More importantly, the SnapApp generated a ton of social buzz, particularly from industry influencers.
    [Social] Jamie Anderson and Marcus Ruebsam, Global VP and Head of Product Marketing at SAP: The Brave New World of Corporate Marketing [Podcast]
    The challenge of channels: Data from disparate marketing channels such as social, search, mobile apps and store data usually live in silos. There has been a fundamental shift in how buyers collect information and make purchase decisions. The traditional corporate marketing model, where a brand controls how a buyer learns about its products, is giving way to a seemingly anarchistic world where buyers interact with and are influenced by a constellation of marketing channels and touch points.
    [Social] Maneuverability. Your Marketing Strategy Won’t Win Without It.
    Is it through product development, investment in branding, being the low-cost leader, developing a new distribution channel, or even through social media prominence? Is it through product development, investment in branding, being the low-cost leader, developing a new distribution channel, or even through social media prominence? by Billy Mitchell, {grow} Community Member.
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    [Social] 10 Publishers Killing It on Instagram
    In fact, it’s now the fastest expanding social network showing strong growth in nearly every demographic. This company may be 178-years old, but you wouldn’t know it by how well they use social media. We liked that Automotive News (AN) understands how to tailor their content to each social media platform. Instagram isn't just for celebrities and teenagers anymore.
    [Social] How the HubSpot CMO Screens for Top Marketing Talent
    At HubSpot, we like to use the acronym "DARC," which stands for digital, analytical, reach, and content: Digital means they live their lives online and are familiar and comfortable with blogging, social media, and the web in general. An example of this combination of skills at work would be publishing a press release composed entirely of tweets to announce an acquisition of a social media company.
    [Social] Fighting Obesity Is Good for Business
    Some 80% of conference attendees believe that online methods, especially social networking , are critical to corporate wellness success. Encouraging members to post their progress online and promote it via their social networks creates a culture of healthy living. Experts agree: Healthy choices need to be addressed from both a personal and social perspective. Healthcare Industry Social Media obesity Rick Warren Saddleback Church
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    [Social] Fathom Takes a Scoop of a Newly Discovered Viral Art: “Cone-ing”
    Buzz/Viral Marketing Social Media Video alki stevens australian coneing cone-ing coneing coning fathom coneing fathom viral video planking viral video viral video trendsThere is a new trend hitting the viral video world – it’s called “cone-ing.”
    [Social] Golden nuggets from Sherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit
    Tags: B2B Web Strategy Converting Social Media email summary “b2b marketing summit 2010 wrap up jennifer melwani and lawrence mitchell clarity trumps persuasion hurting regular unsubscribes monitor invisibility drip nurturing campaigns phone ready the phone survive technology email
    [Social] Need to know how to engage on Twitter? …here are 5 key tips
    Tags: B2B Web Strategy Social Media inferiority vehicle to the rescue rides karlie justus lends “geraldo on the scene” ambience mini blog drafting 140 character tips linked information “on the ground” updates beauty share twitter users’ original content email newsletter articles and occasional news release hashtag monitoring easy twitter’s search engine “personality” tweets
    [Social] Are you maximizing what your B2B customers can do for you?
    Tags: B2B Web Strategy Social Media cross up selling a significant revenue source your customers curate vibrant community” leveraging existing customers in the post’s them instant and indisputably valid feedback vs paying creating private user communities and top tier feel special involved realize fostering closer relationships cross selling up selling
    [Social] Google can find anything you create; is your creativity keeping pace?
    Tags: B2B Web Strategy Search Engine Marketing Social Media increasing “shelf space” or owning more properties clickz crispin sheridan senior director longer require rocket science to deploy and park place cross linking incorporate material straight text books products user reviews popping universal search optimization grants content main branded site adding links
    [Social] 5 things to avoid while working to grow your business blog
    Tags: B2B Web Strategy Blogs, Blogging Social Media growth ” fatal five publishing irregularly the frequency haphazard posting blog include instant sharing capabilities and popular sites posting “me too” content don’t just pick a talk readers expect keyword rich anchor stick
    [Social] Should Google’s Caffeine keep your marketing team up at night?
    Tags: B2B Web Strategy Search Engine Marketing Social Media day “real time” indexing real time indexing future evolutions stone reuning google’s infrastructure technology mentions google caffeine core topic ” rebecca murtagh forever change the search engine landscape ” “content upgrade
    [Social] The Seven Best File Sharing Tools
    ” — Social Media Examiner. Showcase reviews: Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner. Sharing large files like videos or graphic-intensive documents used to be painful. Depending on the size of the file, email was impractical if not downright impossible. FTP sites were the most common alternative, but these were often cumbersome to access and use.
    [Social] 11 (of the) Best SEO Tools and Keyword Research Guides of 2012
    Dave Davies provides an outstanding list and mini-reviews of almost 80 of his “favorite resources based on what they yield and what they produce from a dollar-in-dollar-out perspective,” ranging from SEO audit and link building tools to coding tools, conversion tools, social media tools and “convenience” tools like Domain Tools (“Quick and easy access to domain information including registration, server details and location and some basic SEO information”).
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    [Social] 11 New Ecommerce Books for Summer 2016
    There are titles on startup funding, being the boss, digital currencies, disruptive marketing, social media, and coding ecommerce extensions. Opentopic blog >> Summer is here, which means it’s time to look at the new ecommerce books. I compiled this list using Amazon’s “Books” category. From there, I selected “Business & Money.” ” I then chose the “Processes & Infrastructure” sub-category.
    [Social] Batman, Pokemon, and an essential lesson from the heart of marketing
    These actions can’t normally be achieved through the weak relational links represented by a click, or a “follow” on social media. Let me tell you about me and Batman. When I was a little boy, I would eagerly await each new episode of the old Batman TV series. It was campy and funny, but to me, Batman was real, and my first true hero. I ordered a Batman utility belt from my cereal box, I collected Batman cards, I even drew up plans to build a Batmobile in my basement.
    [Social] How Content Marketing Impacts Your Bottom Line [Infographic]
    The result: the CRM earned more than 65,000 social shares and broke its record for new subscriber sign-ups. Social shares. The days of flooding the internet -- and even your own site -- with overly promotional content are gone. While traditional efforts like this may have worked in the past, many businesses are finding them to be less effective in today's increasingly contextual marketing world.
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    [Social] Why is Inside Sales So Scared of Lead Nurturing?
    That email solicits feedback on the downloaded content, encourages social sharing, suggests other resources, and provides the BDR’s contact info in the event of any questions or immediate interest. Recent studies tell us while the adoption of marketing automation technology continues to gain momentum, fewer than 20 percent of marketing executives say that they are fully integrating the technology into their current sales and marketing initiatives.
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    [Social] How SEO's Future Affects Inbound, Seth Godin Talks Google, and More in HubSpot Content This Week
    With some expert analysis, we delved into just how much SEO has shifted in the last decade (and even the past few years) and predicted what will change in the world of search -- from mobile, to social, to context. So, the next time you develop a post filled with useful stats or quotes you want the Twitterverse to share, plop some of these buttons next to them and you could see social sharing of your content boom. Ah, Google+: the other social network -- or is it?
    [Social] New Mobile Innovations Enhance the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience
    Now mobile enhancements for B2C Marketers can be orchestrated alongside email, social, display, and other key marketing channels. Sales executives can now use their mobile device to access customer profile and Digital Body Language information such as customer web, email, and social activity. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Chris Lynch, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud.
    [Social] Take Marketing Automation Further and Automate Lead Distribution
    We’re driving social media efforts and tracking results with analytics – using all the latest outlets and consumption platforms to meet buyers on their terms. Today’s channel marketing professionals are certainly savvier than ever before. We’re recognizing the complexity of the marketplace and better meeting the needs of today’s self-empowered buyers.
    [Social] 8 Time Management Tips For B2B Marketers
    As marketers, we are obsessed with the digital high we get from new email or social media notifications. This means we often leave our email and social media profiles open all day, checking them multiple times per hour. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, time management is a crucial skill that has a significant impact on not only your productivity, but the way your days and weeks shape in as a whole.
    [Social] In Case You Missed It | eMagine’s Recent Site Launches
    Since 1996, eMagine has built a wide portfolio of website designs, SEO engagements, PPC Campaign Management, Social Media Management and more. Now in 2015, we’re ecstatic to see it continue to grow larger and larger. Because we use this blog to provide educational material for our visitors on these subjects, we wanted to show you our growth this year, just in case you missed it.
    [Social] WTF Does Kevin Spacey Know About Content Marketing?
    You have heard my pitch: the world has changed (digital, social, mobile), relegating most marketing to being largely ineffective. The audience has spoken. They want stories. What does Kevin Spacey know about content marketing? It turns out, quite a bit! You may know him from amazing roles in films such as Se7en , The Usual Suspects , American Beauty , and of course most recently in the binge-inducing Netflix series The House of Cards.
    [Social] 5 Things That Need to Change in B2B Marketing 2016
    There is absolutely no question that there is some amazing technology available from content management, to marketing automation, to social and predictive tools, but most organizations are purchasing technology in hopes of driving better overall results. Every year around this time, I, along with many others think about how quickly this past year went by.
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    [Social] Demand Generation 101: 7 Tactics For Generating High Quality Leads
    There are seven key tactics or methods of demand generation : web insights and inbound marketing, content marketing, social media engagement, lead nurturing, lead scoring, measuring and optimization, and sales and marketing alignment. We’ve identified seven tactics and methods behind every successful demand gen program: web insights and inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, measuring and optimization, and sales and marketing alignment.
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    [Social] Need Some B2B Blogging Inspiration? Check Out These 10 Companies
    Posts feature advice on content, social media, and even blogging itself. The American Express OPEN Forum aims to help grow and sustain small businesses, but it''s also a social forum and a hub for shared knowledge. Video supports social sharing functionality in making the blog feel highly engaging for its readers. In content marketing, there may be no more desirable medium than the blog. Blogs are timely, informative, and interactive.
    [Social] Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps
    If you start seeing more consistent readership and deeper popularity as manifest my consistently-increased social sharing (by people other than you and your best friends) then you’ll start seeing your metrics move more reliably. You need to jump in, feet-first, into social media, including your own personal Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ profile. 9) Social media has become an essential part of the blogging life: I can’t say this enough.
    [Social] Playing the online reputation shell game
    I am assuming you don’t have a online crisis-management plan in place, something that you can activate in order to quickly respond to the attack (an active or prepared corporate communications blog) while also counter-messaging (be it with social media or a Google AdWords campaign), siccing legal on it (no matter what people think some attacks crumble when they get a letter from a law firm), scrubbing, and working the negative content to the 3rd page (your good old ORM campaign).
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    [Social] Giving on the Green: A Charity Golf Outing for Education
    Share this post with your friends and family through social network sites. At Fathom Education, we’re hosting our first Giving on the Green charity golf outing, to be held on Friday, August 22nd, 2014 at Mallard Creek Golf Club in Columbia Station, Ohio. We’ve chosen Open Doors Academy and Mary’s Meals as this year’s golf outing beneficiaries. Open Doors Academy is located in Cleveland, Ohio and was started in 2002.
    [Social] Planning A Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign [Webinar Recap Part 3]
    For any campaign, you’ll want to think about placement , timing , repetition , promotion , and social media. Decide where your assets will live: landing page, blog, social, website, or all of the above. Holidays are a great way to supercharge your social efforts and get your audience talking. People love using social media to connect around the holidays.
    [Social] B2B Marketing to Millennials
    This is where a strong social media marketing program to millennials is essential. It is crucial to have built solid relationships with your social media program. Any social media marketing program must be authentic and honest in its approach. Now may be a good time to take another look at your search marketing , content marketing , influencer marketing and social media marketing plans to determine the best way to conduct effective B2B marketing to millennials.
    [Social] How We Learn – One Size Doesn’t Fit All
    Demand generation, public relations, customer success and uses of channels like social media and even email are much different today than they were a few years ago. A modern marketer’s job is never dull. It never ends either. Especially when the marketing technology stack keeps growing and we use so many different applications and technologies in our daily tasks.
    [Social] 5 Ways High Growth Companies Focus Their Marketing
    Social Media. Social media is an important tool that high growth companies use to build their visibility. Think of social media as the online equivalent of networking, with fewer restrictions. If you’re still on the fence about using social media to increase your visibility, here are some stats from some of our recent research : 9% buyers check you out on social media. 17% non-client referrals are made because of social media.
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    [Social] 10 Things Every B2B Tech Marketer Needs to Know
    First, you need to learn how to listen on social channels (primarily Twitter and LinkedIn), which content to pay attention to (influencers, competitors), and how to use it. For example, once you’ve been promoting curated content for several months on social media, you can see which posts received the most clicks, and then develop blog posts on similar topics. As you invest time and energy promoting your clients across social channels, you’ll find thought leaders and influencers.
    [Social] Breathe Life into your B2B Marketing Using Humor
    It opens you up, makes you stop and think, and often in this social media obsessed world, share it with friends. Many B2C companies know how to leverage the power of humor in their marketing campaigns. B2B marketing, on the other hand, can be clever and compelling, but is rarely funny. B2B marketers tend to steer away from the kind of edgy humor eagerly anticipated in Super Bowl advertisements.
    [Social] The Complete Guide to Updating and Republishing Outdated Blog Content
    Social Shares: The number of social shares a post has generated is also a good indicator of a high-performing post -- particularly since social shares factor into search rankings , too. To determine how many social shares a post has, enter its URL into , a free tool created by HubSpot Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella that tells you how many times a URL has been shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter.
    [Social] On the Road Again! 4 Reasons Why Roadshows Are Your New Best Friend
    Because conversations flow naturally in a social environment. An important part of any event is the level of social engagement. The fun touches are the aspects guests will share socially…and this is what you want. Make sure to have a hashtag associated with the show in order to help spread the word and track those social shares! Author: Rachel Yarnold Roadshows. What are they and why are they so important?
    [Social] What can your B2B data do for you?
    Business marketers put the marketing database to an enormous variety of uses, among them: Capturing data about customer behavior from all sales and communications channels, including social media. Data is all the rage in marketing today. Everyone is talking about it. “A A carefully considered data strategy must be a CMO’s top priority,” says AdAge. Data has been called the “new oil” that fuels marketing today. But B2B marketers still struggle to get their full share of value from data.
    [Social] 23 Expert SEO Link Building Guides and Tools
    …The two main reasons it was successful are the quality of the visualization and the social share buttons on the page. He then outlines several tactics for replacing those links, from tradition PR to social relationship building, forums and guest blogging.
    [Social] 5 Ways to Differentiate Your Marketing Content
    He has managed teams in Europe and North America, led the integration of social media for B&O for the best part of a decade and is the architect behind B&O’s brand journalism program. It was the key to unlocking the value of social media. In an increasingly mobile and social world where your story might have a solid five inches of real estate, they are now the price of admission.
    [Social] 30 of the Best B2B Search Marketing Articles of 2009
    Tags: B2B Search Marketing b2b blogging b2b search engine optimization b2b seo B2B Social Media
    [Social] ScribbleLive Spark: Learn More About Your Audiences With Polls
    In ScribbleLive Engage, our real-time, interactive publishing product, you have the ability to integrate polls into all of our embeddable content experiences (which include live blogs, Q&As, social walls, content hubs, and timeline slideshows). TL;DR.
    [Social] A KoMarketing Christmas Carol: Ghosts of Content Marketing Past, Present, and Future
    While B2B and B2C marketers have used content marketing for years, it became the must-have element of every 2012 marketing plan, driven by the exponential growth of social media and the disruption of search rankings by Google Penguin and Google Panda,” writes Content Marketing Institute’s Heidi Cohen. Adaptive, smart content makes sure your campaigns are optimized for each platform,” according to Social Media Today.
    [Social] The Greatest Danger in Marketing: Metrics
    Is social sharing a success measurement for your content? Without marketing metrics, marketers cannot manage investments or show the value of marketing. However, without careful selection of metrics, diligent analysis and a clear overarching vision, those same metrics can become the biggest barrier to successful long-term marketing programs. Short term metrics are easily gamed, and it often happens unintentionally.
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    [Social] 8 Key Mobile Marketing Trends
    Trend 5 - Mobile Goes Social. ?According According to Nielsen, social networking was the fastest-growing category among users of both apps and mobile browsers, growing 240 percent and 90 percent respectively. eMarketer estimates that by 2015, the population of mobile social network users will reach 79 million. Users no longer want to just update their status; they want to be able to adjust their social networking experience around their geographic location.
    [Social] What David Ogilvy's Facebook Profile Would Look Like [Infographic]
    But you should also know that this man was an apprentice chef, a farmer, a door-to-door salesman, an expelled college student, a social worker, a researcher, and a former employee of the British Intelligence Service. To get you started, we reimagined what Ogily''s digital social profile would look like by curating some of his most famous work, quotes, and other life details. ( This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post.
    [Social] B2B Marketing: How to Measure Online Conversions
    The way to find out your conversion score or conversion probability is to interview or survey your prospects and review your website and social media presence and platforms for any glitches, inconsistencies, lack of transparency – anything that causes friction or anxiety. Flickr Photo by HeavyWeightGeek Some rights reserved. How do you measure your online marketing performance? How do you know if you need improvement, and how to improve your online marketing?
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    [Social] 4 Key Components for Hosting a Branded Charity Event
    Are they on social media? Having a spot for pure social engagement helps too, such as drinks, food and music. This gives participants the opportunity to socialize and network and your employees get to enjoy some team-building. Branded charity events are an excellent way to give back to your local community, bring your firm’s employees together and even improve your business by raising brand awareness.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017
    [Social] Need an Edge? Do A Content Marketing Competitive Analysis
    Follow the people they’re following on social media. And so you will have very quietly (but effectively) nabbed part of their social media audience. Seeing which social media platform is driving the most traffic for them is interesting, too: 9. “Business is competitive.” No kidding, right? And so is marketing. Content marketing, in particular, is ferociously competitive. Just consider the graphic below.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, JULY 6, 2017
    [Social] Best Practices for Prospecting with Video
    The other types of videos you can do are pulling up a social profile or a social article that is relevant to that individual. You can also pull up a social share or an online article that they recently engaged in, to share your perspective on that article and again to transition back to the conversation you want to have. Personal video messages are a great way to stand out and to boost response rates when prospecting new customers.
    [Social] How BuzzFeed Makes Money: An Inside Look at Their Sales Process
    In this Q&A, he talks about why content might be the future of advertising, keeping up with industry trends, and the social selling tactics he swears by. So the content we create for a brand becomes the ad that’s run across BuzzFeed and the social web. Do you use social selling in your day to day? So how do you tailor your message to those different audiences -- PR, creative, social, direct? This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub.
    [Social] To Successfully Personalize Marketing Communications Across Mobile Devices, Brands Need To Do This
    Through integrations with media providers, marketers can deliver paid media, search, social and display advertising to those customers that’s more aligned with the emails sent to those customers. Today, more than 2 billion smartphones are in use globally and continue to become an integral part of people’s daily life.
    [Social] The Big List of (Not Provided) Search Recommendations for B2B Marketers
    Tie In Social Media Network Development – Make sure content assets developed for SEO performance are used for multiple channels of opportunity, especially social media distribution and network development. What Google’s Omission of Organic Keyword Data (not provided) Means for Search, Social & Content Marketers – via TopRank.
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    [Social] Growing Your Publication's Email List (The Right Way)
    Socialize Your Content. Readers share content across social networks to increase their professional credibility and indicate they’re in-the-know. of overall traffic to website was driven by the top eight social media networks , with Facebook and Pinterest leading this drive. Case-in-point, social referrals can seriously boost your site traffic. One of the most important assets for any publisher is their email list.
    [Social] Why email marketing still matters–and how to make it work
    With a passion for true collaboration and meaningful consensus, his work touches social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing, among other components. Andrew Schulkind recorded a webinar on how to make email marketing campaigns work for you. Unless you’re selling goods or services with a buying cycle of “right now” (like lattes) you need a way to stay in touch with prospects as they move through the buying cycle toward a decision.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2011
    [Social] The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn
    With more than 100 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals as well as one of the top social networks overall. While Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ have been generating the most buzz lately in the social media world, LinkedIn is a powerful platform that often gets underutilized or put on the back burner.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2015
    [Social] A Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Blog Titles
    They represent it in search engines, in email, and on social media. A Parent''s Guide to Promoting Your Child''s Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Well-Being". "X Are you trying to optimize your title for social sharing? Look, I said ass. And in a minute, you''ll know why. It''s one thing to write great content, but it''s another thing to get it read and ranked -- which is where nailing the title comes in. Titles are what sell the content.
    [Social] Seven Guides to Better Copywriting
    ” These companies are shifting efforts to “newer social media platforms.” Daniel Ford offers five tips for improving one’s writing skills, such as writing often, reading voraciously, and getting social: “Engage with people on social media as much as possible. In this age of inbound marketing, content is king. And all content, regardless of format—text, video, audio, presentation—begins with the written word.
    [Social] 7 and a Half Quotes That Aren’t Supposed to be About Marketing
    Marketing strategist Jason Falls knows the value of conversational research or social listening for discovering valuable insights into your audience. – Thomas Flaherty (my eighth-grade social studies teacher). By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist. There’s so much marketing wisdom to draw on, much of it from unlikely sources. But you’ll never find it unless you look up from the usual blogs and media outlets and scan the horizon for something new.
    [Social] 30 Smart Ways to Spend Your Extra 2014 Marketing Budget
    6) Do a social media engagement analysis. An analysis of all of your social media messages of 2014 will reveal which received the most clicks, likes, favorites and shares. You can then take the best social media posts and reschedule them in 2015. You’ll need a few display ads and can try retargeting on social media or through Google Adwords. 10) Experiment with social media advertising. Think fast!
    [Social] The Basics of Instagram Marketing: What Every Content Marketer Needs to Know
    The famous Starbucks drink has become a social media phenomenon. The most successful brands on Instagram aren’t just lucky—they understand their audience, know their social habits, and deliver accordingly. Marketing Social MediaFor marketers to be successful on Instagram, it is important they take a step back and consider what their audience really values. From there, they can determine exactly what they wish to accomplish with their Instagram marketing campaign.
    [Social] How to Tailor Content Distribution Throughout the Fashion Life Cycle
    If you’re aiming to get your looks in front of as many people as possible, what better way to do so than by promoting your lookbook pictures on social media? These are the articles that will be most successful when it comes to social sharing, and they will also generate more search engine traffic for you. Marketing Social MediaAs a retailer, you live the fashion life cycle.
    [Social] 15 Educational SEO Charts and Diagrams
    Cycle of Social & SEO by TopRank Online Marketing. While search engine optimization is one of the core elements of inbound marketing, not enough businesses are incorporating an SEO strategy into their marketing efforts. It's understandable -- SEO can seem complicated if you've never focused on it. To help you get a handle on it, we've aggregated some helpful visual aids so you can start to understand how SEO can be helpful in your business' marketing strategy.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2014
    [Social] Why You Still Need Inbound Marketing (Even If Your Prospects Are Already In Your Database)
    As a result, smart marketers use content, social selling, and effective influencer relations to impact the selection process because they recognize that every individual, regardless of seniority or industry, is impacted by current trends, social media, the opinions of their colleagues, and leaders in their respective industries. Charan goes on to note that “many CEOs do not hesitate to go directly to sources at the scene of the action or to tap informal social networks.”
    [Social] Neuroscience Makes Strong Case for Engagement, Personalization in Marketing
    Different Types of Ads: There's higher attention and emotional engagement with social media ads than with TV ads or ads on a corporate web page. Take a look at the results of an experiment NeuroFocus ran with a Visa ad on television, on a corporate web page, and on a social media site. People paid more attention to the ad in the two online contexts, the ad had the most emotional engagement in the social context, but it had low memory levels in all contexts.
    [Social] The Power of Human Content: Virgin America’s New Safety Video
    Note: messaging can mean any piece of content – video, blog post, social media update, email marketing message, etc. So the next time you begin working on a piece of content – an email marketing message, a direct mail flyer, a social media update, a blog post, a video, or anything else – consider adding a human touch.
    [Social] How Martech Will Play a Critical Role in Marketing in 2017 [Interview]
    The seeming turnover with social media management and other solutions (see below) indicates that the space may become more complex and crowded.”. The data from this year’s report indicates that while marketers may not be under-utilizing social media management and a few other platforms, there may be quite a bit of dissatisfaction and turnover with these offerings.
    [Social] Marketri LLC Expands Offerings with New Marketing Department Augmentation Service
    This service will augment and bolster professional services firms’ in-house marketing departments with the additional expertise of specialists in marketing strategy and planning, as well as content and video marketing, search engine optimization, website development, public relations, social media, and more, to help achieve their targeted business objectives.
    [Social] Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers
    Blog HubSpot TV Contributors Marketing Kit Internet Marketing Blog The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog covers all of inbound marketing - SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Landing Pages, Lead Generation and Analytics. Because blogging helps Indium reach target audiences, get the company message out and -- above all -- get found via search engines and social media.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013
    [Social] What the Future Holds for Business Blogging
    Historically, business blogs have been hailed as a powerful top-of-the-funnel tool for attracting new visitors through channels such as search engines and social networks. They foster engagement with readers, facilitate interesting discussions, and generally make your blog more social. While a few technologies like Facebook''s Comments Box have emerged in an attempt to make comments more social and integrated with other platforms, comment engines have yet to be perfected.
    [Social] Navigating the Digital Marketing Landscape in China
    Due to internet censorship by the government, well-known communication channels and social platforms in the U.S. It is an intelligently designed social platform—a cross between WhatsApp and Facebook. Weibo: Weibo is another popular social network, with 400 million users. Although it’s an e-commerce platform, rather than a social platform, in a market flooded with counterfeit products, Tmall has become the number one online platform for marketing authentic products.
    [Social] Is Big Testing the Future of Marketing?
    Post-click experiences happen when people click through from ads, emails, socially-distributed links, etc. However, that’s starting to change — thanks in large part to the force of customers in social media. Every day, we are seeing more overlap between marketing and technology. Between science and art. And between data and insights that lead to better marketing techniques. This post hits on all those topics and asks if Big Testing is the future of marketing.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2014
    [Social] 10 Common Landing Page Myths: Busted
    In previous posts, we''ve debunked myths about marketing automation , social media , blogging , SEO , and A/B testing. Every new landing page you create is another opportunity for you to appear in search engines and get your link shared on social media -- and better search engine rankings and social media posts mean that you''ll have more opportunity to drive traffic and conversions for your website. I remember when I found out the Tooth Fairy wasn''t real.
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 2016
    [Social] Evaluating Marketing Agencies
    Content Marketing Marketing Automation / Email SEO Social Mediaagency (n.): an establishment engaged in doing business for another. Source: Merriam-Webster. Does your in-house marketing work with an agency? If it’s like most brands (roughly two-thirds, to be exact), it’s working with 2 or more. How well does this agency do business on your behalf? How do you even begin to evaluate an agency ? I’ll attempt to answer this question.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 6, 2015
    [Social] 7 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Performing
    Here are a few different options for you depending on what you are currently doing: For paid advertisements: if you are currently paying for traffic in one way or another (Google PPC, social advertising, display ads, etc.) For organic promotions: if you are finding it hard to successfully promote and draw out engagement for your website’s content through organic social posting you may want to consider performing an audit of your current social media strategy (if you have one at all).
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 11, 2013
    [Social] 7 Big-Brand CTAs Recreated in PowerPoint [+27 Free CTA Templates]
    We need to update our social media accounts, publish blog posts, and create lead generating content. For my CTA, I'm going to poll what social network is people's favorite rather than which cookie. Next, I'm going to add icons for each social network, which I'll do by simply going to Insert --> Picture for every icon, and reducing their size each time to make them all the same size. Walmart posted this social CTA on Facebook.
    [Social] How are your 2017 Marketer’s Resolutions Coming Along?
    Today’s analytics programs can capture all kinds of data from the click-path through the website to which social media platform or web campaign from which the lead originated. social media campaigns, pay per click (PPC) ads, online events, etc.) At the start of every New Year, people make resolutions; things they are going to do in the coming year to improve their lives. Unfortunately, many times they are not able to keep up their resolutions.
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