The Qualities of a Powerful Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy


But it only appears to have been achieved with little or no marketing effort because their fame and fortune was won through word-of-mouth marketing. Aside from the fact that the companies that benefit from word-of-mouth marketing appear to catapult from nothingness into fame and fortune, this marketing strategy is appealing because it is relatively inexpensive. Scroll down for a successful word of mouth marketing example.

Is There a Science to Word of Mouth Marketing and Going Viral? A Q&A With Dr. Jonah Berger

Higher Logic

Do you ever wonder why certain videos go viral? Dr. Berger is a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On and Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior. From Dr. Berger, we learned that word-of-mouth marketing and customer engagement are a predictable science, not an artform. HL: Are viral concepts and trends as random as we tend to think?


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Why Seeding Your Content is Key to Making it Viral

The Effective Marketer

Is great to see scientific research being done on social media, viral videos, and marketing in general (see previous post on the New Science of Viral Ads ). A recent study published on Marketing Journal titled “ Seeding Strategies for Viral Marketing: An Empirical Comparison ” (requires registration), by Oliver Hinz, Bernd Skiera, Christian Barrot, & Jan U. 2: The structure of the social network .

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The Qualities of a Powerful Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy


But it only appears to have been achieved with little or no marketing effort because their fame and fortune was won through word-of-mouth marketing. Aside from the fact that the companies that benefit from word-of-mouth marketing appear to catapult from nothingness into fame and fortune, this marketing strategy is appealing because it is relatively inexpensive. Know the ins and outs of your industry and your product/service like the back of your hand.

The A-to-Z of Viral Marketing (+ Infographic)

Single Grain

We've all seen one of those ads that just hits the ground running and before you know it, it's “gone viral” It almost doesn't even matter what the subject is; all sorts of people outside the brand's demographic will watch it, like it and share it – because a great ad is a great ad.

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The Viral Coefficient: Your 2020 Guide to Viral Marketing

Martech Advisor

Going viral can give your brand and product immense publicity, generate brand awareness, and acquire new customers. But how does viral marketing work? What is the Viral Coefficient and the Viral Cycle Time? Before we begin, let's first understand what viral marketing is.

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How to put the "Viral" in B2B Marketing Viral Campaigns?

Ambal's Amusings

Does viral work for B2B marketing? We asked B2B Marketing experts: What are the components of a "good" viral B2B Marketing Campaign? Every B2B marketer wants their content to be so widely acclaimed that it goes “viral.” ” This said, I encourage marketers to look beyond the numbers of views to the quality of the outcomes. In my opinion, that’s a successful B2B campaign due to a viral response.

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Dreamforce 2009: Engaging Effectively with Social Networks using


At this Dreamforce 2009 session led by Fernando Obregon Almazan,; Lorena Vales,; and Jonathan Hersh,, marketers learned about how and why companies should participate in social networking to generate brand awareness and create a viral effect when clients or prospects recommend their products. Why should I care about Social Networks? . 96% of GenY has joined a social network.

Elect Susie! Here is Some Creative Viral Marketing

Anything Goes Marketing

I want to applaud her for her great campaign so far and her use of all of the web 2.0 In any case, the campaign is smart, funny and should raise some buzz for the cause of children in America. social networks Tags: susie flynn , US politics , word of mouth marketing , social networks. 10 year old Susie Flynn has just announced her intention to run for the US presidency and if I was American, I just might consider her.

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Viral Lift - How to Master the Art of Viral Marketing


Viral Lift. Before we created the SnapApp marketing platform for our customers, Pangea Media operated a network of quiz and sweepstakes sites of our own. Of course, as any online marketer knows, driving traffic to your website can be expensive and time-consuming, so we designed our content to maximize sharing through social networks -- a strategy known as ?viral viral marketing.?? viral lift? High Clickability of Shared Content.

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Common Qualities of Insanely Successful Viral Videos


In fact, over 4 billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube , and over 60 hours of video are watched per minute. Oh, and can you make it go viral, too? First of all, what a frustrating question; virality can never, ever be guaranteed. But there are some common qualities to many of the viral videos out there that we've started to notice. According to the New York Times , 44% of people lost interest in a video after 60 seconds.

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FOUND the ROI of Social Media for B2B Marketers!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I think it is fair to say that Social Media has hit the mainstream these days but the big concern on every B2B Marketers mind has been where is the ROI? As a result I hear of many Social “science experiments” going on across several organizations that may or may not yield the results the marketer is hoping for. Enter Social Customer Support …. Moreover, great customer experiences drive positive word of mouth (WOM) which capitalizes on the viral nature of Social Media.

Lessons in Viral Marketing From the Sh*t My Dad Says


Creating content that goes viral is no easy feat. While many of us marketers are secretly crossing our fingers that the new video we produced ends up the next big hit on YouTube or that our little marketing meme ultimately spreads across Facebook and Twitter like wildfire, let's be honest -- the majority of our efforts won't make it that big. Justin Halpern, on the other hand, hit the word of mouth motherlode with his ' Sh*t My Dad Says ' phenomenon.

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My New Book, ‘Attack of the Customers,’ is now available

Paul Gillin

An idea I’ve been kicking around for a couple of years became a formal book project in January. Eleven months later, Attack of the Customers on sale on Amazon ! In some ways, this book is an update of my first book, The New Influencers , which was published more than five years ago. One of the things that has always captivated me about social media is the power it gives to individuals to greatly amplify their voice.

Make Your CFO a Social Media Fan

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Social media definitely pays off, but you’ve got to focus on the approach not the tools. Social Media has hit the mainstream these days but the big concern on every product marketer’s mind has been how to justify the ROI? If you’re concerned about social media cost justification, you’re not along. A recent Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) survey found that only 20% of CMO’s felt social media produced measurable ROI and 62% hoped it may someday.

Conversion, Touching the Point


Conversion, the act of turning a viewer who browses your site into a paying customer, is the name of the game in modern marketing. Setting the context for your business in terms of understanding who your new customers are and what problem you are trying to solve for them gives you clarity moving forward. You know that you have achieved product-market fit when 40% of your users would voice out their disappointment about the prospect of your business ceasing to exist.

Being Pretty Isn’t Enough for Social Media Marketing


What’s more, the most successful online social media barflies are aggressive in addition to gorgeous. Too many companies that have invested vast resources in social have Pretty Boy/Girl Syndrome. A symptom of this disease is an expectation that others will go out of their way to pursue you. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, we have neither. Be the catalyst of your natural social media success. You need both quantity and quality of Likes.

How To Stay Top-of-Mind For Your Audience With Content Curation


It’s tough getting your business or brand to stay top-of-mind for your audience. Those three words probably sum up the internet as a whole. Every piece of content your competitors create is another item to compete with. Types of content curation.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Will Deliver Marketing ROI

Marketing Insider Group

The beginning of the final quarter of the year always signals a re-evaluation of old strategies and the hunt for newer ones to stay competitive in your industry. 61% percent of businesses say that lead generation is their biggest marketing challeng e.

Video is The New King of Influencer Marketing


Most of us now know that one of the most effective ways to build an audience and create credibility is to collaborate with relevant industry influencers. If you have a genuine following and a consistent stream of helpful content and insights, one of the key ways you can accelerate your influencer status is by investing in video. Video offers endless new ways to connect with audiences on social media and engage them in a quick, captivating way.

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Why Organic Marketing Is Here to Stay and How to Add It to Your Strategy


But what is organic marketing and how does it differ from paid social marketing? What Is Organic Social Media Marketing? Organic social media is the use of the free services and tools that each social media platform provides to its users. The purpose of organic social media is to build a community of loyal followers and customers by posting relevant content and interacting with those who communicate with your brand. Organic this?

22 Benefits of Social Media for Business


What are the benefits of using social media for business? billion active social media users across the globe. Let’s look at the many ways in which social media can help you connect with your target audience, engage with customers and grow your business. Stay top of mind.

Top 20 Content Marketing Online Courses and Certifications to Enroll in 2020

Martech Advisor

Content marketing is a vast discipline under digital marketing that consists of strategizing, writing, storytelling, distributing content, analyzing results, and a little bit of search engine optimization (SEO) and design. The Strategy of Content Marketing - Coursera.

7 Best Practices For Creating Giveaways and Contests


So, without wasting any of your precious time, let’s move on to the best practices for giveaways and contests. Our first tip is one of the little known best practices for giveaways. Many of these groups are buzzing with discussions, debates, and conversations.

8 Social Media Success Stories to Inspire You

Single Grain

Everyone’s on social media. The number of social media users worldwide is 3.484 billion , up 9% year over year. That’s an awful lot of social media users. Almost every brand is on one or more social networks running marketing campaigns, which means that social media advertising spend in the U.S. Here are a few success stories from companies using social media to boost your inspiration! Not everyone uses every social media platform.

If you perform only to an empty house your show will close


People are spending the money and devoting the resources required to create compelling and engaging social media posts, not only just on Facebook but also on LinkedIn , Twitter , Pinterest , and even Google+. There’s a problem, however: while I am impressed with the quality, generosity, and creativity of the posts as well as the kindness and responsiveness of the replies to queries via social media, is it money well-spent if the room is virtually empty?

How to Grow Your Email Contacts Organically

Hinge Marketing

The benefits of email marketing have been proven time and time again. About half of B2B companies spend at least 10% of their marketing budgets on email, and email marketing’s ROI has been found to be 127%. In other words, for every $1 you put into email marketing, you can expect to get $1.27 But before you can reap the full benefits of email marketing, you need a list of contacts to actually email, and not any old list will do. Social media.

10 Key Roles of a Social Media Manager in 2020

Martech Advisor

A social media manager is responsible for your brand's social media activities that include social media planning, automation, advertising, content creation, publishing, and analytics. In this article, we discuss the ten key roles of a social media manager in 2020.

10 Inspiring Examples of Promotional Campaign Videos for Startups

Single Grain

Not to mention – video content is now much easier to create and promote to huge audiences than ever before, thanks to the Internet and social networks. To help inspire you, we've rounded up ten of the best examples of promotional campaign videos that your startup can learn from.

How Digital Marketing is Reshaping Financial Services


Social Media is here to Stay. Social Media is now an integral part of daily life, however Financial Services firms have been slow to adopt social media marketing, fearing reputation risk and perceiving a lack of value in social marketing. Ignoring the power of online word-of-mouth is no longer an option. In fact, their presence on social networking sites saw 31% year-over-year growth, way above average.

13 Email Examples That Totally Nailed Personalization


In fact, only 21% of consumers reported that they've received a memorable promotional email in the past two months, according to a study by Litmus. That's why OpenTable is one of my favorite brands. Because these reviews help OpenTable figure out which restaurant recommendations to make for me, I'm already encouraged -- but a personalized, specific subject line with a reminder of where my last reservation was, helps to boost my engagement.

19 New Featured Sources on the B2B Marketing Zone


The B2B Marketing Zone has really taken off over the past few months with the recent addition of numerous great bloggers. It provides b2b marketers, trade industry journalists, analysts and other subscribers with a single subscription point for all of the best thought leadership content in b2b marketing and PR. I thought I would take advantage of the power of the system to let you know about these new sources, what topics they tend to write about and some of their recent top posts.

16 Must-Read B2B Marketing Strategy Ebooks


Social Web Analytics. This ebook, written by Philip Sheldrake of PR agency Racepoint Group, illustrates how B2B organizations can make the most of the social web by listening to conversations and engaging in dialog. It also offers information on a large selection of free analytics tools, including Google Alerts, Google Trends and BlogPulse. The New Rules of Viral Marketing. The News Rules of Outsourcing B2B Marketing.

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How to Organically Find, Engage and Grow Your Audience on Social Media

Walker Sands

Social media marketing isn’t just about pushing out content and keeping the lights on. And while “engagement” is a word that’s constantly thrown around, many brands don’t know how to achieve it organically — especially in the face of algorithm changes that affect organic reach. Change isn’t as simple as a post going viral — it takes time. But when you use that time effectively, you can create some of the most loyal customers your B2B brand has ever seen.

7 Examples of SaaS Companies with Exceptional Marketing


The page-turning twists of fate. The SaaS sector is relatively young and seriously competitive, which means companies have had to wring every last drop of creative juice from their patchwork just to get on the map. And usually, with only a fraction of the budget their larger competitors are working with. We’re going to regale you with true tales of marketing triumph. Others are displays of true grit. The result: High-volume word-of-mouth appraisal.

The Power of Return On Marketing Investment Calculations

delicious b2bmarketing

This Blog is an initiative of the CMA Digital Marketing Council. The Power of Return On Marketing Investment Calculations We’ve all heard the expression, “I know that 50% of my marketing budget is wasted – I just don’t know which half!” Research shows that over 85% of companies now recognize that measuring marketing’s performance is a priority, but less than 10% of these companies actually calculate ROMI – a sign that not many marketers know how to calculate it.


Full Funnel Marketing: What It Is, And How To Do It Properly (With Strategies And Examples)


It’s no longer a matter of bringing in as many leads as possible and handing them off to the sales team for qualification. With the amount of research now performed online — enabled by the vast amount of freely available content — buyers tend to qualify themselves, instead. . . Research from SiriusDecisions , indicates two-thirds of the buyer journey is now done digitally , rather than in-person or over the phone. Full Funnel Marketing Strategy #2: Social Ads.