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    [Social Media] The # 1 Reason B2B Marketing Fails (Hint: It’s Not Tactical)
    This is why social media is so essential. Your customers testimonials and recommendations (likes and shares on social media) are some of the most effective forms of marketing today. Content marketing. Digital marketing. Inbound marketing. Outbound marketing. None of these will work if you don’t figure out the number one most important thing.
    [Social Media] What Marketers Can Learn about Digital Storytelling from Humans of New York
    HONY thrives on social media—Facebook Likes, comments and shares, and the same with Instagram and Twitter. As a storytelling platform that thrives solely on organic social media shares and Likes, it’s impressive how much engagement each photo receives. Stanton said that he tried to start his project on a separate website, but found most of his engagement and growth came from social media platforms.
    [Social Media] 20 Ways to Increase Content Visibility on the Top 4 Social Networks
    And with so many different social media channels available to marketers, it's difficult to make your content truly stand out. So the question is, as a marketer, how do you cut through the clutter and direct the attention of prospects and customers to your social media content and messages? Google+ is a social network that thrives off of visual content, so incorporate images often in your Google+ marketing strategy.
    [Social Media] Create a Content Series for Industrial Marketing
    Use social media to announce each new post. Happy New Year! This is my first post in 2012 and I want to start the New Year by answering a perennial question about content marketing for manufacturers and industrial companies. The question – what do we write about? The answer – create a content series. Just like popular TV serials, you want to create a series of short blog posts that revolve around a common theme. There are many advantages to this content marketing strategy.
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    [Social Media] 32 White Hat Ways to Build Inbound Links
    Think of it like social media -- if you’re a source of great content and you get it in front of the right people, they’re going to share it. A blog is meant to be a social tool. Memes are known, above all else, for spreading and evolving -- use your social media accounts to make it spread even further ! Leverage Social Tools. 28) Install social sharing widgets.
    [Social Media] In Praise of the Automaton: How Humans Can Stay Relevant in the Face of Marketing Automation
    And seek out ways to build credentials in other marketing areas: even if you’re only a fringe user of your company’s social media accounts, certifications from reputable sources like Hootsuite can make you better at your job, and can increase your value to your employer. Likewise, connecting with other professionals via social media can be invaluable as a daily source of information and commentary.
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    [Social Media] 7 Quick Ways to Free Up More Time in Your Day
    Between social media, email notifications, and the place where productivity goes to die (yep, YouTube), staying focused on the task at hand is easier said than done. As a result, we're often found consulting our RSS feed, prowling industry blogs, and scrolling through our favorite social platforms to find resources to educate us and inform our strategies. To get you started, check out these examples: Social media keyboard shorts.
    [Social Media] 10 reasons why Twitter is content marketing’s best friend
    A leading source of social proof. Here is a simple illustration of what I mean by social proof. We will follow the article that has the most social proof — in this case tweets — and choose it. Tweets and Facebook Likes are probably the most powerful sources of social proof on the web today. It is relatively easy to build an internal network to help you achieve a level of social proof. A leading source of social proof.
    [Social Media] Convincing the CEO to blog: Mission Impossible?
    It’s your turn to update the team on your social media efforts for the last week. As you open your file folder you swear you hear Jeffrey, the traditional media superstar, mumble “dead-man walking” before you begin. Our blog is the hub of our social business initiative. There is an ongoing debate in many companies around the social expertise of customers. The Social Media party is in full swing. By Stanford Smith, Contributing {grow} Columnist.
    [Social Media] What are the building blocks of a lead generation strategy?
    Once you’ve built content that attracts interest, you can use all of the digital channels at your disposal: email, social media, organic search, and, if it’s in the budget, paid search. Where most B2B companies are investing in content marketing , less than a quarter are satisfied with their return. Many factors contribute to this dissatisfaction, but the primary reason that I’ve run across in discussions with companies is that they’ve approached the situation backwards.
    [Social Media] The Anatomy of Conversion-Optimized 'Thank You' Pages
    The four most important components of an effective thank-you page are: access to your offer, social media sharing links, secondary calls-to-action, and auto-response emails. Social Media Sharing. Next, add in social media sharing links. After your newly converted leads fill out a form, you should always send them to a “thank-you” page, which delivers the content you have promised on the landing page.
    [Social Media] Graphic Facilitation – Where Every Picture Tells a Message
    Immediately after each session, our visual boards were drawing crowds who took photos and posted them to various social networks right away. Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media. Sales Cycle Optimization with Content, SEO & Social Media. by Jason Miller We are all visual thinkers. 75 percent of the sensory neurons in our brains are processing visual information.
    [Social Media] Bislr: A "Marketing Operating System" That Includes Marketing Automation As An App
    Their function lists closely resemble the older marketing automation products, but they differ in other ways including primary integration with CRM systems other than Salesforce, lower pricing, focus on ease of use at the expense of advanced features, more native social media integration, and, presumably, more modern technology under the hood. It also adds some that are less common, including social data appending, blogging, and Web content management.
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    [Social Media] Expert Blogger Shares Secrets to Success: Wit & Wisdom
    MG: Our firm hired a marketing consultant who told us that we were doing very poorly social media-wise. After you start blogging and get into your groove, share it on social media and promote your blog to other bloggers and reporters with similar interests. MG: Our firm hired a marketing consultant who told us that we were doing very poorly social media-wise.
    [Social Media] Ebooks for Experts: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Write
    A blog is only one channel for online content marketing, along with social media networking sites. I’ve been blogging recently about how experts need to publish their own ebooks as part of their strategy to get found, get known, and get clients through online content marketing. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before you write a single word of your expert ebook: Download the questionnaire here:
    [Social Media] What to Do if the Competition Stalks Your Customers Online
    I manage marketing and social media for some of my clients, and imagine my surprise when I found that a marketing services vendor in my network was following not one, not two, but many of my clients or customers on Twitter. It’s sad for the marketer who doesn’t have enough customers and connections to build a social network organically like I did.
    [Social Media] 12 Tips for Writing With Unforgettable Personality
    This can be something broad like marketing or more specific like social media. And the better you get to know your audience through social media, blog comments, in-person interactions, and research, the better you’ll be able to tailor your personality to them. The best writers aren’t necessarily the smartest, the smoothest, or those with the biggest vocabulary. The best writers are those that possess an unforgettable personality.
    [Social Media] Reasons to Ditch “Batch and Blast” and Get Started with Email Marketing Personalization
    The most common demographics used are age, gender and income level, notes social media blogger Lisa Furgison, all of which can be collected from your customers and embedded for reference onto your website or blog platform. Identify, target, and maybe reward brand advocates — customers who praise your products on social media or provide you positive feedback. We all like to believe we’re special.
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    [Social Media] 3 Ways Google+ Will Affect Your Business [Marketing Cast]
    Google+ has joined the box of social networking tools marketers should know and leverage. But isn’t your toolbox getting too heavy with all the new social media tools and new communication platforms you need to use? Social media marketing is expanding, and its correlation to lead generation has become tighter. In this episode of the Weekly Marketing Cast , we discuss exactly how Google’s new social channel impacts your business: 1.
    [Social Media] How to Refresh Evergreen Content (and Reach a Big Audience)
    Whether it’s two months or two years old, the best content drives traffic on its own through organic means or ongoing social sharing. You blast it socially, you put it in an email, you feature it on your blog or website, and if it’s something big, you might even do some PR around it. Say you did a blog post called “Top Social Media Sites.” Good evergreen content is always relevant to your target market.
    [Social Media] How to Engage Your Audience Using Digital Advertising
    1) Focus on native (or social) advertising. For that reason, native advertising on social media platforms can be a much smarter use of your digital advertising spend. Whilst inbound digital advertising is generally content-centric, it's smart to use the targeting capabilities of social media platforms to tailor your ads depending on where someone is in their buyer's journey. Digital advertising doesn't have the best reputation amongst consumers.
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    [Social Media] Pinterest Lead Gen, Sexy Data, Blog SEO, and More in HubSpot Content This Week
    Keeping up with the latest big trends in technology, social media, and marketing can seem like an arduous task -- even for the most experienced marketers. Kick back and relax on this Sunday (one that feels more like a Saturday for many of us) and check out some of the latest social media news, tips, etc. Take some time to comb over our tips for lead gen for this growing social media channel , including how to most effectively optimize your pins.
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    [Social Media] Pinterest Lead Gen, Sexy Data, Blog SEO, and More in HubSpot Content This Week
    Keeping up with the latest big trends in technology, social media, and marketing can seem like an arduous task -- even for the most experienced marketers. Kick back and relax on this Sunday (one that feels more like a Saturday for many of us) and check out some of the latest social media news, tips, etc. Take some time to comb over our tips for lead gen for this growing social media channel , including how to most effectively optimize your pins.
    [Social Media] The Importance Of Market Intelligence For CMOs
    What’s cool about SiteAlerts is that not only can you discover competitor technology, but you can also see the traffic that your competitors get, where that traffic comes from, what keywords they rank for, and how their social media strategy is faring. For CMOs (chief marketing officers), market intelligence about their consumer base is an exceedingly important part of developing positive customer relationships, increasing leads, and creating a life-long customer base.
    [Social Media] The Backbone of Link Building: Outreach Strategies
    Social media can also be used as a successful outreach tool. Following the person you’re reaching out to on their various social media accounts can further increase your credibility and begin to build on the relationship you are trying to establish. It is also possible to find more link building opportunities with people within the Google+, Facebook or other groups on the various social media platforms. Reach Out! Photo credit: ~diP).
    [Social Media] The Magic of Moving Pictures: Using Gif Images to Expand on Video Content
    Despite their initial rise to popularity with younger audiences on social platforms, the technicalities of the format give marketers a lot of latitude to create original content that’s easily digestible in an attention-starved age. The most prevalent space for this currently is social media, where brands can take advantage of widespread support for gifs on the most popular platforms. There are a lot of fun gif applications across social media, webpages, and even email.
    [Social Media] Overcoming Sales Objections With Content Marketing
    This means people read their blogs, retweet them and religiously hang onto their every word on social networks. Social Media – This is where you take your knowledge to the streets and open up a dialog with other businesses. For all intents and purposes, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ are where the rubber of your product meets the road of the market.
    [Social Media] 10 Simple Steps to Get Started with Content Marketing
    Content can include email newsletters, presentations, webinars, social media posts, blog articles, whitepapers, webinars, guides, podcasts, videos and many others. Post a new blog article at least once a week to start, and promote your blog posts through your social media accounts and website. Follow the leaders on social media . Follow influential leaders, companies and media outlets in your industry on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
    [Social Media] New Frontiers in Data Driven Marketing
    The core issue is that marketing campaigns in advertising, traditional outbound media, and new social and inbound media all target increasingly-identifiable audiences rather than anonymous cookies, site visitors, viewers, or prospect lists. This makes it more possible to work across all media to improve targeting, to coordinate messages for each individual, and to measure the incremental impact of each promotion. Translate offers across media and campaigns.
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    [Social Media] 8 Personalities to Look for When Assembling a Content Team
    Compelling visuals are imperative in today’s landscape -- articles with one image for every 75-100 words get twice as many social shares than articles with fewer images. 6) The Social Butterfly. Your social butterfly is in charge of content distribution, promotion, and amplification. They have an affinity for social media and branding and enjoy interacting with people online. But, you can combine your social butterfly with your wordsmith.
    [Social Media] 10 Valuable SEO Resources: Keyword Research, Tools, and Local SEO
    Social Network, Ghost Town Or Key Driver Of Local Search? Jeremy Walker writes that regardless if its shortcomings as a social network, “Google+ sits at the center of local search.” As noted here last week , ranking highly in search requires writing great content, making smart use of Google Webmaster Tools, and building or earning high-authority backlinks. Image credit: Small Business Ideas Blog.
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    [Social Media] 3 Ways to Link Smarter to Boost Your Content Value
    The point of linking is to supplement your content by connecting to blog post, news articles, videos, social media pages and original source material, such as a study or white paper. Send them this note through social media. “I Want to deliver content that goes above and beyond the words in your post? Take advantage of the art of linking to offer more value to your reader.
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    [Social Media] The Biggest Mistake Marketers Make.
    They ask a friend in social media and get sent your conference press release from two months ago (gosh!). is to assume people know something about them. Don''t assume people know what your company does when they''re watching a video on a deep page on your website. Don''t assume they saw your last product press release before reading the new one. Don''t assume they are sick of your message or positioning just because you are.
    [Social Media] KEO Marketing CEO, Sheila Kloefkorn, Accepted into the Forbes Agency Council
    Sheila Kloefkorn Joins Invitation-Only Organization by the Forbes Media Company. The Forbes Agency Council is an invitation-only organization dedicated to executives leading successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies. For decades, this media giant has understood what business leaders need to thrive. PHOENIX, Ariz.,
    [Social Media] Reputation Management in the Age of PRISM
    Whether I was doing online reputation management as Technology Strategist of New Media Strategies (NMS), as president of Abraham Harrison or as Team Lead, Special Projects, at , reputation-fixing takes time. While nothing’s changed at all since before Edward Snowden leaked both the existence of the NSA ‘s PRISM program and its full reach, I now have the opportunity to have a little bit of a different conversation with you, my reader.
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    [Social Media] How to Spend Time on Inbound Marketing [Marketing Cast]
    You shouldn’t have to block off your entire afternoon or weekend for blogging or social media engagement. For instance, David would spend some time in the blogosphere and on social media early in the morning. Then, around noon, David would revisit the main social media sites and do some more engagement. There is no doubt that inbound marketing takes time. It takes time to write a blog post, to interact on Twitter or produce a YouTube video.
    [Social Media] Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Include Long-Form Content
    In 2012, when The New York Times presented its “ Snow Fall ” story to the world, it signaled to publishers—brand and media—a new era of content marketing where immersive experience ruled over stories of a single medium. Even long-form posts with just one or two more types of media cost more than simply text + stock photo.) Think about the different opportunities to repurpose a long-form story: social media posts, webinars, eBooks, future content series, etc.
    [Social Media] Google Authorship brings your staff out from behind your brand
    According to the instructions, it’s not limited to journals, papers, blogs, magazine, or social sites. Even the most anti-social, uncreative, and introverted staffers could be Google Clout rockstars just from their nightly obsession with cat videos on YouTube, their penchant for commenting, and the fact that they’re a Google Android super-duper-power user. Encourage your entire staff to link their Google+ profiles to your business site.
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    [Social Media] How to Use Welcome Emails to Delight Your New Blog Subscribers
    8) Social Media Follow Buttons. Therefore, use your welcome email to help increase your social reach by including social media follow buttons for your social media accounts. You know how the associates in retail stores usually give you a friendly, "Hi! Let me know if I can help you with anything today" when you walk through the door?
    [Social Media] How to Market to Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
    Post links to your content on social media and get others to share it too. Everyone wants to sell their technology services and products to CIOs, but many CIOs are expert at avoiding solicitations. Here’s what you need to know to market successfully to CIOs. I read with interest a Wall Street Journal blog post by Rachael King that references the research of Joe Peppard, a professor at the European School of Management and Technology.
    [Social Media] I Need a Plan for 200 Videos for the Channel
    The executive team wants to leverage your experience and knowledge with emerging trends in content marketing, social media, and especially the use of video in revenue generation. Chapter One Max Wilson, Director of Marketing for WECAN Technologies, received the following email from his boss on Monday morning. October 1, 2012 Max, Our executive team has been visiting customers and partners for the past two weeks to identify sources for our next phase of growth.
    [Social Media] Living by the Non-Billable Marketing Hour
    Marketing Activities: This sub-code might include writing articles or blogs, speaking, and posting on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Smart Time Tracking can be a Professional Services Firm’s Strategic Weapon. For many professional services providers – including those specializing in accounting, law, engineering, architecture and consulting – tracking time is a way of life. There are two major time buckets – billable and non-billable.
    [Social Media] 30 years of business change in one blog post
    ” Today we maintain business relationships through email, text messages, maybe even Facebook or an enterprise social media utility like Yammer. It all started with something like this. This month marks the 30th anniversary of starting my first job in corporate America. I know. I don’t look that old. Thanks for humoring me. So I have been a bit nostalgic about my career (so far) and the changes I’ve seen.
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    [Social Media] 10 Fantastic Marketing Presentations To Watch Today
    Social 101 Facebook by Marcus Nelson. Social 101 Facebook. eMarketer Webinar: Mobile, Social & Geolocation -- Key Trends for Marketers. eMarketer Webinar: Mobile, Social & Geolocation—Key Trends for Marketers. FAIL: Social Media Disasters & What We Can Learn From Them by Dave Peck. FAIL: Social Media Disasters & What We Can Learn From Them. The Social Habit 2011 by Edison Research. Social Media for Business.
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    [Social Media] The Marketer's Guide to Search Engine Optimizing Non-Written Content
    Social sharing plays a role in SERP rankings for a specific keyword phrase. The more people embed your video in their own blog posts or share it on social media, the more the search engines love you (or your content, rather). Check social media to see if there are listeners who frequently talk about your content and approach them for a product review. Best Practices for Non-Written SEO in Social Media.
    [Social Media] A Look Inside Mashable’s Evolution [Interview]
    The company could have easily enjoyed its perch atop the tech blogosphere until it was disrupted -- the way it disrupted the lumbering, firewalled, pre-social blogs that preceded it. The company has seen great success as its community of 35 million uniques a month and 18 million social media followers continues to foster a dynamic global conversation. HubSpot: Does Mashable''s social media savvy give it an advantage (e.g. Change is always difficult.
    [Social Media] 3 Things We've Learned After Years of LinkedIn Group Spam (and what to do now)
    Jeff is the authority on making social media sell, adjunct faculty at Loyola University business school, author of Off the Hook Marketing: How to make social media sell and a social sales training speaker. Custom media publishers already know this approach works (outside of LinkedIn). Today's guest blogger is Jeff Molander.
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    [Social Media] 19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates
    14) Add social sharing buttons. So, be sure to extend the life of your email by adding social sharing buttons. Many email tools will come with templates that have built-in social sharing buttons that make it easy -- just fill in the destination URL and you're good to go. If you don't have built-in capabilities, here is a cheat sheet for easily creating your own social sharing buttons.
    [Social Media] How the Answer to One Question Can Tell You How to Market Your Technology
    Social media can play a key role in that it helps spread the word about a particular solution or problem. One of the first questions I ask any prospective technology client is the following: “Imagine your product on a spectrum. At one end of that spectrum are commodity products – CRM, for example – people know these products exist, they understand the problem that the products solve, and they recognize when they have that problem.
    [Social Media] 7 Epic Uses of Twitter's New Embeddable Tweets Feature
    The fact is, the true power and leverage of much of social media marketing resides outside of the network itself. For many marketers, their biggest communities are outside of social media. In the past, it has been a struggle to use these existing communities to supercharge social media efforts. Conduct a Social Poll - Want to get feedback on an issue and do it in a way that leverages the virality of social networks?
    [Social Media] Everything You Need to Know to Get Started With Pinterest for Business
    Getting started on a new social network -- regardless of what it is -- can sometimes feel incredibly daunting. And while all the changes in social media require inbound marketers like us to just embrace all of these new things, sometimes we just want to have someone walk us through using a network from start to finish. In our Introduction to Pinterest for Business, We''ll answer the most crucial questions about the visual social network: What lingo do you need to know?
    [Social Media] Lead Gen Tactics from 4 MarketingSherpa Case Studies
    B2B Lead Generation: 6 social media tactics from 7 experts [How-to article]. Tweet Our sister publication, MarketingSherpa, publishes three weekly newsletter case studies, and in the B2B beat in particular, those weekly articles routinely feature a story covering marketers tackling lead generation for the complex sale. For this B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post, I want to offer four of those case studies published over the last couple of years addressing that very topic.
    [Social Media] The Seven Sins of Marketeing Automation System Selection
    Buyers often limit their consideration to a handful of vendors who are anointed as industry leaders by analysts or simply gain the most attention in social media. I’ll be giving a Webinar this Thursday on evaluating marketing automation software, sponsored by Neolane. Part of the content will be a list of Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing System Selection. I thought that was worth a blog post of its own. So here goes. Ignoring Users.
    [Social Media] Proof Event Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere
    The Association of Business Information & Media Companies, which tracks B2B media spending, provided the chart below in it’s latest report. In other words, events continue to represent the lionshare of spending among B2B media, beating out print, data selling and digital handily. Meanwhile, social media seems to be extending the reach of events, rather than pushing people away.
    [Social Media] The Evolution of the Ideal Content Marketer: Why Hybrids Are Changing the Industry
    Social Media Evolved. Created with the original intention of helping families and friends stay connected, today’s social media platforms have morphed into networks of hyperconnectivity. In a fast-paced industry where innovation is the foundation of any best practice, marketers need to constantly adapt to new technology and tactics to stay competitive.
    [Social Media] 10 Resolutions Your Nonprofit Should Make This Year
    Creating an editorial for all your newsletters, blog articles, social media posts, media outreach, direct mailers, and website updates is the best way to get organized. Make it a point to develop, write, and share compelling stories on your blog and via social media to attract people to support your cause. Millennials are much more likely to watch a video than read an extensive annual report, and videos are the most shared medium on social media to date.
    [Social Media] 4 B2B Marketing Trends Everyone will be Talking about at the SiriusDecisions Summit
    New terms are entering our lexicon at an alarming rate: social, cloudsourcing, gamefication…. Now big data is here to stay, and social media is only making it important. Even social is often relegated to interns. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this It’s impossible to escape the seismic shifts that have rocked the B2B marketing world in recent years. How do you sort the viable, long-term disruptions from the buzzwords?
    [Social Media] How to Add Pinterest's Buttons & Widgets to Your Website
    The Pinterest ‘Follow’ button enables you to promote your overall business presence on Pinterest by encouraging and allowing site visitors to easily follow your business on Pinterest, thus helping you grow your social reach. Add the 'Follow' button to the rest of your suite of social media follow buttons on your website and/or email communication. Didjya hear the news? Yesterday, Pinterest launched business accounts! If you're feeling a little frazzled -- "Ahh! What do I do?
    [Social Media] 6 Things to Update Before Starting Your Next Job Search
    In a world where information about you is readily available on the web and social media, it's vital that you clean up and update your digital footprint and personal brand -- before you start sending out those applications. That meant not only updating my resume, but updating my personal brand, my social media profiles, my email signature, and more. 3) Update your social networks for the mission at hand. Starting a job search is a daunting task.
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    [Social Media] How to Master Local Lead Generation
    Moreover, make sure that you have a positive social media presence and interact with your audience there as frequently as you can. Localized Social Media. Social media is an excellent platform to engage existing and potential customers. Choose the social media platform that your local community is most active on. Social media also gives you a chance to personalize and add more value to your ads.
    [Social Media] The Experts on How to Get a Book Published
    In addition, I felt that getting to know the experts will help me refer my clients to trustworthy people when the time comes to market, publicize, print, distribute and use social media for books beyond the writing process. Georgia McCabe is an expert in social media marketing for authors and others. As the S ocial Media Sensei , she’s mastered the art of using social media to expand your reach, no matter your area of expertise.
    [Social Media] What B2B Marketing Tactics Are Up, Down, Flat? (Survey Sneak Peek)
    We are currently conducting a social media survey among B2B marketing professionals, and one of the questions is aimed at better understanding what activities marketing teams are doing more or less of than 3 years ago. Last week, we talked about the changing B2B marketing mix (" Is Traditional B2B Marketing Dead? which caused a heated debate about whether these changes are real and consequential). Let's take a look at some data.
    [Social Media] The Ultimate Checklist for Managing Content Marketing Freelancers
    blog, social media channel, website, ebook) and prepare it for delivery. Nate Birt is a multimedia journalist, social media enthusiast and copy editor with experience at a variety of print and digital publications, and a Contributing Editor to the Now that more brands and companies are writing blogs, creating YouTube channels, and becoming content publishers, there’s a higher demand for content and limited time to produce it.
    [Social Media] 3 Website Metrics to Watch Daily
    Promote your deals and discounts on social media sites like Pinterest , LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. If you own a website or blog then naturally you should be monitoring whether it is accomplishing your goals or not. Of course, that’s easier said than done in today’s world of endless numbers. Do you monitor your bounce rate, number of page views, sites referring your traffic, views on mobile, inbound links, outbound links, page rank?
    [Social Media] The Last Blog: It All Begins with Trust
    As we all know, social media has changed everything. On the other hand, thanks to social media, it’s never, ever been easier to demonstrate why we are trustworthy and why we are worth doing business with. What if someone asked you what your last words would be? In essence, that’s what Daniel Burstein , Director of Editorial Content for MECLABS, asked of me when he requested I publish my last blog post today.
    [Social Media] Lots of Vendors Can Help You Find Leads on the Web
    These firms scan company Web sites, social media, news sites, directories, and other sources to identify companies, extract attributes like revenue, growth rates, and technologies used, and flag events that might indicate a sales opportunity, such as opening a new office, launching a new product, or hiring new management. Coverage outside the United States • Information returned beyond names and lead scores, such as recommended treatments and social profiles.
    [Social Media] 5 Things I Learned About Digital Marketing in 2015
    Social is important to search. Another client came in looking for an SEO program but ended up wanting us to focus on the social media side of things. Fun Fact: Each month when it’s time to write a new blog post, I head over here to the KoMarketing blog and take a look at my previous posts to 1) ensure I haven’t already written something similar and 2) see if there’s an opportunity to refresh an older post. Yes, friends, that’s called repurposing and it’s magical!
    [Social Media] 6 Ingenious Microsites You Could Play With All Day
    BoltHouse Farms created the site to show people how many social media conversations were happening about healthy foods versus unhealthy foods. To do this, they collected food porn hashtags and tracked the kinds of foods we share on social media, then pit the healthy stuff, like #grapes, against the unhealthy stuff, like #icecream. Then, media company Digiday used this microsite template to conduct an experiment of their own.
    [Social Media] 6Sense Finds B2B Prospects Using Web Site Activities
    APIs can load data from other sources, potentially including other CRM marketing automation products, Web logs, order processing, call centers, media impressions, and pretty much anything else. It then matches against company profiles that 6Sense itself has gathered from the usual Web sources – public social media, Web sites, job boards, directories, etc. – I mentioned 6Sense briefly in a recent post about vendors who help companies find prospects on the Web.
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    [Social Media] Optimizing Your Workspace for Employee Productivity [Infographic]
    Whether it’s a conversation between two colleagues at their desks, your phone buzzing with text messages and social media alerts, or an uncomfortable desk chair, distractions are everywhere. However, one downside is the potential for less socialization amongst employees. A hot topic lately has been about increasing employee productivity in the workplace while also increasing satisfaction.
    [Social Media] How To Measure The Real Business Impact Of Content Marketing
    When it comes to revenue, measuring traffic sources, social media activity and online shopping behavior should be no-brainers, but Altimeter highlights the importance of analyzing metrics like shares and likes by each and every separate unit of content as well. By NewsCred Contributor Anastasia Dyakovskaya.
    [Social Media] A Service-Based Business’s Guide to Email Marketing
    Include links to social media sites your business is on. Add social media buttons. Again, you should make sure customers have a way to connect with you on social media. Most email templates include the ability to link to your social media channels, so make sure you take advantage of them.
    [Social Media] Why the Best CMOs in the World are Customer Champions Every Step of the Way
    With digital conversations occurring directly and indirectly online via social media, reviews, customer feedback and peer-based conversations, it’s simple to interact and listen to customers. Interactive customers, for many industries, are a brand’s best friends. The seismic shift in marketing – from one-way broadcasting to a two-way, interactive dialogue – has put today’s CMOs in a powerful, high impact position.
    [Social Media] PowerViews with Jonathan Farrington: Stay Focused
    The Role of Marketing Automation & Social Media. Click to start video at this point —Asked whether marketing automation and social media should be within the realm of marketing only, Jonathan affirms their value for sales. Sales teams need to critically assess tools, as well as social media participation, to make sure they are appropriate for supporting direct engagement with their prospects and customers.
    [Social Media] We Completely Redesigned the HubSpot Blog. Here's Why.
    Turns out people preferred to discover individual blog posts through channels like search, social media, and email. If you were to look at the sources of our blog traffic, you''d find that 75% of our monthly visits come from organic search, subscriber emails, and social media. If you''re a regular reader of HubSpot''s Blog, you''ve probably noticed things are looking a little bit different today. It''s not just you.
    [Social Media] Events for #Eventprofs – are they worth the time out of the office?
    Bringing together mobile, social and content into physical, face to face events. Picture of Charlie and his edible mist below: Something as simple as adding a bit of surprise and delight to your catering, can create opportunities for networking, engagement and of course social mentions #foodporn! Was it the abundance of sales people knowledgeably showcasing their venues from slick media displays?
    [Social Media] Does Modern B2B Lead Generation Really Work?
    Today, buyers can access a variety of information resources through search engines, social media and other online channels. Are you struggling to fill your sales pipeline with quality leads? You may need a lead generation mindset change. Here's how to think about it. Do you remember when prospective customers used to contact you as they were starting their buying research? Yeah, those days are over. Lead Generation Has Changed.
    [Social Media] 6 Steps to Prepare for the Mobile Revolution
    Skip to content Home About Michael Brenner Appearances B2B Marketing Insider Michael Brenner's Blog on B2B Marketing Content Marketing Demand Generation Mobile Sales Alignment Search Marketing Social Media Strategy June 24, 2010 2 Subscribe 6 Steps to Prepare for the Mobile Revolution Share Earlier this week, I defined the 10 Reasons Why Mobile is Hot. That Is A Lot Of Time Spent Online Using Social Media Internet Trends From The Web 2.0
    [Social Media] What Does a Marketing Automation Platform Cost?
    Feature add-ons, SEO, social media management, content management plug-ins, SPAM analysis, email deliverability testing, customized landing page URLs, dedicated IP addresses, etc. Although marketing automation is one of the most rapidly growing segments within the business software industry, there is still tremendous room for growth.
    [Social Media] How Retailers Use Content to Tie Online And Offline Experiences
    Social campaigns, such as the # warbyparkerhometryon pulls in user-generated content from customers sharing their eyewear options and provides personalized feedback for every participant, boosting the customer’s confidence in his or her purchase. Customers were encouraged to snap selfies for social media with # JCrewStyleSessions for a chance to be featured in upcoming style guides, and bring the in-store experience full-circle back to the online community.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012
    [Social Media] 6 Data-Backed Tips for Getting More Retweets [Research]
    It turns out that Twitter is full of social media dorks (and I say "dorks" lovingly). When the rest of the social media world is more quiet, it can be easier to make yourself heard. As an inbound marketer, one of my favorite uses of Twitter is getting my content retweeted thousands of times, sending tons of traffic to my site that I can then convert into leads.
    [Social Media] 6 Content Marketing Tips That Drives Leads
    Skip to content Home About Michael Brenner Appearances B2B Marketing Insider Michael Brenner's Blog on B2B Marketing Content Marketing Demand Generation Mobile Sales Alignment Search Marketing Social Media Strategy June 3, 2010 2 Subscribe 6 Content Marketing Tips That Drive Leads Share In yesterday’s post we reviewed the The 4 Most Common Mistakes in B2B Content Marketing.
    [Social Media] Why Purchasing Lists of Email Addresses is a Big Email Marketing Mistake
    Related Stories 5 Social Media Benefits for Accounting and Financial Services Firms How to Apply the Scientific Method to Professional Services Marketing Top 5 Marketing Initiatives for Accounting & Financial Services Firms. Purchasing or renting lists of email addresses from third party sources may seem like an effective way to quickly reach new prospective clients through your email marketing campaigns.
    [Social Media] 5 Ways to Recognize B2B Lead Generation Failure ???and Move On
    Hard to believe since everyone is going nuts with social media and content marketing. If your social media and content marketing activities are not grounded in buyer persona profiling, your time and resources are going to waste. TOO MUCH RELIANCE ON EXTERNAL SOURCES: Marketing automation toys, fancy CRM software, trendy analytics tools and reports, paid social media channels, all of these are the flavour of the day.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2012
    [Social Media] What Marketers Should (And Shouldn't) Tweet [Research]
    It can also give you valuable insight into your own business -- Twitter is an ideal social media network to gain real-time feedback from leads and customers. You can read more about how to use social medial for instant feedback in our blog post on the subject. Answering questions directed at you is just good form -- you should be monitoring your social media accounts vigilantly, because people will use them as customer service mechanisms whether you like it or not.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2013
    [Social Media] Is Marketing Automation Worth the Hassle? New Data Raises Questions
    Instead of investing tons to get a small conversion rate improvement on a modest lead flow, they''re deciding they''re better off putting their time and money into top-of-the-funnel tactics like blogging , social media , and SEO that can generate significant net new lead flow, then follow up with marketing automation that''s part of an integrated marketing platform. Thinking about investing in marketing automation ?
    [Social Media] How to Build a Comprehensive Strategy for Your Marketing Automation Program
    One such example might be integrating your social media platform with your marketing automation platform to provide a more complete picture of engagements. Starting off slow and picking up steam as you go can help ensure you have a strong foundation that can support long-term growth. Once you identify the need for a marketing automation platform and gain buy-in for implementing that platform , what’s next? It’s time to hit the ground running… almost.
    [Social Media] Think Like a Publisher: 5 Storytelling Rules for Marketers [DECK]
    But you can easily leverage your social media channels, customer communities, and blogs to create more personalized corporate communications and spread your own word. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Buyers are in control, and that’s a shift marketers have been challenged to roll with across all their initiatives.
  • BIZIBLE  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 2016
    [Social Media] What We Learned From Our Latest Account-Based Marketing Campaign, CMO Box [Data]
    As a touchpoint, the box can be measured identically to the rest of our marketing channels and can be compared side-by-side with our online efforts like paid search and social, as well as our offline efforts like interacting at a conference booth. Offline marketing offers a nice change of pace compared to blog posts, webinars, social media, and other digital channels, which gives it a chance to stand out from the noise when executed well.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2012
    [Social Media] 5 Hurricane Sandy Newsjacks From Marketers
    5) Through Custom Social Media Updates. A lot of companies have been customizing their social media updates to reflect something about the hurricane. However, even marketers that don't sell food and household essentials can use this tactic and customize the language of the social media updates they were planning to post. Based on comments from our readers, this post was updated at 6:30 p.m on 10/29. Thank you for your feedback!
    [Social Media] 4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Share Data with Sales
    The Internet and social media have made it incredibly easy for the modern buyer to access information and increase their knowledge on any and every available product or service. . For more info on how to boost revenue with Big Data, read my book Revenue and the CMO: How Marketing Will Impact Revenue through Big Data and Social Selling. . Shouldn’t Sales and marketing share the data that helps them achieve the same business goals? .
    [Social Media] Content That Rules the Roost: 5 Practical Strategies for Making Your Content More Brand-Centric
    By intentionally creating brand-centric content, you’ll be able to boost engagement with your brand as readers begin to recognize your content more and more (whether they see it on your own website, on social media, or even on another blog). The said visitor really likes this infographic and decides to engage with it both by sharing it on social media and by leaving a comment.
    [Social Media] Who Had the Greatest Professional Impact on Me in 2016? Shelly Kramer!
    She is CEO and founder of V3 Broadsuite [V3B], President of Broadsuite Media Group [BMG],and holds leadership/ownership roles in several other enterprises. Shelly introduced me to a phenomenal group of social media and marketing professionals as part of the V3 Broadsuite group, including first and foremost Dan Newman as well as people like Ross Quintana , Misty McPadden , and Michelle Mangen.
  • WRITTENT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 25, 2014
    [Social Media] The 5 Step Formula for a Perfect Blog Post
    Social Media Examiner talks about how to use social media to find blog topics. Breaking Down a Perfect Blog Post. When your blog just isn’t taking off or seeing the readership you hoped for, It can be easy to blame low numbers on outside factors when the actual problem might be your blog writing methods. An effective blog contains the fresh and useful content that audiences want to devour and delivers it in a way that appeals to both readers and search engines.
    [Social Media] How to implement a Video 1st content marketing strategy that drives action
    If you look at the marketing and sales funnel, from top to bottom, a sound business video content strategy fits into each and every part – from top of the funnel brand awareness and social engagement videos, to animated explainer videos and corporate overview videos that drive lead conversion, to sales videos like product videos, video FAQs and testimonial videos, that can also be used for lead nurturing, and finally training videos for post sale on-boarding and support.
    [Social Media] The state of the blogger outreach union ten years on
    While there are awesome social media and blogger outreach automated tools such as Audienti and there are amazing Marketing Automation tools out there, the final mile is all about people. I stared my first blogger outreach agency back in 2006. Called AbrahamPR it evolved into Abraham Harrison a year later. Now Gerris Corp , I am still offering influencer engagement campaigns to my clients.
    [Social Media] 5 Ways to Focus Your Marketing Efforts on the Customer Experience
    Properly Sync Social. Mobile customer service is in the spotlight lately and your customers often defer to social channels when seeking resolution via mobile devices. According to the Wall Street Journal, Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media, which is more time spent than on any other internet activity, including email. Social customer service platforms, like Conversocial , can help put your mind and customer experience at ease.
    [Social Media] Genoo Adds SEO To Web Site Management and Marketing Automation
    The February release will add features to capture social media activities and encourage social book-marking. These join a respectable set of social media features already in place, including sharing buttons, share tracking, and traffic reporting. I had an earful last week from Genoo president Kim Albee, who told me that I’ve misclassified her target customers as “micro businesses” (under $5 million revenue) for the past two years.
    [Social Media] How to Systematically Grow Your Technology Firm to the Next Level
    It brings all the critical marketing tactics together—the website, thought leadership, social media, email marketing and more—like pieces of a puzzle. Social Media. Social media is an essential piece of the marketing equation. Also, the more your website’s content is shared via social media, the more likely it is to rank higher in the search engines. If your technology firm is like many others, it grew by happenstance.
    [Social Media] How to Research Content for Your Expert Ebook
    Using social media is a new opportunity for gathering information, but it’s complex and time consuming. Other ways (social media) may be more appropriate to you depending on your area of expertise. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and other social media sites. for Your Expert Ebook" src="[link] width="300" height="225" title="How to Research Content for Your Expert Ebook" /> How should you research content in order to write your expert ebook ?
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