15 Common Email Signature Mistakes You Might Be Making [SlideShare]


But when it comes to emails, many people are forgetting to optimize one crucial thing: their email signatures. In fact, according to Evercontact , 39% of people are making a really silly mistake in their email signatures: They include their email address.

How to Write a Great Email Signature: 9 Tips With Real Examples


A lot of people treat their email signatures like an afterthought, which makes for a real missed opportunity. Jamming your signature full of links and information is just plain spammy and self-promotional.). So, what does a great email signature look like?

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What Does Your Signature Say About You? Analyzing How Top Entrepreneurs Sign Their Name [Infographic]


When I was a kid, I remember practicing my signature in a pocket-sized composition notebook in case I got famous one day. At the time I hadn't put much thought into what the style of my signature said about my personality, but as it turns out, signature analysis is actually a real thing.

10 Clever Ways Your Email Signature Can Support Your Marketing


Yes, your personal email signature can provide a serious marketing opportunity. You are most likely already using your own email signature to provide information about who you are and where you work. Wondering what exactly you can promote through your email signature?

Interesting Infographics: Signatures of Tech Entrepreneurs


This infographic , created by MyPrint 24/7, explores the signatures of some of tech’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders. By examining their signatures, we’re able to get a glimpse into their personality.

Content Marketing World 2015: Skyword Signature “Rock”tails Part II

Content Standard

It’s become a Skyword tradition to create signature cocktails for this event, and this year is no different. The post Content Marketing World 2015: Skyword Signature “Rock”tails Part II appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword.

5 Great Mobile Website And App Examples

B2B Marketing Insider

Irish Spring – Signature marketing campaign Last year, Colgate-Palmolive subsidiary Irish Spring launched a campaign for it’s new body wash.

Retarget Your Way to Greater Sales

Sales Intelligence View

Email Retargeting: By placing a line of code in the html of your email or in your signature line, you can tag people on your email list to receive your company ads when surfing the Internet. The chance to make an online sale is not a one shot deal.

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Tricking MS Outlook To Get Embedded Signature Links

B2B Marketing Savvy

Things like: does your signature line include links to things like Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook? If you run MS Office ‘07, the hyperlinked signature option is functional; If you’re like I was and “stuck&# w/an earlier OS version, I needed a workaround.

Is Your Own Work Worthy of Your Signature?

Marketing Craftmanship

Craftsmanship Requires Accountability. Artisan” was the term used before the advent of mass manufacturing to describe people who made things or provided services with a distinctive touch and flair in which they took personal pride.

The Social Media Email Signature


In the old days, email signatures pretty much just mirrored business card information: name, company, title, phone, fax (gotta love that 80's technology still hanging on!) For most people, that's still the only information their email signature provides. signatures.

5 Predictions for Influencer Marketing in 2016

Onalytica B2B

For example with the growing number of influencer databases and advancements in topic matching, it is now possible to use natural language algorithms to analyse the text in a PDF or a web page to build a signature.

How to Create a Cool Social Media Email Signature


One of the most popular posts ever on this blog was The Social Media Email Signature , in which I noted that "In the old days, email signatures pretty much just mirrored business card information (which is still the case for most people).A Type in a name for the email signature (e.g.,

4 Content Promotion Strategies to Increase Engagement

Modern B2B Marketing

Promote Content in Your Email Signature. By encouraging employees to promote content in their email signature, you can take advantage of this under-utilized channel and increase the visibility of your content.

How to Sell When You’re on Vacation: Tips for Putting Your Out-of-Office Reply to Work


The right words in your out-of-office reply and your signature could spark prospects' interests and lead to a sale down the road. Here’s how to get two undervalued email assets, your signature and out-of-office replies, to work for you -- even when you’re not working.

6 Things to Update Before Starting Your Next Job Search


That meant not only updating my resume, but updating my personal brand, my social media profiles, my email signature, and more. 4) Update your email signature. Just be sure you're not making any of these 15 common email signature mistakes.).

5 Simple Ways to Write Better Emails


The signature lines tell me a lot about who he is. How much time do you spend on emails every week? If you’re average, it’s about 28% of your time ‒ almost one and a half days out of every week. So … how much of that time do you think is wasted?

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Content Promotion Checklist [Infographic]


Link back to posts in your newsletter (obvious) and also your email signature (less obvious). With apologies to George Berkeley , if a blog post is published but no one shares it on social media, does it make an impact?

Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Customer Marketing at DocuSign: Why “Buyer DNA” Effects Content for Demand Generation Programs [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

Their platform supports legally compliant electronic digital signature processes. Delivering “the right content to the right persona at the right time” could well be the mantra of the demand generation function of business today.

How to Spend Less Time on Email: 12 Tips for Keeping Your Inbox Under Control


To Set Up Canned Responses in Outlook: In Outlook, the best option I could find was to set up your canned responses as "Signatures." That way, when you reply to an email, you can choose the appropriate "signature" and the whole canned reply will appear.

The Case for Bylines: Why “Posted by Admin” Does You No Favors

Content Standard

What’s a benefit of crediting corporate reporters with a cutline signature? The Economist is by no means the only major publication to reject the signature line on stories. More than that, they are bringing new writers to the front by giving signature to the younger men.

How to Get Caught Up on Email After Vacation: 9 Helpful Tips


To Set Up Canned Responses in Outlook: In Outlook, the best option I could find was to set up your canned responses as "Signatures." That way, when you reply to an email, you can choose the appropriate "signature" and the whole canned reply will appear.

Going on Vacation? 7 Clever & Effective Out-of-Office Replies to Try


Signature of Choice] , [Your Name]. Signature of Choice] , [Your Name]. Signature of Choice] , [Your Name]. Signature of Choice] , [Your Name]. When I go on vacation, I completely turn off work. but I don't stop marketing.

BlueVenn Bundles Omnichannel Journey Management, Personalization, and Single Customer View

Customer Experience Matrix

But BlueVenn's signature selection tool has always the Venn diagram (intersecting circles). BlueVenn has only been active in the U.S. market only since March 2016, although many U.S. marketers will recall its previous incarnation as SmartFocus.*

Make a Blockbuster: 8 Tips to Promote Your Webinar


If it’s appropriate in your company culture, ask sales to add a line to their email signatures that promotes your event, including a link to register. What if you gave a party and no one came?

5 Charts That Could Change Your Email Marketing

Modern Marketing

It’s now possible for marketers to attach personalized signatures from sales reps to the emails they send, ensuring a personal touch. Our analysis showed that adding personalized signatures led to a 5x increase in open rates and nearly 3.5x

The 9 Best Data Visualization Examples from 2015


These data visualizations create an dramatic heat signature showing where taxi rides have tanked and Uber pickups have soared in New York City. In the past, the idea of putting the words “creative” and “mathematician” in the same sentence would have seemed out of place.

How to Get Subscribers for Your B2B Email Newsletter [And How Not To]


Have everybody in your company include a call to action to sign up for the newsletter in their email signature file. Email signature files can be powerful little marketing devices. One tip: Send people to a landing page specifically designed for email signature opt-ins.

Inside the Mysterious World of Dark Social


They’re also great for links in PDFs, Kindle books, and email signature files. All of that makes sense – I’m using this particular link in my email signature file and in the bio area of my Twitter account. Content sharing via social media is really important, right?

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How ECI Telecom Discovered the Surefire Sign that Sales and Marketing Are Aligned

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Alignment is an attitude, not a signature. It didn’t matter that we had a written process, it didn’t matter that we had signatures – Sales wasn’t aligned at all,” Levy says.

How to Find Hidden Treasures That Will Invigorate Your Content Marketing

Modern Marketing

A cleverly placed link to content in an email signature can be the push that turns a prospect into a customer. How employee signature marketing leads to open rates that can match or beat the best email marketing campaign.

Are Your Prospects Scared to Talk to Strangers? [CHART]

Modern Marketing

by Taha Sheikh | Tweet this Personalized email signatures are a powerful way for you and your sales team to foster stronger relationships with your prospects.

6 Underused CTAs to Include in Your Email Marketing


2) Add CTAs to signatures. Email signatures are often forgotten landscape that can be used for CTAs. If you regularly communicate with anyone at HubSpot, for example, you may notice many signatures rocking an INBOUND 2014 registration call-to-action.).

Infographic: How Consumers Feel About Branded Emojis


Or Taco Bell, which launched a Change.org petition to create a taco emoji, and got over 30,000 signatures. In 2015, for the first time ever, the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year wasn’t a word. It was an emoji—specifically, the “face with tears of joy” emoji.

10 Ways to Distribute One Piece of Content (Besides Social Shares)


8) Email signatures. Encourage your customer service reps or account management teams to feature your content in their email signatures. Long gone are the days of the old publish-and-pray method of content distribution. And even if it ever did work -- it was far from effective.

8 Dos and Don’ts of Networking Follow up

Vertical Response

DO : Include your LinkedIn profile link (personal or business) within your email signature to make it easy for people to connect with you. DON’T : Have an unprofessional picture in your email signature or as your LinkedIn profile picture. There are networking opportunities everywhere and whether it’s at a trade show , conference, meetup, or even chatting with someone on your commute you need to make the most of every opportunity because you never know who you might meet!

Your Business Newsletter: What’s Your Brand Personality?

Writing on the Web

The second is positive signature associations by which the company becomes familiar and comfortable to members of its target market.”. When it comes to a business newsletter, your brand is perceived in a blink of an eye.

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Why Single-Touch Attribution in B2B Marketing Is Unethical


And finally, when all is said and done, someone’s responsible for the account’s signature across the dotted line. Picture a race team running a relay, where each member runs a segment before passing the baton to the next runner.

7 of the Best Email Marketing Campaigns of 2016

Modern B2B Marketing

It makes a personal connection by showing LinkedIn’s human face, with an email signature featuring an actual employee (including a picture). Don’t forget to add a human element to the email signature, even if it’s a mass email send!

Why should I use webinars in my B2B strategy?

Exo B2B

Talk about it in your social networks, send newsletters, add mention of it into your e-mail signature, post it on webinar websites … And don’t forget to add reminders and follow up!