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6 Tech Strategies to Optimize Your Recruitment Funnel


As the process of hiring talent becomes increasingly digitized, savvy recruiters are using technology and strategies common in sales and marketing, to power a stronger recruitment process. Sales reps engage prospects based on specific needs and requirements, then encourage them through a sales development funnel.

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Six Tactics to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level


Poor marketing can lead to fewer sales, fewer customers, and even a higher bounce rate on a business website. This post details six tactics that can boost your marketing and business success. The number of people on social media makes it an essential part of all marketing , regardless of industry. Hire an Agency To Help.

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How Content Marketing Directly Improves Sales

Marketing Insider Group

Businesses have a wealth of options for promoting their solutions to boost sales. While some invest a tremendous amount of money in traditional advertising channels, many use the power of content instead. Content marketing directly improves sales in many ways, and typically costs much less and has higher returns than ads.

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Seven Essential Digital Tactics for Fintech Marketing Our Agency Uses

Launch Marketing

As the fintech industry evolves, grows and introduces new technologies, it is important to ensure that fintech companies are capitalizing on the most effective marketing tactics to reach the right audience with the right content at the right time. Marketing automation also can manage your social media activities across platforms.

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5 tips for balancing ‘push’ and ‘pull’ in content marketing


One survey found that most people prefer content over social media, reviews or contact with a sales rep. Dig into the following information to discover the benefit of promoting engagement over pushing sales in your written content. Pushing sales can be good for quick wins but has a lower return on investment.

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An Extreme Guide to SaaS Sales: Process, Metrics +More!

accelerate agency

Like everything else, sales have gone online, and that’s especially true for the SaaS industry. In the following article, we’re going to give you all the details and tricks you need to finetune your SaaS sales game so you can make sure you’re selling your SaaS product in the best way possible. What Is the SaaS Sales Process?

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8 Signs You Need an Agency’s Digital Marketing Services

Marketing Insider Group

Are there marketing tactics you want to try but can’t seem to find time for? And while outsourcing is definitely a financial investment, a more successful marketing strategy will impact every aspect of your business over time — most importantly sales and revenue. The digital ecosystem in every industry is becoming more competitive.