6 Helpful Rules for Marketers Who Work with Freelancers


But there’s definitely a learning curve to adding freelancers into your editorial workflow, so remember these six rules for working with freelancers in the most streamlined and efficient way possible: 1. In two words, a good freelancer is low drama.

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The Rules You Need To Know For Sponsored Content

Marketing Insider Group

Recently, the rules have been tightened up, making it easier for everyone to know what is right and wrong. But it’s important for sponsors and publishers alike to stick to two main rules. But it’s important t understand the rules so you stay out of trouble.

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How Many Words Should a Blog Post Be?

Marketing Insider Group

The research is clear: A blog post should be more than 1,000 words. Some posts can get their message across in 300 words. That’s why the most successful blog posts are 1,000 words or more, with an optimum length of 1,600 words per blog post. The same goes for words.

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SEO Power Words: Ultimate List & Guide


“Good words are worth much, and cost little.” It considers everything from your site structure to the words you use in your copy. This guide focuses on how you can use power words to boost SEO. It’s the only SEO power word list you’ll ever need.

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Content Marketing Tips: 8 Rules for Publishing Reader-Focused Blog Posts?


For example, those who are looking to make a purchase and those who are looking to use a product they already know better will be typing different words into a search engine. In other words, no one may even be reading this sentence.

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A Content Rules Cheat Sheet

The Effective Marketer

I’ve got to admit, I am a big fan of the “Content Rules” book , by Ann Handley and C.C. Yes, I think I like it more than a few other books out there because of the straight-forwardness (is this a word?) The book is based on 11 content rules : Embrace being a publisher. As you might imagine, each rule alone is not much and anyone can do it. Book Review Content Marketing ann handley cc chapman content marketing content rules

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6 Ways Breaking Sales Call Rules Leads to More Sales Success


Knowing the rules for a sales call is vital; so is knowing when to break those rules. The old rulebook has been thrown out the window, so it’s time to make some of your own rules. It’s an old sales call rule that has got to go.

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The Power of Online Word-of-Mouth Referrals (How to Get and Handle Them)

Outbound Engine

Online referrals are just like traditional word-of-mouth referrals, only better. With messaging, we like to stick to the 80/20 rule: Spend 80 percent of the time on content marketing efforts and 20 percent of the time reminding people that you are a business.

Book Review: Content Rules


And so it is that Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business has arrived at at opportune time. Content Rules is a must-read for anyone who wants to create compelling, useful information for their target audiences. And describing a brand begins with words. Don’t rely on…worn-to-the-bone words and phrases and bland corporate tone.” What words do they use?”

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The 40/40/20 Rule of Direct Marketing


I’ve been studying Kim’s work for years, after all — transcribing her words, analyzing her logic — and now I had a chance to speak with her one-on-one. I’m writing an article about the 40/40/20 Rule of Direct Marketing — ever heard of it? ” (We laughed.

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Rule of 3: Managing Your B2B Web Leads

BOP Design

A simple and effective rule of 3 to consider when leading prospects through your sales funnel to the finish line. How many hours and resources could you save and invest elsewhere by sticking to the rule of 3 when it comes to sales communications ?

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The Four-Letter Words Of Business Storytelling

Marketing Insider Group

Business, like the sensual dance, is driven by four-letter words. And before your mind has a chance to caminata through the gutter, the four-letter words that I’m referring to are want and risk. And although such primitive urges are strong, they don’t rule our actions. Oh, and as with all four-letter words, choose and use them wisely. �. The post The Four-Letter Words Of Business Storytelling appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

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What is the 7x7 Rule in PowerPoint?


The 7x7 rule offers a framework to help boost PowerPoint form and function by reducing text volume and improving information impact. In this piece, we’ll break down the 7x7 rule in PowerPoint , best practices , and offer some actionable examples of seven-by-seven solutions in-situ.

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B2B Social Media’s Two Evergreen Rules

Hinge Marketing

In this article, we’re going to look beyond the unpredictable updates that each platform releases and focus on two evergreen rules that are here to stay. Rule #1 – Be Human. Rule #2 – Be Helpful. In other words, your audience is Luke Skywalker. Keep these two rules in mind as you establish your B2B social media strategy and you’ll continue to see the visibility and reputation of your brand flourish.

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You’re Doing Landing Page Testing Wrong: These Are the 5 Rules to Do It Right


There are marketing rules you never want to break (if you want successful tests) and I’m going to share exactly how KlientBoost gets there. The 5 New Rules of Landing Page Testing. Time and time again, we’ve found that visitors immediately focus on the CTA and how it’s worded.

Why We Stopped Using the Word ‘Authentic’


The billboard meant for women contains 15 words of copy: “I am a sister. Now I get to make sure that the word never ends up on The Content Strategist. So we developed a tool, called “Brand Assist,” that could quickly identify common issues like passive voice, plagiarism, broken links, and blacklisted words. Calling out blacklisted words became a subtly important part of that process. Now we get to address that problem head-on, one word at a time.

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The Golden Rule for Marketing

Digital B2B Marketing

Marketing has become a bad word to many. The Golden Rule. ” When you, as a marketer, break the golden rule, we, the people, respond. Look to the golden rule. Would you really want your dinner interrupted by a marketer, even one giving you, in their words, a great opportunity? Do you wish more marketers used to the golden rule to evaluate marketing opportunities?

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What Are the New Rules of Engagement?


There’s still no magic pill to achieve audience engagement, but understanding a few simple rules can help you get there. There’s no more effective way for marketers to get their brand out there than positive word-of-mouth buzz from fervent supporters. Reading Time: 4 minutes.

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100 Motivational Quotes: The Power of Words


Elevating copy, whether personally created or curated, flies in the face of the best journalistic advice I’ve ever received which was, “Don’t marry your words!”. Still, if you’re as short on time as you are on motivation, here are 10 quotes that are short on words and long on meaning.

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Word of mouth marketing: how to drive conversations and sales at the same time

Sprout Social

Never underestimate the power of positive word of mouth. With a defined word of mouth marketing strategy, you can create a consistent flow of customer conversations that regularly result in new business. What is word of mouth marketing, anyway?

Challenging the 95-5 Rule: How Buyer-Intent Data Proves More B2B Buyers Are In-Market


The 95% figure is not meant to be a precise rule,” Dawes said. “We’re The emphasis on the word heuristic is my own and is done so with purpose. While the study’s lead is the 95-5 rule, in practice it’s about the connection between advertising and brand building.

The New Rules of Customer Experience and Customer Relationships


In other words, customer experience is the sum of all interactions. “You are caller number 10; please stay on the line.” ” A few years ago, a phone message like this from a company was a standard part of the customer experience. But today, customers expect more.

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In Messaging, Words Matter

EMagine B2B Blog

The word pound carries with it more ‘weight’ than does the word ounce. And though technically a half pound at 8 ounces is less than 12 ounces, it doesn’t matter, because the brain zeroes in on the word pound. Choose your words carefully. It means that the very words used to describe your business really matter. In every engagement I emphasize just how much the words chosen will matter in effectively delivering those messages. Use the right words.

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The 10 Rules for Creating a Buyer Persona: Rule 1

Tony Zambito

  The building awareness of the term and the idea of using buyer personas in marketing on a mass level can be traced to David Meerman’s Scott book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR.    The word archetype is used to describe what a buyer persona is, even David used the word in his book however the question missed by most is this: what makes up an archetype?   Here is the first: Rule 1: You can't just make up a buyer persona.

5 easy copywriting rules for your content strategy


Check out this simple list of copywriting rules for maximizing the effectiveness of your content. On the other hand, if you are discussing safety equipment and the importance of its use, credibility would demand complete sentences and appropriate word selection. As with everything else that appears on the web, copywriting has its own set of SEO rules that govern how a search engine finds your content, or, disastrously, does not find it.

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Let’s Eat Grandma: The Rule of Commas


They can separate words, phrases, or clauses. Commas can also be used to separate a word or phrase from the rest of a sentence. Not every comma rule is hard and fast , and many are open to personal preference or interpretation. However, the above rules are a good place to start!

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8 Rules for a Killer Visual Strategy

Heinz Marketing

Amy has outlined 8 Rules of visual communications in the first part of the book followed by a thorough explanation of why the rule exists. The rules refer to the subconscious effects different design choices have on those viewing the content. 8 Rules of Visual Communications.

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The New Rules of Marketing Technology & Operations


My opening keynote at the most recent MarTech conference was titled, “The New, New Rules of Marketing (Operations).” ” And second, labeling the rules of these five forces as “The New Rules of Marketing Technology & Operations.” So we can recast this grid as five rules of marketing technology and operations leadership: Centralize everything you can. Your first reaction might be, “Hey, some of those rules are contradictory!”

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3 Rules for Content Marketing in the Fake News Era


I offer these three rules for creating content in the fake news era: Rule 1: No more unbranded microsites. Rule 2: Acknowledge your bias. Rule 3: Practice the tenets of good reporting. In other words: Don’t try to BS anyone. The post 3 Rules for Content Marketing in the Fake News Era appeared first on The Content Strategist.

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7 Digital Marketing “Rules” for Small Business Owners

Marketing Insider Group

Notice, however, that the key word here is “brand,” not product […]. The post 7 Digital Marketing “Rules” for Small Business Owners appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. One of the things that are so cool about digital marketing is that the little guys can compete with the big guys on a more equal footing. As long as you can get your brand “out there” in really effective ways, you can compete.

The 2 Rules of Sponsored Content

Marketing Insider Group

The Two Rules of Sponsored Content. While the standards and rules of exactly how to do this are still being debated, every attempt should be made to fully disclose the publisher / brand relationship. Finally, a few words to the voices out there decrying sponsored content as the death knell for journalistic integrity. The post The 2 Rules of Sponsored Content appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. Welcome to my 2nd day coverage of Content Marketing World.

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What Is the 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint?


Still, there are various resources for marketers to use when creating presentations, one of which is the 10/20/30 rule. Coined by Guy Kawasaki, the rule is a tool for marketers to create excellent PowerPoint presentations. Let’s cover each part of the rule in more detail.

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Better Email Etiquette Equals Better Marketing Results [16 Rules]

Outbound Engine

Occasionally, caps work to put emphasis on a word or phrase. A good rule is to limit yourself to one exclamation point per business email. Email open rates are highest when subject lines are six to 10 words long, approximately 50 characters in length.

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Top 7 Rules of the Road for Writing Great Digital Ad Copy


It’s therefore vital to grab their attention with those first words. Primary text is actually the most important text for ad copy, but all you’ve got is 125 words to get your message across. Growth marketers who rely on paid media have their work cut out for them.

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Content Rules: Secrets of Writing Compelling Content

Writing on the Web

Chapman, Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars and More that Engage Customers and Ignite Your business (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The authors have got it right, with many years experience to back it up: “Content may rule, but your online content must be the right sort of content: Customer-focused. In other words, you must earn the attention of people.&#.

New Social Media Rules for Travel Marketers

Eric Mower + Associates

In the travel industry especially, a picture paints a thousand words, whether it’s a spectacular sunset view from your resort’s infinity pool or a GoPro video of ziplining above the rainforest canopy. The post New Social Media Rules for Travel Marketers appeared first on Mower Social media influences travel decisions for more consumers than ever — with numbers as high as 77% and 84% among millennials and Gen Z ( Expedia ), respectively.

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The 10 Rules for Creating a Buyer Persona: Rule 8

Tony Zambito

When it comes to the process of buyer persona development, one of the rules that are foundational to creating a buyer persona is: Rule 8: Goal-Centered Qualitative and Experiential Analysis is the Foundation of Buyer Persona Development.   In other words you cannot put up a roof until you have a foundation and the frame of the house has been established.  Image by melgupta via Flickr. An interesting show to watch is Extreme Makeover Home Addition. 

7 Referral Marketing Ideas to Attract New Customers (Don’t Miss #1)


Create a Word-of-Mouth Popup. One of the best ways to do that is with a “word-of-mouth” popup. But you may be wondering, “What’s the advantage of adding a word-of-mouth popup to my site?”

Want More Creative Content Ideas? Break These 6 ‘Rules’

Content Marketing Institute

They’re not fond of rules. Watch the two-minute video to hear Kathy, who trained at ComedySportz and Second City in addition to working in marketing for 15 years, explain in her own words. Here are six rules and conventions you should set about breaking and what to do instead to create a smarter content marketing program. Make your rules and experiment. Break These 6 ‘Rules’ appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

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3 Outdated Grammar Rules That No Longer Apply


Do grammar rules ever become outdated? Don’t get me wrong: Dear Megan likes proper grammar and the rules that support it. But some grammar rules aren’t even rules; they’re someone’s attempt to assert linguistic superiority or the pet peeve of some former grade school teacher. Some rules… <record scratch, hair toss> …are made to be broken. Here are three outdated grammar rules you don’t need to worry about anymore: 1.

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