10 Things to Do When Marketing Spend is On Hold

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There’s plenty of debate online about the merits of marketing spend in a recession, but the reality is that many B2B firms are currently cutting back on large-scale investment. 10 Things to Do When Marketing Spend is On Hold Click To Tweet.

3 Content Marketing ROI Areas Every Marketer Should Watch

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To know whether your content initiatives are working as intended, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and prove the value of your work to your leadership team, you’ll need to tackle the challenge of measuring your ROI. What Does Content Marketing ROI Include?

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Why and How You Should Measure Content Marketing ROI

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So why, then, do 44% of all B2B companies not even bother to measure their content marketing ROI? Content marketers, therefore, need to get proactive about measuring the ROI for their efforts. Quick Takeaways: Too many content marketers still don’t measure their content’s ROI.

What is Marketing Spend?


What is marketing spend? Those expenses make up your marketing spend. Research and analyze before setting your marketing spend. When you’re working on the company budget, don’t randomly pick a number for your marketing spend. Marketing spend isn’t a single line item.

Everyday Behavioral Science and Web Design for Marketers

Speaker: Brian Massey, Founder of Conversion Sciences LLC

The days of "Launch and See" are over. No longer will we exhaust our budgets and then find out if it was money well-spent. This is because the design process is getting smarter. Brian Massey will show you how data gathering during design will ensure your campaigns have high conversion rates and fast ROI on your spend. We're going to cover a lot of very important ground for digital marketers and business owners.

How to Maximize ROI from Your Event Marketing Content


Those who can see a significant boost to ROI. Most B2B enterprises allocate 30% or more of their total marketing budgets to events; more than a quarter (26%) spend 50% or more in that area. How to Maximize Event Marketing Content ROI.

[Case Study] Facebook and Instagram Ads: $2,500 Ad Spend and +350% ROI


When you have competition, you may think that increasing your Facebook and Instagram ad spend can bring better results. According to Statista, there are over 7 million active advertisers on Facebook. Some of them are most likely targeting the same audience as you are.

Is it Fraudulent to Spend Money on Lead Gen Without an ROI?


Thinking back on my career, I realized early on that marketing spending of any sort, whether for people or programs, must be rooted in my ability (and our marketing department’s ability) to justify the expense. If you intend to spend the investor’s money (AKA company money) based on notions and intuition, without a plan to report the results, you are misleading management. Of course, proving ROI was for many years difficult in spite of Claude C. Lead Generation Marketing RO

How to Boost Your ROI During a Content Drought


Here are a number of key challenges related to content marketing during and after the pandemic, along with useful tips and methods that you can use to boost your ROI. Content drought and lower ROI in the world of B2B marketing post-COVID. Unsatisfactory ROI.

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Too Soon? The Case for Waiting to Measure Campaign ROI


Your marketing ROI could well be higher than you think. According to LinkedIn Research , 77% of marketers are calculating ROI after a single month—despite the fact that most B2B sales cycles are much longer and have continued to expand during the pandemic.

Lead Gen and Engagement: Find your Marketing Sweet Spot

Speaker: Dawn Colossi, CMO, FocusVision

Now that recent studies have shown that 49% of companies achieve a higher ROI by focusing on engagement over acquisition, there’s a shift from lead counts, lead quality to engagement. How to spend less time and gather higher quality leads. A shift is occurring for B2B Marketers.

Proving ROI of Industrial Content Marketing is Still a Big Challenge

Industrial Marketing Today

38% of respondents from the 2018 Manufacturing Content Marketing Trends—North America survey expect their manufacturing content marketing spending to increase this year and another 46% expect it to remain the same as last year. I’ve […] The post Proving ROI of Industrial Content Marketing is Still a Big Challenge by Achinta Mitra appeared first on Industrial Marketing Today. Content Marketing Industrial Marketing Manufacturing content marketing Measuring ROI

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What is Your Digital Activity ROI?

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What is Your Digital Activity ROI? Anybody trying to sell anything online needs to be aware of their Digital Activity ROI (DAA). Your DAA is more holistic than your Digital Marketing ROI and significantly more impactful to your sales and revenue. Digital Activity ROI Assessment.

Measuring Marketing ROI – How to Calculate for Success


Within the world of marketing, measuring ROI not only validates your most recent efforts but also informs future work and shape strategies. And return on investment, or ROI, means exactly that – what kind of return is your business experiencing as a result of the investment you’ve put in?

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B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Will Deliver Marketing ROI

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There are many free lead generation tactics out there, but few will help you maximize your ROI. active social media accounts and spends more than 2 hours a day on them. The RevLocal study also found that consumers are likely to spend 31% more on businesses with stellar reviews.

CMOs Pivot to Virtual Engagements to Drive Business in the COVID Economy

Speaker: Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads

Business as we know it is never going to be the same. Working from home has become the norm, conferences and meetings are going online, marketing budgets are being shifted, reduced or put on hold – it's time to adapt. Join this insightful and informative webinar with Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads, who will discuss how businesses can be resilient during these challenging times.

The Art and Science of Content Marketing ROI


It’s nearly impossible to prove content marketing ROI if you don’t outline clear goals at the beginning of the year. If you’re B2C, track whether people who consume your content convert into customers at a higher rate, and if they spend more money.

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Proof of The ROI of Storytelling in Marketing?

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Spend more time getting to know your audience. The post Proof of The ROI of Storytelling in Marketing? Putting the customer at the center of everything your business does and cultivating an empathetic work culture are two powerful ways empathy can be used to drive business success.

8 Ways to Increase Email Marketing ROI


If your email marketing ROI is less than impressive, it’s time to make a change. A basic formula for calculating your email marketing ROI is: (Gain-Spend)/Spend = ROI. So, you need to make sure your gains are high while keeping the spending in check.

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Strategic ROI vs Attribution: CMOs Must Know the Difference


For CMOs, and all marketers tasked with driving revenue, the constantly-looming question we try to answer is, “where should I spend my next marketing dollar to drive the most impact?” There are different types of analysis within MPM that help marketers answer the question of “where should I spend the next dollar,” two important examples are Strategic ROI and tactical attribution. ” Marketing Executives, Start with Strategic ROI.

Study Finds Marketers Are Increasing Spend on Original Video Content

KoMarketing Associates

Marketers continue to increase the amount of money they spend on digital video content, but how much of it is original? To find out, IAB recently conducted the “Digital Content NewFronts: Video Ad Spend Study 2018” report. Statistics showed that marketers will spend upwards of $10 million on digital/mobile video advertising this year, and $4.7 B2B Marketers and the ROI of Video Content. However, 44 percent claimed that measuring ROI remains a top challenge.

3 Essential Components to Build a Successful Marketing Spend Pitch

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Getting buy-in from the leadership team for your marketing spend can be a daunting task, especially when marketing has traditionally had a reputation of contributing little to the overall revenue goals of a business. Back up Your “Why” with Metrics and Data to Prove ROI.

Content Value Is Going to Change the Way Marketers Think About SEO & ROI


Earlier this year, as we were planning our 2021 product roadmap, I interviewed dozens of CMOs about their approaches to measuring content marketing ROI. “This is content ROI.” Cracking the ROI code on search.

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Stop Blindly Spending On Digital (And Start Doing This)

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The biggest challenge we see our clients facing in the shift towards digital spend is the blind transition of dollars. The main challenge is how to shift the spend while presenting the brand in a way that resonates and engages with their digital consumer? Brands spend too much on paid promotion. What metrics convince you that you’re getting ROI? The post Stop Blindly Spending On Digital (And Start Doing This) appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

Why Are 6 in 10 CMOs Spending Time on Methods That Don't Work?


Well my definition would have something to do with implementing and executing on marketing strategies that not only disrupt the status quo but also provide ROI - significant ROI. 6 in 10 CMOs Spending Time on Methods That Don't Work. If you are spending a bulk of your time on the same old, same old traditional methods of marketing how can you possibly consider yourself to be innovative? Disruptive Growth.

Report: Marketers See Google Search Ad Spend Slow as a Result of COVID-19 Pandemic

KoMarketing Associates

Merkle recently published its “Digital Marketing Report” for the first quarter of 2020, and statistics showed that Google search ad spend, in particular, grew just 11% year-over-year in Q1 2020.

Ad Display Best Practices- Where You Should Spend


Furthermore, how will you know if it’ll be worth the spend? Figuring out which ones work for you is ultimately up to the goals and spend you have for your campaigns. Think of how you can maximize you spend by leveraging what people are currently searching. You’ve done the work.

The Plain English Guide to Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


One of the calculations we need to run and metrics we need to track is return on ad spend (ROAS). In this post, we'll discuss what ROAS is, how it's different from ROI, and how to calculate it. Besides ROAS, you'll most likely measure other metrics such as click-through rate and ROI.


Finding ROI in your website search


You all spend time and money ensuring your content is optimized for Google to find you to send qualified visitors to your website. Learn how to improve the ROI of your website search. The post Finding ROI in your website search appeared first on Biznology. Webinars Website Search conversions Mike Moran navigational search queries ROI search search results site search video Web site search Webinar Website website visitors

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Inbound Marketing in B2B: How to Calculate ROI

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79% of B2B marketers say that improving ROI of marketing activities is a key focus for 2020. And when it comes to inbound marketing specifically, proving ROI isn’t so straightforward. Additionally, ROI stats are vital to getting board-level buy-in.

Tips To Prevent AdWords Spend Wastage

Altitude Branding

Considering this contradictory behavior of AdWords, you need to look for a strategy that gets you the best results while minimizing irrelevant clicks that cause ad spend wastage. Choosing what not to target is another smart way to curb costs and curtail wastage on your AdWords spend.

Why Monitoring Marketing ROI Post-Pandemic is Critically Important


Arguably the most important tactic that will help businesses navigate the post-pandemic ecosystem is monitoring marketing ROI. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub’s recent Coronavirus Marketing & Ad Spend Impact Report. Source: IAB’s COVID Impact on Ad Spend Report.

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The one marketing investment with no ROI that you must make


In these data-driven times, we all want to know that we are spending money wisely. But most clients I work with need to make an investment in marketing that they might never be able to calculate the ROI for. Most of my clients simply don’t know the value of their marketing spending. ” And they would invest the money required to do that, even though they can’t calculate the ROI.

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Return on content: a review of how spending patterns on content marketing are changing

Tomorrow People

Because of the way results lag investment, content marketers sometimes have a problem calculating the ROI of the content. This blog summarizes some of its findings to help you win greater ROI from your content marketing strategy. While all those advertising choices are still around, marketing spend today focusses far more on content creation. So that’s how spending on content marketing seems to be changing. Spending patterns in content marketing are changing.

What Is Return on Investment (ROI)?


What is return on investment (ROI)? You can calculate ROI before you invest to determine your potential benefit. Alternatively, you can determine ROI after you have some results to decide about continued funding. ROI is a critical metric that can help you prioritize spending.

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Zenith: online advertising will exceed half of global ad spend in 2021


Online ad spend grew 17 per cent in 2018, but based on activity in the first half of 2019 Zenith said it expects only 12 per cent growth for the year as a whole. By 2021 it expects internet ad spend growth to have fallen to 9 per cent year-on-year. Internet ad spend growth is led by online video and social media, which are expected to grow at average rates of 18 per cent and 17 per cent a year, respectively, to 2021. Zenith forecasts global ad spend to grow by 4.6

5 Signs You’re Not Tracking Marketing ROI Effectively


Enter ROI. Measuring marketing ROI is no longer optional—and while most marketers understand this, it’s a lot easier said than done. Continue reading to learn how to identify and fix ROI tracking problems so you can better prove that your marketing efforts are paying off. 5 Signs You’re Not Tracking Marketing ROI Effectively: You let marketing trends dictate your strategy. This could potentially indicate an ROI problem.

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