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Email Platform Requirements & RFI Template for Buyers

TrustRadius Marketing

The templates in this post will give you a head start on formulating your requirements and your questions for vendors. RFI Template for Email Platforms. Here is a sample list of questions to send to email marketing or marketing automation vendors you might be considering. How an RFI helps. Not all buyers send an RFI.

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The Straightforward Guide to RFIs


In many cases, that research will start with a Request for Information (RFI). Not sure what an RFI is? What does RFI mean? An RFI or Request for Information is an educational tool used by procurement teams to understand the options available for solving a problem or completing a task. RFI vs RFP.

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[Book Review] "The Right Way To Select Technology"

B2B Marketing Directions

For example, many technology vendors produce buying guides for the types of technologies they offer, and several analyst/consulting firms regularly publish "rankings" of various types of technology applications. It works exclusively with enterprise customers, and the firm emphasizes that its advice is vendor agnostic.

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Marketing ops shouldn’t perform procurement


Regarding the fear of slowing things down, remember that RFI or RFP processes aren’t always warranted. Buyers are aware that sometimes their colleagues have a good feel for a vendor sector, and that means a thorough research process isn’t needed. If the primary users are involved, the vendor may get frustrated with them.

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[IT Best Practices] Finding the Right Marketing Solution

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

Don’t be afraid to question the vendors and ask the difficult technical questions, such as: How does the solution integrate into my existing infrastructure? Once you have your list of preferred vendors, it’s RFI/RFP time! (Or Map the marketing objectives you collected during Step 1 to each vendor’s product offerings.

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Event planning terms glossary: 150+ event terms to know

SpotMe Blog

A proposal is an offer document a vendor writes and sends to a prospective buyer when they have inquired about their product or services. In the proposal, vendors aim to meet the buyer’s requirements and give details about costs and availabilities. Request for Proposal (RFP). Request for Information.