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Sales email stats: what are the response rates in the UK?


emails on average. Response rate in follow-up emails. Data shows that our potential to get a response with the 4th or 5th emails doesn’t drop significantly: Positive response rates in follow-up emails. Sales Emails sales statistics email stats

What Response Rate Should I Expect From My Campaign?

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On , Adam asks: ““What percentage success rate do people (expect from) direct mail campaigns? We (get) 7% response rate when marketing to existing customers and 2% to new customers.”. my first response is: “how good is your list?”

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5 Simple Ways to Write Better Emails


If you’re average, it’s about 28% of your time ‒ almost one and a half days out of every week. That very focused and simple request often gets a response. Research from Boomerang actually proves that sales emails written at a 3 rd -grade-reading level get the highest response rate.

Customer Lifecycle Metrics, Part 5: Retention and Expansion


The research shows that the top performing teams spend more time and resources on building engagement with their existing customers than marketers at average companies. As a result, average companies achieve 30% of revenue from their established customer base, while top performers acquire 50% of their revenue this way. According to the survey report, the the top two management objectives for average performers were acquisition revenue (82%) and lead generation (also 82%).

Rethinking Cost Per Lead, Why So Many B2B Marketers Chase False Leads


Statistical models in sports and marketing attribution have a lot in common. Cost per lead is a performance indicator for marketing’s ability to target the right audience, increase conversion rates and reduce the cost of qualifying leads.

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B2B Online Video Marketing; Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation


YouTube averages 4 billion hits each day, and 61% of B2B marketers leverage YouTube to extend the reach of their messaging and brands. On average, mobile viewers watch videos that are three times longer those on PCs and laptops. The statistics are evident; B2B usage is on the rise.

What’s the Ideal Number of Experts for Expert Roundup Posts? 27 Experts Weigh In


Short answer: responses ranged from one to 100, with an average of 17, a mean of seven, and five being the single common answer. Long answer: see the responses and explanations below from more than two dozen top marketing and PR experts.

B2B data decay and list rental – buyer beware!


Offer for response. Yearly B2B Data Decay Rates. In brief, the study showed that on average B2B data decays at a rate of just over 5% per month, or 70.3% Think of an individual’s business card, as that’s how we gathered these surprising statistics.

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10 Tips to Help Marketers Make Political Emails Great (Again)

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At a very high level, ISPs measure signals that range from engagement rates to hard bounce rates to Spam complaints when determining if an email should reach the inbox. Infographics are a clean and simple way to convey key statistics within an email.

How do VIPs respond to sales emails? [video]


In average, 40% of the responses are positive. source > Persona Reach Index - check live statistics for your buyer persona. Meaning 1 to 3% response rate. the influence of message tone on responses. how variables (job, name, etc) affect response rates.

5 “Digital Breadcrumbs” Customers Leave for You to Follow


Statistics provide some potential reasons, such as: Sixty percent of customers stop dealing with a company because they perceive an indifference from salespeople. Geolocation allows marketers to increase response rates and conversion through more contextually relevant offers.

Customer Lifecycle Metrics, Part 5: Retention and Expansion

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The research shows that the top performing teams spend more time and resources on building engagement with their existing customers than marketers at average companies. Churn rate: Number of customers lost in the period, divided by customer count at the beginning of the period.

30 Thought-Provoking Lead Nurturing Stats You Can't Ignore


higher sales quota achievement rate. 24) Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% , and conversion rates by 10%. 26) Lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times the response rate compared to standalone email blasts.

Mastering Direct Mail Marketing: How To Build A High-Converting Campaign


Direct mail has some of the highest response rates and competitive cost-per-acquisition across most marketing channels including digital ones like email, social, and display advertising. From the DMA Response Rate Report 2015. response rate with a house list and a 1.0%

33 Stats That Paint a Picture of the Future of Marketing


And the statistics in this blog post are screaming it in our faces, telling us exactly where the future of our industry lies. Here are 33 statistics that give you a glimpse into where the future of marketing is headed! 6) Marketers spend an average of 4-6 hours a week on social media.

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

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Her response: “When [our target audiences comes] to our site, they watch the videos and they are engaging with the content on the site. Our impression-to-visit ratio (as measured by click-through rates) doubled this year versus last year.” Renewal rate. Conversion rate.

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Stop Being Rude: 22 Data-Backed Reasons to Personalize Your Marketing


Consumers have been pretty consistent and clear in their feedback, the way to avoid alienating them is to give them what they want -- personalized, relevant content using their data in a responsible and transparent way.”.

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5 Marketing Campaign Improvements to Help Uncover More Donor Revenue


1) Mobile Responsive Landing Page. If your website isn’t equipped with mobile responsive technology, it won’t look or function the same on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. The average attention span today is about 8.25 2x the response rate.

Hard Data to Justify Your Marketing Automation Investment

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It includes five pages of properly sourced industry statistics from Aberdeen , Forrester , Gartner and SiriusDecisions. The Heart of Growing Conversion Rates," 2008): Best in Class Average % higher Inquires to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) nearly 10% 3.9% Statistics include: • 16.5% higher sales quota achievement and 7% higher win rates • 100% increase in deal size 3. First, they compare Best-in-Class to all other companies, rather than Average performers.

Lead Generation: It’s all about building relationships

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If you look at statistics like 60% of adults have smart phones for example, which is changed. What I see happening is that we operate out of a place of company-logic instead of customer-logic and so what I have been seeing is that at its core, marketing has a huge opportunity and responsibility to drive transformation inside their companies. And what’s interesting about this company is that their average collections 200% above the industry average per customer.

B2B marketers are stumbling in the dark

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Or (God forbid) its down to the calibre of the average B2B marketer. So typically what would get documented and created were the very standard type of activities that got the standard predictable type of responses.

An Act-On Conversation: Charles Besondy and Leo Merle on How Marketing Can Contribute to Revenue

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Now averages can be dangerous, but I’m getting reports and surveys that show that in high-performance companies well north of 20 percent of the revenue is generated by marketing-generated leads. Now earlier I quoted some statistics about the benefits of being a well-aligned company.

Forget About Hot Leads. It’s Cold Leads that Make the Difference.

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When sales teams need marketing to help them make their numbers, the natural response is to go fishing for hot leads. Note: the source for this statistic wasn’t quoted, so if someone from Marketo reads this, feel free to provide any source reference in the comments.].

How to Explain Mobile Marketing to Your Boss


SMS, bounce rate, opt-in, opt-out, QR codes and the like make it easy for you to communicate with your colleagues -- but can put off outsiders. Some of the benefit "hot spots" for SMS include low cost per impression, higher-than-average response rates and ease of tracking performance. End With a Bang Save your best for last when making your pitch, ending with the one piece of information or statistic that is sure to hold your boss's attention.

Jesubi Doubles Sales Prospecting Efficiency

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But the succeeding text finally ends any confusion: “Jesubi is for companies that: Have a sales team Need to increase prospecting activities per hour Need real-time visibility by rep, campaign, industry Want to proactively reach their market place Want to generate and qualify more leads Need to measure response rates of messages” That’s a lot of words, but you had me at “increase prospecting activities per hour”.

For Behavior Detection, Simple Triggers May Do the Trick

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By displaying the right offer for each person, rather than showing the same thing to everyone, average response rates can be increased significantly. This information can signal something important about a customer even if it doesn’t include response to an explicit offer. These are usually defined in advance through sophisticated manual and statistical analysis.